03/28/17 RTIR E-zine: London Attacks, Healthcare, Breastfeeding and Brains

March 28, 2017

01. A Love Letter to Extremists after London Attack
02. Dems Take on Healthcare- Single-Payer & Public
Option .
03. Sesame Street Adds Autistic Muppet
04. Hooked on Hoops at Work
05. Can Video Games Help Depression?
06. Spring – Do You Have the Courage to Run Away?
07. Beyond ObamaCare – Take Responsibility for Your Health
08. Breastfeeding Doesn’t Make Kids Smarter
09. From People Mag – Modern Day ‘Hidden Figure’
10. Celebrate Women Who Soar
11. Start a Business or Dwell in Fear?
12. Will Alzheimer’s Bankrupt Medicare?
13. Is Being Bilingual an Advantage?
14. Sound Healer Helps Dogs, Cats Heal
15. Spring Clean Your Brain

1. ==> A Love Letter to Extremists after London Attack

Independent, London-based investigative reporter Nafeez
Ahmed just wrote the piece “A love letter to extremists
after the London attack,” which states: “We know that
Islamist terrorists, from ISIS to al-Qaeda and beyond,
target the so-called ‘gray zone’—the arena of co-
existence where people of all faiths and none live and
work together. They want us to turn on each other. They
want Muslims and non-Muslims to hate each other, fear
each other, and fight each other. That’s the
apocalyptic ‘clash of civilizations’ they yearn for.
Extremists from the Western and Muslim worlds feed off
each other like cannibalistic vultures, selling the
same divisive rhetoric of unmitigated anger and
xenophobic hatred.” Ahmed is the founder of INSURGE
intelligence, a crowdfunded public interest
investigative journalism project. His work has been
published in numerous outlets including the Guardian
and VICE. Contact Nafeez Ahmed in London at
iprdoffice@gmail.com; @NafeezAhmed

2. ==> Dems Take on Healthcare- Single-Payer & Public

Now that Republicans’ efforts to pass sweeping health
care legislation have failed, Sen. Bernie Sanders plans
to propose a health care system funded entirely by
taxpayers. Sanders told CNN’s Dana Bash that he intends
to introduce legislation outlining a “Medicare-for-all,
single-payer” health care plan — and he will reach out
to President Donald Trump to help advance it. But
Russell Mokhiber says that’s not the whole story.
Invite him to discuss what Sanders is proposing, and
what the public option is and who that would benefit.
Russell Mokhiber is founder of Single Payer Action.
Contact him at @corpcrimereport

3. ==> Sesame Street Adds Autistic Muppet

Julie is the newest Muppet to move to Sesame Street and
she is autistic. Jeanne Beard says she will likely be a
great addition. Beard, founder of the National Autism
Academy, says, “It’s a great step toward integrating
our children with ASD into mainstream life. I am sure
it will have a positive impact on many children without
ASD who will come in contact with those on the spectrum
at some point, as well as providing a wonderful model
for child who have autism to see how they can fit in to
social environments and have relationships.” Jeanne
Beard is the mother of a 20-year-old autistic son and
the author of “Autism and the Rest of Us: How to
Sustain a Healthy, Functional and Satisfying
Relationship with a Person on the Autism Spectrum.” She
National “Autism Academy provides on-line education and
support to parents of children with autism. Contact her
at (630) 542-1191; jeanne@nationalautismacademy.com.

4. ==> Hooked on Hoops at Work

March Madness is reaching a fevered pitch as coworkers
stop to analyze the latest game results and gloat over
where they stand in the office betting pool. But does
March Madness truly rate as fun at work or is it
stopping America’s workplaces cold? For the play-by-
play, invite Nat Measley, a leading expert on fun at
work, to talk about why having a good time on the job
is huge, where March Madness fits in and why the
company you work for might get more mileage out of
hosting its own bracketed ping pong tournament. Measley
is the co-author of “Playing It Forward: Because Fun
Matters for Employees, Customers and Bottom Line.” He’s
also COO of the Fun Dept. and co-developer of a new Box
of Fun concept—similar to Blue Apron and Bark Box—that
makes having fun at work easier than ever, particularly
for small teams. Contact Measley at (302) 690-1515,

5. ==> Can Video Games Help Depression?

Finally, some good news about video games! Researchers
at the University of California Davies studied gaming
and students who suffered from mild depression and
concluded that playing video games could help sufferers
feel like they have more control over their situation.
Dr. Frieda Birnbaum says video games can be an
effective means of helping people improve their mental
health. Invite her to discuss the benefits of video
games as well as the hazards, and how to tell when
gaming has become a problem. Dr. Frieda Birnbaum is a
research psychologist, psychoanalyst and the author of
“Life Begins at 60: A New View on Motherhood, Marriage,
and Reinventing Ourselves.” She’s an expert on
depression, women’s issues, and attaining happiness.
Contact Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103; (919)
377-1200 or ryan@goldmanmccormick.com

6. ==> Spring – Do You Have the Courage to Run Away?

Spring means new life and new beginnings. Time to let
go of what is not serving you anymore. Have you ever
wanted to just chuck it all and run away? Lucetta
Zaytoun says, “If you have it’s because that job,
situation or relationship isn’t working for you. If you
do run away, it means you are actually running back to
you, and then you have the opportunity to recreate that
relationship, job or situation in a way that does work
for you.” Lucetta says, “Most people think running away
is weak and cowardly, but the truth is it takes a lot
of courage to walk away. Gather up your bravery and
give yourself permission to run. This could be the
season of a new you.” Lucetta Zaytoun is an
international speaker, coach and the founder of Your
Life in Bold, llc. She’s the author of “It’s Already
Tomorrow Here: Never Underestimate the Power of Running
Away.” Contact her at 919-450-8944;

7. ==> Beyond ObamaCare – Take Responsibility for Your

According to Dr. Tim Warren, “The cure for the fiscal
and disease state that we find ourselves in as a first-
world country: Americans taking responsibility for
their wellness (good and bad).” He’ll discuss how,
regardless of what’s going on in Washington, you can be
in charge of your own health. Warren, who climbed Mount
Everest at age 48 and has cared for more than 10,000
patients in his 30-year medical career, doesn’t believe
in dieting, having iron willpower or living life in the
gym. His approach is to encourage daily mini-
improvements. Warren has been featured on dozens of
radio and television shows and in numerous print
interviews. He’s the author of “Feet, Fork and Fun,”
written after years of experiencing frustration trying
to influence patients to improve their level of
fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. Tim Warren’s first
book was “Lessons from Everest.” Contact him at (401)
374-5067; tim@drtimwarren.com

8. ==> Breastfeeding Doesn’t Make Kids Smarter

While new mothers may debate what they believe to be
long-term benefits, a new study published in the
journal Pediatrics finds that breastfeeding has little
impact on long-term cognitive development and behavior.
Parenting expert Poppy Spencer says that could be a
great relief for mothers who bottle-feed their babies,
for whatever reason. She says, “For decades, shame and
guilt have plagued mothers across the country: What
happens if I don’t breastfeed, my child? The best thing
a mother can do when she is literally and figuratively
nourishing her baby is to pass along good feelings and
love, whether in a bottle or breast. Studies have shown
that when the mother is calm and present when nursing
or bottle feeding, the baby receives an infusion of not
just nutrients but an infusion of pure love. No one can
beat that.” Poppy and her husband, Geoff, are
relational experts and licensed, specialty-certified
New Life Story Wellness coaches. Their book, “1 Billion
Seconds,” is based on years of research on hundreds of
people and offers a formula for a flourishing
relationship by developing exceptional communication.
Contact them at (941) 586-2911;

9. ==> From People Mag – Modern Day ‘Hidden Figure’

Your listeners may have read this story in People
Magazine with a nod to the Oscars and the movie ‘Hidden
Figures.’ Olympia LePoint began working as a rocket
scientist for Boeing in 1998 at the age of 21. Although
nearly 40 years had passed since women like Katherine
Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, the
scientists whose lives are chronicled in Hidden
Figures, helped launch John Glenn into orbit, LePoint
experienced many of the same adversities and challenges
her predecessors had during her tenure at NASA. Invite
her to share her inspiring story and hear how she
failed math until an 11th grade teacher took her under
her wing and taught her how to perceive her own
intelligence and think differently. She was then hired
at Boeing three months after graduating, at the age of
21, and became the youngest scientist in the company.
Olympia LePoint is the author of “Mathaphobia,” a book
on how to overcome your fear of math and is currently a
popular college math professor and motivational
speaker. Her inspiring story just came out in People
Feb 22nd. Contact Erin Dean at (661) 255-8283;

10. ==> Celebrate Women Who Soar

March is Women’s History Month and a great reason to
invite Connie Rankin to share the stories of 10
powerful women, including herself, who have survived
incredible challenges, learned to thrive and completed
the circle by giving back to others. When Rankin found
her successful real estate business was bringing her
less joy she searched to find more meaning and
concluded that other women share her predicament. “I
found that other women were also asking themselves,
‘Why am I doing this?’ There has got to be more to life
than having a successful business, a nice home, and
nice car. The missing ingredient is paying it forward,”
she says. Among the women profiled in her new book “God
Gave Us Wings: A Journey to Success: Theirs, Mine, and
Yours,” is Kendra Coleman, a Wounded Warrior who lost
her leg eight years ago while serving in Afghanistan.
Connie Rankin is a recognized leader in female
empowerment and sought-after media guest. She is
president of CRES, a commercial real estate firm and
has been honored multiple times for helping other
women. Contact Megan Salch at (713) 864-1344, ext.1;

11. ==> Start a Business or Dwell in Fear?

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration,
“Small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of
all new jobs since the 1970s!” Yet many small
businesses, essential to our economy, are never born.
Why? Everyday people are deterred from approaching the
path of entrepreneurship because of fear. Fear of
struggle, fear of failure, and fear of financial loss
are all paralytics to success. Tim S. Marshall
addresses those concerns with manageable and applicable
strategies. He openly shares his own life lessons and
proven techniques in generating leads, creating
referrals, and closing sales. In addition, he focuses
on real-world takeaways. His fast track to success
guides entrepreneurs to define their purpose, create
their brand, and face their fears. Marshall is a
corporate coach, renowned speaker, and the author of
“The Marshall Principles: Entrepreneurship – Cracking
the Code.” Contact Brenda Star at (561) 547-0667;

12. ==> Will Alzheimer’s Bankrupt Medicare?

CNN recently reported that caring for Alzheimer’s
patients could bankrupt Medicare in the next ten years.
The memory-robbing disease already accounts for 20
percent of Medicare/Medicaid expenses and funding to
find a cure or prevent the disease is inadequate, CNN
said. This looming crisis is the best reason to
interview Michael Morgan, a pioneer in an affordable
treatment that could potentially save Medicare. Invite
him to share strong evidence that craniosacral therapy
is effective in treating at-risk people for Alzheimer’s
and those in the early to mid-stages of dementia. He’ll
explain what craniosacral therapy is and ways it can
increase longevity. Morgan is the author of “The
BodyEnergy Longevity Prescription: How CranioSacral
Therapy Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia While
Improving the Quality of Your Life.” Reach him at (312)
543-4719; media@bodyenergy.net

13. ==> Is Being Bilingual an Advantage?

Susanna Janssen, a retired college professor and
language expert, says there are lots of reasons to take
up a second language. For example, did you know that
being bilingual not only provides an advantage to your
brain but also to your bank account? Oui! She’ll
explain that bilinguals—even infants exposed to a
second language—show enhanced abilities in focus and
concentration, memory, interpersonal skills and
problem-solving. Studies also show bilingualism is a
buffer against Alzheimer’s (awesome news in any
language). She’ll demonstrate ways learning a new
language is easier than you would think. Janssen is a
newspaper columnist and the author of “Wordstruck!: The
Fun and Fascination of Language”. Reach her at (707)
272-1351 or sjanssen106@gmail.com

14. ==> Sound Healer Helps Dogs, Cats Heal

We love our pets and when they are in pain or out of
sorts it’s tough on us, too. Sound healer Dawn Crystal
uses her voice to heal dogs, cats and other animals—and
their people—and can demonstrate her art live on the
air. She can use her decade long experience in the
holistic healing art to eliminate the pain of animals
by rebalancing their bodies, eliminating energy
blockages. For a fun show, let Crystal demonstrate how
it is done. She will explain that animals are more
receptive to sound healing than people are, having
quicker recoveries. Crystal’s human clients include
CEOs and celebrities who typically book her for 30-
minute sessions. She has a collection of MP3s for sale
on her website that let people release their own
blockages. Reach her at (808) 268-6242;

15. ==> Spring Clean Your Brain

It’s spring and that means a new beginning often
preceded by cleaning like nobody’s business. Before
your audience members begin on the garage, basement,
cupboards or even their wardrobe, Andro Donovan says
they should start with their brain. The author of the
new book “Motivate Yourself: Get the Life You Want,
Find Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment” says people should
take their cues from big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. He
famously said, “Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live
between your own ears.” To do that, Andro advises
making friends with your inner rats—a clever way for
remembering “rational mind scripts.” These saboteurs
are our need for being perfect, hurrying up, trying
harder, being strong and needing to be liked. She’ll
explain how to be conscious of them and avoid self-
sabotage. Andro is a leadership development specialist
known for her life-changing retreats that take place
around the world. Contact her at+4407711238410;
andro@trend.co.uk; andro@androdonovan.com; Skype:

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