03/08/16 RTIR E-zine: Toni Tennille, Nancy Regan, Music in our Schools

March 8, 2016

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Magazine

01. Toni Tennille Tells All
02. What’s Up with Trump’s Popularity?
03. Bravo Reality TV Star – Angel Brinks
04. FBI Plan to Spy on Students?
05. Nancy Regan, an Alzheimer’s Reminder
06. Family Survival When Alzheimer’s Strikes
07. How to Fix the Broken Immigration System
08. Does Your Water Need a Detox?
09. Doc Shares Drug-Free Health Tips
10. 3 Easy Tips for Better Nutrition
11. What No One Tells You about College
12. March is Music in Our Schools Month
13. From Successful Business Exec to Student Mentor
14. Help! My Kid’s a Teen!
15. Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016

1. ==> Toni Tennille Tells All

Toni Tennille is best known for her ’70s and ’80s
chart-topping hits with the pop duo Captain &Tennille.
The couple defined the sparkling, optimistic idea of
everlasting love, both in their music and through their
image as a happy and, seemingly, unbreakable couple.
But underneath the image was an entirely different
story that the fans never saw: a woman who fought a
lonely struggle against the controlling and often
bizarre behavior of her emotionally inaccessible
husband. Invite Toni to discuss her new memoir and
share details of her life from a childhood in the
segregated South to her rise to fame in the world of
pop music to where she is now: no longer one-half of a
famed couple, but a stronger woman for all she has
experienced-both the good and the bad. Contact Harlan
Boll at (626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

2. ==> What’s Up with Trump’s Popularity?

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is the topic of
conversation in countless social interactions these
days. We all know that he’s loud and speaks his mind
and that could be why we can’t get him out of our heads
– right? Maybe, but Debbie Silverman says that’s not
why we find him so engaging. She says, “Donald Trump is
in our heads because he allows us to experience an
untapped feeling.” Silverman says, “The problem other
candidates have is that most are functioning within the
old belief that our political system is business as
usual. With the exception of Bernie Sanders, who is
also tapping into repressed feelings, other candidates
are ho-hum and do not allow real, naked feelings to
surface.” She’ll discuss how business experience will
‘trump’ political savvy in this election, and explain
the big difference between voter apathy and voter
engagement. Debbie Silverman is a human behavior
specialist and the president of Consumer-Perspective
LLC. Contact her at (954) 610-1403; Debbie@Consumer-

3. ==> Bravo Reality TV Star – Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks has dressed Hollywood’s hottest stars
including Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, Heidi Montag, Lil’
Kim, Ashanti, Coco Austin and more. She’s also the
latest cast member to join VH1s hit show Basketball
Wives LA. Invite her to dish about the show, celebrity
style trends and must-have items for every closet.
She’ll talk about how she manages running a million
dollar company, what it’s like doing reality TV, and
how she does it all while being a single mom. Angel
recently opened her flagship retail store in the heart
of downtown LA. She’s been featured at NY Fashion Week
and recently appeared as a fashion expert on NBC’s
Today show. Contact Lindsay Feldman at (702) 245-4397;

4. ==> FBI Plan to Spy on Students?

Under new guidelines, the FBI is instructing high
schools across the country to report students who
criticize government policies and ‘western corruption’
as potential future terrorists, warning that ‘anarchist
extremists’ are in the same category as ISIS and young
people who are poor, immigrants or travel to
‘suspicious’ countries are more likely to commit
horrific violence. Arun Kundnani says, ““The document
aims to encourage schools to monitor their students
more carefully for signs of radicalization but its
definition of radicalization is vague. In practice,
schools seeking to implement this document will end up
monitoring Muslim students disproportionately. Muslims
who access religious or political material will be seen
as suspicious, even though there is no reason to think
such material indicates a likelihood of terrorism.”
Kundnani is the author of “The Muslims are Coming!
Islamophobia, Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror
“and a lecturer at New York University. Contact him at
(646) 575-4442; arun@kundnani.org, @ArunKundnani

5. ==> Nancy Regan, an Alzheimer’s Reminder

With Nancy Regan’s death this weekend, we’re reminded
that the last years of President Regan’s life were
devastated by Alzheimer’s. Nancy was at his side
through it all, like millions of other spouses, but her
status and wealth allowed her more choices than most
people in similar situations. Financial expert Penelope
Tzougros says Alzheimer’s can not only devastate
families but it can also destroy their finances. Invite
her to discuss the issues families need to address long
before they’re faced with difficult decisions. You’ll
learn whether you should consider long-term care
insurance, how to know when it’s time to give up the
family house and how to pay for the care of loved ones
without risking your own financial future. Penelope
Tzougros, Securities through LPL Financial, Member
FINRA/SIPC, has done extensive radio and TV interviews.
She’s the author of “Long-Term Care Insurance: How to
Make Decisions that are Right for You.” Contact her at
(617) 733-3731; (800) 631-1970 or PenniesNow@aol.com

6. ==> Family Survival When Alzheimer’s Strikes

When her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Lovie
Reed went through a crash course on the disease and its
devastating effects, both on the individual and family.
Reed will discuss family dynamics and how families can
provide the best care, support, and love for an ill
parent. With practical language and clear examples,
Reed will emphasize the importance of unity and shared
responsibility. She says honesty and compassion can
overcome confusion and division. “Though ill, the
parent should still be respected and provide opinions
on treatment and care. Basic care giving chores, with
the right attitude, can become positive and loving
experiences for both caregiver and parent.” There are
three million diagnoses of Alzheimer’s each year and
daily updates on new treatments and preventative
measures. Reed is the author of “Forget Me Not: A
Loving Mother Who Had Alzheimer’s.” Contact Lovie Reed
at (662) 671-2454; reed.lovie@yahoo.com.

7. ==> How to Fix the Broken Immigration System

Donald Trump’s wall won’t do it. But what can really be
done to fix our nation’s broken immigration system
whose flaws have led to the growth of undocumented
workers who in turn live in fear of arrest and
deportation? Joseph Oloimooja says the best answers
come from successful naturalized citizens like him.
Originally from Kenya, Joseph will share the unintended
consequences that occurred when that country sent
troops to protect its border with Somalia, as well as
why foreigners need to be educated about life in the
U.S. before they come here legally with a visa; they
also need to be told what life will be like if they
overstay their visas or enter the country illegally.
Joseph, pastor of Christ the Good Shepherd Episcopal
Church and the manager of spiritual care services at
Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center, will
discuss his nine-year journey to citizenship and the
work he does helping other people achieve citizenship.
Reach him at (323) 687-2167; oloimooja@yahoo.com

8. ==> Does Your Water Need a Detox?

Flint, Michigan isn’t the only city where water quality
is in question. Invite Sophia Gushee to discuss how to
learn if your water should be filtered, which filter
options are best for your water supply, and whether
bottled water is healthier than tap. She’ll also share
detox tips for the kitchen, home, nursery, office, and
more. A mother of three, Sophia spent eight years
researching her children’s toxic exposures from common
household products. Ultimately, she realized that just
ten key goals are the most high impact ideas to focus
on and most cost little, or nothing. She refers to
these ten goals as her D-Tox Strategy, and believes
that we should consider our toxic exposures as often as
we think about what we eat and how much we exercise.
Sophia Gushee is the author of “A to Z of D-Toxing: The
Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic Exposures.”
Contact her at (917) 208-9842 (NY); srgushee@gmail.com

9. ==> Doc Shares Drug-Free Health Tips

In today’s society, there’s a pill for just about every
ailment and health issue. But Dr. Kathleen Fry says
there are other ways to treat illness and stay healthy
without drugs. Dr. Fry will explain what homeopathy is,
how it ‘s worked for millions of people around the
globe, and how the average person with no medical
training can use it for common ailments like colds,
flu, ear infections and food poisoning. A
conventionally trained medical doctor, Dr. Fry gave up
a lucrative Ob/Gyn practice in Scottsdale, Arizona to
care for her clients using a less toxic, more powerful
form of healing that restores people to health without
pharmaceutical drugs. Dr. Fry had a regular monthly
call in show in Phoenix for more than 10 years. Her
latest book is “”VITALITY! How To Get It and Keep It: A
Homeopath’s Guide to Vibrant Health Without Drugs.”
Contact her at (480) 695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

10. ==> 3 Easy Tips for Better Nutrition

March is National Nutrition Month, and a great time to
look at what you and your family are eating, and how to
improve it. Think you don’t have enough time or that
healthy food is more expensive? Certified nutritional
counselor Kathryn Kemp Guylay will share easy ways to
overcome the obstacles of time and money, all while
keeping it simple. Kathryn is the founder and executive
director of Nurture, a non-profit organization that has
helped tens of thousands of children and parents
improve their nutrition and health. Kathryn is also
the author of “Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life
Lessons from the Slopes” and the upcoming children’s
book “Give It A Go, Eat a Rainbow.” Contact her at
(847) 687-3838; Kathryn@guylay.com

11. ==> What No One Tells You about College

College is supposed to be the best time of your life
with endless fun and carefree living. These perceptions
are hiding the reality of a deeper issue that is
plaguing millions of students around the country: the
anxiety and depression epidemic. Jake Heilbrunn has a
unique understanding of why anxiety and depression are
so prevalent today and how to overcome them. After one
semester of college, Jake realized the path he was on
didn’t align with his true self. Following his
intuition, he left college and spent four months
backpacking through Central America alone, with no cell
phone or ability to speak Spanish. He’ll discuss why
nearly a third of college students say they are
depressed, what millennials are searching for in
college and careers, and why parents and employers are
clueless about it. At just 19 years old, Jake has just
begun a Kickstarter campaign to release his book “Off
the Beaten Track.” Contact him at (858) 750-0413 (CA);

12. ==> March is Music in Our Schools Month

Vincent James is on a mission to promote how valuable
and important music is in all of our lives:
academically, therapeutically or just overall making us
a happier society. To that end, he and the group Keep
Music Alive are marking the 2nd Annual “Teach Music
America” week, a celebration that asks musicians &
music teachers to find at least one new student to
teach a free 30 minute lesson. “We believe that by
encouraging music teachers and potential students to
reach out to each other during the month of March, many
of them will continue to teach and learn music from
each other long after the month is over. Our goal is to
get as many new students starting to learn how to play
music as we possibly can. Only by creating interest in
new students will the art of music continue in our
society.” Invite Vincent on your show to help remind
people how important and valuable music is and all the
reasons why. Vincent James is the founder of
KeepMusicAlive.org and author of the book “88+ Ways
Music Can Change Your Life”. Contact him at (610)
812-5231 (PA); vincent@KeepMusicAlive.org

13. ==> From Successful Business Exec to Student Mentor

Julia Donnelly has always had a passion for teaching,
but when she was choosing a career her parents steered
her into business so she could make money. So she did,
but she never lost her love for teaching and helping
young adults. “So many college students are without the
resources to help them sort through their personal
conflicts. The same skills I’ve used in project
management are invaluable for identifying the sources
of conflict – the type that often creates mental and
emotional confusion, and clouds our ability to tap into
our hearts, and our real desires, core talents and
abilities.” Invite Julia to discuss how she teaches
students to identify their core strengths and
abilities, how to manage school projects like a
business pro, and realize and release their anxiety
triggers. Julia Donnelly is a 25 year veteran in
global project managing and consulting. She is the
author of the upcoming book, “Get Productive in a
Multi-Task World, a Student’s Guide to Getting it Done!
“ Contact her at (609) 304-4056 (CT);

14. ==> Help! My Kid’s a Teen!

Many parents say they’re shocked to see their sweet,
loving children morph into moody, self-involved
brooding teens. Sure, you knew it was coming, but who
thought it would be so difficult? According to author,
parenting coach and family sociologist Laura Reagan-
Porras, parents make it a lot harder than it has to be.
In an interview that can be conducted in Spanish or
English, Reagan-Porras will explain why parents need to
stop trying to limit their teen’s friends, ways to
prevent them from getting bad grades and why they
should adopt a more robot-like attitude. She’ll cover
where to draw the line-in-the-sand, and how to get a
grip on teen culture without your teen thinking you’re
a dork. Reagan-Porras is a parenting expert, speaker,
experienced media guest and author of the upcoming book
“How to Raise Respectful Parents.” Contact her at (956)
250-3689; laura@heart2heartparents.com

15. ==> Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016

With a relatively high trading U.S dollar, 2016 is
shaping up to be the best time in years to take a trip
abroad – without spending a fortune! Ultra-economical
travel expert Russell Hannon will share little-known
destinations that have never been easier to access,
surprising spots with the most stunning natural sites,
and the hottest city for travelling right now. Russell
Hannon is a travel expert who has been featured by
Johnny Jet, CNBC, FOX, America Tonight, CTV, ShopSmart,
Yahoo Finance, and Around the World Travel TV. He is
the author of “Stop Dreaming Start Traveling: The
Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and Spending Less.”
Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

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