04/26/16 RTIR E-zine: Hamilton, Prince Death, Spring Cleaning

April 26, 2016


01. Who Gets Prince’s Millions?
02. Say Goodbye to Andrew Jackson
03. Hamilton – Captain of the One Percent?
04. America’s Biggest ‘Boom Towns
05. Listen Like a Dog
06. Why You Should Worry about Your Water
07. How New Grads Will Change the Workplace
08. Spring Clean Your Body – Time to Detox
09. Beyond Budgeting – Spring Clean Your Finances
10. Trump the Government!
11. Grow Your Own Medicine!
12. Would You Cook for Your Dog?
13. The Swedish Cure for College Stress
14. Yoga for Baseball Players
15. Peter Tosh Family Business Launches

1. ==> Who Gets Prince’s Millions?

Prince had no children, his parents are both deceased,
and he was twice divorced. So who will inherit his
millions? Prince was a meticulous planner, a thoughtful
businessman and well-versed in legal matters (music-
related ones, anyway), but it’s still unclear if he had
a will. A spokesman for the star declined to comment on
plans for his estate. Invite attorney Bruce Givner to
discuss what happens next. Estimates of Prince’s estate
vary, but some say he could worth $300 billion. Even if
Prince had a will, celebrity estate transfers can be
messy. Potential heirs or beneficiaries sometimes come
out of the woodwork to claim part of dead celebrities’
wealth. Bruce Givner is a tax attorney and expert in
wills and estates. He handles many celebrities and
their estate planning and has appeared on many radio
and TV shows including Entertainment Tonight and The
Insider. Contact Cherie Kerr at (714) 271-2140; (303)
619-3949 or cherie@kerrpr-execuprov.com;

2. ==> Say Goodbye to Andrew Jackson

The US Treasury has announced that Harriet Tubman will
replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. So how did
Jackson get there in the first place, and should he
have his face on our currency? David Reynolds says,
“Andrew Jackson hardly had a corner on racism. And he
reshaped the presidency to a degree that few American
presidents have. By squelching secession, facing down
monied interests, and, above all, promoting populist
democracy, he set the stage for an even greater log-
cabin president, Abe Lincoln, who, through similar
strategies, saved the nation during the time of its
greatest crisis. …
Jackson did not cower, whether facing South Carolina or
a hostile Congress or Nicholas Biddle, the eminent
president of the Bank of the United States.” Reynolds
is a distinguished professor at the City University of
New York Graduate Center and is the author or editor of
fifteen books, including “Waking Giant: America in the
Age of Jackson” as well as “John Brown, Abolitionist”
— and most recently, “Lincoln’s Selected Writings.”
Contact him at reyn.sn@gmail.com

3. ==> Hamilton – Captain of the One Percent?

The Broadway Musical Hamilton is a smash hit but who
really was Alexander Hamilton. Gerard Homes says, “The
U.S. myth of the Founding Fathers has revolved around
Washington and Jefferson, but both have been
scrutinized. Alexander Hamilton is now in effect being
put forward, but he was the captain of the one percent
— he represented the interests of big finance at the
beginning of the United States.” He adds, “”In terms
of Alexander Hamilton the man, he migrated to the
mainland from the Caribbean as the enslaved Africans
became more rebellious. The elite whites could no
longer control the situation though the region had been
considered the crown jewel of the British empire in
this hemisphere. His coming to what became the U.S. was
actually an example of what we’d call white flight.”
Gerald Horne is Chair of History and African American
Studies at the University of Houston. His books include
“The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and
the Origins of the United States of America.”

4. ==> America’s Biggest ‘Boom Towns

Housing statistics only matter if they pertain to your
neighborhood and some spots are golden right now.
Realtor.com just released its list of America’s Top
‘Boom Towns. Led by Gilbert, Ariz. Los Angeles and
Dallas these are the neighborhoods that are striking it
rich when it comes to new home construction, job
creation and an increasing number of households – the
gold mine for housing market growth. But, according to
Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for realtor.com, “It
may be a year or so before some markets on our list
start to see an increase in inventory. If anything,
this is a road map for where builders should be
thinking about where to break ground next.” Contact
Lexie Puckett Holbert at (805) 557-3151;

5. ==> Listen Like a Dog

Dogs instinctively know not to interrupt us, finish our
sentences, offer unsolicited advice or text us instead
of talking to us. And if we’re smart, asserts best-
selling author Jeff Lazarus, we’ll strive to be more
like them. Citing a Cornell study’s finding that we
have one-third fewer good friends now than we did
before social media came along, Lazarus will share his
leash law violations—mistakes we make when we think we
are communicating—the power of the paws (effective
silence), and why it’s more important to be interested
than interesting. A health science consultant with an
MBA from Pepperdine University, Lazarus taught public
speaking at the university level and conducted numerous
workshops on listening, presentation skills, and
customer engagement. His new book “Listen Like a Dog”
was inspired by his late dog Roamy and is the follow up
to his #1 bestseller, “Dogtology.” Reach him through
Darcie Rowan, (347) 407-0942; Darcie@DarcieRowanPR.com

6. ==> Why You Should Worry about Your Water

Water contamination crises in Flint, Michigan, Hoosick
Falls, New York, and other locations have brought to
light the issue of clean drinking water. In addition,
some areas face water shortages. Environmental engineer
Dr. Ellen Moyer says, “Many of us take water for
granted, expecting to turn a faucet handle and have
unlimited, clean water come pouring out. In many
respects, we’ve neglected our water infrastructure and
today face problems with both water quality and water
quantity.” Moyer will discuss these issues as well as
solutions so that your family can have cleaner and
safer drinking water. Moyer is a regular contributor to
The Huffington Post and her latest book, titled Our
Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Have Fun
Creating a Sustainable World, will be available later
this year. Contact her at (413) 862-3452;

7. ==> How New Grads Will Change the Workplace

Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by
2025. But according to Nick Gianoulis, founder of the
consulting and training company The Fun Dept., that
not-so-distant prospect should not send companies into
a panic. In fact, he views the presence of so many
workers born after 1981 as a positive force that will
shift the workplace in ways other generations could
only have dreamed about. Gianoulis will explain why he
believes we are in the early stages of a workplace
revolution, what younger workers want in a corporate
culture, and how older managers can get the best from
millennials entering the workforce. The Fun Company has
been featured on CNN, BBC News, TedX, and in the
Washington Post. Nick spent 20-years in corporate
management with a company that embraced a “work hard,
play hard” culture. He is the coauthor of “Playing It
Forward.” Contact him at (302) 463-3819;

8. ==> Spring Clean Your Body – Time to Detox

Spring is the season of rebirth and rejuvenation and
Dr. Roberta Kline says it’s also the perfect time to
detox your body. Not sure how to do that? Invite Dr.
Kline to talk about what types of detox are harmful and
which can really help. She says, “Detoxification is the
transformation and removal of harmful chemicals in our
body, and we all need basic supports including plenty
of clean water, exercise, and proper functioning of the
waste systems (bowel and bladder), along with the
proper nutrients. But what you need may be different
from what your coworker or family member needs.” Dr.
Kline says our genes are responsible for making sure
our systems function properly, but until recently, it
was mostly guesswork. She’ll explain how to work with a
trained health professional to design a personalized
detox program.
Roberta Kline, MD, FACOG is cofounder of Genomic
Solutions Now and NCG Health Solutions which work to
teach practitioners and their patients how to use
genomics to create personalized strategies for optimal
health. Contact her at (505) 231.6164;

9. ==> Beyond Budgeting – Spring Clean Your Finances

Certified financial planner Roel Sarmago says too many
people live day-to-day spending way too much money on
things they don’t even realize. He says spring cleaning
your finances will make you happier – and wealthier –
than cleaning out your garage or closet! Invite him to
share five simple questions that will help you put your
finances in perspective and help you focus on where to
spend your money, and how to plan for a future that
serves your individual needs and lifestyle. Roel
Sarmago is the author of ““Undiscovered Riches: How to
Find Your Hidden Wealth.” He is also a speaker and
financial life coach whose advice has appeared in
MoneySense magazine. Reach him at (647) 494-7880;

10. ==> Trump the Government!

Dare invite a notorious terrorist and counterfeiter
onto your program? Bernard von NotHaus (pronounced
“BER-nerd von NOTE house) is (according to the
government) a “unique domestic terrorist.” He has been
called a “hero,” “the Rosa Parks of monetary liberty”
and “the monetary architect of the gold and silver
Liberty Dollar.” Mr. von NotHaus served as the mint
master at the Royal Hawaiian mint for 25 years before
an epiphany led him to design, develop and issue the
private, gold and silver-based Liberty Dollar on
October 1, 1998. The new, voluntary, “inflation-proof”
barter currency became so popular that it was targeted
by the federal government who arrested, convicted and
sentenced von NotHaus for counterfeiting US coins in
2014. Now that he has served his time and is free, he
is really dangerous. He is on a mission to educate the
public about the constitution, sound money, and the
Federal Reserve. His peaceful, simple solution: “Change
the Money / Change the Country / Change the World for
Peace.” His new, gold and silver “Trump Dollar,”
features Donald Trump’s image on 1 oz. fine gold,
silver and copper pieces, along with slogans like,
“Trump the Government,” and “Vote Non Politician.” The
new pieces commemorate Donald Trump’s presidential
campaign, and debut this week at Trump Tower in NYC.
To invite the outspoken monetary maverick, Bernard von
NotHaus, for a very engaging, entertaining and
informative TV or radio interview, contact Daniel
Fazzina at
(631) 463-7359; FazzinaPR@use.startmail.com

11. ==> Grow Your Own Medicine!

Spring is in the air and gardeners are chomping at the
bit to get growing. Most people think of flowers and
vegetables when they plan a garden, but what if you
could grow your own medicine? Invite Gudrun Penselin to
reveal herbs and medicines right in your kitchen and
backyard that you can use to create real medicine to
prevent and treat common seasonal ailments. Hear how
onions, garlic, ginger and herbs can treat common
problems like ear infections and colds. You’ll learn
which herbs and foods can help bolster your immune
system, and what you can use to treat your cold and flu
symptoms without popping a pill. Gudrun Penselin is an
herbalist with 30 years experience as a practitioner,
teacher, speaker and writer. She produced the
instructional DVD “Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone: A
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Herbal
Preparations.” Contact her at (780) 532-2464;

12. ==> Would You Cook for Your Dog?

People will do anything for their dogs. But what
happens when they cook for them can be absolutely
hysterical. Invite Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian
who has long championed making homemade dog food, to
share hilarious stories of cooking misadventures,
vegetarians willing to cook meat only for their dogs
and the occasional starving husband who can’t stop
himself from secretly scarfing the dog’s homemade stew.
And despite the funny tales, Morgan is perfectly
serious about encouraging even people who cannot boil
water to make their own dog food. Dr. Morgan operates
two veterinary practices in New Jersey and has been a
guest on more than 50 radio and television programs.
She’s the author of several books including her latest,
“Canine Kitchen Capers: A Humorous Look at Preparing
Food for Dogs (& Spouses).” Contact her at (856)
881-7470; judy@drjudymorgan.com

13. ==> The Swedish Cure for College Stress

College can be stressful all year long, but spring can
be tough for even the best students. Final exams and
projects are due and the clock is ticking. Invite Asa
Odback and Emile Nelson to share the one simple
tradition students can add to their day that will help
ease the stress. The mother-son team are the authors of
“The Fika Fix: Student Success by Stressing Less – The
Swedish Way.” The pair says the Swedish solution is as
simple as taking a break, and it helps students
connect, relax and succeed. Asa Odback is a speaker,
author, artist and success coach who has taught Law at
the University of Stockholm and now lives in Santa
Barbara. Émile Nelson is a recent straight-A graduate
from UCSB. Contact Asa at asasart@me.com

14. ==> Yoga for Baseball Players

Most people don’t think of baseball players as yogis,
but Teresa Anne Power says incorporating some yoga
moves will give you a better chance at hitting a home
run! “When a player steps up to home plate, it is
actually the rotation of one’s hips that generates the
power, not the swinging of the bat. In other words, the
better range of motion one has in their hips, the
better the chance for a stronger hit!” Invite Teresa to
share three yoga postures that will help open tight
hips and other ways yoga can help everyone whether they
play sports or not.
Teresa Anne Power is a children’s yoga expert who has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. She’s the
author of “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids” and “The ABCs of
Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.”
Contact her at (310) 266-7705 (cell);
(310) 573-0100 (office)or teresa@abcyogaforkids.com

15. ==> Peter Tosh Family Business Launches

The timing couldn’t be more appropriate – yesterday, on
4/20, the family of late reggae artist Peter Tosh
launched its new venture, Peter Tosh 420, which will
sell cannabis products. Tosh was one of the first
outspoken advocates of cannabis legalization and his
son, Niambe McIntosh, thinks his father would be
pleased. “This venture is not just about business, it
is about spreading my father’s message of equal rights
and justice, while bringing what he believed was a
sacred herb to the world and doing good deeds in the
process.” The company will embrace the mind, body, and
spirit aspects of the cannabis culture, with proceeds
going to the Peter Tosh Foundation. This year marks the
40th anniversary of Peter Tosh’s first solo album and
his cannabis anthem Legalize It, which was banned in
Jamaica and many other countries around the world.
Contact Brian Latture at blatture@megasourcegroup.com

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