04/21/16 RTIR E-zine: BP Oil Spill, Body Diversity, National Parks

April 21, 2016

01. Tubman on the Twenty!
02. Houston Flooding – Danger Not Over
03. Trump the Government!
04. Peter Tosh Family Business Launches
05. 6 Yrs after BP Spill – Damage Worse than Feared
06. Is Your Water Clean?
07. Greenhouse Gas Warming Physically Impossible
08. Earth Day – 5 Simple Tips
09. 12 Days of Mother’s Day
10. Make Mother’s Day Multi-Generational
11. Great Mother’s Day Show – Mompreneurs
12. Interviewing 101 for New Grads
13. Are We Finally Celebrating Body Diversity?
14. Happy Birthday! National Parks are Free this Week!
15. Listen Like Your Dog Does

1. == > Tubman on the Twenty!

Harriet Tubman will be the new face on the $20 bill,
making her the first woman on U.S. paper currency in
100 years. The 19th century abolitionist and a leader
of the Underground Railroad will replace Andrew
Jackson, the nation’s seventh president.  Margaret
Kimberley, editor and senior columnist at Black Agenda
Report says, “I have serious mixed feelings about this
supposed honor. Slavery existed precisely because of
the almighty dollar. How are we honoring her by putting
her face on money?” But, she adds, “Tubman is deserving
of great respect, veneration even. What she
accomplished is unbelievable. She was a soldier and a
revolutionary, a liberator. I no longer feel the need
for acceptance from the larger society. Our heroes are
ours and we can claim them without expectation or need
that the U.S. government will give approval.” Contact
her at margaretkimberley@gmail.com; @freedomrideblog

2. ==> Houston Flooding – Danger Not Over

Eight people have died after widespread flooding in the
Houston-area and while parts of the city are starting
to recover, danger remains everywhere. Dr. James
Hubbard, aka The Survival Doctor, says clean water is a
huge concern. “Even though the water may look clean,
it’s a cesspool of germs and chemicals that can cause
anything from a rash to an infection—on the skin or
internally. Electrocution is a danger whenever there’s
flooding and then there’s the issue of mosquitoes.” Dr.
Hubbard is a long-time family physician and survival
medicine expert. He shares his common-sense health
advice on dozens of radio shows, podcasts and blogs
nationwide, teaches easy-to-follow, makeshift ways to
survive disasters and in the wild, and is the author of
“The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds” and “The
Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns.” Contact him at (662)
701-0121; thesurvivaldoctor@gmail.com

3. ==> Trump the Government!

We think Donald Trump would love this! Bernard von
NotHaus (pronounced BER-nerd von NOTE-house) is selling
gold and silver Liberty dollars commemorating Donald
Trump’s presidential campaign. Controversial, engaging,
informative and entertaining, Bernard calls himself a
monetary activist while the government refers to him as
a convicted counterfeiter and a “unique domestic
terrorist.” Bernard says he’s not a terrorist, but
rather a supporter of constitutional, sound money. He
was the Royal Hawaiian mint master for 25 years, before
he formed the Liberty Dollar, which was a gold and
silver-based private, barter currency. His Trump
Liberty dollars will debut next week at Trump Tower.
Contact Daniel Fazzina at (631) 463-7359;

4. ==> Peter Tosh Family Business Launches

The timing couldn’t be more appropriate – yesterday, on
4/20, the family of late reggae artist Peter Tosh
launched its new venture, Peter Tosh 420, which will
sell cannabis products. Tosh was one of the first
outspoken advocates of cannabis legalization and his
son, Niambe McIntosh, thinks his father would be
pleased. “This venture is not just about business, it
is about spreading my father’s message of equal rights
and justice, while bringing what he believed was a
sacred herb to the world and doing good deeds in the
process.” The company will embrace the mind, body, and
spirit aspects of the cannabis culture, with proceeds
going to the Peter Tosh Foundation. This year marks the
40th anniversary of Peter Tosh’s first solo album and
his cannabis anthem Legalize It, which was banned in
Jamaica and many other countries around the world.
Contact Brian Latture at blatture@megasourcegroup.com

5. ==> 6 Yrs after BP Spill – Damage Worse than Feared

The largest oil spill in U.S. history was even bigger
than previously thought, at least in terms of the
amount of coastline that was oiled, scientists report
in a new study. The findings shed new light onto the BP
Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and
make it the largest marine spill in history by length
of shoreline oiled.  Antonia Juhasz, an energy analyst
and investigative reporter can talk about the damage,
what remains, and whether it could happen again. “The
Department of the Interior has sought to improve
offshore drilling safety over the last six years,
including over 500 pages of new rules released just
last week. Experts warn, however, that these efforts
remain woefully insufficient, particularly as companies
move to even riskier deeper depths, with 86 percent of
new oil production in the Gulf taking place 1,000 to
nearly 5,000 feet deeper than BP was drilling the
Macondo well, including two projects at depths nearly
twice as great.” Juhasz writes about the spill in this
month’s issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. Contact her at
(415) 846-5447; antoniajuhasz@gmail.com or

6. ==> Is Your Water Clean?

Water contamination crises in Flint, Michigan, Hoosick
Falls, New York, and other locations have brought to
light the issue of clean drinking water. In addition,
some areas face water shortages. Environmental engineer
Dr. Ellen Moyer says, “Many of us take water for
granted, expecting to turn a faucet handle and have
unlimited, clean water come pouring out. In many
respects, we’ve neglected our water infrastructure and
today face problems with both water quality and water
quantity.” Moyer will discuss these issues as well as
solutions so that your family can have cleaner and
safer drinking water. Moyer is a regular contributor to
The Huffington Post and her latest book, titled Our
Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Have Fun
Creating a Sustainable World, will be available later
this year. Contact her at (413) 862-3452;

7. ==> Greenhouse Gas Warming Physically Impossible

As world leaders hasten to sign the Paris Climate
Accord on Earth Day, mandating cutbacks in emissions of
greenhouse gases, new research shows that greenhouse
gases do not absorb enough heat to cause global
warming. Invite Dr. Peter Langdon Ward to discuss the
research and the implications. He says, “Warming since
2014 was caused by a major 6-month eruption of
Bárðarbunga volcano in Iceland, the highest rate of
lava eruption since 1783. A magnitude 4.2 earthquake
under Bárðarbunga on April 8 suggests a new eruption
and new warming are possible.” Ward worked 27 years as
a geophysicist and volcanologist with the US Geological
Survey. He spent the last ten years reexamining the
physics of greenhouse warming theory. His book is “What
Really Causes Global Warming? Greenhouse Gases or Ozone
Depletion?” Contact Erin Klein at (866) 949-6868;

8. ==> Earth Day – 5 Simple Tips

We all know we need to be more mindful of our
environment, but recycling can be dirty and frustrating
and trying to figure out what’s toxic, can be
confusing, not to mention time consuming. Environmental
advocate Deanna Ford can make it simpler and offer your
listeners five easy tips to help the environment.
You’ll learn how to shop to save money, time and the
environment, along with better – and safer – ways to
clean your body, and your home!  A military musician
turned environmental advocate, Deanna Ford left a
successful career to become an environmental advocate.
She is the author of the upcoming “The Eco-Optimist’s
Guide to Saving Our Planet,” writes an environmental
blog, and is Festival Chair of the Thunder Bay
Environmental Film Festival. Contact her at (807)
475-3631; mcoltezo@yahoo.com

9. ==> 12 Days of Mother’s Day

Mothers give their best to their families every day.
Often, though, they feel about as appreciated as a
raccoon at a picnic. Colleen O’Grady is out to change
that. This mother appreciation expert says this year
families turn the holiday into a 12-day festival of
Mom. What mom wouldn’t feel appreciated if her spouse
planned a wow date in which they have the romantic
dinner she craves instead of going to Bud’s Barbecue,
his favorite spot? And what mom wouldn’t love being
told that someone else would clean the toilet or that
free babysitting would be provided while she goes
shopping or out with her friends? O’Grady’s small ideas
will have a big impact for 12 days surrounding Mother’s
Day (or every day). She is the author of “Dial Down the
Drama.” Reach her at 713-408-6112;

10. ==> Make Mother’s Day Multi-Generational

Your mom took care of you. You take care of your
children.  And now, you’re taking care of your mom.
This Mother’s Day, invite Stephanie Erickson to share
ways to celebrate all the mothers in your family with
simple activities that connect the generations – from
grandma to grandchild. She says, “If your mother has
cognitive losses or physical limitations you can still
create special moments to celebrate your relationship
with multi-generational activities like making a video,
creating an on-line photo album or heading into the
kitchen to share family recipes. Erickson adds,
“Caregivers are overwhelmingly women, many of whom have
full-time jobs and children. These activities are a way
for a mother, sandwiched between her kids and aging
mom, to feel connected to both. Plus, you’re creating
family memories and traditions that will live on in the
form of videos, albums, and meals!”  Stephanie Erickson
is licensed social worker, caregiving expert, radio
host and speaker.  Contact her at (514) 795-7377;

11. ==> Great Mother’s Day Show – Mompreneurs

Let’s face it, Moms have always run the household, but
these days more and more moms are also running their
own businesses. For a fun spin on Mother’s Day, let’s
talk about moms making money their way, as
entrepreneurs, or as we like to call them, mompreneurs.
Invite Tom Scarda, an entrepreneur and franchise
expert, to talk about the many ways mothers today are
embracing the opportunity to be their own boss. “More
females, are buying franchises – from corporate America
refugees being downsized to stay at home moms looking
to make extra money between school buses. More female
celebs are also getting into business like Ivanka Trump
and her line of clothes and accessories.” Scarda will
discuss how to go from employee to employer, and from
signing the back of your check to signing the front.
You’ll also learn the biggest dangers facing novice
buyers and five questions to ask yourself to know if
franchise ownership is for you. Tom Scarda is the
author of “Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies Pros Use to
Pick Top Performing Franchises.” Contact him at (516)
322–1435; Tom@TomScarda.com

12. ==> Interviewing 101 for New Grads

Spring time is a time for change and new beginnings –
especially for college graduates about to enter the job
market. “One of the most important conversations you
will ever have in your lifetime is the job interview
conversation,” says Debbie Silverman, a human behavior
specialist. From body language to using the right
verbiage, Silverman says , “The words we use in a
conversation and how we understand the silent
conversation—facial expressions, body language—is the
difference between dreaming about what you want and
actually getting it, in a job interview and in life!”
She’ll discuss how five simple steps will give you an
unfair advantage in the job market and explain the
difference between showing up to interview and showing
up to win! Debbie Silverman is a human behavior
specialist, NLP practitioner and the author of “It’s
Just a Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in
Business.”  Contact her at (954) 610-1403;

13. ==> Are We Finally Celebrating Body Diversity?

For the first time, Sports Illustrated celebrated body
diversity on the cover of its famous Swimsuit Issue by
featuring three different covers with three very
different sized women. Yet, there was a social media
dust-up when Glamour magazine labeled Amy Schumer
“plus-sized” in a recent issue. What message are we
sending women? And is it healthy? Invite R. Belldon
Colme, a wellness and nutritional weight loss expert to
discuss the issue. He says, “The important factor is
achieving nutritional balance for a healthy metabolism.
When that balance is achieved, body size takes care of
itself and can be quite different from person to
person.” Belldon says everyone has their own unique
body shape which should be celebrated and honored. He
says women often strive for an unattainable version of
themselves that leaves them frustrated and feeling
badly.  Belldon Colme is the founder and creator of
Nutri-90 Weight Loss. He’s a recognized speaker on
nutritional weight loss and works to get accurate
nutrition education into grade schools. He’s the author
of the upcoming book, “Nourishment for Body and
Spirit—The Holistic Path to Lasting Weight Management.”
Contact him at (909) 363-6566;

14. ==> Happy Birthday! National Parks are Free this

Every national park is free to experience this week as
part of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary
celebration. Invite Mike Oswald on your show and find
out which of the 400+ parks are closest to you, as well
as his picks for some of the smaller, undiscovered
younger siblings of Yosemite and Yellowstone that can’t
be missed. From Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado to
Acadia National Park in Maine and beyond to
destinations such as Haleakala National Park in Hawaii,
these national treasures offer a great opportunity to
explore some of the country’s natural wonders.  Oswald
will discuss popular itineraries and kid-friendly
activities, which parks are his favorites, and what you
need to know before you go.  Oswald wrote the
definitive national parks manual “Your Guide to
National Parks,” a 4-year effort that covers thousands
of hotels, activities, stores, ranger programs and road
trips. Contact him at (414) 828-6346 (WI);

15. ==> Listen Like Your Dog Does

Dogs instinctively know not to interrupt us, finish our
sentences, offer unsolicited advice or text us instead
of talking to us. And if we’re smart, asserts best-
selling author Jeff Lazarus, we’ll strive to be more
like them. Citing a Cornell study’s finding that we
have one-third fewer good friends now than we did
before social media came along, Lazarus will share his
leash law violations—mistakes we make when we think we
are communicating—the power of the paws (effective
silence), and why it’s more important to be interested
than interesting. A health science consultant with an
MBA from Pepperdine University, Lazarus taught public
speaking at the university level and conducted numerous
workshops on listening, presentation skills, and
customer engagement. His new book “Listen Like a Dog”
was inspired by his late dog Roamy and is the follow up
to his #1 bestseller, “Dogtology.” Reach him through
Darcie Rowan, (347) 407-0942; Darcie@DarcieRowanPR.com

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