03/29/16 RTIR E-zine: ISIS, Retirement Regrets,Nutrition for Kids

March 29, 2016

01. Western ISIS Victories?
02. Former NBA Scout on Final Four
03. March Madness Lessons for the Office
04. Natural Spring Allergy Treatments
05. Brutus and Skippy Get Spring Allergies Too!
06. April Fool’s- Don’t Be a Dating Fool
07. Politics and Your Mental Health
08. Is it Safe to Travel Abroad?
09. What You Should Never Tell Coworkers
10. Boomers Buying Franchises – Bad Idea?
11. Don’t Have Retirement Regret
12. Celebrity Couple Make-Ups and Break-Ups
13. Fun Nutrition for Kids – Eat a Rainbow
14. An Infamous Military Crime
15. March Meat Madness

1. ==> Western ISIS Victories?

According to Ivan Eland, the latest Western “victories”
over the Islamic State — the U.S. killing of the number
two man in the heinous group and the Russian supported
retaking of the ancient town of Palmyra, Syria by the
Syrian government — should not mask the long-term
difficulties of eradicating the Islamist insurgency. He
says examining these two “achievements” may tell us
what is likely to work and what is not. Eland says,
“Iraq and Syria should be allowed to break up into
autonomous regions, with self-rule by various ethno-
sectarian groups. It would immediately give the Sunnis
in both countries a big incentive to throw out the
Islamic State fighters and more importantly would
dissolve support for the group among such populations.
It’s a much better option than fighting a bloody long-
term counterinsurgency, with the brutal Islamic State
group continuing to lash out at Western, including
possibly U.S., targets.” Ivan Eland a senior fellow and
director of the Center on Peace and Liberty at the
Independent Institute. He’s the author of several books
including “Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents
on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at
(703) 282-3484 (cell); ieland@independent.org

2. ==> Former NBA Scout on Final Four

Invite longtime top evaluator of college basketball
players Richard Sheubrooks to talk March Madness from
an insider perspective. He’ll discuss the top recruits,
which players are ready to step right into the NBA,
which are great at the college level but not likely to
make top pros, which schools in the March Madness
tournament produce the most and/or the best pros, etc.
Richard Sheubrooks is a former NBA scouting director
and marketing executive with NIKE. He’s worked with
legendary UCLA coach John Wooden, Jerry West and
Michael Jordan. He’s the author of “The Greatest Story
Never Told,” and the upcoming book “The Assist,”
inspired by Michael Jordan and Dean Smith. Contact him
at (980) 230-3070; richsheu23@gmail.com

3. ==> March Madness Lessons for the Office

What gets a team to the Final Four? Some might say it’s
talent, hard work and good coaching. Stuart Blyth says
it’s the same thing in the corporate world.
“Unquestionably, the best people managers are the
coaches of sports teams. They know everything there is
to know about each individual team member, and the
stakes are high.” Blyth, an athlete and sports fanatic,
says the most successful coaches—and managers—know how
to get the very best from each team member.  He’ll
explain why the management skills prevalent in pro
sports are the missing link in the corporate structure,
and how watching sports can make you more successful at
work!  Blyth is a British management training
consultant and the author of “Football Field to
Boardroom: The Playbook for Creating World-Class
Business Teams.” Contact him at +44 7788 91494;

4. ==> Natural Spring Allergy Treatments
Spring is beautiful with all the flowering trees and
buds, but it can wreak havoc on anyone who suffers from
spring allergies. Before you reach for allergy
medication, Sophia Gushee has some natural ways to
alleviate spring allergy symptoms! She says, “As your
first line of defense, check your local pollen levels
each day during spring. On days with especially high
pollen levels, wear sunglasses when outside to protect
your eyes from irritation, and keep the windows closed
in your home.” Gushee says allergy sufferers should
invest in a vacuum with a HEPA filter that can pick up
smaller particles like pollen. And for symptom relief,
she says many people swear by turmeric and drinking a
mixture of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and
water. Exposure expert and author of “A to Z of D-
Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic
Exposures,” Sophia Gushée can provide detoxing tips on
water, kitchen, home, nursery, office, and more.
Contact her at (917) 208-9842 (NY); srgushee@gmail.com

5. ==> Brutus and Skippy Get Spring Allergies Too!

Did you know that animals can also suffer from spring
allergies? Invite veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan to share
natural treatments for spring allergies in pets. She’ll
also reveal non-toxic, natural ways to fight fleas and
ticks and ways to help pets who suffer from
thunderstorm anxiety. Dr. Morgan says many people don’t
realize some fresh fruits and vegetables can be harmful
to animals. She’ll run down which are safe, and what to
avoid. Dr. Morgan has been a practicing veterinarian
for more than 30 years. She is the author of several
books and is co-host of a podcast on holistic pet care.
Contact Dr. Morgan at (609) 202-0999; (856)881-7470 or

6. ==> April Fool’s- Don’t Be A Dating Fool

Everybody loves a good joke but there’s nothing funny
about being fooled when it comes to love. Online dating
sites are full of guidance to help you match up with a
mate but finding a truly good partner is about lasting
traits like conflict resolution, effective
communication skills and REAL sexual chemistry. Invite
clinical sexologist and relationship coach Dr., Claudia
Six on your show to learn how to pick a good partner
and learn the red flags to avoid, and what no-so-
obvious things you should be looking for. Dr. Claudia
Six has an M.A. in counseling psychology and a PhD in
clinical sexology.  Her upcoming book is “Erotic
Integrity: How to be True to Yourself Sexually.”
Contact her at (415) 453-6218; claudia@drsix.net

7. ==> Politics and Your Mental Health

No doubt about it–one’s values and outlook on life can
lead to greater emotional well-being–or cynicism and
unhappiness. There are key differences in philosophy
between Republicans and Democrats on the right way to
conduct one’s life and create optimal conditions for
the majority of people. Which ways of thinking improves
psychological health? Which impede personal growth?
According to psychologist Dr. Paul Coleman,
“Emotionally healthy people meet life’s challenges
head-on with determination and creativity, bounce back
from defeats, extend themselves for others, and view
life as positive and meaningful despite adversity.” In
30 years of practice he’s noticed that the people who
are the most stressed, most unhappy, and whose
relationships get most complicated, must change their
outlook and approach to life in key ways. Which changes
are more aligned with a Democrat or Republican
philosophy? Have your listeners take the quiz and
decide! Paul Coleman, Ph.D., is the author of 12 books
including “Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces”
Contact him at (845) 546-1206

8. ==> Is it Safe to Travel Abroad?

The recent terrorist attack in Brussels has travelers
thinking twice about travelling abroad. Invite Russell
Hannon to put travelers’ concerns into context. He’ll
offer ways to educate yourself of potential risks
abroad, how to protect yourself once you’re there, and
what websites you should visit before you book your
trip. Russell Hannon is a travel expert who has been
featured by Johnny Jet, CNBC, FOX, America Tonight,
CTV, ShopSmart, Yahoo Finance, and Around the World
Travel TV. He is the author of “Stop Dreaming Start
Traveling: The Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and
Spending Less.” Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

9. ==> What You Should Never Tell Coworkers

Everyone knows you should never share your salary with
your coworkers. But what else is best kept to yourself?
Tami Gilbert, an author, nurse and MBA holder who
experienced bullying and betrayal at work, devotes an
entire chapter to the topic in her new book, “Courage
to Persevere: A Compelling Story of Struggle, Survival
and Triumph.” Gilbert will explain why you should think
twice before talking about your recent breakup or
divorce, how bad your girlfriend is treating you, the
son who can’t hold a job who moved back home or the new
BMW you just bought. She’ll offer guidelines about
what’s acceptable water cooler discussion and what
should only be shared with trusted friends outside of
work. Gilbert shares why work is like being on stage,
not everyone who is nice to you is your friend and it’s
a good idea to be kind to people no matter how they
behave on the job. Reach her at (312) 218-1744;

10. ==> Boomers Buying Franchises – Bad Idea?

The average age of someone buying a franchised business
has gone from 42-years old in 2008 to 56-years old in
2016! As corporations tighten their belts, the youngest
of the baby boomers are most likely to be downsized, or
“aged out” of their jobs. They’re too young to retire
and with an extremely tight job market they can either
take an undesirable or underpaying job or start a
business or buy a franchise. Are franchises a good
idea? Can you actually make money with one? And how do
you choose which franchise to buy? Invite franchise
expert Tom Scarda to reveal the biggest dangers facing
novice buyers when considering a franchise, and how to
easily avoid them. Tom Scarda is the author of
“Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies Pros Use to Pick Top
Performing Franchises.” Contact him at
(516) 322–1435; Tom@TomScarda.com

11. ==> Don’t Have Retirement Regret

With Boomers entering retirement with 401ks that have
been decimated by the economy, many soon-to-be seniors
fear the worst for what is supposed to be their ‘Golden
Years.’  Financial advisor Rodger Friedman says, “The
greatest financial conundrum this generation is facing
is longevity.  People are living longer, with higher
health care costs, and continued escalation of living
expenses.  How can we financially afford to keep living
and have a sustainable and satisfying retirement?”
Invite Friedman to discuss the reasons many people
don’t get the right kind of retirement advice, and how
to build a relationship with an adviser that will work
for your individual needs. Friedman will talk about the
biggest risk facing retirees today, why being your own
financial adviser is a big mistake, and how to make
sure your relationship with your adviser is a truly
beneficial one for you. Listeners will also get access
to a free 17 page special report on retirement
planning. Rodger Friedman is the author of “Forging
Bonds of Steel.” Contact him toll free at 1-844 -3- my-
plan or 1-844-369-7526 or

12. ==> Celebrity Couple Make-Ups and Break-Ups

For a fun, unique look at Hollywood stars and their
couplings invite intuitive lifestyle expert Cathleen
Miller on your show. Will Miley Cyrus and Liam
Hemsworth make it down the aisle? Miller says most
folks wouldn’t be on it, but she sees a different
scenario. “I see this one working this year (even with
a few family wrinkles still creating undercurrent).
These two are genuinely connected at the soul level and
I see possible adorable twins not far behind, possibly
early 2017? ” And what about the rumors that Khloe
Kardashian and Lamar Odem are working things out?
Cathleen says, “As much as I appreciate how special
they both are, I do see more recovery challenges for
them both to overcome. Khloe is rocking it right now on
a stronger personal foundation than ever before, but
Lamar has a lot to overcome for them to have a chance.”
From distance alternative energy therapies and life
energy/career coaching, Cathleen can read and shift
magnetic and electrical frequencies in and around the
body to assist in illness or addiction recovery and
activate energies to create the life you were meant to
live. Cathleen also has extensive media experience.
Contact her at (913) 499-8514;

13. ==> Fun Nutrition for Kids – Eat a Rainbow

Kids don’t care about cardiovascular health or the
nutritional value of their food but they do want to run
faster and do better in school according to nutritional
counselor Kathryn Kemp Guylay. Bring her on your show
to share ways to get young kids – and the whole family
– interested in eating better and enjoying more energy.
After a successful career as a management consultant,
Kathryn founded of the national non-profit organization
Nurture, which provides nutrition and wellness
education to tens of thousands of children and parents
across the country. Her latest book is “Give It a Go,
Eat a Rainbow,” a fun, engaging children’s book.
Contact her at (847) 687-3838; kathryn@guylay.com

14. ==> An Infamous Military Crime

Raised in a military family, Adrian “Ajax” Jones
thought joining the Marines would be an honorable way
of life. Instead, at an impressionable 18, he is bored
at his desk job and desperate for a change. Fellow
Marines Vick James and Brady Bloomer teach Jones the
ropes of check fraud. While James uses the fraud to buy
cocaine, Jones uses it to buy his girlfriend Christmas
presents. NCIS becomes aware of James’ activities and
launches an investigation. Their desire to convict
James of fraud involved Jones and his friends in a
devastating crime. Decades after the tragic events,
Jones writes to reveal the truth of what happened that
night and acknowledge the guilt of all involved.
Contact Adrian Jones at (804) 481-8140 or at

15. ==> March Meat Madness

It is an all-American debate that has raged for
generations: what is the best regional hot dog in
America? In the spirit of March Madness, hot dog fans
will have their say in the fourth annual National Hot
Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) Hot Dog Madness
bracket. The bracket features sixteen different
regional hot dogs from the North, South, Midwest and
West, each with unique styles and toppings beloved by
locals. “Just as in basketball’s March Madness, expect
Hot Dog Madness surprises and upsets,” says NHDSC’s
Eric Mittenthal. “The fun part is seeing fans from
different cities rally around their hometown hot dog.”
Fans can vote for their favorite hot dogs online with
winners moving on to the next round. Past upset winners
include West Virginia’s dog with chili, mustard and
coleslaw atop a wiener on a steamed bun and Cleveland’s
Sugardale dog. Contact Mittenthal at (202) 587-4238;
404-808-8396 (cell) or emittenthal@meatinstitute.org

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