03/07/17 RTIR E-zine: Russian Witch Hunt, Daylight Savings, Tax Talk

March 7, 2017

01. Iraqi-American on New Immigration Ban
02. A Day Without a Woman
03. A Man’s Guide to ‘A Day Without a Woman’
04. Russian Witch Hunt Will Backfire
05. Obama’s Post-Presidency Isn’t Normal
06. Parents Hate Daylight Saving Time
07. It’s National Foreign Language Week
08. Military Recruiting on Campus
09. Widespread Flu in 44 States
10. Tax Talk: What’s Considered Income?
11. What Makes Someone ‘Undateable’?
12. Do Doodlers Get Better Grades?
13. Fail Your Way to Fitness!
14. What Next? Dealing with Uncertainty
15. Is Texting Making Us Stupider?

1. ==> Iraqi-American on New Immigration Ban

Weam Namou was born in Baghdad as a minority Christian
in a Muslim country. Her family endured Saddam’s
totalitarian regime until they fled to the United
States when she was a child. Once in America, Weam was
again a minority who had difficulty fitting in and
finding her voice. Invite her to discuss her take on
the new Trump immigration ban. She says the new ban
doesn’t even target the correct threats to U.S.
citizens. “If the government banned the right terrorist
countries, that would be very beneficial for us and the
world at large. But between 1975 and 2015, foreign
nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria
& Yemen killed zero Americans on U.S. soil. Yet Saudis
killed 2,369 Americans on U.S. soil. The countries who
have bred and financed terrorism are not on this list!”
Weam also believes the ban is fueling extremists,
making it easier for them to recruit people. Weam Namou
has been a guest on dozens of radio talk shows. She’s
the author of “The Great American Family: A Story of
Political Disenchantment.” Contact her at (586)
212-4490; weamn@hotmail.com

2. ==> A Day Without a Woman

Wednesday, March 8th is International Women’s Day,
which is usually celebrated in the US with a feel-good
awareness campaign about the importance of women’s
rights. But this year, grassroots activists around the
world are planning something more radical — a women’s
general strike, both to oppose President Donald Trump
and to make a big push for women’s equality. Organizers
of the January Women’s March have declared Wednesday ‘A
Day Without a Woman,’ alongside an International
Women’s Strike taking place in more than 30 countries.
Invite Emily Crockett to discuss what’s planned, how
successful it’s likely to be, and why so many women are
so disgruntled. Crockett writes about gender issues for
Vox. Her work has been published at The Nation, In
These Times, DCist, The Intentional, and AlterNet.
Contact her at emily@vox.com; @emilycrockett

3. ==> A Man’s Guide to ‘A Day Without a Woman’
Psychologist Helen Smith says A Day Without a Woman may
provide some benefits for men. “Rather than let it bum
you out that women have decided to avoid work and
shopping, think of all the perks a man can get on this
female-absent holiday.” She says, “If women are wearing
red in solidarity with the strike, men will know which
ones to avoid and that makes it easy to know which ones
will make you a scapegoat at work or miserable in your
dating life. And what man thinks women not shopping for
a day is a bad thing?” Dr. Smith adds, “Maybe this will
give men a much needed day off.” Helen Smith is a
psychologist specializing in forensic issues in
Knoxville, Tennessee. She has been on numerous
television and radio shows including Montel Williams
and has appeared on E! Entertainment, Fox News,
Discovery, Women’s Entertainment, Biography, Oxygen and
The Learning Channel. and blogs for PJ Media. Contact
her at communications@pjmedia.com or

4. ==> Russian Witch Hunt Will Backfire

“Jeff Sessions did nothing wrong. Jeff Sessions said
nothing wrong. And, his partisan enemies know it,”
declares Washington D.C. law professor and attorney
Victor Williams. Williams charges Beltway elites with
intentionally vilifying Sessions. “The same extreme
partisans and greedy globalists who relentlessly
attacked Jeff Sessions during his Senate confirmation
ordeal are again abusing him. The American people can
see through these unfair and untrue smears.” The law
professor credits Sessions with educating him, in 2014,
about the worsening issues of immigration, crime, and
the struggling American worker. Victor Williams founded
Lawyers and Law Professors for Trump, now rebranded as
America First Lawyers Association to advance the
Trump/Pence America First movement. Contact him at
(301) 951-9045

5. ==> Obama’s Post-Presidency Isn’t Normal

In a break from modern tradition, former President
Barack Obama appears to be wading back into political
waters. Political analyst Matt Lewis says though we
don’t know the scope of involvement he has planned,
there are signs. The New York Times reported that
Obama’s team rushed to preserve intelligence regarding
possible contacts between Trump’s presidential campaign
and Russia, and his loyal holdovers are leaking secrets
about the Trump administration.” Lewis says, “For all
the talk about Trump’s atypical behavior, the Obama
camp’s unfolding machinations feel almost equally
unprecedented.” But Lewis adds, “The truth is that
Barack Obama bears a lot of responsibility for
destroying what had been acceptable standards—the
destruction of which ultimately made possible Donald
Trump’s ascendancy. While Obama now poses as a defender
of decorum, tradition, and protocol, he (in a much
subtler way) flouted convention.” Matt Lewis is a
senior columnist at The Daily Beast, a CNN political
commentator, and the author of “Too Dumb to Fail: How
the GOP Betrayed the Reagan Revolution to Win Elections
(And How It Can Reclaim Its Conservative Roots).”
Contact him at MattLewis01@gmail.com; @mattklewis

6. ==> Parents Hate Daylight Saving Time

Half of all American parents say Daylight Saving Time
(DST) affects their kids and more than one-quarter
(29%) report it’s more difficult to get children to
sleep after the time change, according to a new survey
from the Better Sleep Council. Invite Mary Helen Rogers
from the BSC to discuss easy ways to prepare kids for
the time change and how to get them back into their
regular sleep pattern after Daylight Saving Time goes
into effect on Sunday, March 12th. Rogers can also help
with information on how to improve your sleep year-
round and additional tips on recovering from Daylight
Saving Time. The Better Sleep Council is the nonprofit
consumer education arm of the International Sleep
Products Association. Contact Mary Helen Rogers at
(703) 683-8371.

7. ==> It’s National Foreign Language Week

¡Hola! Ciao! It’s National Foreign Language Week and
Susanna Janssen, a retired college professor and
language expert, wants to give you lots of reasons to
celebrate and to take up a second language. For
example, did you know that being bilingual not only
provides an advantage to your brain but also to your
bank account? Oui! She’ll explain that bilinguals—even
infants exposed to a second language—show enhanced
abilities in focus and concentration, memory,
interpersonal skills and problem-solving. Studies also
show bilingualism is a buffer against Alzheimer’s
(awesome news in any language). She’ll demonstrate ways
learning a new language is easier than you would think.
Janssen is a newspaper columnist and the author of
“Wordstruck!: The Fun and Fascination of Language”.
Reach her at (707) 272-1351 or sjanssen106@gmail.com

8. ==> Military Recruiting on Campus

President Trump wants to significantly increase defense
spending and has promised to pump up the military, but
Pat Elder, director of the National Coalition to
Protect Student Privacy, says we’re witnessing the
‘grave implications’ of the ‘economic, political and
even spiritual’ influence of the military-industrial
complex. He says that extends to questionable
practices in recruiting soldiers. “It’s a coerced,
recruited Army as much as it is a volunteer Army.
American military recruiting is a despicable,
psychological pursuit that pits carefully selected and
highly trained soldiers against vulnerable children.
The American Public Health Association, (APHA) calls
for the cessation of military recruiting in the
nation’s schools, claiming recruiters engage in
aggressive behaviors to gain a child’s confidence and
trust. They say recruiters are exceptionally charming
while failing to honor clear boundaries. It is
despicable public policy, and it’s time to end it.”
Elder says recruiters troll social websites to learn
intimate details about teens and then use the
information to prepare a psychological dossier before
first contact. Pat Elder is the author of “Military
Recruiting in the United States.” Contact him at

9. ==> Widespread Flu in 44 States

Health officials report widespread cases of the flu in
44 states across the country with New Hampshire alone
reporting 15 flu-related deaths! Experts say there’s
still time to get a flu shot, but there are plenty of
other ways to guard against getting sick. Invite Dr.
Jim Roach to share healthy strategies that can prevent
most colds and flu, and minimize symptoms and learn the
single intervention that reduced type A flu 50% in
children (it wasn’t the vaccine!) His office approach
has been so successful he no longer utilizes flu
vaccine. Jim Roach, MD, is a leading integrative
practitioner who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs, is a speaker, consultant, educator,
researcher, and widely sought clinician with patients
from across the country. He is also author of “God’s
House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-death
experiences of his patients and seeks to de-stigmatize
spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859)
846-4453 (office); jproach@aol.com

10. ==> Tax Talk: What’s Considered Income?

Tax season is here! Lisa London CPA, can help your
listeners streamline their current files and understand
everything from deductions to what is considered
income. She says, “With the influx of people in the
sharing economy, like Uber drivers, Airbnb hosts, and
EBay and Amazon sellers, more and more people need to
understand what is considered income and what are
allowable expenses.” Invite her to tell your audience
how to use their cell phones to simplify bookkeeping
and share record-keeping tips and tricks to help small
and at-home businesses. Lisa London has been featured
on numerous TV and radio shows. She is the author of
the “Accountant Beside You” series of books for small
businesses, nonprofits, and churches. Her latest book
is “Banish Your Bookkeeping Nightmares-The Go-To Guide
for the Self-Employed to Save Money, Reduce
Frustration, & Satisfy the IRS.” Contact her at (919)
770-3746; lisa@lisalondon.net

11. ==> What Makes Someone ‘Undateable’?

It could be the color of her nail polish. The way she
wears her hair. Her tattoos or the sound of her voice.
Maybe it’s the limp way he shakes your hand. His bald
spot. Or his awful taste in clothing. Most of us screen
potential dates using preconceived standards (i.e. deal
breakers). Psychiatrist Christine Adams will have your
listeners thinking about how they would answer the
question, “I would never date someone who …” before
calling them out on the snap judgments they use to
foolishly eliminate potential dates. Dr. Adams will
also share why “you should run away fast” when you
experience instant sexual attraction to someone. She
can discuss the best questions to ask on first and
second dates (and how to pay attention to what your
date isn’t asking you). And will argue that in most
cases a single date is never enough to rule someone
out. Dr. Christine Adams is coauthor of “Living On
Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives
and Relationships.” Contact her at (502) 473-0093;

12. ==> Do Doodlers Get Better Grades?

Getting kids to pay attention has always been a
challenge for teachers. But this is even more true
today when most students own multiple devices that
divert their attention. Teacher and illustrator Red
Rohl believes he has found the answer to engaging,
inspiring and exciting students, thereby creating a
classroom of energetic learners. Rohl will explain how
sketchnote inspired art engages students and improves
their comprehension. He says, “It works especially well
for students who are visual learners and those who
learn by hands-on activities, which typically fade
after middle school ends.” You’ll learn how this cross-
curricular approach helps students with math, social
studies, science, and writing skills. A lifelong
illustrator, Red Rohl has 20 years of experience
teaching at-risk students. He is the author of “Heavy
Sketches,” a collection of 30 years’ worth of his own
sketchnote-inspired art combined with creative
literacy. Contact him at (828) 284-1973;

13. ==> Fail Your Way to Fitness!

Just about everyone has messed up when it comes to
eating healthfully and exercising. In fact, according
to world-class athlete and chiropractor Tim Warren,
it’s perfectly normal. Warren says people inevitably
feel overwhelmed by what is going on in their lives and
screw up now and then. “The problem lies not in the
failing but in not restarting sooner. Cut down the
reboot time, do more healthy than unhealthy stuff, and
guess what? You win.” Warren, who climbed Mount Everest
at age 48 and has cared for more than 10,000 patients
in his 30-year medical career, doesn’t believe in
dieting, having iron willpower or living life in the
gym. His approach is to encourage daily mini-
improvements. Warren has been featured on dozens of
radio and television shows and in numerous print
interviews. He’s the author of “Feet, Fork and Fun,”
written after years of experiencing frustration trying
to influence patients to improve their level of
fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. Tim Warren’s first
book was “Lessons from Everest.” Contact him at (401)
374-5067; tim@drtimwarren.com

14. ==> What Next? Dealing with Uncertainty

The one thing everyone can agree on right now is that
the future is TBD…To Be Determined. The question on
everyone’s minds is “now what?” How can we best
navigate through these uncertain times? Brenda
Reynolds can share 5 tips for helping you take control
of a situation that feels out of your control. Whether
it’s the transition our nation faces, your own personal
transition or a change in your business world, she’ll
explain what you can do to find greater clarity and
confidence. Brenda Reynolds is a transitions expert,
consultant, speaker, and founder of BKR Consulting.
She’s worked with clients nationwide and in 2008
applied her expertise to her own challenges when the
economy took a nosedive and so did her life, leaving
her a divorced mom of two. She is author of the
upcoming book, “TBD—To Be Determined, how to Find
Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times.” Contact her
at (610) 639-5722; brenda@bkrconsult.com

15. ==> Is Texting Making Us Stupider?

Nearly everyone spends their day texting, tweeting and
emailing people, even Donald Trump, our Commander in
Tweet. While we may anticipate that sometimes we could
be making better use of our time or be better off
communicating face to face, few of us know that we
could be risking our brain health. Bob Prichard will
tell your listeners about screen apnea—a stress-induced
holding of breath that many people don’t even realize
they are doing when they text, tweet and email. He’ll
explain how to reliably tell if you have this problem
in which your brain receives less oxygen, making it
harder over time for it to function well. Prichard runs
the Somax Performance Institute where for over 40 years
he has been helping athletes improve their efficiency
and flexibility. For example, 18 Olympic athletes he
worked with have won 44 gold medals and set 11 world
records. An NBC Sports Olympics on-air analyst, he’s
written for many periodicals and his sports analysis
videos have over 5M views on YouTube. His upcoming book
is “Are You Starving Your Brain of Oxygen?” Contact him
at (415) 435-9880 (CA); bprichard@somaxsports.com

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