03/22/16 RTIR E-zine: March Madness Gambling, Retirement Risks, Spring Allergies

March 22, 2016
01. Obama’s Cuba Visit
02. Rabbis Boycott Trump at AIPAC
03. Former NBA Scout on March Madness
04. March Madness and Player Gambling
05. March Meat Madness
06. Warmest Month in Recorded History
07. CDC Opioid Guidelines Fall Far Short
08. Natural Treatments for Spring Allergies
09. Celebrity Couple Make-Ups and Break-Ups
10. An Infamous Military Crime
11. Biggest Retirement Risks
12. Boomers Buying Franchises – Bad Idea?
13. Build Wealth – Without Stocks or Mutual Funds
14. Fun Nutrition for Kids – Eat a Rainbow
15. Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016

1. ==> Obama’s Cuba Visit

President Obama met with Cuban leader Raul Castro on
Monday. It was the third time the pair has met for
bilateral talks since the resumption of diplomatic
relations in 2014. Invite James Early to discuss the
significance of the event and whether the authoritarian
regime will actually open the state-run economy and
improve human rights. James Early has been to Cuba more
than 50 times. He is former director of cultural
heritage policy at the Smithsonian Institution Center
for Folklife and Cultural Heritage and is now on the
board of numerous organizations including the Institute
for Policy Studies, Fundacion Amistad (a group “seeking
understanding between the peoples of the United States
and Cuba”) and Regional Articulation of Afro
Descendants Latin America and Caribbean. Contact him at
(202) 744-2682, earlytempos@gmail.com

2. ==> Rabbis Boycott Trump at AIPAC

Several groups of rabbis and Jewish religious leaders
planned to protest Donald Trump’s speech to a major
pro-Israel conference in Washington last night,
accusing the presidential candidate of encouraging
hatred. Abba Soloman says, “Donald Trump speaking at
AIPAC is a surreal event that really should be welcomed
for its clarity. AIPAC fronting for a fictitious Israel
of justice and peace-seeking matches rich boy Trump’s
‘tough guy’ persona of champion of the American
Everyman. Both Trump and AIPAC retail cruelty and
misdirection. It’s hard to imagine they will find
synergy, but frightening if they do. Becoming enmeshed
in U.S. politics is nothing new for AIPAC, but may have
consequence for the U.S. Jewish community this time as
they are willingly engaging with an unstable avatar of
‘white nationalism.'” Solomon is author of “The Speech,
and Its Context: Jacob Blaustein’s Speech ‘The Meaning
of Palestine Partition to American Jews’.” Contact him
at (206) 779-6362; abbasolomon@gmail.com,

3. ==> Former NBA Scout on March Madness

Invite longtime top evaluator of college basketball
Richard Sheubrooks to talk March Madness from an
insider perspective. He’ll discuss the top recruits,
which players are ready to step right into the NBA,
which are great at the college level but not likely to
make top pros, which schools in the March Madness
tournament produce the most and/or the best pros, etc.
Richard Sheubrooks is a former NBA scouting director
and marketing executive with NIKE. He’s worked with
legendary UCLA coach John Wooden, Jerry West and
Michael Jordan. He’s the author of “The Greatest Story
Never Told,” and the upcoming book “The Assist,”
inspired by Michael Jordan and Dean Smith. Contact him
at (980) 230-3070; richsheu23@gmail.com

4. ==> March Madness and Player Gambling

March Madness is in full swing and everyone is talking
about the upsets, the brackets and what it’s done to
their pools, but what about gambling WITHIN the sport?
Invite Frank Landrey to discuss the issue of gambling
involving college players and coaches. He says,
“Coaches need to know and plan to avoid
miscommunication between themselves and players and how
best to head off gambling influences on players. No
individual game or tournament is safe from an attempted
point shaving by “big bet” gamblers.” For the past 29
years, Landrey has been on a mission to uncover exactly
what happened to him during his Georgia Tech basketball
days when he was cut loose. He says, “Having been
called a hero in a game against Missouri, making all-
tournament at the Poinsettia Classic and leading our
team in scoring, everything changed overnight…” Frank
Landrey is the author of “My Gambler’s Collateral
Damage”, a true story involving the F.B.I., his
father’s bookie/friend and The 1961 Dixie Classic
Scandal. Contact him at (434) 944-2728; lugolf@aol.com

5. ==> March Meat Madness

It is an all-American debate that has raged for
generations: what is the best regional hot dog in
America? In the spirit of March Madness, hot dog fans
will have their say in the fourth annual National Hot
Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) Hot Dog Madness
bracket. The bracket features sixteen different
regional hot dogs from the North, South, Midwest and
West, each with unique styles and toppings beloved by
locals. “Just as in basketball’s March Madness, expect
Hot Dog Madness surprises and upsets,” says NHDSC’s
Eric Mittenthal. “The fun part is seeing fans from
different cities rally around their hometown hot dog.”
Fans can vote for their favorite hot dogs online with
winners moving on to the next round. Past upset winners
include West Virginia’s dog with chili, mustard and
coleslaw atop a wiener on a steamed bun and Cleveland’s
Sugardale dog. Contact Mittenthal at (202) 587-4238;
404-808-8396 (cell) or emittenthal@meatinstitute.org

6. ==> Warmest Month in Recorded History

Climate scientists say February 2016 was the hottest
month since 1880 when records began. Is this warming
‘returning with a vengeance’ after temperatures
remained nearly constant from 1998 to 2013? Or is this
the result of the eruption of Bárðarbunga volcano in
central Iceland from August 2014 to February 2015, the
highest rate of basaltic lava extrusion since 1783?
Rapid extrusion of basaltic lava has been associated
with rapid warming throughout the history of Earth. Dr.
Peter Langdon Ward worked 27 years as a geophysicist
and volcanologist with the US Geological Survey. He
spent the last ten years reexamining the many
assumptions underlying greenhouse warming theory. Ward
is the author of the new book “What Really Causes
Global Warming? Greenhouse Gases or Ozone Depletion?”
Contact him at (307) 733-3664; peward@wyoming.com

7. ==> CDC Opioid Guidelines Fall Far Short

In response to the opioid epidemic that’s swept the
country, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
has released long-anticipated guidelines on prescribing
opioid painkillers like OxyContin and Percocet. They
recommend docs sharply deter use of the medicines for
chronic pain and use non-drug approaches like physical
therapy, psychotherapy and exercise. Chronic pain
treatment expert Cindy Perlin says that sounds good,
but many people don’t have access to those services.
“More than 93 million Americans live in areas where
there is less than one mental health provider for every
10,000 people. In addition, most insurance companies
rarely cover more than a few sessions of physical
therapy, which is grossly inadequate to address chronic
pain.” Perlin adds that the CDC guidelines ignore, and
insurance companies rarely cover, other proven
treatments for pain, including chiropractic, massage,
acupuncture, exercise programs, nutritional and herbal
interventions, marijuana and low level laser therapy.
Perlin is a licensed social worker, and certified
biofeedback practitioner who has appeared on numerous
radio and TV programs. She’s the author of “The Truth
About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst
Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at
(518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

8. ==> Natural Treatments for Spring Allergies

We may love that winter is over but millions of
Americans dread springtime and the sneezing, coughing
and wheezing that ensues. Stop and smell the flowers?
Many people can’t even go outside! Dr. Jim Roach, a
leading integrative practitioner, says many people
reach for antihistamines to get through the season, but
that comes with its own risks. “Antihistamines can
cause all sorts of problems including brain fog,
urinary retention, acid reflux and constipation. And
they may, as anticholinergics, even promote dementia.”
Dr. Roach will explain how to prevent allergies with
probiotics, zinc and vitamin D and ways to treat
allergy symptoms that actually have beneficial side
effects! Jim Roach, MD, has appeared on numerous radio
and TV programs. He’s a speaker, consultant, educator,
researcher, and widely sought clinician with patients
from across the country. He is also author of “God’s
House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-death
experiences of his patients and seeks to de-stigmatize
spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859)
846-4453 (office); jproach@aol.com

9. ==> Celebrity Couple Make-Ups and Break-Ups

For a fun, unique look at Hollywood stars and their
couplings invite intuitive lifestyle expert Cathleen
Miller on your show. Will Miley Cyrus and Liam
Hemsworth make it down the aisle? Miller says most
folks wouldn’t be on it, but she sees a different
scenario. “I see this one working this year (even with
a few family wrinkles still creating undercurrent).
These two are genuinely connected at the soul level and
I see possible adorable twins not far behind, possibly
early 2017? ” And what about the rumors that Khloe
Kardashian and Lamar Odem are working things out?
Cathleen says, “As much as I appreciate how special
they both are, I do see more recovery challenges for
them both to overcome. Khloe is rocking it right now on
a stronger personal foundation than ever before, but
Lamar has a lot to overcome for them to have a chance.”
From distance alternative energy therapies and life
energy/career coaching, Cathleen can read and shift
magnetic and electrical frequencies in and around the
body to assist in illness or addiction recovery and
activate energies to create the life you were meant to
live. Cathleen also has extensive media experience.
Contact her at (913) 499-8514;

10. ==> An Infamous Military Crime

Raised in a military family, Adrian “Ajax” Jones
thought joining the Marines would be an honorable way
of life. Instead, at an impressionable 18, he is bored
at his desk job and desperate for a change. Fellow
Marines Vick James and Brady Bloomer teach Jones the
ropes of check fraud. While James uses the fraud to buy
cocaine, Jones uses it to buy his girlfriend Christmas
presents. NCIS becomes aware of James’ activities and
launches an investigation. Their desire to convict
James of fraud involved Jones and his friends in a
devastating crime. Decades after the tragic events,
Jones writes to reveal the truth of what happened that
night and acknowledge the guilt of all involved.
Contact Adrian Jones at (804) 481-8140 or at

11. ==> Biggest Retirement Risks

With Boomers entering retirement with 401ks that have
been decimated by the economy, many soon-to-be seniors
fear the worst for what is supposed to be their ‘Golden
Years.’ Financial advisor Rodger Friedman says, “The
greatest financial conundrum this generation is facing
is longevity. People are living longer, with higher
health care costs, and continued escalation of living
expenses. How can we financially afford to keep living
and have a sustainable and satisfying retirement?”
Invite Friedman to discuss the reasons many people
don’t get the right kind of retirement advice, and how
to build a relationship with an adviser that will work
for your individual needs. Friedman will talk about the
biggest risk facing retirees today, why being your own
financial adviser is a big mistake, and how to make
sure your relationship with your adviser is a truly
beneficial one for you. Listeners will also get access
to a free 17 page special report on retirement
planning. Rodger Friedman is the author of “Forging
Bonds of Steel.” Contact him toll free at 1-844 -3- my-
plan or 1-844-369-7526 or

12. ==> Boomers Buying Franchises – Bad Idea?

The average age of someone buying a franchised business
has gone from 42-years old in 2008 to 56-years old in
2014! As corporations tighten their belts, the youngest
of the baby boomers are most likely to be downsized, or
“aged out” of their jobs. They’re too young to retire
and with an extremely tight job market they can either
take an undesirable or underpaying job or start a
business or buy a franchise. Are franchises a good
idea? Can you actually make money with one? And how do
you choose which franchise to buy? Invite franchise
expert Tom Scarda to reveal the biggest dangers facing
novice buyers when considering a franchise, and how to
easily avoid them. Tom Scarda is the author of
“Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies Pros Use to Pick Top
Performing Franchises.” Contact him at
(516) 322–1435; Tom@TomScarda.com

13. ==> Build Wealth – Without Stocks or Mutual Funds

Invite John Jamieson to reveal the ultimate blueprint
of little-known, powerful strategies for building
diversified wealth and income. He’ll share how to beat
the bank, reduce your taxes by up to 50 percent, create
your own pension and much, much more. Your listeners
will learn real ways to grow and protect money by
saving, investing (in little known yet powerful
vehicles), and using small business strategies to make
a business more profitable or launch a dream business
and make money right away instead of waiting two years.
He’ll also explain how to double retirement income from
an IRA in just 7 years with no market risk. John
Jamieson has come a long way from his days of being a
high school failure and a college dropout. He’s been a
successful businessman for over 22 years and has
launched several companies. He’s also the author of
“The Perpetual Wealth System.” Contact him at (586)
944-0794; john@theperpetualwealthsystem.com

14. ==> Fun Nutrition for Kids – Eat a Rainbow

Kids don’t care about cardiovascular health or the
nutritional value of their food but they do want to run
faster and do better in school according to nutritional
counselor Kathryn Kemp Guylay. Bring her on your show
to share ways to get young kids – and the whole family
– interested in eating better and enjoying more energy.
After a successful career as a management consultant,
Kathryn founded of the national non-profit organization
Nurture, which provides nutrition and wellness
education to tens of thousands of children and parents
across the country. Her latest book is “Give It a Go,
Eat a Rainbow,” a fun, engaging children’s book.
Contact her at (847) 687-3838; kathryn@guylay.com

15. ==> Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016

With a relatively high trading U.S dollar, 2016 is
shaping up to be the best time in years to take a trip
abroad – without spending a fortune! Ultra-economical
travel expert Russell Hannon will share little-known
destinations that have never been easier to access,
surprising spots with the most stunning natural sites,
and the hottest city for travelling right now. Russell
Hannon is a travel expert who has been featured by
Johnny Jet, CNBC, FOX, America Tonight, CTV, ShopSmart,
Yahoo Finance, and Around the World Travel TV. He is
the author of “Stop Dreaming Start Traveling: The
Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and Spending Less.”
Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

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