05/09/17 RTIR E-zine: Teen Suicide, People-Pleasers, Alzheimer’s

May 9, 2017

01. Dumped! Scientists Get ‘Trumped’
02. ‘National Bird’ Documentary Director
03. Renowned Mentalist Jim Karol
04. Mother’s Day Doesn’t Have to be Disappointing
05. Memorial Day Show – Has America Let Down War Dead?
06. ’13 Reasons Why’: A Wake Up Call for Parents of Teens
07. The Dangerous World of New Grads
08. Is Your Grad Ready for College?
09. Are You a Retirement-Planning Underachiever?
10. Competitors Are Cannibals: Clever Ways to Eat ‘em Up
11. Get Your Brew On this Summer
12. What Doctors Don’t Tell You about Alzheimer’s
13. People-Pleasers, Take Back Your Power
14. Sound Healer Helps Dogs, Cats Heal
15. Christ’s Last Parables Had Clues for May 11/12th

1. ==> Dumped! Scientists Get ‘Trumped’

The Environmental Protection Agency has removed several
members from an internal review board meant to provide
scientific advice to the agency, a move some say could
impair future research into climate change and provide
sweeping benefits to polluting industries. A spokesman
for EPA head Scott Pruitt says the positions could
likely be given to representatives from polluting
industries the EPA is meant to monitor, in an effort
‘to take as inclusive an approach to regulation as
possible.’ “This is one of several attempts by Congress
to meddle with and ultimately undermine the process of
science informing policy decisions,” Genna Reed, a
policy analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists,
says. “These measures are attacks on public health,
safety and environmental safeguards, plain and simple.”
Contact Seth Michaels at 202-331-5662;

2. ==> ‘National Bird’ Documentary Director

The award winning documentary ‘National Bird’ — which
is now airing on PBS stations — follows the dramatic
journey of three whistleblowers determined to break the
silence around one of the most controversial issues of
our time: the secret U.S. drone war. Producer/director
Sonia Kennebeck says, “While the drone war is
considered by many a legacy of the Obama
administration, President Trump’s apparent embrace of
the drone program is making ‘National Bird’ incredibly
timely. … This weapon greatly impacts the people and
the societies in the target countries, and also the
pilots and analysts operating the drones. The drone war
is not as clean and surgical as politicians want us to
believe, and it is not even remotely clear if it is …
reducing terrorism.” Contact Sonia Kennebeck at
@NationalBirdDoc or Cara White at cara.white@mac.com

3. ==> Renowned Mentalist Jim Karol

You’ve seen him on NBC’s Today show, Ellen, the Howard
Stern Show and more. Mentalist Jim Karol went from a
steelworker in Allentown, PA to one of the world’s top
mentalists. In 1990, Karol correctly predicted the
Pennsylvania lottery which cost the state over 12
million dollars, and soon afterwards changed lottery
laws across the nation. Jim also made headlines by
predicting the outcome of the Final Four on a national
radio show, before the tournament began. Some of Jim’s
abilities include knowing over 80,000 zip codes,
thousands of digits of Pi, the Scrabble dictionary,
sports almanacs, medical journals, and thousands of
other facts. Jim uses his abilities to help business
leaders, professional athletes, and veterans, boost
their memory, morale and emotional intelligence and
just returned from a USO tour around the world. Contact
Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103

4. ==> Mother’s Day Doesn’t Have to be Disappointing

Mother’s Day can be a tough day for many women. It taps
into the deepest pain and most emotional
disappointments. Whether your children forget, your
mother-in-law is demanding or your own mom is
difficult, Tom Gagliano says you don’t have to sit and
sulk. He says, “Don’t give your power away this year,
show up like a healthy adult.” Gagliano will discuss
how setting boundaries, managing expectations and
picking your battles this Mothers’ Day can help you
break free from dysfunctional patterns and roles from
childhood. Tom Gagliano, MSW, is a mentor, speaker and
the author of several books including “Don’t Put Your
Crap in Your Kid’s Diaper.” Contact him at (732)
266-4952; gags17285@aol.com

5. ==> Memorial Day Show – Has America Let Down War

Memorial Day is meant to honor America’s war dead who
sacrificed everything they had for their country, the
freedom of its people and the American way. But James
A. Stuber, J.D., also suggests it is a time to reaffirm
that these brave men and women did not sacrifice in
vain by making sure we do not squander their legacy—and
America’s. Stuber says this is more important than ever
at a time when the smartphones we buy are made in
Chinese labor camps, the clothes we wear are made in
sweatshops and the fish we eat are caught on slave
ships. He’ll discuss how trade morphed into
globalization, three billion people joined the world
economy creating the ‘age of oversupply,’ and China
changed everything by adopting just enough capitalism
to become the ‘world’s workshop.’ James Stuber began
his career as a legislative assistant to a member of
the U.S. House of Representatives, focusing on matters
before the Committee on Energy and Commerce. He
subsequently practiced legislative and administrative
law in Washington, D.C. Stuber founded Made in America
Again, a movement of consumers dedicated to creating
jobs in communities across America by buying things
made in those communities. His latest book is “What If
Things Were Made in America Again: How Consumers Can
Rebuild the Middle Class by Buying Things Made in
American Communities.” Contact him at (610) 608-5074;

6. ==> ‘3 Reasons Why’: A Wake Up Call for Parents of

Every teen in America knows about this controversial
Netflix series and has probably binge watched it. It is
about a high school student named Hannah Baker who
reveals through her 13 Reasons Why she killed herself.
Parents and mental health professionals are extremely
concerned because of its graphic depictions of suicide
and also date rape. Teens think the show is realistic
because “it’s what High School is like.” Colleen
O’Grady a licensed family therapist and leading expert
on mother and teen relationships say this is a wake-up
call for parents. Colleen will share practical tips on
how to know what’s really going on with your teen and
how to have a close relationship. Colleen is the author
of “Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and
Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter” Reach her at
(713) 408-6112; colleen@dialdownthedrama.com

7. ==> The Dangerous World of New Grads

Graduation season is here and a flock of millennials
will be seeking their fortunes. The problem is, we
aren’t doing enough to protect them from their own poor
judgment, suggests Akram Alashari, a 31-year-old trauma
surgeon known as the Peak Performance Doctor. Akram is
saddened by seeing young people arrive at his hospital
with life-threatening injuries because they texted and
drove, got in a car with a drunk driver, car surfed,
dove out of a tree and did other immature things simply
because they thought they were invincible. Akram, who
became a doctor at 23, wants to reach young people’s
parents to help them better prepare their graduates for
a safe future. He’ll reveal what parents can do to
ensure that their children will be goal oriented and
less likely to be swayed by peer pressure. His views
make up the “graduation speech” today’s graduates and
parents need to hear. He is the author of “The Power of
Peak State: Massively Enhance Your Personal Potential.”
Contact him at (407) 617-4795 or

8. ==> Is Your Grad Ready for College?

Did you know, that according to HigherEducation.Org,
over 60% of college bound students need some level of
remediation courses? These courses cost extra money
that you probably didn’t take into account when
estimating tuition costs, and the courses will delay a
timely, 4-year graduation time. Adrian Ridner, CEO and
co-founder of Study.com, has some sure-fire ways you
can get your child college ready, ensure they don’t
spend thousands more on remedial courses, and help them
to graduate on time! Fed up with the high cost of
education, Adrian started Study.com in 2002 with the
mission of making education accessible. Today the
company helps over 25 million students a month, from
middle school through college, with short video-based
online courses. Contact Krystal Alvarez at (510)
517-5107; kalvarez@study.com

9. ==> Are You a Retirement-Planning Underachiever?

The truth is most Americans are not headed for a secure
retirement. But it’s not too late to change course.
Chartered retirement planning counselor Rodger Alan
Friedman, CRPC®, can help your audience figure out if
they are retirement underachievers by providing them
with ten questions to answer. Then, he’ll follow that
up with three simple steps anyone can take right now to
get serious about saving for retirement. Rodger can
also share what not to include in your retirement plan.
Sure, there will always be bills to pay and expenses to
take care of that can tempt people to put off salting
money away for their golden years. But most people
don’t think of the price they will ultimately pay for
being unprepared. He’s the author of “Fire Your
Retirement Planner You: Concise Advice on How to Join
the $100,000 Retirement Club.” Contact him at (844)
3MY-PLAN; Rodger@RodgeronRetirement.com

10. ==> Competitors Are Cannibals: Clever Ways to Eat
‘em Up

Cannibals are everywhere and they have one job: to
devour the competition before it eats them. Award-
winning marketing expert Claudia Newcorn says, “As soon
as they smell you, they will look for ways to reduce
your success, perhaps taking a bite out of you with
more aggressive pricing or adding more services. It’s
all about survival of the smartest.” With the economy
humming and more people contemplating starting
businesses, Newcorn wants would-be entrepreneurs to pay
attention because they often enter their markets
without checking out the competition. Invite her on
your show and learn ways to win in business when only
the fit survive. Claudia Newcorn is a strategic
marketing consultant and the author “Zipline to
Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate
Your Sales & Profits.” She has written for hundreds of
publications and appears as a frequent radio talk show
guest. Contact her at (209) 204-0502;
claudia@acornmarketing.com or

11. ==> Get Your Brew On this Summer

Each summer, hundreds of craft beer festivals, beer
tastings and beer gardens pop up all around the
country. This summer, the drinking public can expect
to see even more events featuring local beer tastings,
beer pairings with food, and beer with entertainment
options, according to event planning expert Lynn
Fuhler. She’ll discuss the growing popularity of Brew
Fests and Pop-Up Beer Gardens, what makes a first-rate
festival, and why, with the explosive growth of micro-
breweries, these events are so important to small craft
brewers. Lynn Fuhler has successfully organized events
and festivals throughout her career. She is the former
tourism director of Clearwater Beach, Fla., and former
chairman of the largest free jazz festival in the
Southeast. Her book “Secrets to Successful Events: How
to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and
Festivals” is being used as a college textbook. Contact
her at (336) 499-6372; lynn@lynnfuhler.com

12. ==> What Doctors Don’t Tell You about Alzheimer’s

If there is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease or a way of
preventing it, you won’t hear about it from your
doctor. What doctors don’t tell you about Alzheimer’s,
Michael Morgan will. Morgan will share three very
important aspects of slowing down, stopping and
potentially even reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s
disease. He’ll outline an approach that involves diet,
exercise and craniosacral therapy. He’s a pioneering
expert in the latter discipline. Invite Morgan to share
strong evidence that craniosacral therapy is effective
in treating at-risk people and those in the early to
mid-stages of dementia. He’ll explain what craniosacral
therapy is and ways it can increase longevity. Morgan
is the author of “The BodyEnergy Longevity
Prescription: How CranioSacral Therapy Helps Prevent
Alzheimer’s and Dementia While Improving the Quality of
Your Life.” Reach him at (312) 543-4719;

13. ==> People-Pleasers, Take Back Your Power

Self-described former congeniality addict Cat Dols
hopes to spark a 21st century “good girl” revolt. The
former Ford model uses a mixture of stories, examples
and self-guided exercises to teach women—and men who
have the problem—how to stop living their lives
according to other people’s expectations so they can
take charge of their own happiness. “I want people to
know that they matter and they are good enough as is …
even though they may have been taught they weren’t in
the past,” Dols says. She’ll discuss her non-
traditional definition of a goddess: a peaceful state
of being that is the opposite of ego—where your
authentic power resides, and share a road map for
taking back the power you’ve given away in a futile
attempt to please other people. Cat Dols is an author,
life coach, home stager, decorator, master gardener and
art class teacher. “Get Your Goddess On: Own Your
Power. Love Your Life! is her first book.” Contact her
at (262) 388-3222; catdols22@gmail.com

14. ==> Sound Healer Helps Dogs, Cats Heal

We love our pets and when they are in pain or out of
sorts it’s tough on us, too. Sound healer Dawn Crystal
uses her voice to heal dogs, cats and other animals—and
their people—and can demonstrate her art live on the
air. She can use her decade long experience in the
holistic healing art to eliminate the pain of animals
by rebalancing their bodies, eliminating energy
blockages. For a fun show, let Crystal demonstrate how
it is done. She will explain that animals are more
receptive to sound healing than people are, having
quicker recoveries. Crystal’s human clients include
CEOs and celebrities who typically book her for 30-
minute sessions. She has a collection of MP3s for sale
on her website that let people release their own
blockages. Reach her at (808) 268-6242;

15. ==> Christ’s Last Parables Had Clues for May

According to Dr. Richard Ruhling, an expert on Bible
prophecy, “The Bible’s end-time ‘day of the Lord’
begins with an earthquake and fits overlooked timing
clues by Christ- as ‘the days of Noah’ or ‘like a man
traveling to a far country’ as Jewish law provided in
Numbers 9:10,11.” Ruhling, author on Bible prophecy
says, “Blood moons, solar eclipse, Iran’s ‘peace &
safety’ treaty, papal visits to Congress & UN in 2015
all signaled end-times which couldn’t begin until after
the sabbatical year of 2016 because the end-times are a
‘week’ of years with the last of seven years also
falling on a sabbatical year.” He’ll explain why
churches worldwide should ‘watch and pray’ for
readiness Thursday evening, May 11th, similar to Jesus
on his last night, also a Thursday. Contact Ruhling at
(928) 583-7543; Ruhling7@juno.com

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