04/14/16 RTIR E-zine: Earth Day, Body Diversity, Baseball Meditation

April 14, 2016

01. Environmentalist – Why Earth Day is Important
02. Earth Day – 5 Simple Tips
03. Pssst, New Grads, Interview Secrets
04. The Prom/Sex Myth?
05. Hot Dog! Baseball Season is Here
06. Yoga for Baseball Players
07. Make Mother’s Day Multi-Generational
08. Achoo! Hello Allergy Season
09. Real Medicine without Drugs
10. A Different Type of Psychic – Medical Intuitive
11. Spring – Time to Jump into a New Relationship
12. How to Talk about the Birds and Bees
13. Are We Finally Celebrating Body Diversity?
14. Saturday is Healthcare Decisions Day
15. Vegans want Lisa Simpson

1. ==> Environmentalist – Why Earth Day is Important

Environmentalist Dr. Ellen Moyer says, “Earth Day
couldn’t be more important this year, with the recent
Paris agreement on climate and the latest research
showing the consequences of climate change to be direr
than previously understood. If we act promptly, we can
address this and other environmental problems with
practical solutions that also save us money and
increase our health and happiness.” Invite Moyer to
discuss the state of our environment and solutions to
the biggest environmental problems we face. Moyer is an
environmental engineer and independent environmental
consultant. She writes for The Huffington Post and is
the author of several books, including an upcoming book
about having fun while creating a sustainable world.
Contact her at (413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com.

2. ==> Earth Day – 5 Simple Tips

Recycling can be dirty and frustrating and trying to
figure out what’s toxic, can be confusing, not to
mention time consuming. Environmental advocate Deanna
Ford can make it simpler and offer your listeners five
easy tips to help the environment. You’ll learn how to
shop to save money, time and the environment, along
with better – and safer – ways to clean your body, and
your home!  A military musician turned environmental
advocate, Deanna Ford left a successful career to
become an environmental advocate. She is the author of
the upcoming “The Eco-Optimist’s Guide to Saving Our
Planet,” writes an environmental blog, and is Festival
Chair of the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival.
Contact her at (807) 475-3631; mcoltezo@yahoo.com

3. ==> Pssst, New Grads, Interview Secrets

Spring time is a time for change and new beginnings –
especially for college graduates about to enter the job
market, veterans getting back to civilian life and
women getting back into the workforce.  “One of the
most important conversations you will ever have in your
lifetime is the job interview conversation,” says
Debbie Silverman, a human behavior specialist. She’ll
explain why many people are unprepared for an
interview, and while they may have the skill set for a
particular job, they don’t have good ‘soft skills.’
From body language to using the right verbiage,
Silverman says , “The words we use in a conversation
and how we understand the silent conversation—facial
expressions, body language—is the difference between
dreaming about what you want and actually getting it,
in a job interview and in life!”  She’ll discuss how
five simple steps will give you an unfair advantage in
the job market and explain the difference between
showing up to interview and showing up to win! Debbie
Silverman is a human behavior specialist, NLP
practitioner and the author of “It’s Just a
Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in
Business.”  Contact her at (954) 610-1403

4. ==> The Prom/Sex Myth?

Does everyone really have sex on prom night? This is a
great call-in show! For about 20 years, Deborah Ann
Davis informally surveyed her high school students on
the topics of sex, drugs and alcohol. Regardless of the
type of school environment, the results were usually
the same. Hardly anyone was actually doing it, and
nearly everyone thought everybody else was doing it
(except them). She says, “The same is true about having
sex on prom night, but does anyone believe it? Not when
full blown adolescent insecurity is pitted against
magical prom night propaganda!” Davis says her mission
is to help the countless teenage girls who repeatedly
make bad dating choices. She teaches them to be
comfortable being single and to be patient and picky
until a healthy relationship presents itself. A 27-year
educator, Deborah Ann Davis is now an educational
speaker and the author of the upcoming book, “A Girls
Guide To Good Guys: The Power Of Being Picky And
Patient.” Contact her at 860-987-3348;

5. ==> Hot Dog! Baseball Season is Here

Baseball season is underway! Anybody who goes to the
ballpark knows you can’t leave without a hot dog, and
everybody’s got a favorite way to eat them. Talk about
your favorite ballpark food and some crazy concoctions
they’re serving at stadiums across the country. Eric
Mittenthal of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council
estimates that baseball fans will consume more than
19.4 million hot dogs and over 4.3 million sausages
during the 2016 Major League baseball season. “There
are challengers galore, but hot dogs remain king of the
concession stand! From childhood through old age there
are two things guaranteed to put a smile on your face:
baseball and hot dogs. It’s the perfect combination.”
From the Chips and Dip Dog with French onion dip,
potato chips and green onions in Detroit, to the Mac
and Cheetos Dog with mac and cheese and cheetos atop a
Vienna hot dog that Cubs fans gobble up, Eric will run
down ballpark favorites across the country. Contact
Eric Mittenthal at (202) 587-4238;

6. ==> Yoga for Baseball Players

Most people don’t think of baseball players as yogis,
but Teresa Anne Power says incorporating some yoga
moves will give you a better chance at hitting a home
run! “When a player steps up to home plate, it is
actually the rotation of one’s hips that generates the
power, not the swinging of the bat. In other words, the
better range of motion one has in their hips, the
better the chance for a stronger hit!” Invite Teresa to
share three yoga postures that will help open tight
hips and other ways yoga can help everyone whether they
play sports or not.
Teresa Anne Power is a children’s yoga expert who has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. She’s the
author of “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids” and “The ABCs of
Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.”
Contact her at (310) 266-7705 (cell);
(310) 573-0100 (office)or teresa@abcyogaforkids.com

7. ==> Make Mother’s Day Multi-Generational

Your mom took care of you. You take care of your
children.  And now, you’re taking care of your mom.
This Mother’s Day, invite Stephanie Erickson to share
ways to celebrate all the mothers in your family with
simple activities that connect the generations – from
grandma to grandchild. She says, “If your mother has
cognitive losses or physical limitations you can still
create special moments to celebrate your relationship
with multi-generational activities like making a video,
creating an on-line photo album or heading into the
kitchen to share family recipes. Erickson adds,
“Caregivers are overwhelmingly women, many of whom have
full-time jobs and children. These activities are a way
for a mother, sandwiched between her kids and aging
mom, to feel connected to both. Plus, you’re creating
family memories and traditions that will live on in the
form of videos, albums, and meals!”  Stephanie Erickson
is licensed social worker, caregiving expert, radio
host and speaker.  Contact her at (514) 795-7377;

8. ==> Achoo! Hello Allergy Season

The warm weather, the sunny days, we open the windows…
and start sneezing. For those who feel cursed by spring
pollen and allergies, Dr. James Hubbard, AKA The
Survival Doctor, will explain why starting treatment
early is your best defense, and what that treatment is.
He shares the most effective way to use over-counter-
products, why nasal irrigation is his favorite non-
medicine treatment, why some people swear by local
honey, why nothing makes you allergy proof and why that
matters. Dr. Hubbard is a long-time family physician
and survival medicine expert. He shares his common-
sense health advice on dozens of radio shows, podcasts
and blogs nationwide, teaches easy-to-follow, makeshift
ways to survive disasters and in the wild, and is the
author of “The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds” and
“The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns.” Contact him at
(719) 576-2353; thesurvivaldoctor@gmail.com

9. ==> Real Medicine without Drugs

In today’s society, there’s a pill for just about every
ailment and health issue. But Dr. Kathleen Fry says
there are other ways to treat illness and stay healthy
without drugs. Dr. Fry will explain what homeopathy is,
how it ‘s worked for millions of people around the
globe, and how the average person with no medical
training can use it for common ailments like colds,
flu, ear infections and food poisoning. A
conventionally trained medical doctor, Dr. Fry gave up
a lucrative Ob/Gyn practice in Scottsdale, Arizona to
care for her clients using a less toxic, more powerful
form of healing that restores people to health without
pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Fry had a regular monthly
call in show in Phoenix for more than 10 years. Her
latest book is “”VITALITY! How To Get It and Keep It: A
Homeopath’s Guide to Vibrant Health Without Drugs.”
Contact her at (480) 695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

10. ==> A Different Type of Psychic – Medical Intuitive

Many people are familiar with the Long Island Medium
and other TV psychics but did you know there are
psychics that do more than entertain on television?
Medical doctor and medical intuitive Dr. Veronica
Anderson will tell you how to use psychics to uncover
the spiritual and emotional causes of illnesses. She’ll
explain how to use a medical intuitive to help
determine the source of chronic pain, address
allergies, and demystify causes of excess weight, sleep
and addiction issues.  Dr. Veronica will share how she
applies her life experiences, knowledge of science, and
educational and medical background to help people in a
different way. Dr. Veronica Anderson has appeared on
many radio programs and national TV talk shows
including Fox’s Our World with Neil Cavuto, CNN, and
Live with Adam Carolla. Contact her at (609) 577-9893;

11. ==> Spring – Time to Jump into a New Relationship

Spring is all about new beginnings, so maybe it’s time
to try something new. For those who’ve been out of the
dating scene for many years, the thought of getting
back in can be overwhelming. Susan Trammell
understands. At age 62, she left a 40-year marriage and
was suddenly single again. “Needless to say, today’s
world of on-line dating holds all kinds of
opportunities I never imagined when I last dated – that
would be in college. So, I mustered up my courage and
took the plunge, discovering as I did lots of do’s and
don’ts. One of those is that yes, scams do exist; but
there are smart ways to avoid their entrapment and find
the one you’re seeking.” Susan Trammell is a
relationship counselor and the author of four books
including “Secrets of a 21st Century Alchemist.”
Contact her at (404) 376-9852;

12. ==> How to Talk about the Birds and Bees

You know you’ve got to do it, but talking about sex
with your kids is probably pretty low on your list of
‘fun family time.’ But Dr. Claudia Six says there are
lots of natural, healthy ways to teach kids about the
birds and the bees. “Now that it’s springtime, pack
everyone up and head to the zoo and let the kids watch
the animals mate! If you’ve been putting off having the
birds and the bees talk, here’s a natural way to start
the conversation!” Dr. Claudia will share other tips to
talk to kids about sex without stressing… too much.
She says, “Just remember to answer their questions, ask
them questions, breathe, and use the correct names for
body parts. And don’t make them feel wrong for asking
questions.” Dr. Claudia Six has an M.A. in counseling
psychology and a PhD in clinical sexology.  Her
upcoming book is “Erotic Integrity: How to be True to
Yourself Sexually.” Contact her at (415) 453-6218;

13. ==> Are We Finally Celebrating Body Diversity?

For the first time, Sports Illustrated celebrated body
diversity on the cover of its famous Swimsuit Issue by
featuring three different covers with three very
different sized women. Yet, there was a social media
dust-up when Glamour magazine labeled Amy Schumer
“plus-sized” in a recent issue. What message are we
sending women? And is it healthy? Invite R. Belldon
Colme, a wellness and nutritional weight loss expert to
discuss the issue. He says, “The important factor is
achieving nutritional balance for a healthy metabolism.
When that balance is achieved, body size takes care of
itself and can be quite different from person to
person.” Belldon says everyone has their own unique
body shape which should be celebrated and honored. He
says women often strive for an unattainable version of
themselves that leaves them frustrated and feeling
badly.  Belldon Colme is the founder and creator of
Nutri-90 Weight Loss. He’s a recognized speaker on
nutritional weight loss and works to get accurate
nutrition education into grade schools. He’s the author
of the upcoming book, “Nourishment for Body and
Spirit—The Holistic Path to Lasting Weight Management.”
Contact him at (909) 363-6566;

14. ==> Saturday is Healthcare Decisions Day

Emergency medicine physician Kevin Haselhorst has seen
his share of patients and family members who failed to
ask the tough questions that would have benefitted them
most during their medical crises. According to
Haselhorst, patients’ fears prevent them from asking
for information. “This fear factor sabotages patients’
ability to have their end-of-life wishes come true,” he
says. Invite him to share a list of ten questions
patients should ask their physicians. From when a
procedure or test is necessary to managing pain and
weighing treatment options, Dr. Haselhorst will explain
what to ask, and why. National Healthcare Decisions Day
is a nationwide event aimed at demystifying healthcare
decisions.  Haselhorst is an emergency medicine
physician affiliated in Phoenix. He’s also the author
of “Wishes to Die For,” an introspective guide to
advance care planning. Contact him at (480) 907-6027;

15. ==> Vegans want Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson of “The Simpsons” is already a vegetarian,
but fans want writers to take her advocacy for animals
one step further. A petition urging the show’s writers
to make Lisa Simpson vegan has gathered over 20,000
signatures. Longtime fan Matthew Hanson says he started
the campaign because to him, veganism promotes global
justice. “I’ve read people testifying to the fact that
Lisa was a major influence on them, or that she was a
role model who helped them be the best person they
could be when others around them were less supportive.
The Simpsons gets millions of viewers every episode, so
it greatly influences culture. I think Lisa should
continue to be a positive role model, just updated for
2016.” Lisa Simpson went vegetarian in the seventh
season of the show, when she bonded with a lamb at a
petting zoo. The episode featured Paul McCartney, whose
condition for appearing on the show was that Lisa would
remain vegetarian for the rest of the series. Contact
Madison Donzis at (210) 488-6220;

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