04/04/2017 RTIR E-zine: Obamacare Repeal, Celebrating WOmen, Spring Fever

April 4, 2017

01. 50 Years After MLK’s ‘Beyond Vietnam’ Speech
02. Obamacare Repeal Isn’t Dead?
03. You Do This While Driving but Shouldn’t
04. Play Ball! Eat Dogs!
05. Friday is Kids’ Yoga Day
06. Tales of a Celebrity Talent Agent
07. Calling 911 Could Kill You
08. Tax Tips for the Self-Employed
09. Widely Accepted Business Wisdom Debunked
10. What Trump Can Teach You about Branding
11. Are Schools Teaching Kids to Stop Thinking?
12. Celebrity Designer: The Secret is Simplicity
13. Why Do We Say “Hello?”
14. Celebrate Women Who Soar
15. Why You Should Run Away this Spring

1. ==> 50 Years After MLK’s ‘Beyond Vietnam’ Speech

Fifty years ago today, Martin Luther King delivered his
‘Beyond Vietnam’ speech. On April 4, from the altar of
Riverside Church in New York, King condemned the war.
He did so against the wishes of his advisers, and even
though he knew it could erode his already-fading public
support, financially cripple his organization, and end
his relationship with a president who’d done more for
civil rights than any since Lincoln. Invite Rev.
Graylan Hagler, senior pastor at the Plymouth
Congregational United Church of Christ in Washington,
D.C., to discuss the controversial speech and what
happened afterward. Reverend Hagler is chairperson of
Faith Strategies, an organization of clergy
strategizing and organizing to bring human rights and
civil rights into the faith community and the public
arena. Contact him at gshagler@verizon.net;

2. ==> Obamacare Repeal Isn’t Dead?

President Donald Trump turned to Twitter Sunday morning
to declare that efforts aimed at repealing and
replacing Obamacare are still alive, pointing to the
“love and strength” in the Republican Party. Trump has
claimed Obamacare will “implode” and that that will
lead lawmakers to create a better health care bill. Dr.
Elaina George, author of “Big Medicine: The Cost of
Corporate Control and How Doctors and Patients Working
Together Can Rebuild a Better System,” can discuss what
might be included in a better plan. Dr. Elaina George
is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. She hosts her
own radio show, Medicine On Call, and is a keynote
speaker for many organizations. Contact Mark Goldman at
(516) 639-0988

3. ==> You Do This While Driving but Shouldn’t

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and this
year, an alarming rise in motor vehicle deaths has
safety officials concerned that drivers aren’t aware of
how risky their driving behaviors are. “Most Americans
recognize risky drivers on the roadways, but they’re
not adopting safer behaviors themselves,” says Deborah
Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety
Council. “The notion that bad things happen to other
people, but will not happen to us when we are
distracted behind the wheel, is akin to playing Russian
roulette.” She’ll reveal some of the top distressing
things drivers do – or believe they can do – when
driving and some surprising common beliefs that put
everyone at risk and increase the likelihood of being
involved in a crash. Contact Hersman at (630) 775-2307;

4. ==> Play Ball! Eat Dogs!

Like popcorn at the movies, hot dogs are the
quintessential summer ballpark food, and the National
Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) estimates that
baseball fans will consume nearly 19 million hot dogs
and more than 4.1 million sausages during the 2017 MLB
season. So who’s got the best dogs? The winner of the
Fifth Annual Hot Dog Madness Bracket Contest is the
Boston Red Sox, but the competition was pretty tough.
“While perennial hot dog favorites remain staples at
ballparks across America, teams are introducing new
creations every year,” says Eric Mittenthal. He can
talk about anything and everything about baseball, hot
dogs and sausages including some of the craziest
concoctions served to fans like the Royals’ Sunrise Dog
(served only on Sundays) and Toronto’s Bloor Street Dog
(a dog topped with butter chicken, chili-lime sour
cream, a trio of Indian vegetables and fresh chopped
parsley). Contact Eric Mittenthal at (202) 587-4238;
(404) 808-8396 or emittenthal@meatinstitute.org,

5. ==> Friday is Kids’ Yoga Day

This Friday, from 11 a.m. to 11:05 a.m., thousands of
schoolchildren around the world, including those in all
50 U.S. states, will put down their books and let their
imaginations run free as they mold themselves into
trees, flamingos, kites and other kid-friendly yoga
positions. They will be joined by children at home and
other locations, all led by more than 200 official
ambassadors to raise global awareness about yoga for
kids. It’s all part of the second annual Kids’ Yoga
Day, created by Theresa Power. An internationally
recognized children’s yoga expert and author of “The
ABCs of Yoga for Kids” series, Power says yoga teaches
skills that help kids focus, regulate their emotions,
and better respond to stress. “Today’s ‘typical child’
is stressed out, under-nourished, and sedentary. A
simple yoga practice is an ideal way to naturally
unwind while getting physical activity and building the
foundation for a lifelong tradition of health and
fitness,” she says. Contact Diane Elder at (310)
430-3953; delder70@gmail.com

6. ==> Tales of a Celebrity Talent Agent

Until she burned out, Karin Roest jetted around the
world with such celebrities as Pitbull, Britney Spears,
Macklemore and others whose names she is forbidden from
mentioning. She negotiated multimillion-dollar
contracts with top Hollywood managers and lawyers,
catered to their crazy whims and once found herself
walking into a room full of cash. Karin can talk about
those heady days as well as how they literally drove
her to a monastery to save her sanity. These days
Karin’s mission is helping people to be “Purposely
Famous” (famous for a good purpose or cause), to get
clear on their contribution to the world, and to use
their diverse experiences to build their own brand. In
addition, Karin can share some of her own life story
which also included sneaking in and out of war zones
and spending a year in total silence. Reach her at
(646) 801-8944 or support@karinroest.com

7. ==> Calling 911 Could Kill You

When is it best to give robbers what they want? To wait
for police to arrive? Or to fight back against
terrorists and other perps? Chris Bird, former British
Army officer, former San Antonio Express-News crime
reporter and author of “Surviving a Mass Killer
Rampage,” will discuss your options depending on the
circumstances in which you may find yourself. Bird, who
recently wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Times
on this subject, will share some startling truths about
why being armed may be your best option and waiting for
the police your worst in an active shooter scenario.
He’ll reveal why the mantra “run, hide, fight” is now
being adopted by more law enforcement officials who
once advised the more benign “call 911.” Bird’s book
has been endorsed by a retired Texas Ranger captain and
retired CIA officer. Reach Bird at (210) 308-8191 or

8. ==> Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

Tax season is here! Lisa London CPA, can help your
listeners streamline their current files and understand
everything from deductions to what is considered
income. She says, “With the influx of people in the
sharing economy, like Uber drivers, Airbnb hosts, and
EBay and Amazon sellers, more and more people need to
understand what is considered income and what are
allowable expenses.” Invite her to tell your audience
how to use their cell phones to simplify bookkeeping
and share record-keeping tips and tricks to help small
and at-home businesses. Lisa London has been featured
on numerous TV and radio shows. She is the author of
the “Accountant Beside You” series of books for small
businesses, nonprofits, and churches. Her newest book,
“Banish Your Bookkeeping Nightmares-The Go-To Guide for
the Self-Employed to Save Money, Reduce Frustration, &
Satisfy the IRS” will be released next month. Contact
her at (919) 770-3746; lisa@lisalondon.net

9. ==> Widely Accepted Business Wisdom Debunked

The customer is always right. Or is he? You can’t
change horses midstream! Or can you? Jack Quarles will
expose the fallback notions decision makers gravitate
to that don’t always serve them. He says, “The defining
notion is usually a short sentence and often reflects
some inside knowledge: ‘They’re the best in the
business.’ ‘We’re different—that won’t work here.’
‘The customer is always right.’” Quarles is on a
mission to help companies increase their bottom lines
by increasing their vigilance against expensive
sentences! Jack Quarles is a bestselling author,
international speaker and trainer, and founder of
Buying Excellence, a company that helps businesses
choose the right solution and vendor for them. His
latest book, Expensive Sentences, is part of a planned
series of books on expensive sentences in other fields
such as education, parenting, and financial planning.
Contact him at (703) 944-9676;

10. ==> What Trump Can Teach You about Branding

According to Tim Marshall, one of the first steps on
the journey to entrepreneurship is simply getting used
to saying your name. “That is your identity. Cherish
it. Embracing your name can be your starting point to
changing your life and embracing your uniqueness.
Donald Trump is an expert at this. You might not agree
with him, but he is a master at marketing his name, and
he does this fearlessly.” Tim, a nationally recognized
entrepreneur by INC Magazine for 4 years on their list
of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, will openly
share his own life lessons and personal techniques to
guide entrepreneurs in defining their purpose, creating
their brand, and delivering their message. Tim was the
#1 U.S. salesperson for a global tech company for 12
years. He is a coach, speaker and author. His latest
book is “The Power of Breaking Fear as an
Entrepreneur.” Contact Brenda Star at (561) 547-0667;

11. ==> Are Schools Teaching Kids to Stop Thinking?

School used to be a place where students learned how to
use reason and academic skills to solve problems. But
nationally recognized author Tom DeWeese says today’s
Department of Education instructs teachers not to teach
students how to think but what to think. DeWeese says
the classroom has become a place for non-stop
propaganda and behavior modification to impose a
“proper” thought process called “Globally Acceptable
Truth.” DeWeese says the result is today’s generation
of college students who live in constant fear of
microaggression and trigger warnings. Invite DeWeese to
discuss how we got here and what is required to restore
proper education in our schools. Tom DeWeese has been
featured on Fox News’ Follow the Money, Hannity and
Colmes, The Michael Reagan Talk Show and in The New
York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington
Post, and The Washington Times. He’s the author of
“Erase.” Contact him at (540) 341-8911 (VA);

12. ==> Celebrity Designer: The Secret is Simplicity

What’s the secret to great design – and a great life?
Deeia Topp says it’s all about simplicity. After
twenty-five years of designing for the likes of the
‘real’ housewives, former interior designer, Topp, left
her lucrative career behind in search of happiness. An
author and speaker, Topp, says, “I tell people that
happiness is an inside job, it’s not something that can
be bought by fancy furniture or expensive interiors.”
She’ll offer tips on how anyone can design a less
complicated life. Her practical approach will help
listeners find inner peace amid the chaos of their busy
lives as she challenges them to take the stop
complaining challenge…if they dare. Topp is the
author of “Complicated…by Design,” a delightfully
dishy novel that goes behind the draperies of
Greenwich’s Botoxed elite where Eat Pray Love meets
Trainwreck. Contact Deeia Topp at (941) – 350 – 5716;

13. ==> Why Do We Say “Hello?”

No one thinks about it but why do we answer the
telephone by saying “hello” and greet people on the
street using the same word? And while we are at it, why
do we say “goodbye” when we are about to hang up or bid
farewell to the person we just ran into? Word lover
Susanna Janssen, a newspaper columnist and former
college professor, has thought about this and has the
answers. She’ll cheerfully trace the origins of “hello”
back to the 1400s and will also reveal why if Alexander
Graham Bell had gotten his way we’d be saying “ahoy.”
She’ll also share the back story for goodbye, which
dates from the 1500s, and why parting used to include a
reference to God. If there is time, she can also share
the origins of some other popular expressions that we
take for granted. Janssen is the author of “Wordstruck!
The Fun and Fascination of Language.” Reach her at
(707) 272-1351 or sjanssen106@gmail.com

14. ==> Celebrate Women Who Soar

Invite Connie Rankin to share the stories of 10
powerful women, including herself, who have survived
incredible challenges, learned to thrive and completed
the circle by giving back to others. When Rankin found
her successful real estate business was bringing her
less joy she searched to find more meaning and
concluded that other women share her predicament. “I
found that other women were also asking themselves,
‘Why am I doing this?’ There has got to be more to life
than having a successful business, a nice home, and
nice car. The missing ingredient is paying it forward,”
she says. Among the women profiled in her new book “God
Gave Us Wings: A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine, and
Yours,” is Kendra Coleman, a Wounded Warrior who lost
her leg eight years ago while serving in Afghanistan.
Connie Rankin is a recognized leader in female
empowerment and sought-after media guest. She is
president of CRES, a commercial real estate firm and
has been honored multiple times for helping other
women. Contact Megan Salch at (713) 864-1344, ext.1;

15. ==> Why You Should Run Away this Spring

Spring means new life and new beginnings. Time to let
go of what is not serving you anymore. Have you ever
wanted to just chuck it all and run away? Lucetta
Zaytoun says, “If you have it’s because that job,
situation or relationship isn’t working for you. If you
do run away, it means you are actually running back to
you, and then you have the opportunity to recreate that
relationship, job or situation in a way that does work
for you.” Lucetta says, “Most people think running away
is weak and cowardly, but the truth is it takes a lot
of courage to walk away. Gather up your bravery and
give yourself permission to run. This could be the
season of a new you.” Lucetta Zaytoun is an
international speaker, coach and the founder of Your
Life in Bold, llc. She’s the author of “It’s Already
Tomorrow Here: Never Underestimate the Power of Running
Away.” Contact her at 919-450-8944;

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