06/14/16 RTIR E-zine: Orlando shooting, War on Terror, World Music Day

June 14, 2016

01. Orlando Shooting, Trump & the War on Terror
02. Has the Government Been Protecting the Public?
03. How to Talk to Your Kids about Terrorism
04. Clinton, Warren and the Vice Presidency
05. World Music Day June 21
06. In Defense of Fathers’ Rights
07. Father’s Day – Her Dad Tried to Kill Her
08. Stop Hassling Dad about His Beer Belly
09. Interview America’s Funniest Grandpa
10. Celebrate Juneteenth This Weekend
11. Gordie Lived his Legacy
12. Take on Aging as a Sport
13. From Terminal to Thriving
14. An Inspiring Story of Faith and Hope
15. Summer Road Trip!! Hit the National Parks

1. ==> Orlando Shooting, Trump & the War on Terror

According to Coleen Rowley, “The shooting in Orlando is
tied to the ‘war on terror,’ but not in the way
(Donald)Trump has been arguing. Most Americans still do
not connect the dots that the increasing violence
occurring domestically: mass shootings, ‘active
shooters,’ hate crimes and acts of terror (which
frankly all blur together) are not only blowback from
but the natural result of a war culture that glorifies
war and war violence in the form of violent movies,
video games, and military culture.” Rowley is a former
FBI special agent and division counsel whose May 2002
memo to the FBI Director exposed some of the FBI’s
pre-9/11 failures was named one of TIME magazine’s
“Persons of the Year” in 2002. Contact her at (952) 393
-0914; rowleyclan@earthlink.net, @ColeenRowley

2. ==> Has the Government Been Protecting the Public?

Ivan Eland says the mass at an Orlando gay nightclub,
by a man pledging a seemingly last-minute allegiance to
the ISIS terror group, leads to questions about whether
the U.S. government has been adequately protecting its
citizens. He says the FBI investigated – and closed –
an investigation into Omar Mateen’s ties to al Qaeda.
“Mateen’s father and ex-wife have both dismissed
religion and instead pointed to anti-gay statements he
had made. His father has even pointed out that the
shooting may have been triggered by Mateen’s outrage at
his three-year old son recently observing two men
kissing and touching.” Eland adds, “According to a
recent investigation by the New York Times, in two-
thirds of prosecutions of ISIS-related terrorism cases,
the FBI is using once rare undercover sting operations,
such as going on the Internet and encouraging
bloviating and bragging individuals to do illegal
things so that they can be arrested. “According to
Michael German, a former undercover agent with the FBI,
who was quoted in the Times, ‘They’re manufacturing
terrorism cases. These people are five steps away from
being a danger to the United States.” Ivan Eland is the
author of several books including “Recarving Rushmore:
Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and
Liberty.” Contact him at (703) 282-3484 (cell);
ieland@independent.org, @Ivan_Eland

3. ==> How to Talk to Your Kids about Terrorism

Everyone is talking about the horrific Orlando
shooting, even the kids. Whether it’s at school or from
the TV or computer, they’re getting information that’s
unsettling and scary. Tom Gagliano says there are
several things to consider when you talk to your kids
about a terrorist attack. “Do not assume your child
feels the same way you do. With limited life
experience, your child does not have the experience or
tools to process and understand the why or how of
terrorist activity and motivation the way you do.”
Gagliano says, “Ask the child how he feels. Listen and
do not judge or deny his feelings, whatever they may
be.” “Lastly,” he says, “teach your child to be
cautious and aware of his surroundings, and assure him
that you and all the other authorities in his life-
teachers, principals, police- are all aware of the
situation and doing their best to protect everyone.”
Tom Gagliano, MSW, is a mentor, speaker and author.
Bullied as a kid, he now helps others who suffer from
negative childhood messages. He says his goal with his
own children is to give them what his father couldn’t;
a safe place to share their feelings, whatever they
might be. Contact him at (732) 266-4952;

4. ==> Clinton, Warren and the Vice Presidency

Who will Hillary Clinton choose as a running mate?
Robert Kuttner says Elizabeth Warren is an attractive
candidate for several reasons. “Warren brings a verve
and a gusto to the campaign that has partly eluded
Clinton until now. Clinton may conclude she needs
Warren to assure her own election. Only on that basis
is she likely to turn to Warren. All other
considerations pale in comparison with that one. Warren
will get the nod if and only if Clinton decides that
Warren will make a major difference in November. Would
Warren take the job? Yes.” Robert Kuttner is a
journalist and writer and the co-founder of The
American Prospect, a liberal political magazine.
Contact him at (202) 776-0730 (DC) or (781) 736-531;

5. ==> World Music Day June 21

The Summer Solstice is almost upon us and it’s also
World Music Day! Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête
de la Musique, World Music Day will take place on
Tuesday June 21st in more than 700 cities in 120
countries around the globe. Invite Vincent James from
Keep Music Alive to talk about the unique festival
where every kind of musician—young and old, amateur and
professional—will pour onto streets, parks, plazas, and
porches to share their music with friends, neighbors,
and strangers. Vincent says it’s a wonderful way to
draw attention to the importance of music in all of our
lives: academically, therapeutically and just overall
making us a happier society. Vincent will share
inspirational stories of many well-known artists and
songwriters from the book “88+ Ways Music Can Change
Your Life.” 50% of the book’s proceeds benefit the 88+
Ways Program which helps donate musical instruments and
lessons into schools and communities in need. Contact
Vincent James at (610) 812-5231;

6. ==> In Defense of Fathers’ Rights

35 years ago on Father’s Day in 1981, Jeffery Leving
decided to make it his life’s mission to fight for the
legal rights of fathers after attending a meeting where
fathers shared their experiences in the family court
system.  All too often in child custody cases, the
father is left out in the cold.  However, the ultimate
victims in parental alienation of fathers are the
children.  The fact is that father involvement is
essential to the healthy development of a child.
Numerous researchers have found that father-child
contact is associated with better socio-emotional and
academic functioning. These studies indicated that
children with more involved fathers experienced fewer
behavioral problems, scored higher on reading
achievement and were less likely to be at risk for
adolescent drug use.  Jeffery Leving is the author of
“Fathers’ Rights: Hard-Hitting and Fair Advice for
Every Father Involved in a Custody Dispute” and “How to
Be a Good Divorced Dad: Being the Best Parent You Can
Be Before, During, and After the Break-Up” which has
garnered praise from President Barack Obama and an
endorsement from Francis Cardinal George of the
Archdiocese of Chicago.  He played a key role in
reuniting Elian Gonzalez with his father, has
previously appeared as a special guest on Anderson
Cooper, Nancy Grace, The O’Reilly Factor, Larry King
Live, among others and co-authored the Illinois Joint
Custody Law, Illinois Virtual Visitation, Right to DNA
Testing Notice, and Unlawful Visitation or Parenting
Time Interference Laws. Contact him at (312) 296-3666;

7. ==> Father’s Day – Her Dad Tried to Kill Her

Father’s Day is this Sunday, but the image of a father
is quite different depending on a person’s upbringing.
For Florence Calderone-Blake, Father’s Day doesn’t
evoke feelings of love. Florence lived a violent yet
fascinating life as the daughter of Sicilian murderers.
Her father, who fatally shot his own sister and her
unborn child, also sought to assassinate dictator
Benito Mussolini. Later, in the U. S., he attempted to
kill all five of his children. When Florence was 14,
her mother made three attempts on her life in a single
day. Invite Florence to share fascinating nuggets from
her book, “The Sicilian Nobleman’s Daughter,” revealing
the true story of these events, and the surprisingly
joyous life that followed. Florence Calderone-Blake is
a freelance editor, and retired newspaper staff
reporter, feature writer, and college writing
instructor. She’s appeared on more than 900 radio
stations and on national TV. Contact Daniel Fazzina at
(631) 463-7359; FazzinaPR@use.startmail.com

8. ==> Stop Hassling Dad about His Beer Belly

If Dad wants to have another beer, let him! With
Father’s Day coming up, it’s time someone told the
truth about beer—and more importantly—beer bellies.
That someone is R. Belldon Colme, a nutritional
wellness expert who lost more than a hundred pounds and
is now making his life’s mission to deliver straight
advice the weight loss industry doesn’t want you to
hear. Who else would tell you that calories have
nothing to do with weight loss or wellness? He’ll
expose the lies that are posing as weight loss truths,
what’s really behind the making of a beer belly, why
eating less and working out more sets you up for
disaster and what dads everywhere need to know about
their unique bodies. He’s the author of “No One Ever
Got Fat from Calories: The Real Truth Behind Weight
Loss, Your Body and Wellness.” Contact him at (909)
363-6566; belldoncolme@gmail.com

9. ==> Interview America’s Funniest Grandpa

Living with a toddler isn’t easy but it is often funny
and always survivable. This is important to keep in
mind this Father’s Day. So says Howard Eisenberg, who
as a onetime father of three toddlers, grandfather of a
half-dozen, and now, great-grandfather of a two-year-
old, knows whereof he speaks. Who else can tell you
what distinguishes toddlers from puppies and bunnies,
riff about dining out with rugrats in tow, and man chat
about tantrums and toddlers joining you in bed?
Recently featured in the New York Observer, Eisenberg
is the author of “Adorable Scoundrels,” from which he
can read some short bits on the air. His late wife and
daughter co-wrote “What to Expect When You are
Expecting,” and “What to Expect in the Toddler Years.”
Eisenberg’s work has also appeared in Sports
Illustrated, Parenting Magazine, and The Wall Street
Journal. Reach him at (212) 362-8040;

10. ==> Celebrate Juneteenth This Weekend

African Americans and anybody who loves celebrating the
end of slavery in America and freedom in general will
want to learn more about Juneteenth, the freedom-lovers
holiday that falls this Sunday. Juneteenth marks the
1865 announcement made in Texas declaring that all
slaves were free. Learn more about the holiday and how
it will be celebrated this year by interviewing Joseph
Oloimooja, pastor of Christ the Good Shepherd Episcopal
Church in Los Angeles and a Maasai village chief in his
native Kenya. Oloimooja can talk also why black lives
matter not only in the U.S. but around the world and
ways African women still live enslaved lives, carrying
water on their backs for miles because they cannot
afford donkeys. He’ll talk about what concerned people
can do to help them. Reach him at (323)6 87-2167;

11. == > Gordie Lived his Legacy

Gordie Howe was special on the ice. But he was
singularly unique in understanding his legacy wouldn’t
start till he stepped OFF the ice.

“Many athletes think their legacy is what they did on
the ice, the field, or the court” says Robb Lucy,
author of ‘Legacies aren’t Just for Dead People!’ “But
Gordie knew it was his ability to stir the hearts of
kids for the game of hockey, and show them they too
could encourage with humor and class off the ice.”
Gordie’s on-ice presence will be remembered for his
goals, 23 All-Star games, playing with his sons at 51
yrs. of age…. and the odd elbow in an opponent’s
“Gordie was an inspiration who connected people with
his values of humor and sharing” says Lucy. “He
energized them to play the game with passion… but
mostly to be a gentle giant outside of the locker
room.” “I think Gordie celebrated more about what he
could do off the ice” said Lucy, “and that’s his real
legacy.” Contact Robb Lucy at 604-874-7700;

12. ==> Take on Aging as a Sport

Boomers will be turning 65 at a rate of between 8-
and10-thousand per day and our older population is
expected to almost double in 2050. Are we ready?
Sharkie Zartman, a former All American volleyball
athlete and professor of health offers a novel,
athletic approach to the challenges of aging—take on
aging as a sport. She suggests a new paradigm in
viewing aging as a challenge and privilege instead of
an inevitable period of decline. Viewing the common
symptoms and conditions as opposing competitors is an
empowered approach that any athlete or sports fan can
identify with and use an effective game play to take
charge of their lives instead of letting age strip away
their quality of life. She can discuss the mind-body
connection, why we need to change our attitudes about
aging, training principles, how to clean up our diets,
why we need to exercise every day, and more.  She’ll
motivate your audience to get off the bench, put on
their helmets, and get into the game. Sharkie Zartman
is the author of five books, including “Take on Aging
as a Sport; The Athletic Approach to Aging” Contact her
at (310) 4150-0190; sharkiezartman@yahoo.com

13. ==> From Terminal to Thriving

This year, half a million people will not survive their
cancer diagnoses. A few with end-stage disease will go
into radical remission. What makes the difference in
outcomes? Heidi Bright was diagnosed with a rare and
aggressive cancer in 2009 and was only expected to live
a few months. After two years of treatment she went
into radical remission. Invite Heidi to share practical
ways to turn the terror of a cancer diagnosis into
genuine hope with options; reduce the impact of
chemotherapy; shorten recovery time after surgery;
manage fear and anxiety; relieve stress; avoid scams;
and develop a genuine good attitude. A journalist,
Heidi is the author of several books including “Thriver
Soup: A Feast for Living Consciously During the Cancer
Journey.” Contact her at (513) 444-019;,

14. ==> An Inspiring Story of Faith and Hope `

As a child in rural Mexico, Obdulia Marini faced many
dangers from wild animals and poverty. The greatest
danger, however, was her own family. Mocked by her
siblings, almost abused by her father, taken away from
her mother at seven, living in caves and under trees,
Marini learned early to depend on no one but herself
and God. She attended school a month here and there.
More than once cried she wanted to go to school, like
the other children, but she never had that chance.
Finally, at ten, she attended school for the first
time. Separating from her family at 16, Marini went to
a boarding school, and finally gained her independence.
She continued to work several jobs and served as a
teacher herself. Determined to live in America, Marini
spent all her money on a passport and entered the
United States in 1966 – finally able to pursue her
dreams through her faith in God.   Her inspiring
memoir, “Baby Blue’s Destiny: Part One,” shares in
intimate details her challenges and hard work. Contact
her at mariniluly24

15. ==> Summer Road Trip!! Hit the National Parks

The National Park Service marks its 100th anniversary
this year and Larry Powalisz says this summer is a
great time to pack up the family and explore America’s
parks. The author of the book series “Exploring Our
National Park Treasures” will share where to go, when
to visit and why. He says, “The crown jewels of the
National Park System are the 59 national parks; but
there are over 400 national seashores, monuments,
historical parks, and others located all over the
United States. They’re inexpensive, educational,
historical, and the spectacular views and vistas can be
life changing. There is no better classroom for
children to learn from or enjoy. This could be the
epitome of family bonding, togetherness and enjoyment!”
Powalisz is a career law enforcement officer. He and
his wife have written several books about the national
parks after visiting a number of them with their own
children. Contact him at (414) 801-8158;

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