05/10/16 RTIR E-zine: Party Division, Depressed Millennials, Miracle Herbs

May 10, 2016

01. Ballot Choices Beyond Trump and Clinton?
02. Politics, Party Division and History
03. The Good, Bad and Ugly of 2016 Voting
04. Your Politics and Your Mental Health
05. Trump-Spoofing Card Game Is a Big Deal
06. Thank a Nurse for Nurses Week
07. Iraq-American on Democracy’s Double Standards
08. A College Degree Isn’t Enough Anymore
09. Why are Millennials So Depressed?
10. Keep Kids Entertained & Educated this Summer
11. Everyone Welcome at this Bathroom
12. Miracle Herb & Miracle Mike Help the Disabled
13. Doc Explains Pro-Life Choice Stance
14. May is Mental Health Month
15. Better than a Dating Service

1. ==> Ballot Choices Beyond Trump and Clinton?

Richard Winger, publisher and editor of Ballot Access
News, says, “Some establishment Republicans seem to be
trying to line up an independent presidential run to
stop Donald Trump. Contrary to what many in the media
are claiming, it’s not too late for a major independent
candidate to get on the ballot.” Invite Winger to
discuss ballot access laws, share stories of previous
candidates who fought to get on the ballot, and talk
about the likelihood of there being a third
presidential contender on the ballot this fall. He
adds, “Minor parties may play a much larger role this
year than in recent memory. The Libertarian Party will
probably be on all 50 states this year. The Green
Party, by November, I’d estimate to be on 40 to 45.”
Contact Richard Winger at (415) 922-9779;

2. ==> Politics, Party Division and History

How do we explain what’s going on in this crazy
election season? David Reynolds says, “A sharply
divided Congress stuck for years in stalemate and
inertia; the ever-deepening chasm between the top 1
percent and other Americans; warring Super PACs —
these and other polarizing factors have shaken the
party system to the core.” Could there be a silver
lining to this murky scene? Reynolds says, “Yes, if we
take the example of the 1860 election, where even
greater polarization resulted in party divisions that
in turn yielded America’s greatest president, Abraham
Lincoln. That year, the country was so divided over the
slavery issue that Lincoln’s opponents split into three
parties with different presidential candidates. As it
turned out, this party division ensured the election of
the antislavery Republican, Lincoln, who, though he
lost the popular vote to his combined opponents by over
a million votes, won the Electoral College and thus the
presidency. While there’s no apparent Lincoln on the
scene today, only time will tell if the party confusion
will produce a figure of national healing and
responsible governance.” Reynolds is a distinguished
professor at the City University of New York Graduate
Center and is the author or editor of fifteen books,
including, most recently, “Lincoln’s Selected
Writings.” Contact him at (email best)
reyn.sn@gmail.com; (516) 633-6412 (cell), (212)
817-8319 (office), @reysn1

3. ==> The Good, Bad and Ugly of Voting in the Election

Remember hanging chads? A 2016 election season of
unprecedented surprises on the campaign trail will be
no less confusing in ballot boxes across the country as
states start implementing a dizzying array of voting
rule changes. This year, states such as Texas and North
Carolina are making it harder for citizens to vote by
imposing new identification requirements at the polls.
Other states, like Florida, are disenfranchising
thousands of former felons, while in Maryland and
Virginia former felons are gaining the right to vote.
Some Arizona voters stood in line for hours at polling
places in the March primary, while in Oregon, voters
this month will cast their ballots by mail. Kristin
Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers
Committee for Civil Rights Under Law can discuss
changes to voting across the country and likely
problems voters, and especially minority voters, will
face this November. She and others will hold a news
conference in Washington later this week. Contact Jamie
Horwitz at (202) 549-4921; jhdcpr@starpower.net

4. ==> Your Politics and Your Mental Health

No doubt about it–one’s values and outlook on life can
lead to greater emotional well-being–or cynicism and
unhappiness. There are key differences in philosophy
between Republicans and Democrats on the right way to
conduct one’s life and create optimal conditions for
the majority of people. Which ways of thinking improves
psychological health? Which impede personal growth?
According to psychologist Dr. Paul Coleman,
“Emotionally healthy people meet life’s challenges
head-on with determination and creativity, bounce back
from defeats, extend themselves for others, and view
life as positive and meaningful despite adversity.” In
30 years of practice he’s noticed that the people who
are the most stressed, most unhappy, and whose
relationships get most complicated, must change their
outlook and approach to life in key ways. Which changes
are more aligned with a Democrat or Republican
philosophy? Have your listeners take the quiz and
decide! Paul Coleman, Ph.D., is the author of 12 books
including “Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces”
Contact him at (845) 546-1206

5. ==> Trump-Spoofing Card Game Is a Big Deal

The wild 2016 presidential campaign has inspired a new
card game that captures the colorful personality of the
haystack-haired GOP nominee. TrumpIt! The Art of the
Dealer Card Game combines familiar elements of classic
trick-taking games that use trumps, like Bridge and
Spades, with a dash of Crazy Eights-like
unpredictability. The challenge in TrumpIt!, says the
game’s inventor, Ron Schaumburg, is that the trump suit
changes with every trick. “Just like the candidate,” he
says, “TrumpIt never ceases to surprise you.” As the
game unfolds, players take turns being the Big Dealer.
The Apprentice does the grunt work, and while the Big
Dealer gets a “Big Hand”, everyone else gets small
hands. Contact Ron Schaumburg at (201) 788-8160

6. ==> Thank a Nurse for Nurses Week

This week is National Nurses Week, set aside to show
appreciation for the hard work nurses do in hospitals
and doctors’ offices. As longtime nurse and nurse
educator Tami Gilbert will tell you, too often nurses
feel overworked and unappreciated. In addition they
suffer burnout and overwhelm due in large part to the
expanding workload of cases they are responsible for.
Interview Gilbert to learn more about Nurses Week,
which is celebrated during Florence Nightingale’s
birthday, and what you can do to thank the nurses in
your lives. She can also cover what you should (and
should never) do to receive the best treatment from
nurses when you or a loved one are hospitalized. Reach
her at (312) 218-1744; info@tamigilbert.com

7. ==> Iraq-American on Democracy’s Double Standards

Weam Namou was a child when she and her family fled
Iraq because of Iraq’s totalitarian government. “We
came here for America’s freedoms,” she says. But as
much as she loves her adopted country, the award-
winning author and documentarian now worries that the
very freedoms that attracted her family to America are
slipping away. Invite Namou to share the story of Dawn
Hanna, who in 2009 was accused of conspiring to broker
telecommunication equipment to Iraq during the
sanctions. Hanna was sentenced to six years in prison,
which she served, but unbeknownst to her and the jury
which tried her, her co-conspirator was actually a CIA
operative. Namou says the project was sponsored by the
United States to listen in on Saddam and his men. Weam
Namou has been a guest on more than a dozen radio talk
shows. She’s the author of “The Great American Family:
A Story of Political Disenchantment,” and a documentary
based on the book is expected later this year. Contact
her at (586) 212-4490; weamn@hotmail.com

8. ==> A College Degree Isn’t Enough Anymore

Graduating college students are facing unique
challenges today – rapid economic changes, an evolving
job market, and the need to become the employee
employers want to hire and keep. How can they create
the needed adaptability skills, along with the mobility
and fluidity essential for today’s hires? Invite Jason
Ma, America’s chief millennial mentor, to discuss the
challenges common to students and Millennials, and
share ways to help them be successful in their careers
– and life. From clarifying direction to becoming more
pragmatically skillful (and street-smart) to finding
quality internships to managing stress, failure and
conflicts and to rising up the ranks, Jason will
address the many issues facing students and young
professionals today. Jason Ma is founder, CEO & chief
mentor of ThreeEQ, Inc., a success coaching and
consulting service for high-end families and companies.
He’s an international speaker and the author of “Young
Leaders 3.0.” Contact him at (408) 823-7768;

9. ==> Why are Millennials So Depressed?

College is supposed to be the best time of your life
with endless fun and carefree living. These perceptions
are hiding the reality of a deeper issue that is
plaguing millions of students around the country: the
anxiety and depression epidemic. Jake Heilbrunn has a
unique understanding of why anxiety and depression are
so prevalent today and how to overcome them. After one
semester of college, Jake realized the path he was on
didn’t align with his true self. Following his
intuition, he left college and spent four months
backpacking through Central America alone, with no cell
phone or ability to speak Spanish. He’ll discuss why
nearly a third of college students say they are
depressed, what millennials are searching for in
college and careers, and why parents and employers are
clueless about it. At just 19 years old, Jake has just
begun a Kickstarter campaign to release his book “Off
the Beaten Trail.” Contact him at (858) 750-0413 (CA);

10. ==> Keep Kids Entertained & Educated this Summer

According to a recent survey, nearly 70 percent of
parents are concerned that their children spend too
much time in front of screens (cell phones, computers
and TV) and have fewer opportunities to use their
imaginations. Just in time for summer vacation — and
before your kids have the chance to utter the
inevitable phrase “I’m bored” — 2012 National Teacher
of the Year Rebecca Mieliwocki can offer fun,
educational ideas to keep your kids engaged and
entertained this summer and help make reading fun. One
example comes from Honda’s Road Readers program. Timed
to family road trip season, this app provides free
access to a hundred children’s audio books to provide
an educational and entertaining alternative to the
usual car ride. Rebecca Mieliwocki can discuss this and
other fun suggestions to inspire kids to pick up a book
(and put down that phone!) and turn car time into
family quality time this summer. Contact John Angelo at

11. ==> Everyone Welcome at this Bathroom

The North Carolina law requiring transgender
individuals to use the bathroom matching the gender on
their birth certificate has had far-reaching effects.
Businesses, as well as religious and spiritual
communities have responded in a variety of ways. One
community has a welcome sign on their door: The Self-
Realization Community of Greater Washington, DC,
welcomes LGBTQ individuals to use the same bathrooms as
everyone else, whatever their identity or orientation
may be. Rev. Carol “Anandi” Richardson says, “While the
North Carolina law was passed supposedly for issues of
safety, in fact it is transgender, gay, and lesbian
individuals who are more likely to experience a lack of
safety in the bathroom.” Rev. Carol “Anandi”
Richardson, M.Div., MPH has worked with gay, lesbian,
and transgender individuals who have experienced far
more discrimination than the average American. Contact
her at (269) 365-8939;

12. ==> Miracle Herb & Miracle Mike Help the Disabled

How do you bounce back from a devastating illness or
injury that leaves you disabled? That impacts your
career, family, and future? Mike Persi knows — since a
mysterious illness left his speech slurred, his body
disabled, his career interrupted and his marriage over.
But he and his many online followers call him “Miracle
Mike” for good reason, since he overcame all those
challenges to help himself (and others!) conquer
seemingly insurmountable life/health obstacles.
Interview Miracle Mike to hear his inspiring story of
resilience. Learn why he advocates the powders of the
Moringa tree — an amazing herbal remedy known to few
in America — to gain the energy he needs to be active
in society as an author, speaker, devoted dad and
community role model. Mike will help countless
individuals and families find the courage and resources
to turn disabilities into abilities. Contact him at
(702) 462-3014; mjpersi@gmail.com.

13. ==> Doc Explains Pro-Life Choice Stance

Over the years, OB/GYN Carolyn Purcell counseled
hundreds of women as they made and lived with decisions
about abortion. She says the political arguments
surrounding the issue are harmful to women as they
decide and try to heal. “My position is that abortion
should be legal early, but the Pro-Choice movement does
women a disservice by denying the humanity of the fetus
or that the moral issue should be considered.” Purcell
says she has a moderate stance on the issue that she
calls Pro-Life Choice. Invite her to discuss how, as a
doctor, she came to terms with abortion both morally
and legally. Now retired, Dr. Carolyn Purcell is the
author of “Saving Jane Doe.” Contact her at (859)
335-5226; cpurcellret1998@gmail.com

14. ==> May is Mental Health Month

It’s estimated that 14.8 million American adults, or
about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and
older, suffer from depression in a given year. Laurie
Jueneman, a retired RN, has suffered from various
levels of depression throughout most of her adult life.
Today, she says her goal is to end the stigma of mental
illness and give people with depression and their
families a new lease on life. Jueneman describes
depression as a “callous illness that had no idea I had
other plans for my life.” Invite her to share her story
and provide inspiration to others. Laurie Jueneman is
the author of “Climbing The Mount Everest of
Depression-a Story of Hope, Recovery and Inspiration.”
Contact her at (507) 261-4811; lauriejueneman@gmail.com

15. ==> Better than a Dating Service

Millions of people go online to use dating services to
find true love, but Cathleen Miller says she’s got a
better way to find your love match. Miller, an
intuitive lifestyle expert, says the key is in your
chakras. She’ll explain how to find out if your date is
a good chakra personality match and how you and your
partner’s chakra personalities can affect sex,
communication style and much more. From distance
alternative energy therapies and life energy/career
coaching, Cathleen can read and shift magnetic and
electrical frequencies in and around the body to assist
in illness or addiction recovery and activate energies
to create the life you were meant to live. Cathleen
also has extensive media experience. Contact her at
(913) 499-8514; aloha@intuitivelifestyleexpert.com

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