05/04/17 RTIR E-zine: Velocity TV, Ovarian Cancer Day, Buying American

May 4, 2017

01. As Congress Votes – Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Plea
02. Workers Lose in New Overtime Law
03. Should Dems Embrace Anti-Choice Candidates?
04. Velocity TV – ‘Speed is the New Black’
05. You’re a Mother, not a Servant
06. Sometimes it’s Not Easy Celebrating Mom
07. Women, College Majors and Salaries
08. Environmental Cuts – What it Means to Your Wallet
09. Why it Matters to Buy American
10. World Ovarian Cancer Day, May 8th
11. Need Some Vacation Inspiration?
12. Model/Actress Fiona Lewis
13. Look Like a Star Regardless of Your Shape
14. She Uses Sound to Help Hounds Heal
15. Hot Summer Trend: Pop-Up Beer Gardens

1. ==> As Congress Votes – Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Plea

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel used his monologue
Monday to share the emotional story of his newborn
son’s health issues. He ended with a plea to lawmakers
looking to repeal Obamacare and its protection against
banning those with pre-existing conditions. As the
House takes up the issue today, invite Paul Waldman to
discuss what’s at stake. “The latest version of the GOP
health plan would allow states to opt out of that ban,
potentially eviscerating it. Depending on how you
define it, somewhere between a quarter and half of all
non-elderly Americans have pre-existing conditions,
according to the Department of Health and Human
Services (the elderly are covered by Medicare, so they
don’t have to worry). That’s as many as 130 million
Americans. If you had to buy insurance on the
individual market before the ACA took effect and you
had an old knee injury or some sinus problems — let
alone a chronic condition or a history with a disease
like cancer — you know how difficult and costly it
could be.” Paul Waldman is a senior writer with The
American Prospect magazine and a blogger for The
Washington Post. His writing has appeared in dozens of
newspapers, magazines, and web sites, and he is the
author or co-author of four books on media and
politics. Contact him at (615) 255-2665;
marketing@turnerpublishing.com or @paulwaldman1

2. ==> Workers Lose in New Overtime Law

Real workplace flexibility is good for workers. But
Vicki Shabo says The Working Families Flexibility Act
passed by lawmakers yesterday, is not. Shabo, vice
president of the National Partnership for Women &
Families, says the legislation is designed to look like
it will help but would, in fact, harm workers. “A
better name for this is the Employer Flexibility Act,
because it would offer working people less flexibility,
less pay and less time. It would give employers more
control over their employees’ time and money. It would
take money out the hands of working people by setting
up a false and dangerous choice between overtime pay
now and time off later when they work more than 40
hours in a week.” Shabo says employers could choose
when – and if – workers can take that time off, with no
guarantees and no recourse if denied. She adds that
it’s not the only smoke-and-mirror legislation looming
that would hurt workers and their families. Contact
Sadie Kliner at (202) 986-2600;

3. ==> Should Dems Embrace Anti-Choice Candidates?

On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told
reporters that support for pro-choice abortion policy
should not be a litmus test for Democratic Party
candidates. But that’s raising serious concerns for a
national women’s advocacy group worried about the
future of the Democratic party and women’s access to
safe, legal abortion. Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of
UltraViolet Action, says, “Courting social
conservatives by selling out women is not a winning
campaign strategy, but a morally bankrupt attempt to
win votes without concern for the women who desperately
need Democrats in their corner to fight against
Republican attempts to restrict abortion. And it’s a
flawed strategy: The vast majority of people in this
country support a woman’s right to choose abortion.”
UltraViolet Action is an online community of over 1
million women and men who take collective action to
expose and fight sexism in the public sector, private
sector and the media. Contact Yasmina Dardari at (407)
922-8149; yasmina@unbendablemedia.com

4. ==> Velocity TV – ‘Speed is the New Black’

From his massive Classic Car Studio in St. Louis, Noah
Alexander and his crew customize classic cars for
automotive aficionados around the world. Now, Noah is
the star of the new TV series Speed is the New Black on
Discovery’s Velocity network. The show gives viewers an
inside look at the extraordinary custom vehicles —
primarily built for speed — coming out of Noah’s shop.
Noah can discuss some of the wildest custom pieces he’s
ever built, some of his all-time favorite classic car
redesigns, and what viewers can expect from the new
series. Contact John Angelo at john@premieretv.com.

5. ==> You’re a Mother, not a Servant

When you’re a Mom, you often put yourself last and tell
yourself it’s just part of the job. Sometimes you get
so busy doing so much for everyone else, you forget
that you’re important too! Cat Dols says, “There is a
big difference in being a servant and being in service
to others. When we treat ourselves like we don’t matter
as much as our family, our jobs, social commitments…
we somehow give other people permission to treat us
‘less-than’. It’s time to take our power back as the
fabulously powerful women that we are, and make
ourselves a priority again! If you want to talk about
female empowerment you need to start with moms and set
an example for future generations of young women.” Cat
Dols is the author of “Get Your Goddess On! Own Your
Power: Love Your Life!” Cat Dols is the owner of Home
Beautiful Staging & Design, LLC. She’s a decorator,
painter, organizer, professional landscaper, an
accredited Home Stager and a certified life coach.
Contact her at (262) 204-8240; (262) 388-3222 or

6. ==> Sometimes it’s Not Easy Celebrating Mom

Mothers’ Day is a wonderful time for some, but can be
rather challenging for others. Not everyone has a great
mom, but Tom Gagliano says that doesn’t mean you need
to pretend otherwise. He says, “Don’t give your power
away this year, show up like a healthy adult.” Gagliano
will discuss how setting boundaries, managing
expectations and picking your battles this Mothers’ Day
can help you break free from dysfunctional patterns and
roles from childhood. Tom Gagliano, MSW, is a mentor,
speaker and the author of several books including
“Don’t Put Your Crap in Your Kid’s Diaper.” Contact him
at (732) 266-4952; gags17285@aol.com

7. ==> Women, College Majors and Salaries

What you major in can lead to career and pay gaps,
particularly for women, according to a new report from
Glassdoor. “Women tend to major in subjects that lead
to lower-paying roles later on,” says Andrew
Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist. Those choices
create a “pipeline problem,” in which women are less
represented in majors that lead to jobs with higher
earnings potential. He says, “Majors do make a
difference. You are going to be working for the rest of
your life, your decision can mean hundreds of thousands
of dollars.” Chamberlain will share some surprising
career paths that lead to bigger salaries for women,
and ones that you may want to avoid if you want to
avoid hitting the glass ceiling. Glassdoor is a website
where employees and former employees anonymously review
companies and their management. Contact Chamberlain at
(415) 339-9105; pr@glassdoor.com

8. ==> Environmental Cuts – What it Means to Your

Earth Day is over, but pending environmental cuts keeps
the issue in the forefront. How they will affect your
health, your children’s health, and your pocketbook?
While the cuts might appear to save money, Ellen Moyer,
Ph.D. says you’ll pay in other, more important ways.
“The environment is not something ‘out there,’ or where
you go on vacation. The environment enters your body
with every breath you take, every sip you drink, and
every bite of food you consume. By protecting the
environment, we can enjoy happier and healthier lives
and create an economic boom instead of paying ever more
for unproductive health and environmental damage
control.” Dr. Moyer will explain how environment cuts
directly hurt us, and how protecting human and
environmental health is a good deal and easier than we
might think. Dr. Moyer is an environmental consultant
and registered professional engineer with an MS in
environmental engineering, a PhD in civil engineering,
and more than 30 years of environmental engineering
experience. She is a regular contributor to The
Huffington Post and the author of “Our Earth, Our
Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a
Sustainable World.” Contact her at (413) 862-3452;

9. ==> Why it Matters to Buy American

Does it really matter if the products we buy are made
in America? Many people say yes, but still purchase
things that are manufactured or grown in other
countries. Your listeners may be shocked to find their
smart phone was made in a labor camp, their clothes
were made in a sweatshop, and their fish were caught on
a slave ship. James Stuber will take your audience on a
journey to learn what’s really going on with trade,
globalization, and the U.S. and world economies. Stuber
is the author of “What if Things Were Made in America
Again: How Consumers Can Rebuild the Middle Class by
Buying Things Made in American Communities.” Invite him
to discuss why so many things are made somewhere else,
whether that’s a problem or not, and if so, how we can
fix it. Contact him at (610) 608-5074; jstuber@miaa.us

10. ==> World Ovarian Cancer Day, May 8th

Ovarian cancer claims the lives of 14,000 American
women and 140,000 women worldwide every year. Comedian
Jen Coken, whose mother died from the disease, has a
mission to end late-stage diagnosis by educating women
about the signs and symptoms. “If I knew then what I
know now, my mother might still be alive,” Coken says.
Since ovarian cancer is often misdiagnosed or diagnosed
too late Coken will discuss the warning signs of the
disease and why every woman (and especially Jewish
women) are at risk. Jen Coken is a life coach and
stand-up comedian who has coached thousands of people
for nearly 20 years. She wrote “When I Die Take My
Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your
Greatest” using jokes she co-wrote with her late
mother. Contact her at (303) 859-9081;

11. ==> Need Some Vacation Inspiration?

Whether you’re looking for a last minute excuse to
travel or want to plan a summer trip, Marco Aguilar can
help. He’ll explain how to overcome the most frequent
and challenging excuses for not taking a vacation,
including financial, airport hassles and “it’s my job,
stupid,” excuses; and shares awesome ideas on where to
go and what to do with your precious time off. Marco
Aguilar, aka The Chief Vacation Officer®, uses his 25-
year experience in the travel industry to inspire
others to claim their right to time off and live the
life-transforming potential of travel and experiential
vacations. His upcoming book is “The Power of
Vacation.” Contact him at (310) 739-4044;

12. ==> Model/Actress Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis was a model and actress in the sixties and
seventies. Her credits include Roman Polanski’s The
Vampire Killers, Ken Russell’s Lisztomania, and Brian
de Palma’s The Fury. She’s also the wife of Hollywood
producer Art Linson (Untouchables, Sons of Anarchy,
Great Expectations). Invite her on your show to
discuss modeling in the 1960s and 70s with roommate
Jacqueline Bisset, Hollywood legends like Margaret
Sullavan, Peter Fonda, Roman Polansky, her near-
marriage to Patrick John Anson, the 5th Earl of
Lichfield (and cousin to the Queen) and her French
Chateau. Lewis’ writing has appeared in the New Yorker,
The Observer and the Los Angeles Times. She may be (she
candidly admits) the only woman in America who has
written for the New Yorker and posed for Playboy. Her
new book, “Mistakes were Made,” is a coming of age
memoir – with lessons for those in their 50s and beyond
but also for those in their teens and 20s. Contact
Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137; (703) 400-1099
(cell) or johanna@jrbcomm.com

13. ==> Look Like a Star Regardless of Your Shape

The popularity of cosmetic procedures clearly
illustrates how unsatisfied many women are with their
bodies, but what if a few simple style tips could
transform you into becoming more confident and
attractive? Internationally celebrated wedding dress
designer and author Rani St. Pucchi, who has styled
countless celebrities and over 15,000 brides, says you
can learn to flatter your figure if you know the style
secrets of the professionals. St. Pucchi says that
there are simple tricks on how to dress in a way to
enhance your best features and camouflage those you’re
not so fond of. By dressing strategically, you can
boost your self-confidence and present yourself to the
world in the way you want to be seen. For three decades
Rani St. Pucchi has been an internationally recognized
and award-winning designer of wedding dresses and the
founder of St. Pucchi Bridal House. Her designs have
been embraced by an all-star roster of celebrities,
actresses, athletes, and singers and have been featured
by global media. She’s the author of several books
including “Your Body, Your Style.” Contact her at (310)
990-3912; rani@ranistpucchi.com

14. == > She Uses Sound to Help Hounds Heal

We love our pets and when they are in pain or out of
sorts it’s tough on us, too. Sound healer Dawn Crystal
uses her voice to heal dogs, cats and other animals—and
their people—and can demonstrate her art live on the
air. She can use her decade long experience in the
holistic healing art to eliminate the pain of animals
by rebalancing their bodies, eliminating energy
blockages. For a fun show, let Crystal demonstrate how
it is done. She will explain that animals are more
receptive to sound healing than people are, having
quicker recoveries. Crystal’s human clients include
CEOs and celebrities who typically book her for 30-
minute sessions. She has a collection of MP3s for sale
on her website that let people release their own
blockages. Reach her at (808) 268-6242;

15. ==> Hot Summer Trend: Pop-Up Beer Gardens

Each summer, hundreds of craft beer festivals, beer
tastings and beer gardens pop up all around the
country. This summer, the drinking public can expect
to see even more events featuring local beer tastings,
beer pairings with food, and beer with entertainment
options, according to event planning expert Lynn
Fuhler. She’ll discuss the growing popularity of Brew
Fests and Pop-Up Beer Gardens, what makes a first-rate
festival, and why, with the explosive growth of micro-
breweries, these events are so important to small craft
brewers. Lynn Fuhler has successfully organized events
and festivals throughout her career. She is the former
tourism director of Clearwater Beach, Fla., and former
chairman of the largest free jazz festival in the
Southeast. Her book “Secrets to Successful Events: How
to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and
Festivals” is being used as a college textbook. Contact
her at (336) 499-6372; contact-lynn@lynn.fuhler.com

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