04/17/17 RTIR E-zine: Tillerson, L.A. Riots, Faces of Autism

April 17, 2017


01. Trump VS Tillerson: What to Do About North Korea?
02. Trump’s Conflicts of Interest
03. Nat Geo’s LA92: 25-yrs After L.A. Riots
04. Earth Day – Proposed Cuts, Your Kids and Your Wallet
05. Prince Harry talks Therapy
06. Inside Celebrity Journalism
07. What Mae West Taught This Guest
08. Best Family Summer Beaches 2017
09. How to Get Your Spouse to Listen to You
10. New Faces of Autism
11. Prevent Allergies before they Start
12. Phobia Relief Day
13. Reverse Diabetes without Drugs
14. Fortune 500 Secrets Every Woman Should Steal
15. What Makes Someone ‘Undateable’?

1. ==> Trump VS Tillerson: What to Do About North Korea?

Ivan Eland says the diametrically opposed styles of
President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex
Tillerson never have been more on display than in the
current dealings with North Korea. While Trump is
spewing his usual bravado, the taciturn Tillerson’s
comment on North Korea’s latest missile test was
equally succinct and blunt, but much less macho. He
says, “Nuclear deterrence worked for the United States
during the Cold War against the much more potent
nuclear-armed Soviet Union and Communist China, and it
will likely work against even the “crazy like a fox”
Kim Jong-un. Instead of ineffectual negotiations,
bribery, sanctions, sabotage, and threats, giving the
North Koreans all the attention they could ever ask
for, quiet deterrence should have been U.S. policy all
along.” Eland says Tillerson may well understand Teddy
Roosevelt’s famous dictum, “speak softly but carry a
big stick,” but the blustering Trump doesn’t. Ivan
Eland is a senior fellow and the director of the Center
on Peace and Liberty at the Independent Institute. He
is also the author of several books including
“Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace,
Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at (703) 282-3484
(cell); ieland@independent.org, @Ivan_Eland

2. ==> Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

Now that Donald Trump has given his oldest daughter an
official position in the White House, and with her
husband Jared Kushner already under scrutiny for his
business dealings versus his White House role, has the
Trump presidency finally gone too far? What are the
fine lines—finite intricacies—between breaking the
conflicts of interest laws and staying out of trouble?
According to L.A. attorney, J.R. Lanis, Trump may have
upped the ante in terms of engendering more
investigation and scrutiny, and the potential for more
scandal. She’ll explain how the conflicts of interest
laws work and if and how the Trumps may or may not be
able to stay out of trouble. Lanis says, “So many
questions need to be answered in an effort to enlighten
the American public as to what constitutes a conflict
of interest and what it is that keeps an individual on
the right side of the law.” Contact Cherie Kerr at
(714) 550-9900; (714) 271-2140 (cell) or cherie@kerrpr-

3. ==> Nat Geo’s LA92: 25-yrs After L.A. Riots

Twenty-five years after the verdict in the Rodney King
trial sparked several days of protests, violence and
looting in Los Angeles, LA 92, a new feature
documentary from National Geographic Documentary Films,
immerses viewers in that tumultuous period through
stunning and rarely seen archival footage. Interview
Oscar winner directors Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin
(“Undefeated”) about the film, which looks at the
events of 1992 from a multitude of vantage points,
bringing a fresh perspective to a pivotal moment that
reverberates to this day. Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer
at (703) 646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com

4. ==> Earth Day – Proposed Cuts, Your Kids and Your

Earth Day is this Saturday, and the perfect time to
look at pending environmental cuts and how they will
affect not only your health, but more importantly, your
children’s health. While proposed cuts might appear to
save money, Ellen Moyer, Ph.D. says you’ll pay in
other, more important ways. “The environment is not
something ‘out there,’ or where you go on vacation. The
environment enters your body with every breath you
take, every sip you drink, and every bite of food you
consume. By protecting the environment, we can enjoy
happier and healthier lives and create an economic boom
instead of paying ever more for unproductive health and
environmental damage control.” Dr. Moyer will explain
how environment cuts directly hurt us, and how
protecting human and environmental health is a good
deal and easier than we might think. Dr. Moyer is an
environmental consultant and registered professional
engineer with an MS in environmental engineering, a PhD
in civil engineering, and more than 30 years of
environmental engineering experience. She is a regular
contributor to The Huffington Post and the author of
“Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive
While Creating a Sustainable World.” Contact her at
(413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

5. ==> Prince Harry talks Therapy

In the name of destigmatizing mental health struggles,
Britain’s Prince Harry has given an interview about his
long-running emotional struggles in the wake of his
mother’s very public death, culminating in finally
getting some help in his late 20s. Harry said after 20
years of shutting down his emotions, his life began
spiraling out of control. The revelation is a break
with the British monarchy’s stiff-upper-lip tradition,
with Harry joining his brother William and Kate making
mental health, especially for young people, a major
part of their philanthropic efforts. Michelle Nagel
will discuss the importance of Harry’s revelation. “His
courageous admission brings to the forefront the
importance of processing emotions so they don’t control
your life. Adverse childhood experiences can lead to
bad choices, even many years later.” Over the past 15
years, Nagel, the author of “Suffering is Optional:
Step Out of Darkness into the Light” has been guiding
clients through the process of overcoming their
traumatic past and finding internal peace and serenity.
Contact her at (541) 414-7811, or

6. ==> Inside Celebrity Journalism

Invite former celebrity journalist, Allison Kugel to
share never before heard stories about Dave Chappelle,
the Kardashians, 50 Cent, Jenna Jameson, Elle
Macpherson, Stan Lee, Tyrese, Joe Pantoliano, Gloria
Allred, Mike Tyson, Kristin Chenoweth and many other
newsmakers. Allison will provide an ultimate insider’s
guide into the celebrity journalism and publicity
machines that the public doesn’t see, along with shared
personal memories of Hollywood friendships. She also
pulls no punches sharing her own experiences with
anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive
disorder. For a decade, Allison Kugel was entrenched in
the culture of celebrity as an entertainment, pop
culture and political journalist whose work was quoted
and re-printed by hundreds of media outlets, worldwide.
“Journaling Fame” is her first book, and through its
message, she hopes to be an advocate for people living
with anxiety disorders. Contact Jaime Katz at (516)
408-2171, ext. 1; jaime@fullscalemedia.com or Nicole
Link at (516) 408-2171, ext.2;

7. ==> What Mae West Taught This Guest

Back in the day, Mae West was one of America’s sexiest
film stars about whom one famous actor once opined,
“She stole everything but the cameras.” Known for her
sexual innuendos, tight dresses and distaste for
censorship, West remains a Hollywood legend. In 1970,
when the two worked on the pioneering gender-bending
film Myra Breckinridge, Lenay (Marie) Rogus got to know
West. Rogus can reveal what was behind West’s unusual
walk, her tendency to refer to herself in the third
person, the unusual privilege West had written into her
contract and what life was like on the set of
Breckinridge, which Rogus describes as “the first X-
rated movie before there were X-rated movies.”
Breckinridge also starred Raquel Welch and was Farrah
Fawcett’s first film. Her anecdotes about the movie are
among the Hollywood stories she shares in her upcoming
memoir: “Grief Comfort Guide: A Personal Journey from
Loss to Light,” which also details her experience of
losing seven of her loved ones. Contact her at (858)
349-4917 or rogus3@att.net

8. ==> Best Family Summer Beaches 2017

I know it’s only April, but if you want a summer beach
vacation, you gotta do something—now! Just in time for
vacation planning, Family Vacation Critic –
TripAdvisor’s family travel site – is out with its list
of the best beaches for families across the U.S. From
Long Beach Island, New Jersey to Coronado Beach,
California, there’s a beach for everyone, all across
the country. Lissa Poirot, editor-in-chief of Family
Vacation Critic, says choosing an ideal beach for
families can be quite difficult. “Families are looking
for beaches that are not only safe and clean, but also
those that offer a level of convenience that meet the
needs of those traveling with various age groups.
Nearby accommodations, restaurants and attractions – as
well as cost – all add to a beach’s appeal for
families.” Beaches on the list include well-known
summer surf spots as well as small, hidden gems worth a
visit. And, Poirot can share insider tips for getting
the most of a beach vacation. Contact Aubrey Manzo Dunn
at (609) 583-0054; Aubrey@familyvacationcritic.com,

9. ==> How to Get Your Spouse to Listen to You

You’ve told your wife that you don’t like going out
with that annoying couple but she keeps arranging
nights out with them. Or your husband still doesn’t
tell you when he is going to be home late even though
you have asked him over and over again to do so. Jaya
Jaya Myra can end the frustration of couples that don’t
listen to each other. She knows how to get your spouse
to listen to you without nagging. The key, she will
say, is knowing his or her energy type. She will
explain how to tell what their type is, how to figure
out how your energy type differs from theirs and why
this imbalance is behind much frustrating marital
miscommunication. Jaya Jaya Myra is the author of
“Vibrational Healing: Attain Balance & Wholeness.
Understand Your Energetic Type.” She’s been featured on
Fox News, Readers Digest and Bustle. Reach her at
347-476-4358 or jayajayamyra@gmail.com

10. ==> New Faces of Autism

Sesame Street producers say they created Julia to help
explain autism spectrum disorder to millions of viewers
and present accurate portrayals of the condition on
screen, countering decades of stereotypical depictions
of autistic people. Many households nationwide with
autistic family members are hoping Julia, along with an
autistic Power Ranger revealed in a new movie earlier
this month, will change the way next generations of
children view autism. Invite Jeanne Beard, founder of
the National Autism Academy to answer listeners’
questions and help them understand what autism is.
Jeanne Beard is the mother of a 20-year-old autistic
son and the author of “Autism and the Rest of Us: How
to Sustain a Healthy, Functional and Satisfying
Relationship with a Person on the Autism Spectrum.” The
National “Autism Academy provides on-line education and
support to parents of children with autism. Contact her
at (630) 542-1191; jeanne@nationalautismacademy.com.

11. ==> Prevent Allergies before they Start

We may love that winter is over but millions of
Americans dread springtime and the sneezing, coughing
and wheezing that ensues. Stop and smell the flowers?
Many people can’t even go outside! Dr. Jim Roach, a
leading integrative practitioner, says many people
reach for antihistamines to get through the season, but
that comes with its own risks. “Antihistamines can
cause all sorts of problems including brain fog,
urinary retention, acid reflux and constipation. And
they may, as anticholinergics, even promote dementia.”
Dr. Roach will explain how to prevent allergies with
probiotics, zinc and vitamin D and ways to treat
allergy symptoms that actually have beneficial side
effects! Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on numerous radio
and TV programs. He’s a speaker, consultant, educator,
researcher, and widely sought clinician with patients
from across the country. He is also author of “God’s
House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-death
experiences of his patients and seeks to de-stigmatize
spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859)
846-4453 (office); jproach@aol.com

12. ==> Phobia Relief Day

On May 8, people who suffer the shame, fear and stress
that accompanies phobias for such everyday things as
snakes, clowns, spiders, social anxiety and
dentists—can get relief as part of the first annual
Phobia Relief Day. The brainchild of internationally
bestselling author Kalliope Barlis, the special day
will be marked by in-person phobia relief sessions in
New York City as well as training that can be
accessible anywhere in the world through the internet.
Invite her to share what’s going on and how your
listeners can participate. She’ll also discuss the many
different types of phobias and strategies to help deal
with them. Kalliope Barlis is a New York City-based
licensed trainer of NLP who has appeared on CBS, NBC,
Fox and SiriusXM, among other media outlets and has
helped thousands of people conquer their phobias. She
is the author of the internationally bestselling
“Phobia Relief.” Contact her at (718)751-5105;

13. ==> Reverse Diabetes without Drugs

Some 29 million Americans live with diabetes and
another 86 million are pre-diabetic and likely unaware
of their status. Invite Denise Pancyrz to share the
blueprint for how she reversed her diabetes through
holistic life changes. Pancyrz’s own diagnosis of an
advanced form of the disease came when she was in her
40s. Doctors prescribed four insulin shots a day along
with a handful of medications and told her she would be
insulin dependent for the rest of her life. That blunt
prognosis and her own background in the laboratory
industry led her to begin an exhaustive research
program for natural ways to self-heal. She’ll explain
how diabetes is a metabolic problem and why focusing on
good nutrition instead of weight loss is the key to
beating the disease. Certified in holistic nutrition
and homeopathy, Denise Pancyrz is an experienced media
guest and the author of “The Virgin Diabetic.” Contact
her at (630) 281-0873; Denise@reversemydiabetes.net

14. ==> Fortune 500 Secrets Every Woman Should Steal

Women today face monumental challenges in their work
and home lives whether they own their own businesses or
work for others. Connie Rankin, a successful real
estate entrepreneur, best-selling author and sought-
after conference and keynote speaker for Fortune 500
companies, offers women the secrets she gleaned from
Fortune 500 companies.  From tooting your own horn to
staying in the game and knowing when to walk away from
a deal, Connie says every woman can apply these secrets
to her life. A nationally recognized leader in female
empowerment and sought-after media guest in Houston,
Rankin is president of CRES, a commercial real estate
firm. In her new book, “God Gave Us Wings: A Journey to
Success: Theirs, Mine, and Yours she shares the stories
of 10 powerful women, including herself, who have
survived incredible challenges, learned to thrive and
completed the circle by giving back to others. Contact
Megan Salch at (713) 864-1344, ext. 1;

15. ==> What Makes Someone ‘Undateable’?

It could be the color of her nail polish. The way she
wears her hair. Her tattoos or the sound of her voice.
Maybe it’s the limp way he shakes your hand. His bald
spot. Or his awful taste in clothing. Most of us screen
potential dates using preconceived standards (i.e. deal
breakers). Psychiatrist Christine Adams will have your
listeners thinking about how they would answer the
question, “I would never date someone who …” before
calling them out on the snap judgments they use to
foolishly eliminate potential dates. Dr. Adams will
also share why “you should run away fast” when you
experience instant sexual attraction to someone. She
can discuss the best questions to ask on first and
second dates (and how to pay attention to what your
date isn’t asking you). And will argue that in most
cases a single date is never enough to rule someone
out. Dr. Christine Adams is coauthor of “Living On
Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives
and Relationships.” Contact her at (502) 473-0093;

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