04/05/16 RTIR E-zine: Panama, Kids Yoga, Summer Beach Bets

April 5, 2016

01. #PanamaPapers
02. Is Trump Right on NATO?
03. White House – 2030 Heat Wave will Kill 11K
04. NCAA Recap
05. Real March Madness – How to Afford Villanova
06. Docs, Drugs & Pain – Options Beyond Opioids
07. Who is Presidential?
08. Natural Spring Allergy Treatments
09. April 8th – Kids’ Yoga Day
10. April is Stress Awareness Month
11. National Healthcare Decisions Day, April 16
12. Best Family Summer Beach Bets
13. Kids – Super Heroes Need Super Food
14. Fun Political Show – Music and Presidents
15. Play it Forward: The Benefits of Fun at Work

1. ==> #PanamaPapers

James Henry is featured in the Australian Broadcasting
Corporation’s documentary “Panama Papers and Mossack
Fonseca Explained.”
He says, “As this story develops, it’s important to
keep several key things in mind: First, it’s not a new
story. The specifics this time are new, but there have
been scores of exposes about such schemes for decades.
The pattern to date is that people notice briefly, a
few big names are noted — and the problem continues
and no governmental action to stop it takes place. It’s
also important to note that even though they’re
sometimes called ‘tax havens’ — that’s often not the
main function here. It’s like the bar in ‘Star Wars’ —
every conceivable tool to facilitate kleptocrats is
offered here. It’s about theft of public assets,
concealing bribes, financial fraud, corruption,
irresponsible finance.” Henry’s books include “The
Blood Bankers: Tales from the Global Underground
Economy” and the forthcoming “The Pirate Bankers.”
Contact him at (631) 725-5202; (516) 721-1452 (cell) or
jamesshelburnehenry@mac.com, @submergingmkt

2. ==> Is Trump Right on NATO?

On Saturday, Donald Trump went further than ever before
in his criticism of the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization, telling a crowd that he would be fine if
NATO broke up. Trump who had previously questioned the
need for the organization, reiterated his criticism
that other NATO countries were “not paying their fair
share” in comparison with the United States. David
Gibbs says, “While Trump’s foreign policy positions are
bombastic and casually thought out, he does show
insight on certain issues, such as the excessive cost
of U.S. overseas bases and the unreasonable burdens
these commitments place on U.S. taxpayers. Trump is
right to question the value of the NATO alliance —
which could be viewed as an expensive anachronism and a
throwback to the Cold War. Hopefully, Trump’s
statements will trigger a long overdue debate on why
the U.S. is spending so much money to maintain its Cold
War alliance system, which is ill-suited to the actual
security requirements of the 21st century as well as a
questionable use of taxpayer funds. I make these points
as someone who thinks many of Trump’s policies would be
disastrous.” Gibbs is a professor of history at the
University of Arizona who has written extensively on
NATO. He’s the author of “First Do No Harm:
Humanitarian Intervention and the Destruction of
Yugoslavia.” Contact him at (520) 621-5416;

3. ==> White House – 2030 Heat Wave will Kill 11K

According to a White House report released yesterday,
extreme temperatures associated with climate change
could lead to 11,000 deaths in the summer of 2030. By
2100, that estimate would jump to 27,000. Scientists
anticipate a rise in average temperature of 3 or 4
degrees Celsius by 2030. Invite Dr. Peter Langdon Ward
to discuss the issue of global warming and why the
greenhouse warming theory may likely be wrong. Ward
worked 27 years as a geophysicist and volcanologist
with the US Geological Survey. He spent the last ten
years reexamining the many assumptions underlying
greenhouse warming theory. Ward is the author of “What
Really Causes Global Warming? Greenhouse Gases or Ozone
Depletion?” Contact him at (307) 733-3664;

4. ==> NCAA Recap

The games are over, but let’s talk about the talent we
saw on the court this month! Invite longtime top
evaluator of college basketball players
Richard Sheubrooks to talk March Madness from an
insider perspective. He’ll discuss the top recruits,
which players are ready to step right into the NBA,
which are great at the college level but not likely to
make top pros, which schools in the March Madness
tournament produce the most and/or the best pros, etc.
Richard Sheubrooks is a former NBA scouting director
and marketing executive with NIKE. He’s worked with
legendary UCLA coach John Wooden, Jerry West and
Michael Jordan. He’s the author of “The Greatest Story
Never Told,” and the upcoming book “The Assist,”
inspired by Michael Jordan and Dean Smith. Contact him
at (980) 230-3070; richsheu23@gmail.com

5. ==> Real March Madness – How to Afford Villanova

Colleges and universities were in full display this
month with March Madness and the NCAA basketball
tournament. But let’s face it, many families only wish
they could afford to send a kid to a school like
Villanova University. Steven Roberts says forget taking
out loans, there are real ways to pay for college –
including top-notch universities – that don’t involve
getting your degree along with tens of thousands of
dollars of debt. Roberts will explain where to find
scholarship money, why your GPA isn’t everything, and
how to earn money while in school. Roberts was so good
at finding money for college, that his own 2008
engineering degree was more than paid for by 11
scholarships and grants. He’s appeared on more than 50
radio stations and podcasts and is the author of
“Winning the Money Game in College: Any Major and Any
GPA Can Finish College Debt-Free or Better.” Contact
him at (801) 830-9234;

6. ==> Docs, Drugs & Pain – Options Beyond Opioids

After doctors and health insurers created the worst
drug epidemic in U.S. history by favoring the use of
highly addictive opioid prescription painkillers over
other available treatments for pain, they continue to
ignore common sense solutions to curtailing the opioid
epidemic, according to chronic pain treatment expert
Cindy Perlin.  According to Perlin, “Many safe,
effective, nonpharmceutical options for treating pain
exist but doctors continue to prescribe opioids rather
than refer their patients for other proven treatments
such as physical therapy, chiropractic, massage,
acupuncture and psychotherapy.”  Perlin also noted a
recent study that found that 91% of patients who
survive an overdose are given another prescription for
an opioid. “This has got to stop,” she says.  Perlin is
a chronic pain survivor, licensed social worker, and
certified biofeedback practitioner who has appeared on
numerous radio and TV programs. She’s the author of
“The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and
Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her
at (518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

7. ==> Who is Presidential?

The field has shrunk, but debate is open on exactly who
will wind up on the ballot this November. But which
candidates are actually presidential? Invite PR pro and
author Cherie Kerr to break down the style/demeanor and
messaging/content of those left in the race for the
White House. Kerr teaches communication skills to
Fortune 100 companies and lectures at Universities.
She’s also a speech writer and a founding member of the
L.A. Groundlings (Melissa McCarthy, Phil Hartman, Julia
Sweeney, Kristen Wiig, Will Farrell, Cheryl Hines,
Kathy Griffin, etc.) You’ll enjoy her energetic,
direct, incisive and often humorous take on what will
and won’t work for those still in the race. Cherie has
appeared on numerous radio and TV shows. She’s the
owner of ExecuProv, a presentation/communications
training company and the author of several books
including “How to Be Presidential.” Contact her at
(714) 550-9900; (714) 271-2140 (cell) or cherie@kerrpr-

8. ==> Natural Spring Allergy Treatments

Spring is beautiful with all the flowering trees and
buds, but it can wreak havoc on anyone who suffers from
spring allergies. Before you reach for allergy
medication, Sophia Gushee has some natural ways to
alleviate spring allergy symptoms! She says, “As your
first line of defense, check your local pollen levels
each day during spring. On days with especially high
pollen levels, wear sunglasses when outside to protect
your eyes from irritation, and keep the windows closed
in your home.” Gushee says allergy sufferers should
invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter that can pick up
smaller particles like pollen. And for symptom relief,
she says many people swear by turmeric and drinking a
mixture of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and
water. Exposure expert and author of “A to Z of D-
Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic
Exposures,” Sophia Gushée can provide detoxing tips on
water, kitchen, home, nursery, office, and more.
Contact her at (917) 208-9842 (NY); srgushee@gmail.com

9. ==> April 8th – Kids’ Yoga Day

On April 8, at 11 a.m., thousands of schoolchildren
around the world, will put down their books and let
their imaginations run free as they mold themselves
into trees, flamingos, windmills, kites and other kid-
friendly yoga positions. They’ll be joined by children
at home and other locations, all led by more than 100
official ambassadors to raise global awareness about
yoga for kids. It’s all part of the first annual Kids’
Yoga Day envisioned by Teresa Anne Power. Invite her on
your show to share how yoga can help mold kids’ bodies
and their minds. More than a great way to become fit,
she says parents who practice yoga with their kids get
a bonus: stronger relationships with them. You’ll learn
specific poses to help ADD and ADHD behaviors and hear
how yoga can be fun for everyone, even parents who
think they’re not flexible. Teresa Anne Power is an
avid yoga practitioner, teacher and speaker. She’s been
featured in USA Today and on LA’s Fox 11 TV. Her latest
book is “The ABCs of Yoga for Kids: A Guide for Parents
and Teachers.” Contact her at (310) 266-7705;

10. ==> April is Stress Awareness Month

We all know that stress is a killer but most of us are
too busy getting through our days to do something about
it. With April being Stress Awareness Month, it’s time
to get a grip on what is driving us crazy, raising our
collective blood pressures and making us sick. Who
better to pass on insights than Tami Gilbert, who was
abandoned by her parents as a teenager and once worked
three jobs at the same time to put herself through
college, earning a master’s degree in nursing and an
MBA? Gilbert will discuss the role faith, sticky notes,
downtime and letting go can play in a healthier you. As
a bonus, she can also explain what you should know if
you are hospitalized, finding yourself attended by
nurses coping with their own feelings of being
unappreciated, overworked and overwhelmed. Her book is
“Courage to Persevere: A Compelling Story of Struggle,
Survival and Triumph.” Reach her at 312-218-1744;

11. ==> National Healthcare Decisions Day, April 16

Emergency medicine physician Kevin Haselhorst has seen
his share of patients and family members who failed to
ask the tough questions that would have benefitted them
most during their medical crises. According to
Haselhorst, patients’ fears prevent them from asking
for information. “This fear factor sabotages patients’
ability to have their end-of-life wishes come true,” he
says. Invite him to share a list of ten questions
patients should ask their physicians. From when a
procedure or test is necessary to managing pain and
weighing treatment options, Dr. Haselhorst will explain
what to ask, and why. National Healthcare Decisions Day
is a nationwide event aimed at demystifying healthcare
decisions.  Haselhorst is an emergency medicine
physician affiliated in Phoenix. He’s also the author
of “Wishes to Die For,” an introspective guide to
advance care planning. Contact him at (480) 907-6027;

12. ==> Best Family Summer Beach Bets

I know it’s only April, but if you want a summer beach
vacation, you gotta do something—now! Just in time for
vacation planning, Family Vacation Critic –
TripAdvisor’s family travel site – is out with its list
of the best beaches for families across the U.S. From
North Carolina’s Outer Banks to Sleeping Bear Dunes
National Lakeshore in Michigan, there’s a beach for
everyone, all across the country.  Lissa Poirot,
editor-in-chief of Family Vacation Critic, says
choosing an ideal beach for families can be quite
difficult. “Families are looking for beaches that are
not only safe and clean, but also those that offer a
level of convenience that meet the needs of those
traveling with various age groups. Nearby
accommodations, restaurants and attractions – as well
as cost – all add to a beach’s appeal for families.”
Beaches on the list include well-known summer surf
spots as well as small, hidden gems worth a visit. And,
Poirot can share insider tips for getting the most of a
beach vacation. Contact  Aubrey Manzo Dunn at (609)
583-0054; Aubrey@familyvacationcritic.com,

13. ==> Kids – Super Heroes Need Super Food

Kids don’t care about cardiovascular health or the
nutritional value of their food but they do want to run
faster and do better in school according to nutritional
counselor Kathryn Kemp Guylay. Bring her on your show
to share ways to get young kids – and the whole family
– interested in eating better and enjoying more energy.
After a successful career as a management consultant,
Kathryn founded of the national non-profit organization
Nurture, which provides nutrition and wellness
education to tens of thousands of children and parents
across the country. Her latest book is “Give It a Go,
Eat a Rainbow,” a fun, engaging children’s book.
Contact her at (847) 687-3838; kathryn@guylay.com

14. ==> Fun Political Show – Music and Presidents

The topic of politics is hot right now, but Vincent
James says there’s one aspect of the candidates we
haven’t heard yet – their affiliation with music and
the arts. He’ll discuss which of the current
presidential candidates are musicians and take a look
at some of our musical presidents of the past. Vincent
will reveal interesting musical tidbits like which
recent candidate claims to have given a 2nd grade music
teacher a black eye and which one is married to a
world-famous musician. James Vincent is the founder of
Keep Music Alive and author of the book “88+ Ways Music
Can Change Your Life” featuring over 150 inspirational
music stories from around the world including a number
of celebrities. Contact him at (610) 812-5231 (PA);

15. ==> Play it Forward: The Benefits of Fun at Work

Ever wonder how companies like Google, Zappos and
Southwest develop winning workplace cultures with high
productivity and profitability? Regardless of the
industry, there is a common thread running through the
highest performing companies: the inherent or stated
culture of fun. Among companies denoted as “great” in
Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” a whopping
81% of employees say they work in a fun environment.
Invite Nick Gianoulis to share how he created “The Fun
Dept” and why he’s now “Playing it Forward” and sharing
his playbook, model and science on how to create a
winning workplace culture. You’ll learn how to attract
the best employees and keep them, and why happy
employees work harder and increase your bottom line
profits. The Fun Dept. specializes in employee
engagement, team building and corporate events.
Gianoulis and Nat Measley are the authors of “Playing
it Forward: The Definitive “How To” Model for Creating
a Winning Workplace Culture.” Contact Nick at (302)
463-3819; nick@thefundept.com

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