03/03/16 RTIR E-zine: Party Division, Alzheimer’s Survival, Flint Water

March 3, 2016

01. Politics, Party Division and History
02. Former MA Lt. Governor on Super Tuesday Results
03. FBI and Apple – Security VS Privacy
04. Toni Tennille Tells All
05. YouTube Sensation & Bravo Reality TV Star
06. Leonardo DiCaprio – Is He Right?
07. Everybody’s Sick!
08. Flint Water Crisis – Is Your Water Safe?
09. Business Lessons from a Motorcycle Gang?
10. What You Should Never Tell Coworkers
11. Winter Skin Saving Tricks
12. Cheeky (Saucy) Seasoned TV Humorist
13. Like a Book – Everyone Deserves a Good Ending
14. Family Survival When Alzheimer’s Strikes
15. Fun Political Show – Musical Presidents

1. ==> Politics, Party Division and History

How do we explain what’s going on in this crazy
election season? David Reynolds says, “A sharply
divided Congress stuck for years in stalemate and
inertia; the ever-deepening chasm between the top 1
percent and other Americans; warring Super PACs —
these and other polarizing factors have shaken the
party system to the core.” Could there be a silver
lining to this murky scene? Reynolds says, “Yes, if we
take the example of the 1860 election, where even
greater polarization resulted in party divisions that
in turn yielded America’s greatest president, Abraham
Lincoln. That year, the country was so divided over the
slavery issue that Lincoln’s opponents split into three
parties with different presidential candidates. As it
turned out, this party division ensured the election of
the antislavery Republican, Lincoln, who, though he
lost the popular vote to his combined opponents by over
a million votes, won the Electoral College and thus the
presidency. Lincoln’s victory saved the nation, for no
other candidate had the skills to lead the nation
during the bloodiest war in its history. While there’s
no apparent Lincoln on the scene today, only time will
tell if the party confusion will produce a figure of
national healing and responsible governance.” Reynolds
is a distinguished professor at the City University of
New York Graduate Center and is the author or editor of
fifteen books, including, most recently, Lincoln’s
Selected Writings. Contact him at (email best)
reyn.sn@gmail.com; (516) 633-6412 (cell), (212)
817-8319 (office), @reysn1

2. ==> Former MA Lt. Governor on Super Tuesday Results

For a discussion on intraparty relations, the current
state and direction of the Democratic Party and the
changing Democratic electorate, invite former
Massachusetts Lt. Governor Thomas O’Neill on your show.
O’Neill served from 1975 to 1983, and before that,
served as a member of the Massachusetts House of
Representatives. He’s also the son of the late U.S.
Speaker of the House of Representatives Thomas P. “Tip”
O’Neill Jr. He’ll offer a unique perspective on the
politics of the 2016 presidential race, the U.S.
Congress, and New England statewide races. O’Neill is
founder and CEO of O’Neill and Associates, a government
relations and communications firm. Contact Jennifer
Hardin at jhardin@oneillandassoc.com

3. ==> FBI and Apple – Security VS Privacy

This week, FBI Director James Comey and Apple’s senior
vice president and general counsel, Bruce Sewell,
testified at a House Judiciary Committee hearing titled
‘The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’
Security and Privacy.’ Former FBI special agent Colleen
Rowley says it’s hard to believe Comey is sincerely
leveling with the American public in his latest quest.
“Maybe most disingenuous of all is Comey’s new
assertion that he is not trying to set a precedent.
Does he not know that the government’s ‘Plan B’ secret
agenda to create ‘work-arounds’ to defeat encryption
recently came to light? Does he expect us to believe
that he was not part of the secret White House meeting
last fall where senior national security officials
ordered agencies to find ways to counter encryption
software and gain access to the most heavily protected
user data on the most secure consumer devices,
including Apple Inc.’s?” Rowley’s May 2002 memo to then
FBI Director Robert Mueller exposed some of the FBI’s
pre-9/11 failures – and she was named one of TIME
magazine’s “Persons of the Year” in 2002. Contact her
at (952) 393-0914, rowleyclan@earthlink.net,

4. ==> Toni Tennille Tells All

Toni Tennille is best known for her ’70s and ’80s
chart-topping hits with the pop duo Captain &Tennille.
The couple defined the sparkling, optimistic idea of
everlasting love, both in their music and through their
image as a happy and, seemingly, unbreakable couple.
But underneath the image was an entirely different
story that the fans never saw: a woman who fought a
lonely struggle against the controlling and often
bizarre behavior of her emotionally inaccessible
husband. Invite Toni to discuss her new memoir and
share details of her life from a childhood in the
segregated South to her rise to fame in the world of
pop music to where she is now: no longer one-half of a
famed couple, but a stronger woman for all she has
experienced-both the good and the bad. Contact Harlan
Boll at (626) 296-3757; h.boll@dcpublicity.com

5. ==> YouTube Sensation & Bravo Reality TV Star

Heather Marianna’s DIY beauty videos about battling
beauty blunders using common household ingredients have
been viewed by over 3 million fans. Now she’s starring
in the brand new Bravo travel reality show, Tour Group,
where 11 soul-searching strangers travel the world
together. Invite Heather to talk about the new show,
her experience traveling the world with strangers, and
hidden beauty secrets she’s learned along the way. She
can also make a few essential oil cocktails to keep
away bad juju! Heather is owner of Beauty Kitchen, an
all-natural skincare product line. (Ask about giveaways
for your listeners.) Tour Group airs Tuesday nights on
Bravo TV. Contact Lindsay Feldman at (702) 245-4397;

6. ==> Leonardo DiCaprio – Is He Right?

Leonardo DiCaprio made a powerful plea while accepting
his Oscar, saying climate change “is the most urgent
threat facing our entire species, and we need to work
collectively together and stop procrastinating.” But
what if greenhouse gases are not the actual cause of
the widely-observed global warming? “There is no need
to procrastinate,” says Dr. Peter Langdon Ward, a
geophysicist who worked 27 years with the US Geological
Survey and spent the last ten years reexamining the
many assumptions underlying greenhouse warming theory.
“The problem now is that climate scientists are so
convinced that greenhouse gas theory is completely
correct and are so tired of fighting off skeptics, that
they refuse to even consider new data and insights
showing that climate models grossly overestimate the
thermal energy absorbed by greenhouse gases and grossly
underestimate the warming caused by depletion of the
ozone layer.” Ward says ozone depletion provides a much
more direct and logical explanation for each of the
major changes in global warming over the past 100 years
and throughout Earth history. Ward is the author of the
new book “What Really Causes Global Warming? Greenhouse
Gases or Ozone Depletion?” Contact him at (307)
733-3664; peward@wyoming.com.

7. ==> Everybody’s Sick!

It is flu season and it seems everyone is coughing,
sneezing and throwing up. Doctor’s waiting rooms are
full of people looking for help in battling their
symptoms. Getting a flu shot may be your best
protection but it takes two weeks to be effective. So
what else can you do? Dr. Jim Roach says everyone
should be proactive in preventing the flu. He’ll share
strategies everyone can utilize that can effectively
prevent and manage respiratory infections and flu. Jim
Roach, MD, is a leading integrative practitioner who
has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs. He’s a
speaker, consultant, educator, researcher, and widely
sought clinician with patients from across the country.
He is also author of “God’s House Calls” which
discusses spiritual near-death experiences of his
patients and seeks to de-stigmatize spiritual
experiences. Contact him at (859) 846-4453 (office);
(859) 846-4697or jproach@aol.com

8. ==> Flint Water Crisis – Is Your Water Safe?

Lead poisoning from the drinking water in Flint,
Michigan has raised awareness to contaminants in
drinking water nationwide. Invite Sophia Gushee to
discuss how to learn if your water should be filtered,
which filter options are best for your water supply,
and whether bottled water is healthier than tap. She’ll
also share detox tips for the kitchen, home, nursery,
office, and more. A mother of three, Sophia spent eight
years researching her children’s toxic exposures from
common household products. Ultimately, she realized
that just ten key goals are the most high impact ideas
to focus on and most cost little, or nothing. She
refers to these ten goals as her D-Tox Strategy, and
believes that we should consider our toxic exposures as
often as we think about what we eat and how much we
exercise. Sophia Gushee is the author of “A to Z of D-
Toxing: The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Our Toxic
Exposures.” Contact her at (917) 208-9842 (NY);

9. ==> Business Lessons from a Motorcycle Gang?

At the age of 19, Tom Scarda got involved in one of the
most notorious outlaw motorcycles gangs in New York
City. “In retrospect,” he says, “it was simultaneously
one of the best and worst decisions of my life. While
being involved in the gang, I didn’t realize I was
learning valuable lessons that I’d be able to apply
years later in my businesses.” From branding to
recruiting and even having an attitude, Tom says
businesses could learn a lot from the way motorcycle
gangs are run. Fourteen years ago, Scarda quit his job
working for the New York Subway system and Long Island
Railroad to buy a smoothie franchise, which he sold
five years later at a considerable profit. He’s the
author of “Franchise Savvy: 6 Strategies Pros Use to
Pick Top Performing Franchises.” Contact him at (516)
322–1435; Tom@TomScarda.com

10. ==> What You Should Never Tell Coworkers

Everyone knows you should never share your salary with
your coworkers. But what else is best kept to yourself?
Tami Gilbert, an author, nurse and MBA holder who
experienced bullying and betrayal at work, devotes an
entire chapter to the topic in her new book, “Courage
to Persevere: A Compelling Story of Struggle, Survival
and Triumph.” Gilbert will explain why you should think
twice before talking about your recent breakup or
divorce, how bad your girlfriend is treating you, the
son who can’t hold a job who moved back home or the new
BMW you just bought. She’ll offer guidelines about
what’s acceptable water cooler discussion and what
should only be shared with trusted friends outside of
work. Gilbert shares why work is like being on stage,
not everyone who is nice to you is your friend and it’s
a good idea to be kind to people no matter how they
behave on the job. Reach her at (312) 218-1744;

11. ==> Winter Skin Saving Tricks

Winter weather can make affect skin in several ways.
Dr. Susan O’Malley says dry skin is the most common
complaint. “Your light summer moisturizer is not going
to keep you protected. You should consider switching to
a heavier moisturizer during the winter months. Also,
adding a humidifier to your home will help alleviate
dryness from heaters and fireplaces. And a night cream
is essential during these months.” Dr. O’Malley adds,
“Sunscreen is just as important in the winter as the
summer. Snow reflects the sun’s rays and there are no
trees or grass to absorb the UV rays. And don’t forget
your UV sunglasses that protect your eyes from
squinting and wrinkles!” Dr. O’Malley Dr. O’Malley is
medical director and owner of Sonas Med Spa in Madison,
CT. which specializes in non-surgical anti-aging
treatments. Contact her at (203) 520-3227;

12. ==> Cheeky (Saucy) Seasoned TV Humorist

You’ll have audiences laughing, calling-in, and quoting
humorist Jan Marshall when she’s on your show. Her
quick-witted, satirical “endure anything” tips (choice
of G-rated or X) include: How new technology baffles us
and why she’s in “couple’s therapy” with Smartphone
b#*ch Siri, navigating online dating hazards like
“splinters in your thighs,” and overcoming cosmic jokes
from wrinkles to cancer, from graying in the age of
Googling to bathroom scales (Jan shot hers in “self
defense”). Jan Marshall, International Humor and
Healing Institute founder (1986) is an on-air humorist,
international columnist, certified clinical
hypnotherapist, and a cancer and brain tumor survivor.
Her latest book is “Dancin’ Schmancin’ with the Scars.”
Proceeds support the American Cancer Society, Wounded
Warriors and the American Brain Tumor Association.
Contact her at (949) 701-5310 (CA); janmarsh@aol.com

13. ==> Like a Book – Everyone Deserves a Good Ending

As a health-care chaplain, Joseph Oloimooja sees many
families during the most trying circumstances: as they
attempt to cope with the impending death of a loved
one. Far too often, he observes, people don’t end up
with the peaceful death they envisioned while their
family members may face guilt for actions they took
(turning off the respirator), or didn’t take (not being
present at the deathbed). Still others won’t know how
to go on with their lives after their beloved has died.
Joseph will talk about the importance of end-of-life
planning– before people find themselves in these
gripping circumstances. He teaches people how to take
care of their friends and relatives when it counts
most. Joseph is pastor of Christ the Good Shepherd
Episcopal Church and the manager of spiritual care
services at Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center.
Contact him at (310) 710-7654; oloimooja@yahoo.com

14. ==> Family Survival When Alzheimer’s Strikes

When her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Lovie
Reed went through a crash course on the disease and its
devastating effects on the individual and family. Reed
will give an overview about modern Alzheimer’s
treatment and prevention. Her focus, however, is on
family dynamics and how families can provide the best
care, support, and love for an ill parent. With
practical language and clear examples, Reed will
emphasize the importance of unity and shared
responsibility. She says honesty and compassion can
overcome confusion and division. “Though ill, the
parent should still be respected and provide opinions
on treatment and care. Basic care giving chores, with
the right attitude, can become positive and loving
experiences for both caregiver and parent.” There are
three million diagnoses of Alzheimer’s each year and
daily updates on new treatments and preventative
measures. Reed has an effective and powerful message:
you are not alone; you are not powerless; and, as long
as there is faith and family, there will be joy. In her
book “Forget Me Not: A Loving Mother Who Had
Alzheimer’s,” Reed distills her experiences to help
other families facing life with the disease. Contact
Lovie Reed at (662) 671-2454; reed.lovie@yahoo.com.

15. ==> Fun Political Show – Musical Presidents

The topic of politics is hot right now, but Vincent
James says there’s one aspect of the candidates we
haven’t heard yet – their affiliation with music and
the arts. He’ll discuss which of the current
presidential candidates are musicians and take a look
at some of our musical presidents of the past. Vincent
will reveal interesting musical tidbits like which
current candidate claims to have given a 2nd grade
music teacher a black eye and which one is married to a
world-famous musician. James Vincent is the founder of
Keep Music Alive and author of the book “88+ Ways Music
Can Change Your Life” featuring over 150 inspirational
music stories from around the world including a number
of celebrities. Contact him at (610) 812-5231 (PA);

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