05/02/17 RTIR E-zine: Pop-Up Beer Gardens, Free College, Women and College

May 2, 2017

01. The End of Fox as We Know it?
02. ‘Trumponomics’ Exposed
03. Model/Actress Fiona Lewis
04. Mothers’ Day when Mom Isn’t Anything to Celebrate
05. Hot Summer Trend: Pop-Up Beer Gardens
06. Look Like a Star Regardless of Your Body Type
07. Free College?!
08. Women, College Majors and Salaries
09. World Ovarian Cancer Day, May 8th
10. Competitors Are Cannibals: Clever Ways to Eat ‘em Up
11. What Would Elvis Shill if He Were Alive?
12. Expert Stops Pain On-Air
13. When You Can’t Fit in Your Summer Clothes
14. ‘Trumpertension’ – It’s a Yuge Thing
15. The Real Reason Your Spouse Doesn’t Listen to You

1. ==> The End of Fox as We Know it?

Embattled Fox News co-president Bill Shine resigned
Monday following intense scrutiny about his stewardship
of the network in the wake of the Bill O’Reilly
scandal. Shine is accused in several lawsuits of
covering up or downplaying allegations of sexual
harassment and racial discrimination. Michael
Calderone can discuss the situation at the network and
what we can expect next. Calderone is HuffPost’s senior
media reporter. He is also an adjunct journalism
professor at New York University. Calderone previously
covered media and politics for Politico, the New York
Observer, and Yahoo News. Contact him at (212)
998-7980; michael.calderone@huffingtonpost.com

2. ==> ‘Trumponomics’ Exposed

The Trump administration unveiled its tax overhaul plan
with a large amount of rhetoric and a small amount of
detail. But one point that was made clear is Trump’s
plan to cut the estate tax. Chuck Collins says, “The
Trump tax proposal will accelerate U.S. wealth
inequality. Abolishing the estate tax — a tax that
starts on families with over $11 million — would be a
windfall for the wealthy. The first tax cut should NOT
go to the first family. If Trump has the $10 billion he
claims he has, repeal of the estate tax will give each
of the Trump children a $1 billion windfall.” Chuck
Collins is organizer of the Patriotic Millionaires
effort to Defend the Estate Tax. Collins is author,
with Bill Gates Sr., of “Wealth and Our Commonwealth:
Why America Should Tax Inherited Fortunes.” Contact
Kelsea-Marie Pym, kpym@patrioticmillionaires.org

3. ==> Model/Actress Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis was a model and actress in the sixties and
seventies. Her credits include Roman Polanski’s The
Vampire Killers, Ken Russell’s Lisztomania, and Brian
de Palma’s The Fury. She’s also the wife of Hollywood
producer Art Linson (Untouchables, Sons of Anarchy,
Great Expectations). Invite her on your show to
discuss modeling in the 1960s and 70s with roommate
Jacqueline Bisset, Hollywood legends like Margaret
Sullavan, Peter Fonda, Roman Polansky, her near-
marriage to Patrick John Anson, the 5th Earl of
Lichfield (and cousin to the Queen) and her French
Chateau. Lewis’ writing has appeared in the New Yorker,
The Observer and the Los Angeles Times. She may be (she
candidly admits) the only woman in America who has
written for the New Yorker and posed for Playboy. Her
new book, “Mistakes were Made,” is a coming of age
memoir – with lessons for those in their 50s and beyond
but also for those in their teens and 20s. Contact
Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137; (703) 400-1099
(cell) or johanna@jrbcomm.com

4. ==> Mothers’ Day when Mom Isn’t Anything to

Mothers’ Day is a wonderful time for some, but can be
rather challenging for others. Not everyone has a great
mom, but Tom Gagliano says that doesn’t mean you need
to pretend otherwise. He says, “Don’t give your power
away this year, show up like a healthy adult.” Gagliano
will discuss how setting boundaries, managing
expectations and picking your battles this Mothers’ Day
can help you break free from dysfunctional patterns and
roles from childhood. Tom Gagliano, MSW, is a mentor,
speaker and the author of several books including
“Don’t Put Your Crap in Your Kid’s Diaper.” Contact him
at (732) 266-4952; gags17285@aol.com

5. ==> Hot Summer Trend: Pop-Up Beer Gardens

Each summer, hundreds of craft beer festivals, beer
tastings and beer gardens pop up all around the
country. This summer, the drinking public can expect
to see even more events featuring local beer tastings,
beer pairings with food, and beer with entertainment
options, according to event planning expert Lynn
Fuhler. She’ll discuss the growing popularity of Brew
Fests and Pop-Up Beer Gardens, what makes a first-rate
festival, and why, with the explosive growth of micro-
breweries, these events are so important to small craft
brewers. Lynn Fuhler has successfully organized events
and festivals throughout her career. She is the former
tourism director of Clearwater Beach, Fla., and former
chairman of the largest free jazz festival in the
Southeast. Her book “Secrets to Successful Events: How
to Organize, Promote and Manage Exceptional Events and
Festivals” is being used as a college textbook. Contact
her at (336) 499-6372; contact-lynn@lynn.fuhler.com

6. ==> Look Like a Star Regardless of Your Body Type

The popularity of cosmetic procedures clearly
illustrates how unsatisfied many women are with their
bodies, but what if a few simple style tips could
transform you into becoming more confident and
attractive? Internationally celebrated wedding dress
designer and author Rani St. Pucchi, who has styled
countless celebrities and over 15,000 brides, says you
can learn to flatter your figure if you know the style
secrets of the professionals. St. Pucchi says that
there are simple tricks on how to dress in a way to
enhance your best features and camouflage those you’re
not so fond of. By dressing strategically, you can
boost your self-confidence and present yourself to the
world in the way you want to be seen. For three decades
Rani St. Pucchi has been an internationally recognized
and award-winning designer of wedding dresses and the
founder of St. Pucchi Bridal House. Her designs have
been embraced by an all-star roster of celebrities,
actresses, athletes, and singers and have been featured
by global media. She’s the author of several books
including “Your Body, Your Style.” Contact her at (310)
990-3912; rani@ranistpucchi.com

7. ==> Free College?!

There has been a lot of buzz about NY Governor Andrew
Cuomo’s free college proposal, but who will actually
benefit? Adrian Ridner, CEO and Co-founder of Study.com
says the idea of providing free college is a noble one,
but to realistically make it happen, we need to make
college less expensive and make the experience more
flexible for students, particularly those who are
juggling school, work and family. Invite Ridner to
discuss how alternative credit can be used to cut the
cost of a degree in half, and in some cases get the
total cost of a Bachelor’s degree under $10k. He can
also talk about a unique free college model being used
in Mountain View, CA that leverages a combination of
discounted course and tuition fees, low-cost
transferrable credit, local workforce development funds
and corporate sponsorships, to make college free for
any resident. Fed up with the high cost of education,
Adrian started Study.com in 2002 with the mission of
making education accessible. Today the company helps
over 25 million students a month, from middle school
through college, with short video-based online courses.
Contact Jennifer McHam at (650) 288-2381;

8. ==> Women, College Majors and Salaries

What you major in can lead to career and pay gaps,
particularly for women, according to a new report from
Glassdoor. “Women tend to major in subjects that lead
to lower-paying roles later on,” says Andrew
Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist. Those choices
create a “pipeline problem,” in which women are less
represented in majors that lead to jobs with higher
earnings potential. He says, “Majors do make a
difference. You are going to be working for the rest of
your life, your decision can mean hundreds of thousands
of dollars.” Chamberlain will share some surprising
career paths that lead to bigger salaries for women,
and ones that you may want to avoid if you want to
avoid hitting the glass ceiling. Glassdoor is a website
where employees and former employees anonymously review
companies and their management. Contact Chamberlain at
(415) 339-9105; pr@glassdoor.com

9. ==> World Ovarian Cancer Day, May 8th

Ovarian cancer claims the lives of 14,000 American
women and 140,000 women worldwide every year. Comedian
Jen Coken, whose mother died from the disease, has a
mission to end late-stage diagnosis by educating women
about the signs and symptoms. “If I knew then what I
know now, my mother might still be alive,” Coken says.
Since ovarian cancer is often misdiagnosed or diagnosed
too late Coken will discuss the warning signs of the
disease and why every woman (and especially Jewish
women) are at risk. Jen Coken is a life coach and
stand-up comedian who has coached thousands of people
for nearly 20 years. She wrote “When I Die Take My
Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your
Greatest” using jokes she co-wrote with her late
mother. Contact her at (303) 859-9081;

10. ==> Competitors Are Cannibals: Clever Ways to Eat
‘em Up

Cannibals are everywhere and they have one job: to
devour the competition before it eats them. Award-
winning marketing expert Claudia Newcorn says, “As soon
as they smell you, they will look for ways to reduce
your success, perhaps taking a bite out of you with
more aggressive pricing or adding more services. It’s
all about survival of the smartest.” With the economy
humming and more people contemplating starting
businesses, Newcorn wants would-be entrepreneurs to pay
attention because they often enter their markets
without checking out the competition. Invite her on
your show and learn ways to win in business when only
the fit survive. Claudia Newcorn is a strategic
marketing consultant and the author “Zipline to
Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate
Your Sales & Profits.” She has written for hundreds of
publications and appears as a frequent radio talk show
guest. Contact her at (209) 204-0502;
claudia@acornmarketing.com or

11. ==> What Would Elvis Shill if He Were Alive?

If Elvis had not left the building, what might he be
doing today? Rodger Alan Friedman is certain that he
knows. He’ll say that the King would be starring in
late-night TV commercials pushing gold as an investment
or touting the advantages of reverse mortgages. Rodger
is a chartered retirement planning counselor (CRPC®)
who thinks that no one should act on pitches made by
singers, actors and celebrities that are likely to
affect their financial lives for years to come. And
that goes for Elvis, even though Rodger was a big fan.
Invite Rodger on your show to explain what should and
should not go into a retirement plan, how to tell if
you are a retirement planning underachiever and what
three steps you can take now to get serious about
retirement. That way, you won’t end up spending your
golden years at the Heartbreak Hotel. He’s the author
of “Fire Your Retirement Planner You: Concise Advice on
How to Join the $100,000 Retirement Club.” Contact him
at (844) 3MY-PLAN; Rodger@RodgeronRetirement.com

12. ==> Expert Stops Pain On-Air

If you, a colleague or one of your callers is
experiencing persistent pain Dawn Crystal may be able
to provide instant relief live on your show. Crystal
says even the healthiest of people have energy
blockages. As a gifted sound energy healer, she can
sense where the blockages are and blow them away using
the power of her voice. Simply put, this pain release
expert uses sound frequencies to rebalance the human
body and to rid it of inflammation. Best of all, other
people listening to the interview may also experience
the same instant pain relief from such problems as knee
pain, tooth pain and back pain. Crystal, who has been
effecting this type of dramatic drug-free pain relief
for a decade, counts celebrities and CEOs among her
clients. Now she wants to teach people how to heal
their own bodies for peaceful, pain-free lives. She has
a collection of MP3s for sale on her website that let
people release their own blockages. Reach her at (808)
268-6242; dawncrystalmaui@gmail.com

13. ==> When You Can’t Fit in Your Summer Clothes

No one wants to spend the summer dieting, yet the
collision of winter weight with summer clothes makes
many people just want to crawl into their sofa and
munch. You can’t wear baggy sweaters in June, so invite
Renee Jones to share ways to get free from comfort
eating and get back into your summer outfits. “When we
stop stuffing down our feelings and following it with a
food chaser, it saves a whole bunch of calories,” says
Jones. She’ll share strategies for navigating a snack-
filled home or office environment, ways to recognize
comfort eating triggers, and reveal the number one
reason diets fail. Renee Jones is the author of “What’s
Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort
Eating.” Contact her at (817) 938-6250;

14. ==> ‘Trumpertension’ – It’s a Yuge Thing

A lot of people who didn’t vote for Donald Trump are
having trouble accepting his administration. In fact,
many Americans are seeking medical help for the anxiety
they’re experiencing due to the change of occupant at
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Palm Springs-based internal
medicine physician Kiran Dintyala (a.k.a. Dr. Calm) has
seen patients with Post-Election Stress Disorder,
including some with previously well-controlled blood
pressure who are coming in with alarmingly high
numbers. He calls it “Trumpertension” describing it as
“a substantial increase in blood pressure unrelated to
diet, sodium intake or exercise that is solely
attributable to worries over what a Trump presidency
may mean for your future and America’s.” In response,
he’s written “Seven Keys to Surviving the Trump
Presidency,” sharing tips to stay calm amidst the
seemingly endless flow of unsettling news and ways to
remain positive and hopeful, no matter who’s in the
Oval Office. Kiran Dintyala is a Board Certified
Internal Medicine Physician currently practicing at
Eisenhower Medical Center. He’s also the author of
“Calm in the Midst of Chaos.” Contact him at (860) 375
0446; stressfreerevolution@gmail.com

15. ==> The Real Reason Your Spouse Doesn’t Listen to

You’ve told your wife that you don’t like going out
with that annoying couple but she keeps arranging
nights out with them. Or your husband still doesn’t
tell you when he is going to be home late even though
you have asked him over and over again to do so. Jaya
Jaya Myra can end the frustration of couples that don’t
listen to each other. She knows how to get your spouse
to listen to you without nagging. The key, she will
say, is knowing his or her energy type. She will
explain how to tell what their type is, how to figure
out how your energy type differs from theirs and why
this imbalance is behind much frustrating marital
miscommunication. Jaya Jaya Myra is the author of
“Vibrational Healing: Attain Balance & Wholeness.
Understand Your Energetic Type.” She’s been featured on
Fox News, Readers Digest and Bustle. Reach her at
347-476-4358 or jayajayamyra@gmail.com

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