05/03/16 RTIR E-zine: Trump’s Foreign Policy, Summer Travel, Mother’s Day

May 3, 2016

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Magazine

01. Trump’s Foreign Policy: Realism America Needs
02. Prince, Paupers and Opioid Overdose
03. Actress Charlotte Stewart
04. Summer Travel May Cost More
05. Friday is International No-Diet Day
06. Moms Run More than the Household
07. What Moms Really Want – Appreciation
08. Make it a Multi-Generational Mother’s Day
09. What Even Bad Mothers Can Teach You
10. Why Clean Water is Now an Issue
11. Gift Ideas for the Unemployed, Indebted Grad
12. Grad Career Advice – The Interview
13. Got Wedding Jitters?
14. Grow Your Own Medicine!
15. Would You Cook for Your Dog?

1. ==> Trump’s Foreign Policy: Realism America Needs

Ivan Eland says, “Despite Republican presidential
candidate Donald Trump’s reality-show candidacy, his
recent foreign-policy speech put forth a realistic view
of the world and a largely credible foreign policy to
face it.” Eland, senior fellow and director of the
Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent
Institute, adds “As opposed to the interventionist
neoconservatism of the Bush administration and the
equally meddling liberal hawkishness of Hillary
Clinton, Trump got back to basics in this week’s
speech. He let American citizens know his foreign
policy would safeguard US national interests first —
not those of foreign countries, including providing for
their security while they freeload.”  Ivan Eland is the
author of several books including “Recarving Rushmore:
Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and
Liberty.” Contact him at (703) 282-3484 (cell);

2. ==> Prince, Paupers and Opioid Overdose

Authorities investigating Prince’s death found
prescription opioid medication on his person when he
was discovered unresponsive at his Minnesota home and
there are reports he had planned to go to rehab in the
coming weeks. The music legend reportedly lived with
chronic hip and ankle pain, and in 2010 had hip
replacement surgery and was prescribed Percocet to deal
with continuing pain, just like millions of other
people. Chronic pain treatment expert Cindy Perlin
says, “The reality is that most prescription
painkillers are prescribed by doctors whose medical
school training included less than two hours of
training on pain. They get most of their “education”
about pain from pharmaceutical company
representatives!” Perlin says better, safer pain
treatments like low level laser therapy, massage and
marijuana work, but many insurance plans won’t pay.
That’s why she’s started a petition on change.org
asking President Obama and Congress to pass a law
requiring health insurance to pay for all proven
treatments for chronic pain and to require physicians
to be educated about them. Perlin is a licensed social
worker, and certified biofeedback practitioner who has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. She’s the
author of “The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The
Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.”
Contact her at (518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

3. ==> Actress Charlotte Stewart

Millions of fans know Charlotte Stewart as the beloved
schoolteacher Miss Beadle on the iconic TV show Little
House on the Prairie. But there’s a lot more to share
when Charlotte shares her no-holds-barred, heart-
breaking and ultimately joyful account of 50 years in
film and television. Whether it’s a back-stage pass to
Hollywood’s cocaine-fueled glory years in the 1970s –
including her celebrated work with David Lynch — or
stories of her relationships and flings with some of
TV, film, and music’s biggest names including Jon
Voight, Richard Dreyfuss, Victor French, Tim Considine,
Bill Murray, and Jim Morrison. Ultimately, Charlotte’s
story is of a survivor. Six years after her career-
making role on Little House she’d lost everything and
was living on vodka and hotdogs. Today, she is set to
reprise her role of Betty Briggs in the new Twin Peaks
series to be seen on Showtime in 2017. Contact Harlan
Boll at (626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

4. ==> Summer Travel May Cost More

According to a new Trip Advisor survey, 1-in-3
travelers expect to pay more to travel this summer.
Whether it’s higher airfare or premium hotel prices,
the added expense can put a strain on anyone’s vacation
budget. But ultra-economical travel expert Russell
Hannon says that doesn’t have to be the case. He’ll
reveal the best time to book summer travel for the
biggest savings, the most expensive mistake travelers
make, and hotel alternatives that can save money
without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Russell has
been featured on CNBC, FOX, America Tonight, CBS,
ShopSmart, CBC, CTV, the National Post and Around the
World Travel TV. He’s also the author of ‘Stop Dreaming
Start Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More &
Spending Less.’  Contact him at (403) 354 0349;

5. ==> Friday is International No-Diet Day

May 6th is International No-Diet Day, the day to “call
a truce on the war on our bodies.” So says Dan
Oliverio, who will encourage your audience to stop
using the scale as a measure of their health and
happiness. He will explain why the benefits of dieting
are often short-lived, futile, and even damaging, as
reported in the May 2 New York Times article based on
the six-year study of the winners of “The Biggest
Loser.” All initially lost weight and gained the pounds
back because their bodies lowered their metabolic rates
for years afterward. Dan can not only talk about the
medical aspects of weight loss but also the social
ones, including why some people find fat people
extremely attractive. As the author of the upcoming
book “The Round World: Life at the Intersection of
Love, Sex and Fat,” he’ll deliver an alternative look
at obesity that your listeners will talk about for days
to come. Reach him at (310) 869-4818;

6. ==> Moms Run More than the Household

Let’s face it, moms rule the world. They’ve always run
the household, and these days more and more moms are
also running their own businesses. For a fun spin on
Mother’s Day, let’s talk about moms making money their
way, as entrepreneurs, or as we like to call them,
mompreneurs. Invite Tom Scarda, an entrepreneur and
franchise expert, to talk about the many ways mothers
today are embracing the opportunity to be their own
boss. “More females, are buying franchises – from
corporate America refugees being downsized to stay at
home moms looking to make extra money between school
buses. More female celebs are also getting into
business like Ivanka Trump and her line of clothes and
accessories.” Scarda will discuss how to go from
employee to employer, and from signing the back of your
check to signing the front. You’ll also learn the
biggest dangers facing novice buyers and five questions
to ask yourself to know if franchise ownership is for
you. Tom Scarda is the author of “Franchise Savvy: 6
Strategies Pros Use to Pick Top Performing Franchises.”
Contact him at (516) 322–1435; Tom@TomScarda.com

7. ==> What Moms Really Want – Appreciation

Mothers give their best to their families every day.
Often, though, they feel about as appreciated as a
raccoon at a picnic. Colleen O’Grady is out to change
that. This mother appreciation expert says families
should turn the holiday into a festival of Mom. What
mom wouldn’t feel appreciated if her spouse planned a
wow date in which they have the romantic dinner she
craves instead of going to Bud’s Barbecue, his favorite
spot? And what mom wouldn’t love being told that
someone else would clean the toilet or that free
babysitting would be provided while she goes shopping
or out with her friends? O’Grady’s small ideas will
have a big impact for Mother’s Day (or every day). She
is the author of “Dial Down the Drama.” Reach her at
(713) 408-6112; colleen@dialdownthedrama.com.

8. ==> Make it a Multi-Generational Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, invite Stephanie Erickson to share
ways to celebrate all the mothers in your family with
simple activities that connect the generations – from
grandma to grandchild. She says, “If your mother has
cognitive losses or physical limitations you can still
create special moments to celebrate your relationship
with multi-generational activities like making a video,
creating an on-line photo album or heading into the
kitchen to share family recipes. Erickson adds,
“Caregivers are overwhelmingly women, many of whom have
full-time jobs and children. These activities are a way
for a mother, sandwiched between her kids and aging
mom, to feel connected to both. Plus, you’re creating
family memories and traditions that will live on in the
form of videos, albums, and meals!”  Stephanie Erickson
is licensed social worker, caregiving expert, radio
host and speaker.  Contact her at (514) 795-7377;

9. ==> What Even Bad Mothers Can Teach You

Mother’s Day is Sunday and for some people it will
bring up memories of a mother who was far from ideal.
Mothers like the one Zoe Niklas had: often angry, pill-
popping, heavy-drinking women who brought home a parade
of unsuitable husbands. Although Niklas was lucky to
find a mother figure in someone else, with maturity she
has found peace. She can now celebrate the good that
even a bad mother can offer. Niklas thanks her mother
for teaching her empathy, laughter, and a love of
animals. Ask her to explain why she says, “I also don’t
regret having loved my birth mother, so damaged and
crazed. To have been raised by her through half my
childhood was a nightmare I feared I’d never escape.
But to have loved her was a gift I’ll treasure
forever.” She’s the author of “Driving in the Dark: A
Childhood Memoir.” Reach her at (503) 704-9626;

10. ==> Why Clean Water is Now an Issue

Water contamination crises in Flint, Michigan, Hoosick
Falls, New York, and other locations have brought to
light the issue of clean drinking water. In addition,
some areas face water shortages. Environmental engineer
Dr. Ellen Moyer says, “Many of us take water for
granted, expecting to turn a faucet handle and have
unlimited, clean water come pouring out. In many
respects, we’ve neglected our water infrastructure and
today face problems with both water quality and water
quantity.” Moyer will discuss these issues as well as
solutions so that your family can have cleaner and
safer drinking water. Moyer is a regular contributor to
The Huffington Post and her latest book, titled Our
Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Have Fun
Creating a Sustainable World, will be available later
this year. Contact her at (413) 862-3452;

11. ==> Gift Ideas for the Unemployed, Indebted Grad

The Washington Post reports that more than 75% of
college students graduate without a job. They’ve also
got loans that average $30,000. So what do you give a
new grad who’s likely headed to the family basement to
figure things out? Sarah Brown, Ph.D. says, “The best
gift is encouragement and support. One of the reasons
grads have such a hard time is that they don’t know
what they want and what kinds of jobs play to their
passions, strengths, and needs.” Dr. Brown says good
gift ideas for grads who may need some guidance include
funding for an internship or a personality assessment
or counseling. Dr. Brown is the author of “The Book of
YOU,” a unique, personalized self-help book. It’s based
on the responses an individual gives to a world-
renowned personality assessment, The Birkman Method,
which generates a book just for the reader.  Contact
her at (302) 521-9739; sarah@knowthyselfguides.com

12. ==> Grad Career Advice – The Interview

Looking for a job is hard– especially for college
graduates about to enter the job market for the first
time. “One of the most important conversations you will
ever have in your lifetime is the job interview
conversation,” says Debbie Silverman, a human behavior
specialist. From body language to using the right
verbiage, Silverman says , “The words we use in a
conversation and how we understand the silent
conversation—facial expressions, body language—is the
difference between dreaming about what you want and
actually getting it, in a job interview and in life!”
She’ll discuss how five simple steps will give you an
unfair advantage in the job market and explain the
difference between showing up to interview and showing
up to win! Debbie Silverman is a human behavior
specialist, NLP practitioner and the author of “It’s
Just a Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in
Business.”  Contact her at (954) 610-1403;

13. ==> Got Wedding Jitters?

As we approach wedding season, there are a lot of
anxious brides and grooms asking themselves: Am I doing
the right thing? Is this the right person for me? For
the rest of my life? Therapist Kathy Infield says she
wasn’t sure when she married, and neither was her
husband, but after 43 years together she says they’re
pretty sure now! Invite her to talk about clues you may
be making a mistake, why you need to talk about
finances, sex and children long before you get married,
and why most marriages could be better if couples put
in the work. Kathy Infeld is a therapist, mediator and
coach. She’s the author of “”Creating Love for A
Lifetime-The Five C’s To A Successful Marriage.”
Contact her at (602) 739-0549; kathydinfeld@yahoo.com

14. ==> Grow Your Own Medicine!

Spring is in the air and gardeners are chomping at the
bit to get growing. Most people think of flowers and
vegetables when they plan a garden, but what if you
could grow your own medicine? Invite Gudrun Penselin to
reveal herbs and medicines right in your kitchen and
backyard that you can use to create real medicine to
prevent and treat common seasonal ailments. Hear how
onions, garlic, ginger and herbs can treat common
problems like ear infections and colds. You’ll learn
which herbs and foods can help bolster your immune
system, and what you can use to treat your cold and flu
symptoms without popping a pill. Gudrun Penselin is an
herbalist with 30 years experience as a practitioner,
teacher, speaker and writer. She produced the
instructional DVD “Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone: A
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Herbal
Preparations.” Contact her at (780) 532-2464;

15. ==> Would You Cook for Your Dog?

People will do anything for their dogs. But what
happens when they cook for them can be absolutely
hysterical. Invite Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian
who has long championed making homemade dog food, to
share hilarious stories of cooking misadventures,
vegetarians willing to cook meat only for their dogs
and the occasional starving husband who can’t stop
himself from secretly scarfing the dog’s homemade stew.
And despite the funny tales, Morgan is perfectly
serious about encouraging even people who cannot boil
water to make their own dog food. Dr. Morgan operates
two veterinary practices in New Jersey and has been a
guest on more than 50 radio and television programs.
She’s the author of several books including her latest,
“Canine Kitchen Capers: A Humorous Look at Preparing
Food for Dogs (& Spouses).” Contact her at (856)
881-7470; judy@drjudymorgan.com

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