06/07/16 RTIR E-zine: Muhammed Ali, Clinton Foundation, Triple Crown

June 7, 2016

01. Muhammad Ali’s Real Legacy: True Patriotism
02. Was Ali’s Death the Greatest?
03. The 4 Ingredients of Muhammad Ali’s Success
04. Clinton Foundation – Opaque Fundraising Arm of Campaign?
05. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Out as Head of DNC?
06. Prince – How He Become an Opioid Victim
07. Zika Virus – What You Need to Know
08. Why Clean Water is Now an Issue
09. Job Hunting 101 – What Grads Didn’t Learn in College
10. Triple Crown Lessons for Employees
11. Is Alzheimer’s Preventable?
12. Money-Saving Summer Vacation Tips
13. Top Summer Self-Care Tips
14. Doc Explains Her Pro-Life Choice Stance
15. A New and Different Way to Improve Mood

1. ==> Muhammad Ali’s Real Legacy: True Patriotism

Although it’s customary to say nice things about a
person who has died, Ivan Eland says Muhammad Ali has
been rightly commended for not only his superb boxing
career but also his principled opposition to the then-
popular Vietnam War. The senior fellow and director of
the Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent
Institute says, “Ali did not try to evade the draft or
get numerous college deferments to avoid service. He
declared that because of his religion, he would not
fight against people who had done nothing to him and
bluntly said, ‘just take me to jail.’” Eland says,
“Americans almost always think patriotism means giving
the benefit of the doubt to the president. Perhaps
citizens should remember that in America, original
‘patriots’ were not people who reflexively supported
their government, but those who went against it in
support of society and its values. Patriots in the
American Revolution were Englishmen fighting for their
rights against their English King and Parliament.” Ivan
Eland is the author of several books including
“Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace,
Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at (703) 282-3484
(cell); ieland@independent.org

2. ==> Was Ali’s Death the Greatest?

As the world continues to mourn the passing of Muhammad
Ali and his impact on boxing and civil rights,
emergency physician Kevin Haselhorst says there are
other lessons we can take away from his death. Most of
us are unaware how Ali spent his final days, Haselhorst
notes. Even a great man such as Ali, who suffered for
years from Parkinson’s syndrome, was at the end placed
on a ventilator, after having undergone dialysis. He
was in critical condition, not fair condition as the
press reported. Haselhorst asks: “Were doctors
miscommunicating with his family or just with the
public? Was there a greater misunderstanding of Ali
being near the end and how he might have been cared for
more properly?” Haselhorst says Ali’s death was an
assault on his dignity. He says a palliative care team
would have protected Ali from the brutality displayed
by his gang of aggressive doctors. Haselhorst is the
author of “Wishes to Die For” and has a free PDF
download on End of Life discussions available on his
website. Reach him at (480) 907-6027;

3. ==> The 4 Ingredients of Muhammad Ali’s Success

Muhammad Ali was one of the most recognized
personalities in the world and Tom Scarda says it’s
because he built a brand. “The brand was Muhammad Ali.
People knew who he was and what he stood for and
whether you agreed with his stances or not, you clearly
understood his mission.” Invite Scarda, an entrepreneur
and franchise expert, to discuss how Ali used practice,
belief, goals and tenacity to build his brand. “Ali had
a mission, a purpose and a dream. He took the fight for
the American Dream to new levels. As a man who came
from humble beginnings he perfected a memorable and
legendary brand.” Tom Scarda is the author of
“Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies Pros Use to Pick Top
Performing Franchises.” Contact him at (516) 322–1435;

4. ==> Clinton Foundation – Opaque Fundraising Arm of

Investigative journalist Ken Silverstein claims, “The
Clinton Foundation is a de facto fundraising arm for
the Clinton family, its cronies and of Hillary
Clinton’s political campaign. It’s a way for people —
especially foreign leaders and wealthy individuals —
to curry favor with unlimited money that is incredibly
opaque. It is only able to operate because of the
meaningless ‘memorandum of understanding’ the
Foundation signed with the Obama administration.” He
adds, “It is beyond dispute that former President
Clinton has been directly involved in helping
foundation donors and his personal cronies get rich.
Even worse, it is beyond dispute that these very same
donors and the Clintons’ political allies have won the
focused attention of presidential candidate Hillary
Clinton when she served as Secretary of State.” Ken
Silverstein is a Washington, D.C.-based investigative
reporter and a columnist for the New York Observer and
a contributing editor to VICE. He has written several
pieces on the Clinton Foundation. Contact him at
ken.silverstein@gmail.com, @kensilverstein1

5. ==> Debbie Wasserman Schultz Out as Head of DNC?

The tumultuous nature of the Democratic Party’s primary
race has put Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the position
of the party’s official lightning rod. Howie Klein, a
retired music executive and blogger who has closely
followed the career of Wasserman Schultz, can discuss
why the DNC chair is on thin ice. He’ll talk about how,
as a state senator in Florida, she drew electoral maps
that favored the GOP in return for a sweetly
gerrymandered district for herself, how she played a
key role in making the Democratic Party more a servant
of wealthy elites, lobbyists and special interests and
why the group RootsAction.org has launched the petition
“Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair,” which
currently has more than 47-thousand signatures. Howie
Klein’s career has included a dozen years as president
of Reprise Records. He writes the blog Down with
Tyranny. Contact him at (323) 666-2649;
howieklein@aol.com, @downwithtyranny

6. ==> Prince – How He Become an Opioid Victim

While a Minnesota medical examiner report says Prince
passed away after an accidental “self-administered”
fentanyl overdose, many questions remain. The music
legend reportedly lived with chronic hip and ankle
pain, and in 2010 had hip replacement surgery and was
prescribed opioids to deal with continuing pain, just
like millions of other people. Chronic pain treatment
expert Cindy Perlin says, “The reality is that most
prescription painkillers are prescribed by doctors
whose medical school training included less than two
hours of training on pain. They get most of their
“education” about pain from pharmaceutical company
representatives!” Perlin says better, safer pain
treatments like low level laser therapy, massage and
marijuana work, but many insurance plans won’t pay.
That’s why she’s started a petition on change.org
asking President Obama and Congress to pass a law
requiring health insurance to pay for all proven
treatments for chronic pain and to require physicians
to be educated about them. Perlin is a licensed social
worker, and certified biofeedback practitioner who has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. She’s the
author of “The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The
Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.”
Contact her at (518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

7. ==> Zika Virus – What You Need to Know

Concerns over the Zika virus continue to build with new
research showing a clear link to severe brain damage in
babies born to infected mothers. Some health experts
are now warning this summer’s Olympic Games in Brazil
could spark a worldwide health crisis and should be
cancelled or moved. How serious is the issue for
Americans not travelling abroad? Invite Dr. Jim Roach,
a leading integrative practitioner, to share what the
virus is, who is most at risk, and ways to prevent it.
He’ll even discuss anti-viral strategies and give ideas
on how to protect against brain shrinkage even when
Zika-infected. Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. He’s a speaker, consultant,
educator, researcher, and widely sought clinician with
patients from across the country. He is also author of
“God’s House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-
death experiences of his patients and seeks to de-
stigmatize spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at
(859) 846-4453 (office);  jproach@aol.com

8. ==> Why Clean Water is Now an Issue

Water contamination crises in Flint, Michigan, Hoosick
Falls, New York, and other locations have brought to
light the issue of clean drinking water. In addition,
some areas face water shortages. Environmental engineer
Dr. Ellen Moyer says, “Many of us take water for
granted, expecting to turn a faucet handle and have
unlimited, clean water come pouring out. In many
respects, we’ve neglected our water infrastructure and
today face problems with both water quality and water
quantity.” Moyer will discuss these issues as well as
solutions so that your family can have cleaner and
safer drinking water. Moyer is a regular contributor to
The Huffington Post and her latest book, titled “Our
Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Have Fun
Creating a Sustainable World,” will be available later
this year. Contact her at (413) 862-3452;

9. ==> Job Hunting 101 – What Grads Didn’t Learn in

Looking for a job is hard– especially for college
graduates entering the job market for the first time.
“One of the most important conversations you will ever
have in your lifetime is the job interview
conversation,” says Debbie Silverman, a human behavior
specialist. From body language to using the right
verbiage, Silverman says, “The words we use in a
conversation and how we understand the silent
conversation—facial expressions, body language—is the
difference between dreaming about what you want and
actually getting it, in a job interview and in life!”
She’ll discuss how five simple steps will give you an
unfair advantage in the job market and explain the
difference between showing up to interview and showing
up to win! Debbie Silverman is a human behavior
specialist, NLP practitioner and the author of “It’s
Just a Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in
Business.”  Contact her at (954) 610-1403;

10. Triple Crown Lessons for Employees

Exaggerator winning the Preakness ended Nyqvist’s quest
for the Triple Crown, but what can that loss teach
employees about handling disappointment and discomfort?
Invite Mindy Tatz Chernoff to discuss what employees
can learn about losing and winning – in their career
and life – from the Triple Crown. She’ll ask, as an
employee, how does your intention affect your business
success? What can a horse’s important post-race routine
teach you about reducing stress professionally and
personally? She’ll explain how horses are masters of
two very important traits and why they can not only
help you reach your goals, but surpass them! Mindy Tatz
Chernoff is the founder of The Resonant Horse, where
she partners with horses to foster tools of curiosity,
mindfulness and non-judgement. “How Horses Heal,
Transform and Empower” is the title of her recent TEDX
Talk. Contact her at (610) 247-0408;

11. ==> Is Alzheimer’s Preventable?

More than 5 million Americans are currently living with
the memory-robbing disease known as Alzheimer’s.
Moreover, their numbers are expected to reach nearly 14
million by 2050. But what if there were a new
breakthrough in alternative medicine that could prevent
this dreaded disease? And what if no one were telling
us about it? There is such a therapy and you can
interview one of the pioneers. According to Michael
Morgan, his research is showing strong evidence of the
promise of Craniosacral Therapy in the treatment of at-
risk people and those in the early to mid-stages of
dementia. He’ll explain what Craniosacral Therapy is
(it’s also being used by NFL players, and children with
autism) and ways it can increase longevity. Morgan is
the author of “The BodyEnergy Longevity Prescription:
How CranioSacral Therapy Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s and
Dementia While Improving the Quality of Your Life.”
Reach him at (312) 543-4719; media@bodyenergy.net

12. ==> Money-Saving Summer Vacation Tips

According to a new Trip Advisor survey, 1-in-3
travelers expect to pay more to travel this summer.
Whether it’s higher airfare or premium hotel prices,
the added expense can put a strain on anyone’s vacation
budget. But ultra-economical travel expert Russell
Hannon says that doesn’t have to be the case. He’ll
reveal the best time to book summer travel for the
biggest savings, the most expensive mistake travelers
make, and hotel alternatives that can save money
without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Russell has
been featured on CNBC, FOX, America Tonight, CBS,
ShopSmart, CBC, CTV, the National Post and Around the
World Travel TV. He’s also the author of ‘Stop Dreaming
Start Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More &
Spending Less.’  Contact him at (403) 354 0349;

13. ==> Top Summer Self-Care Tips

Most people follow the latest trends on diet and
exercise, while taking the most popular supplement of
the day. Not only can this be completely wrong for your
body and personal needs, but for some it is downright
toxic or even dangerous. Intuitive Lifestyle Expert,
Cathleen Miller shares her top hot summer self-care
tips to guide listeners to a stronger body-mind
connection so they can improve their overall health. As
a Holistic Medium Cathleen also is experienced in
offering live on air intuitive readings to guide
listeners on their own personal questions. From
distance alternative energy therapies and life
energy/career coaching, Cathleen can read and shift
magnetic and electrical frequencies in and around the
body to assist in illness or addiction recovery and
activate energies to create the life you were meant to
live. Cathleen also has extensive media experience.
Contact her at (913) 499-8514;

14. ==> Doc Explains Her Pro-Life Choice Stance

Over the years, OB/GYN Carolyn Purcell counseled
hundreds of women as they made and lived with decisions
about abortion. She says the political arguments
surrounding the issue are harmful to women as they
decide and try to heal. “My position is that abortion
should be legal early, but the Pro-Choice movement does
women a disservice by denying the humanity of the fetus
or that the moral issue should be considered.” Purcell
says she has a moderate stance on the issue that she
calls Pro-Life Choice. Invite her to discuss how, as a
doctor, she came to terms with abortion both morally
and legally. Now retired, Dr. Carolyn Purcell is the
author of “Saving Jane Doe.”  Contact her at (859)
335-5226; cpurcellret1998@gmail.com

15. ==> A New and Different Way to Improve Mood

Research into the benefits of gut bacteria has
exploded. Scientists across the globe are examining how
these microbes can help improve health and prevent
disease. Bacteria appear to do the body a lot of good,
from bolstering immunity to easing digestion. And now,
there is evidence that taking a probiotic supplement
may in fact improve mood by producing compounds that
travel from the intestine to the brain. Researchers
have given this feel-good superhighway a name: the
“Gut-Brain Axis”. Healthy gut bacteria — often referred
to as the microbiome — play a critical role in
preserving the integrity of the axis or connection.
Imbalances in the microbiome can negatively affect the
gut-brain axis, resulting in mood issues like
depression and anxiety. Michael A. Smith, M.D., senior
health scientist representing the Life Extension
Foundation and author of “Feeling Depressed or
Anxious?”, can provide insight about how color can
affect mood, the one, five and ten minute fixes to
heighten mood, influencing mood with food, and more.
Contact Sheldon Baker at (954)790-5512;

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