05/26/16 RTIR E-zine: Obama and Hiroshima, Dad’s Day, Listeria Protection

May 26, 2016
01. New Brazil Minister Out
02. Obama to Visit Hiroshima
03. Still Need a Memorial Day Guest?
04. Gentleman, Start Your Grills
05. For Dad’s Day – The Zany Side of Parenting Toddlers
06. Former Players Rally for Coach with Parkinson’s
07. Which Candidate Gave Us the Finger?
08. Time to Hit the Road!
09. Let’s Talk Wedding Dresses
10. Luxury Honeymoons that Won’t Break the Bank
11. Listeria – How to Protect Your Family
12. Two Words for New Grads
13. In Business, think Globally
14. Summer Diet Secret: Calories Don’t Matter
15. Listen Like Your Dog Does

1.==> New Brazil Minister Out

According to several news reports, Brazil’s Planning
Minister, Romero Jucá, was caught on tape allegedly
conspiring to obstruct the country’s biggest-ever
corruption investigation. In the tapes, leaked by a
newspaper, he appears to talk of stopping the probe at
oil giant Petrobras by impeaching suspended President
Dilma Rousseff. Maria Luisa Mendonca, director of
Brazil’s Network for Social Justice and Human Rights,
says the news confirms her group’s claim of a coup.
“More than half of the members of Brazil’s Congress
face serious investigations of corruption. Former House
Speaker Eduardo Cunha, who orchestrated and conducted
the impeachment vote on April 17, has since been forced
to step down by the Supreme Court on charges of
corruption and maintaining illegal Swiss bank accounts.
The interim president, Michel Temer, along with seven
ministers all appointed by him, are also under
investigation for corruption charges.” Mendonca is also
a professor in the international relations department
at the University of Rio De Janeiro. Currently in the
US, contact her at (510) 283-8374;

2. ==> Obama to Visit Hiroshima
President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Hiroshima is
stirring conflicting emotions on both sides of the
Atlantic. Some 140,000 people were killed when the U.S.
dropped an atomic bomb on the city on Aug. 6, 1945.
Countless others suffered after-effects that endure to
this day. Hiroshi Taka and Rieko Asato are with the
Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs
(Gensuikyo), which recently released a statement: “It
is significant that President Obama will visit the A-
bombed city of Hiroshima as the first U.S. President. …
Changing his past position to turn his back on the
total prohibition of nuclear weapons on the ground of
the ‘need for nuclear deterrence,’ he should take
concrete steps for the start of negotiations on a
treaty banning nuclear weapons.” Contact Hiroshi Taka
at taka@antiatom.org; @gensuikyo or Rieko Asato at
rieko@antiatom.org, 011-81-3-5842-6034 [13 hours ahead
of U.S. ET]

3. ==> Still Need a Memorial Day Guest?

Invite Retired Colonel Robert Sholly on your show to
share fascinating stories from his long and illustrious
career serving our nation. From his stint as company
commander in the jungles of Vietnam to his years at the
Defense Intelligence Agency, tours in Saudi Arabia,
Iran, Afghanistan, other countries of the Middle East
and South Asia, as well as his work during Desert Storm
Shield,  you’ll gain a new appreciation for troops
serving now and in the past. Sholly’s multi-faceted
positions and deployments with the military give him a
unique perspective on war as well as current events
unfolding in Syria, Iraq, and around the world.
Ask him how the military has changed over the years and
what the biggest threat is to the U.S. today.  will
donate copies of his book, “Young Soldiers, Amazing
Warriors,” to libraries across the country in veterans’
names this Memorial Day. Ask how your listeners can
nominate a veteran. Contact him at (281) 996-9120;
(832) 506-7980 or rsholly@usa.net.

4. ==> Gentleman, Start Your Grills

Memorial Day weekend is here and it’s time to wash off
the deck, clean the outdoor furniture, light up the
grill and invite some friends over! Celebrity
entertaining expert Steve Kemble’s got some great tips
on how to throw a BBQ that’s a step above burgers and
dogs. For gourmet grilled pizza, Kemble suggests
calling your local pizzeria and have them deliver small
uncooked pies with just the dough; you provide the
toppings and guests create their own unique pizzas. “If
you’re going for kabobs, don’t forget to soak the
wooden sticks for at least a half hour. And for guests
who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, freeze some lemonade
ice cubes. They’ll add pizzazz to plain old sparkling
water.” Kemble, America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru, is
known for planning parties for the Dallas Cowboys,
three U.S. Presidents and other high profile clients.
He’s appeared on numerous shows including the CBS Early
Show, Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition, TLC’s Battle
of the Wedding Planners and more. Contact Courtney
Pisarik at (310) 860-0806; courtney@inkprgroup.com

5. ==> For Dad’s Day – The Zany Side of Parenting

They are delightful desperados, lovable scoundrels, and
tiny terrorists. We’re talking about toddlers so
adorable that we give them a pass when they throw
tantrums (and food!), resist potty training, overuse
the word “no” and otherwise turn parents’ lives into
chaos. For Father’s Day, June 19, interview prolific
author, father of three and great-grandfather of a
toddler Howard Eisenberg, whose new book is “Adorable
Scoundrels.” He’ll put a smile on the face of anyone
who has dealt with a toddler as he shares short poems
from his book. Like this one: Can’t find it in Miss
Manner’s Book/ But I have a hunch/ You should leave a
very big tip/ When you take a toddler to lunch.”
Eisenberg and family are kid lit royalty. His late wife
and daughter co-wrote “What to Expect When You Are
Expecting,” and “What to Expect in the Toddler Years.”
Eisenberg’s poems have appeared in Parenting Magazine,
Baby Talk, and The Wall Street Journal. Reach him at
(212) 362-8040; sirhowardeisenberg@gmail.com

6. ==> Former Players Rally for Coach with Parkinson’s

Don Horton was a dad to hundreds of college football
players, and now some of them are coming to the dying
coach’s aid. Horton, 58, spent a decade coaching at
Boston College and six years at North Carolina State
University. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
in 2006 and retired from the football field in 2013.
Many people know little more about Parkinson’s disease
than that Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali, and Linda
Ronstadt have it. Richard London will share vital
information about the disease and who is most at risk.
“Most people don’t know you can be diagnosed with
Parkinson’s in your twenties, or that loss of smell and
sleep problems can be early indicators of this
degenerative, incurable disease that affects more
Americans than MS, ALS, and muscular dystrophy
combined.” Richard was diagnosed with Parkinson’s nine
years ago. Using the philosophy of his book and
seminars, A Handbook for Life, he has developed a
thriving real estate investment business and started
several computer companies. He also hosts the Internet
talk show Parkinson’s Chat. Contact him at (704)
562-6810; RLondon@AHandbookForLife.com

7. ==> Which Candidate Gave Us the Finger?

What Donald Trump isn’t saying to us speaks volumes.
When we watch candidates like Hillary Clinton, Bernie
Sanders and Donald Trump on TV, our subconscious mind
picks up on the visual cues such as hand gestures and
facial expressions. Human behavior specialist Debbie
Silverman says, “It’s not so much the words the
candidate says that make us feel a certain way about
them, it’s the gestures they use.” She’ll explain why
Bernie Sanders has a very high likeability rating and
why the two top candidates have the lowest ratings on
honesty and trustworthiness. Debbie Silverman will
discuss how a simple gesture like a finger or a smile
could possibly win or lose the election. Debbie
Silverman is a human behavior specialist, NLP
practitioner and the author of “It’s Just a
Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in
Business.”  Contact her at (954) 610-1403 or

8. ==> Time to Hit the Road!

The National Park Service marks its 100th anniversary
this year and Larry Powalisz says this summer is a
great time to pack up the family and explore America’s
parks. The author of the book series “Exploring Our
National Park Treasures” will share where to go, when
to visit and why. He says, “The crown jewels of the
National Park System are the 59 national parks; but
there are over 400 national seashores, monuments,
historical parks, and others located all over the
United States. They’re inexpensive, educational,
historical, and the spectacular views and vistas can be
life changing. There is no better classroom for
children to learn from or enjoy. This could be the
epitome of family bonding, togetherness and enjoyment!”
Powalisz is a career law enforcement officer. He and
his wife have written several books about the national
parks after visiting a number of them with their own
children. Contact him at (414) 801-8158;

9. == > Let’s Talk Wedding Dresses

Brides and grooms are getting ready to walk down the
aisle in the coming weeks as prime wedding season gets
underway. Talk about wedding fashion with Rani St.
Pucchi, creator of the world-renowned St. Pucchi
Fashion Design House in West Hollywood . She’ll discuss
the growing trend toward risqué wedding gowns and why
nude is the new white for brides. She’ll share tips for
finding the best gown for your body type and discuss
veils, colored wedding gowns and tiaras. Despite having
no formal training in fashion, Rani St. Pucchi is
famous for designing the wedding dress worn by “Phoebe”
on the
finale of the hit television show Friends. Rani is the
author of several upcoming books including “Unveiling:
A Celebrity Fashion Designer’s Story.” Contact her at
(310) 990-3912; rani@ranistpucchi.com

10. ==> Luxury Honeymoons that Won’t Break the Bank

84 percent of newlyweds confess they’d skimp on their
wedding to have a fancier honeymoon. With the average
wedding costing 30K, who can afford a luxury trip?
Ultra-economical travel expert Russell Hannon will show
you how to take that dream honeymoon – without skimping
on the wedding, and without breaking the bank. Hannon
will discuss wedding trends, how to use crowd funding
and travel registries to pay for your honeymoon, and
creative ways to leverage the cost of your wedding to
fund your trip. Russell Hannon is the founder of Break
the Travel Barrier and author of “Stop Dreaming…
Start Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More
and Spending Less.” Once feeling unable to afford to
travel, Russell applied lean principles he learned at
work to travel more and spend less. He has since
visited many of the world’s most expensive cities for
less than his every day cost of living. Contact him at
403 354 0349; russell@breakthetravelbarrier.com

11. ==> Listeria – How to Protect Your Family

Outbreaks of Listeria, a bacteria that grows well in
cooler temperatures, have caused a frozen food company
to recall close to 360 frozen food products sold under
42 different brand names—and that’s just the latest
recall of popular foods people keep in the fridge.
Brands of sunflower seeds, salad dressings and trail
mix are also recalled due to a separate listeria
contamination. But there are ways to keep yourself
protected from Listeria, even beyond making sure you
are not eating recalled food. According to Dr. James
Hubbard, there’s no need for panic. “There are steps
you can do to prevent it and antibiotics to treat it if
you know the symptoms.” Dr. Hubbard can discuss
listeria contamination along with other food-borne
illnesses and how to keep your family safe from the
food in your fridge. Dr. James Hubbard, aka The
Survival Doctor, teaches easy-to-follow, makeshift ways
to survive disasters and in the wild, and is the author
of several books including “The Survival Doctor’s Guide
to Wounds.” Contact him at (719) 576-2353;

12. ==> Two Words for New Grads

As a new class of college graduates enters the
workforce, Mike Madden has some simple advice. Very
simple. Two words actually. While commencement speakers
go on and on leaving grads grasping for the meaning and
relevance, Madden boils his advice down to two words.
He says, “Dream big! Nothing is out of your reach. If
you can dream it, you can do it!” In fact, Madden’s got
all kinds of two-word tips for living life after
school. Invite him to share his simple-but-sound advice
for success in life and love. Among the 2-word tips:
Have manners. Be kind. Never complain. And give
everything. Mike Madden is the author of “2 Words 2
Live By,” a collection of 50 two-word phrases that
reveal how the essentials of life can be captured in
just two simple words. Contact him at (864) 356-0885;

13. ==> In Business, think Globally

Consultant, trainer and workshop leader Barbara Weaver
Smith says millions—and possibly billions—of dollars
are being lost when sales leaders focus on selling to
the local offices of giant corporations instead of
viewing them as a global account. “So much of sales and
advice and training is superficial,” she says. “It
focuses on your own product and your own sales.
However, when you are doing large account sales, they
are so complex you just have to know so much more about
your customers and their business than you think.”
Weaver Smith, whose clients do business with such
global companies as Verizon, McDonald’s, Capital One
and Bayer, can discuss 4 strategies for global sales
success, why members of sales teams need to be
specialists and generalist, and how businesses are
morphing and why sales professionals need to know where
buyers are going. Barbara Weaver Smith, Ph.D., is
founder and CEO of The Whale Hunters®, a consulting
business that teaches small and midsize companies to
rapidly increase their revenue through bigger sales to
bigger customers. She’s the author of “Whale Hunting
with Global Accounts: Four Critical Sales Strategies to
Win Global Customers.” Contact her at (480) 584-4012;

14. ==> Summer Diet Secret: Calories Don’t Matter

Ever wonder why some people eat very little, try hard
to lose weight and fail while other people eat a lot,
hardly exercise and don’t gain anything?  Invite
nutritional wellness expert Belldon Colme to put to
rest the myth that calories matter when it comes to
weight loss. Colme says, “The evidence is all around
you; the calories in food do not matter, but the proper
balance of food types does. What makes the difference
is the balance of nutrient-dense foods that work for
you, for your own unique body.” He’ll explain why
eating less and exercising more is a prescription for
failure, why “eating healthy” and “healthy eating” are
not the same, and how processed foods weaken your
immune system. Colme’s interest in nutrition, fitness
and wellness was sparked when, at 280 pounds, he found
himself unconscious on his kitchen floor. Certain that
he was headed for a heart attack, Colme lost 105 pounds
and dedicated his life to helping others achieve
wellness. “No One Ever Got Fat from Calories: The Real
Truth About Weight Loss, Your Body and Wellness” is his
first book.  Contact him at (909) 363-6566;

15. ==> Listen Like Your Dog Does
Dogs instinctively know not to interrupt us, finish our
sentences, offer unsolicited advice or text us instead
of talking to us. And if we’re smart, asserts best-
selling author Jeff Lazarus, we’ll strive to be more
like them. Citing a Cornell study’s finding that we
have one-third fewer good friends now than we did
before social media came along, Lazarus will share his
leash law violations—mistakes we make when we think we
are communicating—the power of the paws (effective
silence), and why it’s more important to be interested
than interesting. A health science consultant with an
MBA from Pepperdine University, Lazarus taught public
speaking at the university level and conducted numerous
workshops on listening, presentation skills, and
customer engagement. His new book “Listen Like a Dog”
was inspired by his late dog Roamy and is the follow up
to his #1 bestseller, “Dogtology.” Reach him through
Darcie Rowan, (347) 407-0942; Darcie@DarcieRowanPR.com

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