04/19/16 RTIR E-zine: Foreign Policy, College Acceptance, Stress Awareness

April 19, 2016

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Magazine

01. Cruz on Foreign Policy
02. Friday, April 22nd – Why Earth Day is Important
03. Greenhouse Gas Warming Physically Impossible
04. Happy Birthday! National Parks are Free this Week!
05. Great Mother’s Day Show – Mompreneurs
06. How New Grads Will Change the Workplace
07. The Prom/Sex Myth?
08. College Acceptance – Dollars & Sense
09. Retirement Advice for the Rest of Us
10. Grow Your Own Medicine!
11. Would You Cook for Your Dog?
12. Yoga for Baseball Players
13. April is Stress Awareness Month
14. Spring – Love is in the Air
15. How to Talk About the Birds and Bees

1. ==> Cruz on Foreign Policy

Ted Cruz has a real chance to become the Republican
presidential nominee. So, how is he on foreign policy?
Ivan Eland says Cruz’s pledge to massively increase the
defense budget shows how little he knows. “Cruz is too
much of an amateur in foreign policy and defense to
realize that with two gigantic ocean moats, relatively
weak and friendly neighbors, and the world’s most
capable nuclear arsenal, the United States may be the
most intrinsically secure great power in history.
Contrary to his pledge, the US actually could reduce
its defense budget substantially and remain secure.” He
adds, “Cruz, with only two years of Senate experience
if he is elected president, has shown his amateurish
grasp of foreign policy — a significant deficit that
impaired both George W. Bush and Obama when they took
office. But what are we to do? The only serious
candidate with any foreign policy experience who
remains in the race is Hillary Clinton and she has poor
policy judgment.” Ivan Eland a senior fellow and
director of the Center on Peace and Liberty at the
Independent Institute. He’s the author of several books
including “Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents
on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at
(703) 282-3484 (cell); ieland@independent.org

2. ==> Friday, April 22nd – Why Earth Day is Important

Environmentalist Dr. Ellen Moyer says, “Earth Day
couldn’t be more important this year, with the recent
Paris agreement on climate and the latest research
showing the consequences of climate change to be direr
than previously understood. If we act promptly, we can
address this and other environmental problems with
practical solutions that also save us money and
increase our health and happiness.” Invite Moyer to
discuss the state of our environment and solutions to
the biggest environmental problems we face. Moyer is an
environmental engineer and independent environmental
consultant. She writes for The Huffington Post and is
the author of several books, including an upcoming book
about having fun while creating a sustainable world.
Contact her at (413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

3. ==> Greenhouse Gas Warming Physically Impossible

As world leaders hasten to sign the Paris Climate
Accord on Earth Day, mandating cutbacks in emissions of
greenhouse gases, new research shows that greenhouse
gases do not absorb enough heat to cause global
warming. Invite Dr. Peter Langdon Ward to discuss the
research and the implications. He says, “Warming since
2014 was caused by a major 6-month eruption of
Bárðarbunga volcano in Iceland, the highest rate of
lava eruption since 1783. A magnitude 4.2 earthquake
under Bárðarbunga on April 8 suggests a new eruption
and new warming are possible.” Ward worked 27 years as
a geophysicist and volcanologist with the US Geological
Survey. He spent the last ten years reexamining the
physics of greenhouse warming theory. His book is “What
Really Causes Global Warming? Greenhouse Gases or Ozone
Depletion?” Contact Erin Klein at (866) 949-6868;

4. ==> Happy Birthday! National Parks are Free this

Every national park is free to experience this week as
part of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary
celebration. Invite Mike Oswald on your show and find
out which of the 400+ parks are closest to you, as well
as his picks for some of the smaller, undiscovered
younger siblings of Yosemite and Yellowstone that can’t
be missed. From Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado to
Acadia National Park in Maine and beyond to
destinations such as Haleakala National Park in Hawaii,
these national treasures offer a great opportunity to
explore some of the country’s natural wonders.  Oswald
will discuss popular itineraries and kid-friendly
activities, which parks are his favorites, and what you
need to know before you go.  Oswald wrote the
definitive national parks manual “Your Guide to
National Parks,” a 4-year effort that covers thousands
of hotels, activities, stores, ranger programs and road
trips. Contact him at (414) 828-6346 (WI);

5. ==> Great Mother’s Day Show – Mompreneurs

Let’s face it, Moms have always run the household, but
these days more and more moms are also running their
own businesses. For a fun spin on Mother’s Day, let’s
talk about moms making money their way, as
entrepreneurs, or as we like to call them, mompreneurs.
Invite Tom Scarda, an entrepreneur and franchise
expert, to talk about the many ways mothers today are
embracing the opportunity to be their own boss. “More
females, are buying franchises – from corporate America
refugees being downsized to stay at home moms looking
to make extra money between school buses. More female
celebs are also getting into business like Ivanka Trump
and her line of clothes and accessories.” Scarda will
discuss how to go from employee to employer, and from
signing the back of your check to signing the front.
You’ll also learn the biggest dangers facing novice
buyers and five questions to ask yourself to know if
franchise ownership is for you. Tom Scarda is the
author of “Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies Pros Use to
Pick Top Performing Franchises.” Contact him at (516)
322–1435; Tom@TomScarda.com

6. ==> How New Grads Will Change the Workplace

Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by
2025. But according to Nick Gianoulis, founder of the
consulting and training company The Fun Dept., that
not-so-distant prospect should not send companies into
a panic. In fact, he views the presence of so many
workers born after 1981 as a positive force that will
shift the workplace in ways other generations could
only have dreamed about.  Gianoulis will explain why he
believes we are in the early stages of a workplace
revolution, what younger workers want in a corporate
culture, and how older managers can get the best from
millennials entering the workforce. The Fun Company has
been featured on CNN, BBC News, TedX, and in the
Washington Post. Nick spent 20-years in corporate
management with a company that embraced a “work hard,
play hard” culture. He is the coauthor of “Playing It
Forward.” Contact him at (302) 463-3819;

7. ==> The Prom/Sex Myth?

Does everyone really have sex on prom night? This is a
great call-in show! For about 20 years, Deborah Ann
Davis informally surveyed her high school students on
the topics of sex, drugs and alcohol. Regardless of the
type of school environment, the results were usually
the same. Hardly anyone was actually doing it, and
nearly everyone thought everybody else was doing it
(except them). She says, “The same is true about having
sex on prom night, but does anyone believe it? Not when
full blown adolescent insecurity is pitted against
magical prom night propaganda!” Davis says her mission
is to help the countless teenage girls who repeatedly
make bad dating choices. She teaches them to be
comfortable being single and to be patient and picky
until a healthy relationship presents itself. A 27-year
educator, Deborah Ann Davis is now an educational
speaker and the author of the upcoming book, “A Girls
Guide To Good Guys: The Power Of Being Picky And
Patient.” Contact her at 860-987-3348;

8. ==> College Acceptance – Dollars & Sense

It’s college acceptance time, when high school seniors
choose their next stop on the way to careers and
adulthood. But behind every emotional college decision
is the question of how to pay for that education.
Steven Roberts can talk about how to save on
application fees, lesser known resources to pay for
college, and how to find the right college for you and
your goals. “There are real ways to pay for college –
including top-notch universities – that don’t involve
getting your degree along with tens of thousands of
dollars of debt.” Roberts will explain where to find
scholarship money, why your GPA isn’t everything, and
how to earn money while in school. Roberts was so good
at finding money for college, that his own 2008
engineering degree was more than paid for by 11
scholarships and grants, and he has helped thousands of
people save BIG on college expenses. He’s appeared on
more than 50 radio stations and podcasts and is the
author of “Winning the Money Game in College: Any Major
and Any GPA Can Finish College Debt-Free or Better.”
Contact him at (801) 830-9234;

9. ==> Retirement Advice for the Rest of Us

With Boomers entering retirement with 401ks that have
been decimated by the economy, many soon-to-be seniors
fear the worst for what is supposed to be their ‘Golden
Years.’  Financial advisor Rodger Friedman says, “The
greatest financial conundrum this generation is facing
is longevity.  People are living longer, with higher
health care costs, and continued escalation of living
expenses.  How can we financially afford to keep living
and have a sustainable and satisfying retirement?”
Invite Friedman to discuss the reasons many people
don’t get the right kind of retirement advice, and how
to build a relationship with an adviser that will work
for your individual needs. Friedman will talk about the
biggest risk facing retirees today, why being your own
financial adviser is a big mistake, and how to make
sure your relationship with your adviser is a truly
beneficial one for you. Listeners will also get access
to a free 17 page special report on retirement
planning. Rodger Friedman is the author of “Forging
Bonds of Steel.” Contact him toll free at 1-844 -3- my-
plan or 1-844-369-7526 or

10. ==> Grow Your Own Medicine!

Spring is in the air and gardeners are chomping at the
bit to get growing. Most people think of flowers and
vegetables when they plan a garden, but what if you
could grow your own medicine? Invite Gudrun Penselin to
reveal herbs and medicines right in your kitchen and
backyard that you can use to create real medicine to
prevent and treat common seasonal ailments. Hear how
onions, garlic, ginger and herbs can treat common
problems like ear infections and colds. You’ll learn
which herbs and foods can help bolster your immune
system, and what you can use to treat your cold and flu
symptoms without popping a pill. Gudrun Penselin is an
herbalist with 30 years experience as a practitioner,
teacher, speaker and writer. She produced the
instructional DVD “Herbal Pharmacy for Everyone: A
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Herbal
Preparations.” Contact her at (780) 532-2464;

11. ==> Would You Cook for Your Dog?

People will do anything for their dogs. But what
happens when they cook for them can be absolutely
hysterical. Invite Judy Morgan, a holistic veterinarian
who has long championed making homemade dog food, to
share hilarious stories of cooking misadventures,
vegetarians willing to cook meat only for their dogs
and the occasional starving husband who can’t stop
himself from secretly scarfing the dog’s homemade stew.
And despite the funny tales, Morgan is perfectly
serious about encouraging even people who cannot boil
water to make their own dog food. Dr. Morgan operates
two veterinary practices in New Jersey and has been a
guest on more than 50 radio and television programs.
She’s the author of several books including her latest,
“Canine Kitchen Capers: A Humorous Look at Preparing
Food for Dogs (& Spouses).” Contact her at (856)
881-7470; judy@drjudymorgan.com

12. ==> Yoga for Baseball Players

Most people don’t think of baseball players as yogis,
but Teresa Anne Power says incorporating some yoga
moves will give you a better chance at hitting a home
run! “When a player steps up to home plate, it is
actually the rotation of one’s hips that generates the
power, not the swinging of the bat. In other words, the
better range of motion one has in their hips, the
better the chance for a stronger hit!” Invite Teresa to
share three yoga postures that will help open tight
hips and other ways yoga can help everyone whether they
play sports or not.Teresa Anne Power is a children’s
yoga expert who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs. She’s the author of “The ABCs of Yoga for
Kids” and “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for
Parents and Teachers.”Contact her at (310) 266-7705
(cell); (310) 573-0100 (office)or

13. ==> April is Stress Awareness Month

We all know that stress is a killer but most of us are
too busy getting through our days to do something about
it. With April being Stress Awareness Month, it’s time
to get a grip on what is driving us crazy, raising our
collective blood pressures and making us sick. Who
better to pass on insights than Tami Gilbert, who was
abandoned by her parents as a teenager and once worked
three jobs at the same time to put herself through
college, earning a master’s degree in nursing and an
MBA? Gilbert will discuss the role faith, sticky notes,
downtime and letting go can play in a healthier you. As
a bonus, she can also explain what you should know if
you are hospitalized, finding yourself attended by
nurses coping with their own feelings of being
unappreciated, overworked and overwhelmed. Her book is
“Courage to Persevere: A Compelling Story of Struggle,
Survival and Triumph.” Reach her at 312-218-1744;

14. ==> Spring – Love is in the Air

Spring is all about new beginnings, so maybe it’s time
to try something new. For those who’ve been out of the
dating scene for many years, the thought of getting
back in can be overwhelming. Susan Trammell
understands. At age 62, she left a 40-year marriage and
was suddenly single again. “Needless to say, today’s
world of on-line dating holds all kinds of
opportunities I never imagined when I last dated – that
would be in college. So, I mustered up my courage and
took the plunge, discovering as I did lots of do’s and
don’ts. One of those is that yes, scams do exist; but
there are smart ways to avoid their entrapment and find
the one you’re seeking.” Susan Trammell is a
relationship counselor and the author of four books
including “Secrets of a 21st Century Alchemist.”
Contact her at (404) 376-9852;

15. ==> How to Talk About the Birds and Bees

You know you’ve got to do it, but talking about sex
with your kids is probably pretty low on your list of
‘fun family time.’ But Dr. Claudia Six says there are
lots of natural, healthy ways to teach kids about the
birds and the bees. “Now that’s it’s springtime, pack
everyone up and head to the zoo and let the kids watch
the animals mate! You know you’ve been putting off
having the birds and the bees talk, so here’s your
opener!” Dr. Claudia will share other tips to talk to
kids about sex without stressing… too much.  She says,
“Just remember to answer their questions, ask them
questions, breathe, and use the correct names for body
parts. And don’t make them feel wrong for asking
questions.” Dr. Claudia Six has an M.A. in counseling
psychology and a PhD in clinical sexology.  Her
upcoming book is “Erotic Integrity: How to be True to
Yourself Sexually.” Contact her at (415) 453-6218;

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