03/23/17 RTIR E-zine: Hooked on Hoops, Senior Tsunami, Dating Deal Breakers

March 23, 2017
01. Expert: Congress Can Release Trump’s Tax Returns
02. March Madness – the Psychology of Excellence
03. Hooked on Hoops at Work
04. Saved by the Bell’ Producer Peter Engel
05. Peak Behind the Scenes of Movie-Making
06. Beauty and the Beast- A Tale as Old as Time?
07. Spring Clean Your Brain
08. Tax Tips for the ‘Sharing Economy’
09. Whistleblowers, Journalism and Politics
10. Will the World Ever Be Color Blind?
11. Fear – The Four Letter Word in Business
12. A Senior Tsunami is Coming
13. Trump’s Age & Hair-Loss Drug = Dementia?
14. Celebrity Designer: The Secret is Simplicity
15. Dating Deal Breakers

1. ==> Expert: Congress Can Release Trump’s Tax Returns

President Trump’s continuing refusal to release his tax
returns despite the contrary common practice of
presidents over the last 40 years has spurred interest
in finding alternative ways to obtain the information.
George Yin says Congress has the authority to obtain,
inspect, and disclose the confidential tax information
of any taxpayer, including the president, without the
taxpayer’s consent.” “Congress added the authority to
the law in 1924. … Several matters, including two
involving possible conflicts of interest, helped bring
the separation-of-powers imbalance to Congress’s
attention. As part of an investigation, Congress sought
from President Coolidge the tax returns of the alleged
principals involved in the scandal, but the president
initially resisted the request. Although Coolidge
ultimately acceded, the experience undoubtedly made
Congress aware of its need to be able to obtain tax
information even without the president’s permission.”
Yin is the Edwin S. Cohen Distinguished Professor of
Law and Taxation at the University of Virginia. He is a
former chief of staff of the U.S. Congress’ Joint
Committee on Taxation. Contact him at

2. ==> March Madness – the Psychology of Excellence

March Madness is in full swing and it’s a great time to
talk about the psychology of excellence. Clinical
Forensic Psychologist Dr. John Huber says, “It’s one
thing to attain, and it’s another thing to sustain
success. In other words, from a sport psychology point
of view, there is one set of traits necessary to be No.
1, and there’s another set of traits necessary to stay
there.” What are some of the mental qualities that
championship teams often have? Which is a mentally
tougher team: one that always finds a way to win games
or one that manages to remain competitive despite
taking humiliating? Invite Dr. Huber to discuss the
qualities that make a team great and why some people
dare to defy the odds. Dr. John Huber is the chairman
for Mainstream Mental Health, a non-profit
organization. A mental health professional for over
twenty years, Dr. Huber is a clinical forensic
psychologist, a professor and teaches undergraduate and
graduate psychology at Texas State University. Contact
Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103; (919) 377-1200 or

3. ==> Hooked on Hoops at Work

March Madness is reaching a fevered pitch as coworkers
stop to analyze the latest game results and gloat over
where they stand in the office betting pool. But does
March Madness truly rate as fun at work or is it
stopping America’s workplaces cold? For the play-by-
play, invite Nat Measley, a leading expert on fun at
work, to talk about why having a good time on the job
is huge, where March Madness fits in and why the
company you work for might get more mileage out of
hosting its own bracketed ping pong tournament. Measley
is the co-author of “Playing It Forward: Because Fun
Matters for Employees, Customers and Bottom Line.” He’s
also COO of the Fun Dept. and co-developer of a new Box
of Fun concept—similar to Blue Apron and Bark Box—that
makes having fun at work easier than ever, particularly
for small teams. Contact Measley at (302) 690-1515,

4. ==> Saved by the Bell’ Producer Peter Engel

Peter Engel is one of the most prolific producers in
television. He created the teen sitcom Saved by The
Bell along with several other teen series and produced
the iconic Last Comic Standing. With more than 50 years
in the television industry, Engel can share stories of
his most memorable encounters, a behind-the-scenes
glimpse of Saved by the Bell, and his own story of
overcoming significant personal and professional
challenges. Now 80, Engel is still filled with energy,
candor, wisdom and positivity. His decades of
experience in the television industry will inspire
listeners chasing their own dreams, and the grace with
which he has overcome personal challenges will resonate
with everyone. “I Was Saved by the Bell” is Engel’s
newly-released memoir. Contact Jennifer Tucker at (856)
489-8654, ext. 303; jennifer@smithpublicity.com

5. ==> Peak Behind the Scenes of Movie-Making
Lenay (Marie) Rogus spent 18 years working in Hollywood
including time spent at Universal and 20th Century-Fox.
Starting out in the steno pool, she worked her way up
to director’s assistant and post-production duties. For
anyone with an interest in what goes on behind the
scenes in the motion picture industry, an interview
with Rogus will be pure fun. She can talk about her
work on Rocky 2 and Raging Bull, and share some stories
about Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro and other
film stars she came in contact with. She can talk about
the unusual way she got her first job in the industry,
how Stallone sought her opinion on Rocky and matured as
a talent and detail De Niro’s kindness. Rogus tells
many Hollywood stories in her new memoir, “Grief
Comfort Guide: A Personal Journey from Loss to Light,”
which also details her experience of losing seven of
her loved ones. Contact her at (858) 349-4917 or
rogus3@att.net, rogus3@att.net

6. ==> Beauty and the Beast- A Tale as Old as Time?

Beauty and The Beast is breaking records at the box
office! Invite relationship expert Shannon Colleary to
break down the components of Belle and Beast’s
relationship into fantasy and reality. Does true love
really exist? Would a real-life Belle fall in love with
a beast? Could a beast really change his ways? Shannon
says the story combines romantic fantasy with
codependency and even some S & M. Colleary is a
sexpert, and relationship/dating coach. She’s been
syndicated by “O” The Oprah Magazine and The Huffington
Post and her work has been featured on The Today Show,
NPR, CNN and HuffPo Live. She’s the author of several
books including “Married Sex: Fact and Fiction.”
Contact Erin Dean at (661) 255-8283;

7. ==> Spring Clean Your Brain

It’s spring and that means a new beginning often
preceded by cleaning like nobody’s business. Before
your audience members begin on the garage, basement,
cupboards or even their wardrobe, Andro Donovan says
they should start with their brain. The author of the
new book “Motivate Yourself: Get the Life You Want,
Find Purpose and Achieve Fulfilment” says people should
take their cues from big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. He
famously said, “Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live
between your own ears.” To do that, Andro advises
making friends with your inner rats—a clever way for
remembering “rational mind scripts.” These saboteurs
are our need for being perfect, hurrying up, trying
harder, being strong and needing to be liked. She’ll
explain how to be conscious of them and avoid self-
sabotage. Andro is a leadership development specialist
known for her life-changing retreats that take place
around the world. Contact her at+4407711238410;
andro@trend.co.uk; andro@androdonovan.com; Skype:

8. ==> Tax Tips for the ‘Sharing Economy’

Tax season is here! Lisa London CPA, can help your
listeners streamline their current files and understand
everything from deductions to what is considered
income. She says, “With the influx of people in the
sharing economy, like Uber drivers, Airbnb hosts, and
EBay and Amazon sellers, more and more people need to
understand what is considered income and what are
allowable expenses.” Invite her to tell your audience
how to use their cell phones to simplify bookkeeping
and share record-keeping tips and tricks to help small
and at-home businesses. Lisa London has been featured
on numerous TV and radio shows. She is the author of
the “Accountant Beside You” series of books for small
businesses, nonprofits, and churches. Her newest book,
“Banish Your Bookkeeping Nightmares-The Go-To Guide for
the Self-Employed to Save Money, Reduce Frustration, &
Satisfy the IRS” will be released next month. Contact
her at (919) 770-3746; lisa@lisalondon.net

9. ==> Whistleblowers, Journalism and Politics

Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United
States—with a unified government under GOP control. The
‘Free Press’ is now the only check on the unbridled
power of the Trump Administration. Invite Michael
McCray, a public interest advocate and expert on
whistleblowing, to discuss the importance of
journalism, whistleblowers and the role of the First
Amendment. McCray was personally bullied, intimidated
and retaliated against after he reported improprieties
at his federal job before being forced out. He says
America needs principled individuals now more than
ever. Contact him at (870) 543-0024;

10. ==> Will the World Ever Be Color Blind?

The issue of skin color has plagued society for
centuries. Nowadays, it is undeniable that the same
issue persists. Invite Lupita Samuels to break the
barriers between skin colors and explain how to move
forward from this negative mind-set. Samuels will put
into perspective the misconceptions about skin color.
Using metaphors and comparison, Samuels will explain
how skin color does not dictate a person’s worth.
She’ll include several reflective exercises to help
guide listeners toward a peaceful resolution of their
issues and struggles on the matter. Lupita Samuels was
born in Costa Rica. She worked as an educator in the
New York City public school system for over twenty
years. She’s the author of the Color Blind book series
which includes her latest release, “Think Folks Are
“Too Dark?” Think Again!” Contact her at (718)
654-7010; lusamuels@hotmail.com

11. ==> Fear – The Four Letter Word in Business

Young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and
seasoned executives must all battle the same beast:
fear in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. Ever
changing software, social media platforms, rapid
technological advances, fluctuating skill requirements,
a highly competitive job market, and a lack of job
security are just some of the fear-inducing realities
of today’s workplace. Invite Tim Marshall to discuss
how fear creates a lack of focus and productivity which
bleeds into low morale and generates into limited
aspirations. “If you allow fear to prevent you from
undertaking an action, the only thing you will create
is a missed opportunity.” Tim is a leading corporate
coach, a speaker, and the author of “The Power of
Breaking Fear.” Contact Brenda Star at (561) 547-0667;

12. ==> A Senior Tsunami is Coming

Carol Core says a senior tsunami is coming! “Ten
thousand baby boomers will turn 65 every day for the
next 14 years. If you are a boomer who is also
caregiving your elderly loved you, you are in the eye
of the storm!” The impact on a caregiver’s life is
staggering, taking a huge toll on health, finances,
mental well-being and other relationships. Invite her
to share how to laugh at the insanity that comes with
the job, where to find resources to help, and why it’s
so important to have a plan in place before something
bad happens. An experienced media guest, Carol Core is
passionate about all issues pertaining to eldercare.
She’s the author of “50 Sanity Saving Tips for
Caregivers: You Don’t Have to Kill Yourself to Keep
Them Alive.” Contact her at (303) 902-4378;

13. ==> Trump’s Age & Hair-Loss Drug = Dementia?

At age 70, Donald Trump is the oldest man to be elected
a US president. His longtime personal doc recently
revealed to the New York Times that Trump takes
Finasteride to treat male pattern baldness. Side
effects include mental confusion and impotence. Is
Trump on the fast track to dementia or Alzheimer’s?
Invite senior health adviser Janet Rich Pittman to
discuss the president’s age and mental capacity as well
as other risk factors for dementia. Should Trump be
urged to undergo a series of psychometric tests to
prove his mental capacity? A former political operative
and activist, Janet is now known as The Brain Nerd,
specifically a Dementia Prevention Specialist, based on
her years of experience as a Dementia Practitioner and
Dementia Administrator. Janet is author of the upcoming
book “It’s There: 5 Simple Ways to Find Your Memory and
Prevent It from Leaving.” Contact her (251) 648.0325;
Janet @TheBrainNerd.com

14. ==> Celebrity Designer: The Secret is Simplicity

What’s the secret to great design – and a great life?
Deeia Topp says it’s all about simplicity. After
twenty-five years of designing for the likes of the
‘real’ housewives, former interior designer, Topp, left
her lucrative career behind in search of happiness. An
author and speaker, Topp, says, “I tell people that
happiness is an inside job, it’s not something that can
be bought by fancy furniture or expensive interiors.”
She’ll offer tips on how anyone can design a less
complicated life. Her practical approach will help
listeners find inner peace amid the chaos of their busy
lives as she challenges them to take the stop
complaining challenge…if they dare. Topp is the
author of “Complicated…by Design,” a delightfully
dishy novel that goes behind the draperies of
Greenwich’s Botoxed elite where Eat Pray Love meets
Trainwreck. Contact Deeia Topp at (941) – 350 – 5716;

15. ==> Dating Deal Breakers

It could be the color of her nail polish. The way she
wears her hair. Her tattoos or the sound of her voice.
Maybe it’s the limp way he shakes your hand. His bald
spot. Or his awful taste in clothing. Most of us screen
potential dates using preconceived standards (i.e. deal
breakers). Psychiatrist Christine Adams will have your
listeners thinking about how they would answer the
question, “I would never date someone who …” before
calling them out on the snap judgments they use to
foolishly eliminate potential dates. Dr. Adams will
also share why “you should run away fast” when you
experience instant sexual attraction to someone. She
can discuss the best questions to ask on first and
second dates (and how to pay attention to what your
date isn’t asking you). And will argue that in most
cases a single date is never enough to rule someone
out. Dr. Christine Adams is coauthor of “Living On
Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives
and Relationships.” Contact her at (502) 473-0093;

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