06/01/16 RTIR E-zine: Ramadan, Surviving Cancer, Road Tripping

June 1, 2016

01. The Anti-Trump – An Independent Neocon?
02. Trump, Sanders – Who’s Supporters Are Nuts?
03. In Defense of Fathers’ Rights
04. Dear Dad, You’re My Hero!
05. To Emoji or Not?
06. How to Protect against Zika
07. Wedding Fever – Best & Worst Ways to Propose
08. What is Ramadan?
09. A College Degree Isn’t Enough
10. Make More Money Loving the Job You Hate
11. Cancer Survivors’ Day June 5: From Terminal to Thriving
12. How to Look & Feel 20 Years Younger
13. Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s?
14. Top 5 Summer Travel Destinations
15. Time to Hit the Road!

1. ==> The Anti-Trump – An Independent Neocon?

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Bill Kristol the editor
of the Weekly Standard (which has been described as
“the neocon bible”) sent out a tweet stating: “There
will be an independent candidate What would a neocon
candidate look like? According to journalist Jim Lobe,
“Neoconservatives believe that spineless liberals,
military weakness, diplomatic appeasement, and American
isolationism are ever-present threats that must be
fought against at all costs.” He adds, “Neocons believe
that, in the absence of a tangible threat to our
national security, Americans naturally retreat into
isolationism. As a result, they have engaged in a
consistent pattern of threat-inflation — or fear-
mongering — over the past 40 years, from Team B’s
exaggeration of alleged Soviet preparations for nuclear
war in the mid-1970s to the hyping of the various
threats allegedly posed by Iraq, radical Islamists, and
Iran after 9/11. … For neocons, a new Hitler is
always just around the corner, and we must be in a
permanent state of mobilization against him.” Jim Lobe
served for 30 years as the Washington, D.C. bureau
chief for Inter Press Service and is best known for his
coverage of U.S. foreign policy and the influence of
the neoconservative movement. Contact him at (301)
908-0351, jlobe@starpower.net, @lobelog

2. ==> Trump, Sanders – Who’s Supporters Are Nuts?

There are key differences in philosophy
between Republicans and Democrats on the right way to
conduct one’s life and create optimal conditions for
the majority of people. Which ways of thinking improves
psychological health? Which impede personal growth?
According to psychologist Dr. Paul Coleman,
“Emotionally healthy people meet life’s challenges
head-on with determination and creativity, bounce back
from defeats, extend themselves for others, and view
life as positive and meaningful despite adversity.” In
30 years of practice he’s noticed that the people who
are the most stressed, most unhappy, and whose
relationships get most complicated, must change their
outlook and approach to life in key ways. Which changes
are more aligned with a Democrat or Republican
philosophy? Have your listeners take the quiz and
decide! Paul Coleman, Ph.D., is the author of 12 books
including “Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces”
Contact him at (845) 546-1206

3.==> In Defense of Fathers’ Rights

35 years ago on Father’s Day in 1981, Jeffery Leving
decided to make it his life’s mission to fight for the
legal rights of fathers after attending a meeting where
fathers shared their experiences in the family court
system.  All too often in child custody cases, the
father is left out in the cold.  However, the ultimate
victims in parental alienation of fathers are the
children.  The fact is that father involvement is
essential to the healthy development of a child.
Numerous researchers have found that father-child
contact is associated with better socio-emotional and
academic functioning. These studies indicated that
children with more involved fathers experienced fewer
behavioral problems, scored higher on reading
achievement and were less likely to be at risk for
adolescent drug use.  Jeffery Leving is the author of
“Fathers’ Rights: Hard-Hitting and Fair Advice for
Every Father Involved in a Custody Dispute” and “How to
Be a Good Divorced Dad: Being the Best Parent You Can
Be Before, During, and After the Break-Up” which has
garnered praise from President Barack Obama and an
endorsement from Francis Cardinal George of the
Archdiocese of Chicago.  He played a key role in
reuniting Elian Gonzalez with his father, has
previously appeared as a special guest on Anderson
Cooper, Nancy Grace, The O’Reilly Factor, Larry King
Live, among others and co-authored the Illinois Joint
Custody Law, Illinois Virtual Visitation, Right to DNA
Testing Notice, and Unlawful Visitation or Parenting
Time Interference Laws. Contact him at (312) 296-3666;

4.== > Dear Dad, You’re My Hero!

We all need heroes, but more than anyone, kids need
them!  Sometimes we forget that while sports stars and
comic book heroes can be great, dads – for better or
worse – have much more impact and influence on their
kids. Invite Tom Gagliano to share tips to regain or
maintain Dad’s hero status. “Celebrate achievements and
victories by taking your child for an ice cream or
slice of pizza and be curious about your kids’ lives
and ask them how they’re doing and what’s new.  By
being curious we give them the message they are
important and we’re thinking of them.” Tom Gagliano,
MSW, is a mentor, speaker and author. Bullied as a kid,
he now helps others who suffer from negative childhood
messages. He says his goal with his own children is to
give them what his father couldn’t; a safe place to
share their feelings, whatever they might be. Contact
him at (732) 266-4952; gags17285@aol.com

5. ==> To Emoji or Not?

With over 74% of Americans using an average of 96
emojis every day in texts, social media, and emails,
the little digital icons used to express emotion have
become an integral part of communication. First
appearing on the scene in the late 1990s in Japan,
there are now over 1,600 emoji in use, with six billion
of the icons being sent every day. The Oxford English
Dictionary even awarded “The Face with Tears of Joy”
emoji the word of the year for 2015. But are emojis
always appropriate? Communication expert Leslie Shore
will explain the pros and cons of emoji use – in
personal and professional communication. She’ll discuss
five reasons to use emojis, four drawbacks, and what to
consider when deciding whether to use an emoji or not.
Leslie Shore is the owner of Listen to Succeed, a
communication consultancy. She is the author of “Listen
to Succeed,” which is used in Universities, businesses
and non-profits throughout the U.S. and Canada. Contact
Mark Goldman at 516-639-0988; markgoldman73@gmail.com

6. ==> How to Protect against Zika
With warmer weather and more mosquitoes undoubtedly on
the way, U.S. health officials are advising local
health departments to prepare for the possibility of a
Zika outbreak. Invite Dr. Jim Roach, a leading
integrative practitioner, to share what the virus is,
who are most at risk, and the best ways to prevent
becoming infected. He’ll even discuss anti-viral
strategies and give ideas on how to protect against
brain shrinkage even when Zika-infected. Jim Roach, MD,
has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. He’s a
speaker, consultant, educator, researcher, and widely
sought clinician with patients from across the country.
He is also author of “God’s House Calls” which
discusses spiritual near-death experiences of his
patients and seeks to de-stigmatize spiritual
experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859) 846-4453
(office);  jproach@aol.com

7. ==> Wedding Fever – Best & Worst Ways to Propose

June may be known as the unofficial wedding month, but
many couples become engaged in June. For some it’s the
next life move after graduation while others get caught
up in the romance that comes with wedding season.
Whatever the reason, there will be a lot of proposing
going on next month. Bring Dr. LeslieBeth Wish on your
show to talk about the best—and—worst ways to pop the
question and discuss ‘too little’ and ‘too much’
proposals, how to avoid them, and what to do if you’re
on the receiving end of a not-to-so great proposal.  A
licensed clinical psychotherapist, Dr. Wish is a
frequent repeat guest on radio shows and an expert on
relationship and family issues. Contact her at (941)
363-0505 (FL); (941) 928-1547 (cell) or

8. ==> What is Ramadan?

Ramadan begins this month and one quarter of the
world’s population will fast from sunrise to sunset for
an entire month. Invite Sam Mak, an American of Muslim
descent and an experienced diversity and multicultural
trainer and facilitator, to explain the history of
Ramadan and the Five Pillars of Islam, as well as the
myths Americans have of Muslims, and Muslim perceptions
of the United States. Sam is well versed in the history
of the region, politics of competing factions, religion
and culture. She says many people are surprised by how
much there is in common between Islam, Christianity,
and Judaism.  After 9/11, Sam Mak was asked to do a
presentation on Islam for her children’s school. Since
then, she has developed a video series on common
questions about Islam.  She also speaks to community
groups and international organizations about the rights
of Muslim women.  Contact Sam Mak at (303) 719-8656
(VA); sam.mak187@gmail.com

9. ==> A College Degree Isn’t Enough

New grads are facing unique challenges today – rapid
economic changes, an evolving job market, and the need
to become the employee employers want to hire and keep.
How can they create the needed adaptability skills,
along with the mobility and fluidity essential for
today’s hires while still in college? Invite Jason Ma,
America’s chief millennial mentor, to discuss the
challenges common to students and Millennials, and
share ways to help them be successful in their careers
– and life. From clarifying direction to becoming more
pragmatically skillful (and street-smart) to finding
quality internships to managing stress, failure and
conflicts and to rising up the ranks, Jason will
address the many issues facing students and young
professionals today. Jason Ma is founder, CEO & chief
mentor of ThreeEQ, Inc., a success coaching and
consulting service for high-end families and companies.
He’s an international speaker and the author of “Young
Leaders 3.0.” Contact him at (408) 823-7768;

10. ==> Make More Money Loving the Job You Hate

Chances are many of your listeners are among the 68
percent of U.S. workers who are disengaged; many hate
their jobs … and their boss. Business consultant Greg
Jacobson can make a real difference in their lives, as
he explains how changing their attitude toward work,
their job and their boss will not only make them
happier but earn them more money. He’ll say that
happiness on the job is related to focus and once you
stop focusing on what you don’t like about work (and
start focusing on what you want to happen) amazing
things occur. Jacobson will also share who the most
promotable people at work are and why they are not the
people who work the hardest or get the most done. The
author of “Think Yourself Happy” is available as a
last-minute guest and has been on CBS, ABC, Bloomberg
News, CNN and more. Reach him at (805) 302-0692;

11. ==> Cancer Survivors’ Day June 5: From Terminal to

This year, half a million people will not survive their
cancer diagnoses. A few with end-stage disease will go
into radical remission. What makes the difference in
outcomes? Heidi Bright was diagnosed with a rare and
aggressive cancer in 2009 and was only expected to live
a few months. After two years of treatment she went
into radical remission. Invite Heidi to share practical
ways to turn the terror of a cancer diagnosis into
genuine hope with options; reduce the impact of
chemotherapy; shorten recovery time after surgery;
manage fear and anxiety; relieve stress; avoid scams;
and develop a genuine good attitude. A journalist,
Heidi is the author of several books including “Thriver
Soup: A Feast for Living Consciously During the Cancer
Journey.” Contact her at (513) 444-019;,

12. ==> How to Look & Feel 20 Years Younger

When Valerie Youngblood was a young doctor she noticed
that some of her 70-year-old patients looked like they
were 50. She wondered why they were aging much slower
than others. After studying them for decades Youngblood
was able to identify patterns she could follow to age
much slower herself. She says, “I have identified at
least five things you can do every day that cost
absolutely nothing, yet faithfully followed they’ll
lead to the mindset you need for a long, healthy life.
And if you want to live to be 100, the two most
important aspects of your life to concentrate on are
happiness and optimism.”  Youngblood will discuss the
ultimate doable routine for starting your day and why
it’s worth getting up earlier to do it. Valerie
Youngblood, M.D., is an integrative medicine specialist
with emphasis on age management and lifestyle medicine.
She is a speaker, yoga teacher, meditation instructor
and the author of “The Youngblood Code: Proven
Strategies to Optimize Your Health and Longevity By
Bending Time to Your Advantage” Contact her at (888)
673-6336; youngbloodmd@gmail.com.

13. ==> Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s?

More than 5 million Americans are currently living with
the memory-robbing disease known as Alzheimer’s.
Moreover, their numbers are expected to reach nearly 14
million by 2050. But what if there were a new
breakthrough in alternative medicine that could prevent
this dreaded disease? And what if no one were telling
us about it? There is such a therapy and you can
interview one of the pioneers. According to Michael
Morgan, his research is showing strong evidence of the
promise of Craniosacral Therapy in the treatment of at-
risk people and those in the early to mid-stages of
dementia. He’ll explain what Craniosacral Therapy is
(it’s also being used by NFL players, and children with
autism) and ways it can increase longevity. Morgan is
the author of “The BodyEnergy Longevity Prescription:
How CranioSacral Therapy Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s and
Dementia While Improving the Quality of Your Life.”
Reach him at (312) 543-4719; media@bodyenergy.net

14. ==> Top 5 Summer Travel Destinations

With a relatively high trading U.S dollar, 2016 is
shaping up to be the best time in years to take a trip
abroad – without spending a fortune! Ultra-economical
travel expert Russell Hannon will share little-known
destinations that have never been easier to access,
surprising spots with the most stunning natural sites,
and the hottest city for travelling right now. Russell
Hannon is a travel expert who has been featured by
Johnny Jet, CNBC, FOX, America Tonight, CTV, ShopSmart,
Yahoo Finance, and Around the World Travel TV. He is
the author of “Stop Dreaming Start Traveling: The
Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and Spending Less.”
Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

15. ==> Time to Hit the Road!

The National Park Service marks its 100th anniversary
this year and Larry Powalisz says this summer is a
great time to pack up the family and explore America’s
parks. The author of the book series “Exploring Our
National Park Treasures” will share where to go, when
to visit and why. He says, “The crown jewels of the
National Park System are the 59 national parks; but
there are over 400 national seashores, monuments,
historical parks, and others located all over the
United States. They’re inexpensive, educational,
historical, and the spectacular views and vistas can be
life changing. There is no better classroom for
children to learn from or enjoy. This could be the
epitome of family bonding, togetherness and enjoyment!”
Powalisz is a career law enforcement officer. He and
his wife have written several books about the national
parks after visiting a number of them with their own
children. Contact him at (414) 801-8158;

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