04/07/16 RTIR E-zine: College Protests, Sneeze-Free Spring, Healthcare Decisions

April 7, 2016

01. Panama Papers Fallout: Iceland PM
02. Panama Papers and Trade Agreements
03. Campus Protests Fossil Fuel Connection
04. College – The Dollars and Cents
05. How to Survive the Apocalypse
06. Security Expert – How to Stay Safe Anywhere
07. Real Medicine Without Drugs
08. How to Have a Sneeze-Free Spring
09. Healthcare Decisions Day – April 16
10. Friday is Kids’ Yoga Day
11. Top 5 2016 Travel Destinations
12. Retirement – Best Tips & Biggest Risks
13. Build Wealth – Without Stocks or Mutual Funds
14. From Successful Business Exec to Student Mentor
15. Pets Get Spring Allergies Too!

1. ==> Panama Papers Fallout: Iceland PM

Iceland’s leader has “temporarily stepped aside” amid
calls for his resignation after leaked documents linked
him to an offshore company. The Panama Papers outed
politicians and business people around the world hiding
their wealth in secretive shell companies and offshore
tax shelters. Paul Fontaine, news editor of the
Reykjavík Grapevine, says, “While the Prime Minister’s
particular role in the Panama Papers leak is huge, and
I don’t want to downplay it, I also don’t want to
downplay the involvement other Icelanders — and the
countless others around the world — also had in this.
The greater crime, which the Panama Papers illustrate
comprehensively, is that we have a secret economy
connected to and even supporting some of the worst
aspects of the global capitalist system.” Contact Paul
Fontaine at 011-354-540-3603, paul@grapevine.is,

2. ==> Panama Papers and Trade Agreements

On Tuesday, President Obama claimed that activity like
that exposed by the Panama Papers was the result of
“poorly designed” laws, but some analysts say the
relevant regulations weren’t t exactly “poorly
designed,” but skillfully designed to facilitate
certain interests. Lori Wallach, director of Public
Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, says, “It’s worth nothing
that in 2011 the White House said that the U.S.-Panama
Free Trade Agreement and various tax haven/secrecy
‘reforms’ extracted from Panama would end Panama’s
financial crime secrecy protections and tax haven and
money laundering activities. The Panama Papers just
show once again how entirely cynical and meaningless
are American presidents’ and corporate boosters’ lavish
promises of economic benefits and policy reforms from
trade agreements. In fact the FTA’s investor
protections and official U.S. stamp of approval made it
safer to send dirty money to Panama. … Now the same
cast of characters is making equally outlandish
promises of the benefits of the TPP [Trans-Pacific
Partnership].” Contact Nick Florko at (202) 454-5108,
nflorko@citizen.org, @PCGTW

3. ==> Campus Protests Fossil Fuel Connection

On more than 400 campuses across the country, students
and faculty have organized to demand that their
endowments divest from fossil fuels.  To date, over 500
institutions around the world representing over $3.4
trillion in assets under management have committed to
some level of fossil fuel divestment. At Swarthmore
University, students are demanding that a board member
recuse herself from future conversations on fossil fuel
divestment due to her significant personal and
financial ties to the fossil fuel industry. “Just as
the power of the fossil fuel industry has impeded
meaningful climate change action at the highest levels
of our government, Board members’ personal and
financial ties to the fossil fuel industry are holding
back our college from taking the necessary action to
address the urgency of the climate crisis,” says Shana
Herman, a student and divestment organizer with
Swarthmore Mountain Justice.  “It is important that we
align our investments with our college’s values as an
institution deeply influenced by the Quaker tradition
of social justice.” Contact Blair FitzGibbon at (202)

4. ==> College – The Dollars and Cents

It’s college acceptance time, when high school seniors
choose their next stop on the way to careers and
adulthood. But behind every emotional college decision
is the question of how to pay for that education.
Steven Roberts can talk about how to save on
application fees, lesser known resources to pay for
college, and how to find the right college for you and
your goals. “There are real ways to pay for college –
including top-notch universities – that don’t involve
getting your degree along with tens of thousands of
dollars of debt.” Roberts will explain where to find
scholarship money, why your GPA isn’t everything, and
how to earn money while in school. Roberts was so good
at finding money for college, that his own 2008
engineering degree was more than paid for by 11
scholarships and grants, and he has helped thousands of
people save BIG on college expenses. He’s appeared on
more than 50 radio stations and podcasts and is the
author of “Winning the Money Game in College: Any Major
and Any GPA Can Finish College Debt-Free or Better.”
Contact him at (801) 830-9234;

5. ==> How to Survive the Apocalypse

Dystopian sci-fi epics and political dramas are
everywhere and have been in recent years. The Hunger
Games, The Divergent series and Ender’s Game; it seems
we love to contemplate the apocalypse. But why, after a
hard day’s work, do we come home and flop down on the
couch to relax and watch our own destruction?  For fun?
What in the world is going on? Alissa Wilkinson and Dr.
Robert Joustra say apocalyptic literature isn’t really
about the end of the world and that it reveals more
than it predicts.  They’ll discuss the popular culture
shift from utopian to dystopian – from the sacrificial
valor of Hobbits to the scorched landscapes of today –
and what that says about the state of our culture.
They’ll also share the history of apocalypse stories
and how they’ve been rewritten and reimagined as
civilizations and cultures have changed. Alissa
Wilkinson is an assistant professor at The King’s
College. Robert Joustra is director of the Centre for
Christian Scholarship and a Professor of Politics &
International Studies at Redeemer University College.
Together they’ve written “How to Survive the
Apocalypse: Zombies, Cylons, Faith & Politics at the
End of the World.” Contact Jason Jones at

6. ==> Security Expert – How to Stay Safe Anywhere

U.S. citizens traveling to and throughout Europe have
been advised that “terrorist groups continue to plan
near-term attacks” in the region, possibly targeting
sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and
transportation. Here at home, the recent Brussels
attacks remind us that terrorism can happen anywhere,
at any time. Robert Sholly, a retired army colonel who
is experienced in both counter-terrorism and performing
international security assessments, says while we
cannot live in fear, it is wise to live with caution
and prudence. He’ll discuss the most dangerous public
places and how to keep your family safer in movie
theaters, malls, restaurants and while travelling.
He’ll explain why you need a security plan before you
enter a mall, what to do if shots are fired in a
crowded movie theater and the physical signs to watch
for that could identify a potential shooter on public
transportation. As a counter-terrorism specialist,
Sholly evaluated and designed security for dams,
tunnels, ports, airports and international boundaries.
Sholly has designed security plans for family homes,
corporate buildings, compounds and large
infrastructures. He speaks Arabic, Farsi, Dari and is a
Middle East security specialist. He was also a member
of the United Nations international peace keeping
forces that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988. Contact
him at (281) 482-8887; robert@robertsholly.com

7. ==> Real Medicine Without Drugs

In today’s society, there’s a pill for just about every
ailment and health issue. But Dr. Kathleen Fry says
there are other ways to treat illness and stay healthy
without drugs. Dr. Fry will explain what homeopathy is,
how it ‘s worked for millions of people around the
globe, and how the average person with no medical
training can use it for common ailments like colds,
flu, ear infections and food poisoning. A
conventionally trained medical doctor, Dr. Fry gave up
a lucrative Ob/Gyn practice in Scottsdale, Arizona to
care for her clients using a less toxic, more powerful
form of healing that restores people to health without
pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Fry had a regular monthly
call in show in Phoenix for more than 10 years. Her
latest book is “”VITALITY! How To Get It and Keep It: A
Homeopath’s Guide to Vibrant Health Without Drugs.”
Contact her at (480) 695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

8. ==> How to Have a Sneeze-Free Spring

We may love that winter is over but millions of
Americans dread springtime and the sneezing, coughing
and wheezing that ensues. Stop and smell the flowers?
Many people can’t even go outside! Dr. Jim Roach, a
leading integrative practitioner, says many people
reach for antihistamines to get through the season, but
that comes with its own risks. “Antihistamines can
cause all sorts of problems including brain fog,
urinary retention, acid reflux and constipation. And
they may, as anticholinergics, even promote dementia.”
Dr. Roach will explain how to prevent allergies with
probiotics, zinc and vitamin D and ways to treat
allergy symptoms that actually have beneficial side
effects!  Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on numerous radio
and TV programs. He’s a speaker, consultant, educator,
researcher, and widely sought clinician with patients
from across the country. He is also author of “God’s
House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-death
experiences of his patients and seeks to de-stigmatize
spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859)
846-4453 (office);  jproach@aol.com

9. ==> Healthcare Decisions Day – April 16

Emergency medicine physician Kevin Haselhorst has seen
his share of patients and family members who failed to
ask the tough questions that would have benefitted them
most during their medical crises. According to
Haselhorst, patients’ fears prevent them from asking
for information. “This fear factor sabotages patients’
ability to have their end-of-life wishes come true,” he
says. Invite him to share a list of ten questions
patients should ask their physicians. From when a
procedure or test is necessary to managing pain and
weighing treatment options, Dr. Haselhorst will explain
what to ask, and why. National Healthcare Decisions Day
is a nationwide event aimed at demystifying healthcare
decisions.  Haselhorst is an emergency medicine
physician affiliated in Phoenix. He’s also the author
of “Wishes to Die For,” an introspective guide to
advance care planning. Contact him at (480) 907-6027;

10.==> Friday is Kids’ Yoga Day

On Friday, April 8, at 11 a.m., thousands of
schoolchildren around the world, will put down their
books and let their imaginations run free as they mold
themselves into trees, flamingos, windmills, kites and
other kid-friendly yoga positions. They’ll be joined by
children at home and other locations, all led by more
than 100 official ambassadors to raise global awareness
about yoga for kids. It’s all part of the first annual
Kids’ Yoga Day envisioned by Teresa Anne Power. Invite
her on your show to share how yoga can help mold kids’
bodies and their minds. More than a great way to become
fit, she says parents who practice yoga with their kids
get a bonus: stronger relationships with them. You’ll
learn specific poses to help ADD and ADHD behaviors and
hear how yoga can be fun for everyone, even parents who
think they’re not flexible. Teresa Anne Power is an
avid yoga practitioner, teacher and speaker. She’s been
featured in USA Today and on LA’s Fox 11 TV. Her latest
book is “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents
and Teachers.” Contact her at (310) 266-7705;

11. ==> Top 5 2016 Travel Destinations

With a relatively high trading U.S dollar, 2016 is
shaping up to be the best time in years to take a trip
abroad – without spending a fortune! Ultra-economical
travel expert Russell Hannon will share little-known
destinations that have never been easier to access,
surprising spots with the most stunning natural sites,
and the hottest city for travelling right now. Russell
Hannon is a travel expert who has been featured by
Johnny Jet, CNBC, FOX, America Tonight, CTV, ShopSmart,
Yahoo Finance, and Around the World Travel TV. He is
the author of “Stop Dreaming Start Traveling: The
Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and Spending Less.”
Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

12. ==> Retirement  – Best Tips & Biggest Risks

With Boomers entering retirement with 401ks that have
been decimated by the economy, many soon-to-be seniors
fear the worst for what is supposed to be their ‘Golden
Years.’  Financial advisor Rodger Friedman says, “The
greatest financial conundrum this generation is facing
is longevity.  People are living longer, with higher
health care costs, and continued escalation of living
expenses.  How can we financially afford to keep living
and have a sustainable and satisfying retirement?”
Invite Friedman to discuss the reasons many people
don’t get the right kind of retirement advice, and how
to build a relationship with an adviser that will work
for your individual needs. Friedman will talk about the
biggest risk facing retirees today, why being your own
financial adviser is a big mistake, and how to make
sure your relationship with your adviser is a truly
beneficial one for you. Listeners will also get access
to a free 17 page special report on retirement
planning. Rodger Friedman is the author of “Forging
Bonds of Steel.” Contact him toll free at 1-844 -3- my-
plan or 1-844-369-7526 or

13. ==> Build Wealth – Without Stocks or Mutual Funds

Invite John Jamieson to reveal the ultimate blueprint
of little-known, powerful strategies for building
diversified wealth and income. He’ll share how to beat
the bank, reduce your taxes by up to 50 percent, create
your own pension and much, much more. Your listeners
will learn real ways to grow and protect money by
saving, investing (in little known yet powerful
vehicles), and using small business strategies to make
a business more profitable or launch a dream business
and make money right away instead of waiting two years.
He’ll also explain how to double retirement income from
an IRA in just 7 years with no market risk. John
Jamieson has come a long way from his days of being a
high school failure and a college dropout. He’s been a
successful businessman for over 22 years and has
launched several companies. He’s also the author of
“The Perpetual Wealth System.” Contact him at (586)
944-0794;  john@theperpetualwealthsystem.com

14. ==> From Successful Business Exec to Student Mentor

Julia Donnelly has always had a passion for teaching,
but when she was choosing a career her parents steered
her into business so she could make money. So she did,
but she never lost her love for teaching and helping
young adults. “So many college students are without the
resources to help them sort through their personal
conflicts. The same skills I’ve used in project
management are invaluable for identifying the sources
of conflict – the type that often creates mental and
emotional confusion, and clouds our ability to tap into
our hearts, and our real desires, core talents and
abilities.” Invite Julia to discuss how she teaches
students to identify their core strengths and
abilities, how to manage school projects like a
business pro, and realize and release their anxiety
triggers.  Julia Donnelly is a 25 year veteran in
global project managing and consulting. She is the
author of the upcoming book, “Get Productive in a
Multi-Task World, a Student’s Guide to Getting it Done!
“ Contact her at (609) 304-4056 (CT);

15. ==> Pets Get Spring Allergies Too!

Did you know that animals can also suffer from spring
allergies? Invite veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan to share
natural treatments for spring allergies in pets. She’ll
also reveal non-toxic, natural ways to fight fleas and
ticks and ways to help pets who suffer from
thunderstorm anxiety. Dr. Morgan says many people don’t
realize some fresh fruits and vegetables can be harmful
to animals. She’ll run down which are safe, and what to
avoid. Dr. Morgan has been a practicing veterinarian
for more than 30 years. She is the author of several
books and is co-host of a podcast on holistic pet care.
Contact Dr. Morgan at (609) 202-0999; (856)881-7470 or

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