04/20/17 RTIR E-zine: Tillerson, L.A. Riots, Faces of Autism

April 20, 2017

01. The Real Message of Bill O’Reilly’s Firing
02. Hernandez Murder Conviction will be Vacated
03. MSNBC’s Russia Obsession
04. Women, College Majors and Salaries
05. Great Earth Day Show!
06. What Do Dying People Talk about? Family
07. Is Prince Harry the Most Courageous Royal?
08. Fortune 500 Secrets Every Woman Should Steal
09. When You Get Sick on Vacation
10. World Ovarian Cancer Day, May 8th
11. Expert Stops Pain On-Air
12. What Doctors Don’t Tell You about Alzheimer’s
13. Are You a Retirement-Planning Underachiever?
14. April is Stress Awareness Month
15. Tales of a Celebrity Talent Agent

1. ==> The Real Message of Bill O’Reilly’s Firing

The Bill O’Reilly era at Fox News has drawn to a close.
Fox ended its relationship with its highest-rated star
Wednesday after The New York Times reported that the
anchor and the network have paid more than $13 million
to settle harassment claims. But PR pro Kara Alaimo
the public relations effort won’t work. “It’s far too
late to salvage the network’s reputation by removing
The O’Reilly Factor host now. Does all of this send a
message? Yes, it does — to the other men at Fox: if
you make enough money for the network, it will go to
extraordinary lengths to enable you to behave badly. To
the rest of the world, it also appears that Fox thought
it was OK for O’Reilly to allegedly treat women this
way. They only let him go when they determined it truly
wasn’t tenable to keep him. That message speaks far
more loudly than his firing.” Kara Alaimo, an assistant
professor of public relations at Hofstra University, is
the author of “Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street:
How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic
Communication.” She was spokeswoman for international
affairs in the Treasury Department during the Obama
administration. Contact her at (516) 463-5208;

2. ==> Hernandez Murder Conviction will be Vacated

Convicted murderer and former NFL star Aaron Hernandez
was found hanged in his Massachusetts prison cell
Wednesday morning. The former Boston Patriot was
serving a life sentence for the 2013 killing of Odin
Lloyd, a semipro football player who was dating the
sister of Hernandez’s fiancée. But Hernandez’s murder
conviction is expected to be dismissed posthumously
because of a legal rule called “abatement.” Rosanna
Cavallaro, a law professor at Suffolk University who
has written about abatement, says, “The idea is that if
an appeal hasn’t happened, there’s a chance that a
conviction has an error in it. Rather than have someone
with that incomplete decision that they’re guilty, the
state chooses instead to say that conviction is abated
— as if it never had happened.” Though often
frustrating, Cavallaro says the rule is still a solid
one for ensuring a just system that includes appeals.
Contact her at (617) 573-8195; rcavalla@suffolk.edu

3. ==> MSNBC’s Russia Obsession

According to journalist Aaron Mate, “MSNBC, the
country’s most prominent liberal media outlet, has
played a key role in stoking the frenzy over Trump’s
alleged involvement with Russian meddling in the U.S.
presidential race. And no leading media figure has done
so more than Maddow. In the period since Election Day,
‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ has covered ‘The Russia
Connection’ — and Russia, generally — more than it has
any other issue.” Mate, who recently wrote the piece
““MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Sees a ‘Russia Connection’
Lurking Around Every Corner,” says this obsession has
meant less coverage of other issues including Obamacare
repeal efforts, Trump’s Muslim ban and Trump
administration scandals and stumbles. Aaron Mate is
producer and anchor for The Real News. Contact him at
aaronmate@therealnews.com; @aaronjmate

4. ==> Women, College Majors and Salaries

What you major in can lead to career and pay gaps,
particularly for women, according to a new report from
Glassdoor. “Women tend to major in subjects that lead
to lower-paying roles later on,” says Andrew
Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s chief economist. Those choices
create a “pipeline problem,” in which women are less
represented in majors that lead to jobs with higher
earnings potential. He says, “Majors do make a
difference. You are going to be working for the rest of
your life, your decision can mean hundreds of thousands
of dollars.” Chamberlain will share some surprising
career paths that lead to bigger salaries for women,
and ones that you may want to avoid if you want to
avoid hitting the glass ceiling. Glassdoor is a website
where employees and former employees anonymously review
companies and their management. Contact Chamberlain at
(415) 339-9105; pr@glassdoor.com

5. ==> Great Earth Day Show!

Earth Day is this Saturday, and the perfect time to
look at pending environmental cuts and how they will
affect not only your health, but more importantly, your
children’s health. While proposed cuts might appear to
save money, Ellen Moyer, Ph.D. says you’ll pay in
other, more important ways. “The environment is not
something ‘out there,’ or where you go on vacation. The
environment enters your body with every breath you
take, every sip you drink, and every bite of food you
consume. By protecting the environment, we can enjoy
happier and healthier lives and create an economic boom
instead of paying ever more for unproductive health and
environmental damage control.” Dr. Moyer will explain
how environment cuts directly hurt us, and how
protecting human and environmental health is a good
deal and easier than we might think. Dr. Moyer is an
environmental consultant and registered professional
engineer with an MS in environmental engineering, a PhD
in civil engineering, and more than 30 years of
environmental engineering experience. She is a regular
contributor to The Huffington Post and the author of
“Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive
While Creating a Sustainable World.” Contact her at
(413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

6. ==> What Do Dying People Talk about? Family

What do the dying talk about? God? The meaning of life?
“Mostly, they talk about their families: about their
mothers and fathers, their sons and daughters,” says
Kerry Egan, a hospice chaplain and the author of “On
Living,” and “Fumbling: A Pilgrimage Tale of Love,
Grief, and Spiritual Renewal on the Camino de
Santiago.” She says,
“They talk about the love they felt, and the love they
gave. Often they talk about love they did not receive,
or the love they did not know how to offer, the love
they withheld, or maybe never felt for the ones they
should have loved unconditionally. We don’t live our
lives in our heads, in theology and theories. We live
our lives in our families: the families we are born
into, the families we create, the families we make
through the people we choose as friends.” Kerry Egan is
a hospice chaplain and a graduate of Harvard Divinity
School. Her hospice work has been featured on PBS and
CNN, and her essays have appeared in Parents, American
Baby, Reader’s Digest, and CNN.com. Contact Jaime
Boucher at (212) 366-2166;

7. ==> Is Prince Harry the Most Courageous Royal?

In a recent interview, Prince Harry admitted to
struggling with mental health issues after the death of
his mother, Princess Diana, 20 years ago. The prince
was 12 when his mother died in a car accident and for
the longest time, he simply pushed the emotions tied to
her death aside as if they did not exist. British best-
selling author Andro Donovan, who was recently featured
in the Sunday Times, considers Prince Harry a hero for
making depression part of our everyday conversation—one
that will no longer carry a stigma as it used to. Andro
can continue that conversation with your audience as
she discusses the importance of making friends with
your emotions, sharing your burden with someone, and
seeking counseling when needed. She will also share ten
frequently missed signs that someone is heading for an
emotional burnout (No. 10 is not realizing that your
Netflix subscription has expired). Andro is the author
of “Motivate Yourself: Get the Life You Want, Find
Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment,” Contact her
at+4407711238410; andro@trend.co.uk;
andro@androdonovan.com; Skype: andro.donovan1

8. ==> Fortune 500 Secrets Every Woman Should Steal

Women today face monumental challenges in their work
and home lives whether they own their own businesses or
work for others. Connie Rankin, a successful real
estate entrepreneur, best-selling author and sought-
after conference and keynote speaker for Fortune 500
companies, offers women the secrets she gleaned from
Fortune 500 companies. From tooting your own horn to
staying in the game and knowing when to walk away from
a deal, Connie says every woman can apply these secrets
to her life. A nationally recognized leader in female
empowerment and sought-after media guest in Houston,
Rankin is president of CRES, a commercial real estate
firm. In her new book, “God Gave Us Wings: A Journey to
Success: Theirs, Mine, and Yours she shares the stories
of 10 powerful women, including herself, who have
survived incredible challenges, learned to thrive and
completed the circle by giving back to others. Contact
Megan Salch at (713) 864-1344, ext. 1;

9. ==> When You Get Sick on Vacation

Was it the tacos you ate from the street vendor or the
“bottled water” they filled from the tap and relabeled?
No matter the cause, nothing ruins a vacation like food
poisoning. Unless it’s sunstroke or more mosquito bites
than you can count or a hangover or motion sickness!
Kathleen Fry, M.D., will share simple, natural
treatments for common travel illnesses that can help
save your vacation. She’s even got a homeopathic remedy
to help with fear of flying! Frequently quoted in Self,
Redbook, Ladies Home Journal and other magazines, Dr.
Kathleen Fry is a past president of the American
Holistic Medical Association (now the Academy of
Integrative Health and Medicine) and a Founding
Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic
Medicine. She incorporated homeopathy into her Ob/Gyn
practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now, besides writing
and speaking widely about the health benefits of
homeopathy, she practices as a homeopath in Boulder,
Colorado, across the US and globally. “What’s the
Remedy for That? The Definitive Homeopathy Guide to
Mastering Everyday Self-Care Without Drugs” is her
second book. Contact her at (480) 695-1383;

10. ==> World Ovarian Cancer Day, May 8th

Ovarian cancer claims the lives of 14,000 American
women and 140,000 women worldwide every year. Comedian
Jen Coken, whose mother died from the disease, has a
mission to end late-stage diagnosis by educating women
about the signs and symptoms. “If I knew then what I
know now, my mother might still be alive,” Coken says.
Since ovarian cancer is often misdiagnosed or diagnosed
too late Coken will discuss the warning signs of the
disease and why every woman (and especially Jewish
women) are at risk. Jen Coken is a life coach and
stand-up comedian who has coached thousands of people
for nearly 20 years. She wrote “When I Die Take My
Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your
Greatest” using jokes she co-wrote with her late
mother. Contact her at (303) 859-9081;

11. ==> Expert Stops Pain On-Air

If you, a colleague or one of your callers is
experiencing persistent pain Dawn Crystal may be able
to provide instant relief live on your show. Crystal
says even the healthiest of people have energy
blockages. As a gifted sound energy healer, she can
sense where the blockages are and blow them away using
the power of her voice. Simply put, this pain release
expert uses sound frequencies to rebalance the human
body and to rid it of inflammation. Best of all, other
people listening to the interview may also experience
the same instant pain relief from such problems as knee
pain, tooth pain and back pain. Crystal, who has been
effecting this type of dramatic drug-free pain relief
for a decade, counts celebrities and CEOs among her
clients. Now she wants to teach people how to heal
their own bodies for peaceful, pain-free lives. She has
a collection of MP3s for sale on her website that let
people release their own blockages. Reach her at (808)
268-6242; dawncrystalmaui@gmail.com

12. ==> What Doctors Don’t Tell You about Alzheimer’s

If there is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease or a way of
preventing it, you won’t hear about it from your
doctor. What doctors don’t tell you about Alzheimer’s,
Michael Morgan will. Morgan will share three very
important aspects of slowing down, stopping and
potentially even reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s
disease. He’ll outline an approach that involves diet,
exercise and craniosacral therapy. He’s a pioneering
expert in the latter discipline. Invite Morgan to share
strong evidence that craniosacral therapy is effective
in treating at-risk people and those in the early to
mid-stages of dementia. He’ll explain what craniosacral
therapy is and ways it can increase longevity. Morgan
is the author of “The BodyEnergy Longevity
Prescription: How CranioSacral Therapy Helps Prevent
Alzheimer’s and Dementia While Improving the Quality of
Your Life.” Reach him at (312) 543-4719;

13. ==> Are You a Retirement-Planning Underachiever?

The truth is most Americans are not headed for a secure
retirement. But it’s not too late to change course.
Chartered retirement planning counselor Rodger Alan
Friedman, CRPC®, can help your audience figure out if
they are retirement underachievers by providing them
with ten questions to answer. Then, he’ll follow that
up with three simple steps anyone can take right now to
get serious about saving for retirement. Rodger can
also share what not to include in your retirement plan.
He says, “Sure, there will always be bills to pay and
expenses to take care of that can tempt people to put
off salting money away for their golden years. But most
people don’t think of the price they will ultimately
pay for being unprepared.” Rodger Alan Friedman is the
author of “Fire Your Retirement Planner You: Concise
Advice on How to Join the $100,000 Retirement Club.”
Contact him at (844) 3MY-PLAN;

14. ==> April is Stress Awareness Month

We all know that stress is a killer but most of us are
too busy getting through our days to do something about
it. With April being Stress Awareness Month, it’s time
to get a grip on what is driving us crazy, raising our
collective blood pressures and making us sick. Who
better to pass on insights than Tami Gilbert, who was
abandoned by her parents as a teenager and once worked
three jobs at the same time to put herself through
college, earning a master’s degree in nursing and an
MBA? Gilbert will discuss the role faith, sticky notes,
downtime and letting go can play in a healthier you. As
a bonus, she can also explain what you should know if
you are hospitalized, finding yourself attended by
nurses coping with their own feelings of being
unappreciated, overworked and overwhelmed. Her book is
“Courage to Persevere: A Compelling Story of Struggle,
Survival and Triumph.” Reach her at 312-218-1744;

15. ==> Tales of a Celebrity Talent Agent

Until she burned out, Karin Roest jetted around the
world with such celebrities as Pitbull, Britney Spears,
Macklemore and others whose names she is forbidden from
mentioning. She negotiated multimillion-dollar
contracts with top Hollywood managers and lawyers,
catered to their crazy whims and once found herself
walking into a room full of cash. Karin can talk about
those heady days as well as how they literally drove
her to a monastery to save her sanity. These days
Karin’s mission is helping people to be “Purposely
Famous” (famous for a good purpose or cause), to get
clear on their contribution to the world, and to use
their diverse experiences to build their own brand. In
addition, Karin can share some of her own life story
which also included sneaking in and out of war zones
and spending a year in total silence. Reach her at
(646) 801-8944 or support@karinroest.com

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