05/16/17 RTIR E-zine: Spring Festivals, Buying American, Little League

May 16, 2017

01. Trump is Destroying Allies’ Trust
02. Should Trump Get FBI Director Pick?
03. ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Genius’ Actor
04. Memorial Day Show – Has America Let Down War Dead?
05. Oddest Spring Festivals
06. This Canadian is a Rising Pop Star in China
07. Is ‘Buy American, Hire American’ Good for America?
08. Dumped! Scientists Get ‘Trumped’
09. Is Your Grad Ready for College?
10. How to Survive Summer with a Teen
11. Little League: The Truth Behind the Scenes
12. What Doctors Don’t Tell You about Alzheimer’s
13. Can’t Fit in Your Summer Clothes?
14. She Stops Pain On-Air
15. The Amazing Health Benefits of Pets

1. ==> Trump is Destroying Allies’ Trust

As news broke on Monday evening that Donald Trump had,
according to reports from the Washington Post and later
the New York Times, shared highly classified
intelligence with the Russian Foreign Minister during
his visit to the Oval Office last week, the shock wave
was felt far beyond the beltway. Jen Psaki, White House
Communications Director and State Department
spokesperson during the Obama administration, says
leaders in Middle Eastern and European capitals — and
elsewhere around the world — could be re-evaluating
their intelligence sharing relationship with the United
States, and rightly so. “Donald Trump didn’t just
violate intelligence protocols — he likely put the
lives of members of the intelligence community serving
an allied country at risk. People put their lives on
the line to acquire the type of information President
Trump reportedly shared.” She adds, “It is pretty
shocking. The man sitting in the Oval Office, with
access to unfettered information not only from the
United States, but also our ‘five eyes’ partners — the
intelligence alliance we are part of with Australia,
Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom —
apparently cannot be trusted to keep it to himself.”
Jen Psaki is a CNN political commentator and spring
fellow at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and
Public Service. Contact her at
jen.psaki@georgetown.edu; @jrpsaki.

2. ==> Should Trump Get FBI Director Pick?

As the dust continues to swirl around Donald Trump’s
firing of FBI Director Jim Comey, there’s the issue of
who will next fill that job. Journalist Marcy Wheeler
says, “There is nothing more illegitimate than for
Trump to be able to give someone a ten-year term as FBI
Director because he fired Jim Comey. Trump is no longer
hiding the fact that he fired Comey to try to undercut
the Russian investigation. Democrats should be out
there, loudly and in unison, decrying how inappropriate
it would be for Trump to get to replace Comey when
everyone watching knows the firing was one of the most
corrupt things a President has done in a century.”
Marcy Wheeler is an American independent journalist
specializing in national security and civil liberties.
She writes widely about the legal aspects of civil
liberties, surveillance, government secrecy and the war
on terror, and blogs at emptywheel.net. Contact her at
emptywheel@gmail.com; @emptywheel

3. ==> ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Genius’ Actor

Eugene Simon is probably best known for his role as
Lancel Lannister on HBO’s Game of Thrones but you may
also recognize him in the new Nat Geo series Genius
where he plays Eduard Tete Einstein — Albert
Einstein’s son. Simon can discuss the new series and
what viewers may not know about the famous physicist
and his family. He can also talk about what it’s like
to be part of the mega hit Game of Thrones. Genius is
Nat Geo’s first scripted series and tracks Albert
Einstein’s rise from humble origins to his global
celebrity status as the man who unlocked the mysteries
of the cosmos with his theory of relativity. Contact
Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137;

4. ==> Memorial Day Show – Has America Let Down War

Memorial Day is meant to honor America’s war dead who
sacrificed everything they had for their country, the
freedom of its people and the American way. As the
holiday approaches, James Stuber suggests it’s time to
reaffirm that these brave men and women did not
sacrifice in vain by making sure we don’t squander
their legacy—and America’s. Stuber says this is more
important than ever at a time when the smartphones we
buy are made in Chinese labor camps, the clothes we
wear are made in sweatshops and the fish we eat are
caught on slave ships. He’ll discuss how trade morphed
into globalization, three billion people joined the
world economy creating the ‘age of oversupply,’ and
China changed everything by adopting just enough
capitalism to become the ‘world’s workshop.’ James
Stuber began his career as a legislative assistant to a
member of the U.S. House of Representatives, focusing
on matters before the Committee on Energy and Commerce.
He subsequently practiced legislative and
administrative law in Washington, D.C. Stuber founded
Made in America Again, a movement of consumers
dedicated to creating jobs in communities across
America by buying things made in those communities. His
latest book is “What If Things Were Made in America
Again: How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by
Buying Things Made in American Communities.” Contact
him at (610) 608-5074; jstuber@miaa.us

5. ==> Oddest Spring Festivals

For whatever reason, the merry month of May is home to
some of the world’s strangest festivals. Amuse your
audience by letting Susanna Janssen share some of the
more outrageous ones. For example, did you know that
people in India celebrate Buddha’s birthday with
drumming, fireworks and a procession of elephants that
goes on for 36 hours? Or that revelers in Hong Kong
celebrate the Cheung Chau Bun Festival by climbing 60-
foot towers covered with sacred buns that can be eaten
for good luck? (Quick, someone tell Homer Simpson.)
Across the pond in England hundreds of people will be
chasing five seven-pound wheels of cheese down a very
steep hill, all for the chance to keep them. While it
sounds ridiculous and funny, this race for the cheese
routinely sends people to the hospital with serious
injuries! Susanna isn’t making this stuff up. She is
the author of “Wordstruck!: The Fun and Fascination of
Language.” The book contains a chapter on May
festivals. Reach her at (707) 272-1351 or

6. ==> This Canadian is a Rising Pop Star in China

As a rising pop star in China where he has regularly
appeared on TV, in newspapers, and on radio,
singer/songwriter Carlo Aspri makes for a fascinating
interview in North America. Carlo, 31, grew up in
Canada, and has a catchy new single, “Without You,” in
which he is backed by the same musicians Celine Dion
uses. Carlo will send you an MP3 you can play during
your interview with him. Among the topics he can talk
about are ways pop stars are treated like royalty in
China; what it is like to perform for wealthy Chinese
VIPs; how Chinese millionaires view western culture;
and how he came to focus on music after being diagnosed
with testicular cancer and overcame OCD and childhood
bullying to get where he is. Carlo’s music can be
compared to that of Adele, Elton John and James Blunt.
He sang at the closing ceremonies of the 2014 Nanjing
Olympics in China for more than 62,000 spectators and
500 million viewers worldwide. Reach him at (514)
608-8610 or casprimusicauthor@hotmail.com

7. ==> Is ‘Buy American, Hire American’ Good for

Considering 40% of America’s Fortune 500 companies were
started by either first or second-generation
immigrants, it would appear the answer is ‘no’,
especially since many of these innovative business
leaders initially came to the US on work visas! Dr.
Brett Trusko, president of the non-profit International
Association of Innovation Professionals says, “These
corporations are some of America’s biggest employers
and tax payers and provide billions of dollars of sales
revenue through global sales. Many – like Google,
Apple, Kraft, EBay, Intel, Tesla, Yahoo and more – are
now being actively wooed by Canada, Ireland and other
countries only too happy to see that business leave the
US and create jobs and revenue in a new country.”
Invite Dr. Trusko, to discuss global business
innovation and what it takes to create sustainable
growth both domestically and across the globe. Contact
Betsy Model at info@groupzephyr.com; (505) 466-2770.

8. ==> Dumped! Scientists Get ‘Trumped’

The Environmental Protection Agency has removed several
members from an internal review board meant to provide
scientific advice to the agency, a move some say could
impair future research into climate change and provide
sweeping benefits to polluting industries. A spokesman
for EPA head Scott Pruitt says the positions could
likely be given to representatives from polluting
industries the EPA is meant to monitor, in an effort
‘to take as inclusive an approach to regulation as
possible.’ “This is one of several attempts by Congress
to meddle with and ultimately undermine the process of
science informing policy decisions,” Genna Reed, a
policy analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists,
says. “These measures are attacks on public health,
safety and environmental safeguards, plain and simple.”
Contact Seth Michaels at 202-331-5662;

9. ==> Is Your Grad Ready for College?

Did you know, that according to HigherEducation.Org,
over 60% of college bound students need some level of
remediation courses? These courses cost extra money
that you probably didn’t take into account when
estimating tuition costs, and the courses will delay a
timely, 4-year graduation time. Adrian Ridner, CEO and
co-founder of Study.com, has some sure-fire ways you
can get your child college ready, ensure they don’t
spend thousands more on remedial courses, and help them
to graduate on time! Fed up with the high cost of
education, Adrian started Study.com in 2002 with the
mission of making education accessible. Today the
company helps over 25 million students a month, from
middle school through college, with short video-based
online courses. Contact Krystal Alvarez at (510)
517-5107; kalvarez@study.com

10. ==> How to Survive Summer with a Teen

School will soon be out for summer and millions of
parents are feeling anxious about spending more time
with their moody teen. Ideally, summer is a time to
bond and connect but teenage drama can hijack even the
best family vacation. Laura Lyles Reagan, the Teen and
Parent Relationship Whisperer, has tips for creating a
fun and meaningful summer with your teen. A family
sociologist with her own teenage daughter, Reagan will
suggest ways to dial down the drama, where to draw the
line in the sand, how to get a grip on teen culture
without your teen thinking you’re lame and even how to
get your teen to want to spend time with you! Reagan is
a parenting expert, speaker, experienced talk show
guest, and the author of “How to Raise Respectful
Parents.” Contact her at (956) 250-3689;

11. ==> Little League: The Behind the Scenes Truth

Spring means baseball! And while Major Leaguers are
getting all the press, Little Leaguers are on the field
as well, and some of the parents are a little too
invested in the games – both on the field and off.
Baseball can be great, like tossing the ball with your
kid, but between practices and games, the entire family
is involved in the season. It can disrupt households,
school schedules and even marriages! Just ask your
listeners! Invite Richard Fellinger to share the
secrets to succeeding and maintaining your sanity in
the cutthroat world of Little League baseball. Richard
is a former journalist and a retired Little League
coach. He’s written for numerous publications and
teaches writing at Elizabethtown College. His latest
book is “Made to Break Your Heart.” Contact him at
(717) 884-3104 (cell); rfellingerwriter@gmail.com.

12. ==> What Doctors Don’t Tell You about Alzheimer’s

If there is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease or a way of
preventing it, you won’t hear about it from your
doctor. What doctors don’t tell you about Alzheimer’s,
Michael Morgan will. Morgan will share three very
important aspects of slowing down, stopping and
potentially even reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s
disease. He’ll outline an approach that involves diet,
exercise and craniosacral therapy. He’s a pioneering
expert in the latter discipline. Invite Morgan to share
strong evidence that craniosacral therapy is effective
in treating at-risk people and those in the early to
mid-stages of dementia. He’ll explain what craniosacral
therapy is and ways it can increase longevity. Morgan
is the author of “The BodyEnergy Longevity
Prescription: How CranioSacral Therapy Helps Prevent
Alzheimer’s and Dementia While Improving the Quality of
Your Life.” Reach him at (312) 543-4719;

13. ==> Can’t Fit in Your Summer Clothes?

No one wants to spend the summer dieting, yet the
collision of winter weight with summer clothes makes
many people just want to crawl into their sofa and
munch. You can’t wear baggy sweaters in June, so invite
Renee Jones to share ways to get free from comfort
eating and get back into your summer outfits. “When we
stop stuffing down our feelings and following it with a
food chaser, it saves a whole bunch of calories,” says
Jones. She’ll share strategies for navigating a snack-
filled home or office environment, ways to recognize
comfort eating triggers, and reveal the number one
reason diets fail. Renee Jones is the author of “What’s
Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort
Eating.” Contact her at (817) 938-6250;

14. ==> She Stops Pain On-Air

If you, a colleague or one of your callers is
experiencing persistent pain Dawn Crystal may be able
to provide instant relief live on your show. Crystal
says even the healthiest of people have energy
blockages. As a gifted sound energy healer, she can
sense where the blockages are and blow them away using
the power of her voice. Simply put, this pain release
expert uses sound frequencies to rebalance the human
body and to rid it of inflammation. Best of all, other
people listening to the interview may also experience
the same instant pain relief from such problems as knee
pain, tooth pain and back pain. Crystal, who has been
effecting this type of dramatic drug-free pain relief
for a decade, counts celebrities and CEOs among her
clients. Now she wants to teach people how to heal
their own bodies for peaceful, pain-free lives. She has
a collection of MP3s for sale on her website that let
people release their own blockages. Reach her at (808)
268-6242; dawncrystalmaui@gmail.com

15. ==> The Amazing Health Benefits of Pets

One of the best ways to decrease stress and blood
pressure and elevate feel-good hormones is with the
help of a dog or a cat. “Pets can be better than pills
when it comes to people’s emotional and physical
health,” says Carlyn Montes De Oca, author of “Dog as
My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse: An Animal Lover’s Guide to
a Healthy, Happy & Extraordinary Life.” Invite Carlyn
on your show and learn how having a dog for just six
months can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and
even decrease risk the of death. She’ll also explain
how having a pet during the first year of life can help
boost the immunity of kids to help prevent asthma and
allergies. Carlyn Montes De Oca is an author, speaker,
acupuncturist, plant-based nutritional consultant, and
animal advocate in private practice near San Francisco.
She is the founder of The Animal-Human Health
Connection, focusing on bringing awareness to the
powerful ways animals enhance human health, happiness,
and longevity. Contact her at (415) 306-1853;

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