03/02/17 RTIR E-zine: Military Recruiting, Drug-Free Pain Treatments, Chronic Unemployment

March 2, 2017

01. National Security Advisor – Who is McMaster?
02. Military Recruiting on Campus
03. Trump’s New Target: Transgender Students
04. Bill Paxton, Heart Health & Surgery
05. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
06. Voulez-vous Apprendre le Français?
07. Could New Treatment Help David Cassidy?
08. How Texting Makes You Dumber
09. Fail Your Way to Fitness!
10. Is Trump the Kick in the Butt We Need?
11. Drug-Free Pain Treatments that Work
12. Seniors Turn to Pot for Pain
13. Boomers Suffer Chronic Unemployment
14. Trump’s Age & Hair-Loss Drug = Dementia?
15. Capt. Dave Marciano of Nat Geo’s ‘Wicked Tuna’

1. ==> National Security Advisor – Who is McMaster?

The Senate does not usually get a chance to vote on who
serves as the president’s national security adviser,
but it will have a rare opportunity to weigh in next
week when it considers the appointment of Lt. Gen. H.
R. McMaster. Andrew Bacevich, professor emeritus of
history and international relations at Boston
University, says,
“(McMaster) remains a professional soldier, not a
global visionary. For the past two years, McMaster has
devoted himself to contemplating about the future of
the United States Army, not the future of the
international order. On Russia, he appears to be a neo-
Cold Warrior, favoring the recommitment of U.S. ground
forces to Europe, a prospect welcomed by an army that
today finds itself searching for a raison d’être.” A
graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, he received his
PhD in American diplomatic history from Princeton
University. Before joining the faculty of Boston
University, he taught at West Point and Johns Hopkins.
His latest book is “America’s War for the Greater
Middle East: A Military History.” Contact him at

2. ==> Military Recruiting on Campus

President Trump wants to significantly increase defense
spending and has promised to pump up the military, but
Pat Elder, director of the National Coalition to
Protect Student Privacy, says we’re witnessing the
‘grave implications’ of the ‘economic, political and
even spiritual’ influence of the military-industrial
complex. He says that extends to questionable
practices in recruiting soldiers. “It’s a coerced,
recruited Army as much as it is a volunteer Army.
American military recruiting is a despicable,
psychological pursuit that pits carefully selected and
highly trained soldiers against vulnerable children.
The American Public Health Association, (APHA) calls
for the cessation of military recruiting in the
nation’s schools, claiming recruiters engage in
aggressive behaviors to gain a child’s confidence and
trust. They say recruiters are exceptionally charming
while failing to honor clear boundaries. It is
despicable public policy, and it’s time to end it.”
Elder says recruiters troll social websites to learn
intimate details about teens and then use the
information to prepare a psychological dossier before
first contact. Pat Elder is the author of “Military
Recruiting in the United States.” Contact him at

3. ==> Trump’s New Target: Transgender Students

The White House has signaled its intent to roll back
protections for transgender students set under
President Obama. Those protections allow students to
use locker rooms and bathrooms that match the gender
they identify with. Available to comment on this
unfolding story is Seth Rainess, a transgender male and
author of the only book written for transgender teens.
He can discuss why everyone should care about this
rollback as well as Trump’s opposition to marriage
equality, his Cabinet choices’ anti-gay beliefs, and
the effect of potential Supreme Court appointments on
the transgender community. Rainess’ book is “Real Talk
for Teens: Jump Start Guide to Gender Transition and
Beyond.” His mission is to alleviate the still
prevalent fears and misconceptions people have about
the transgender people and he’s been featured in Time
and numerous media outlets. Reach him at (732) 620-4300
(cell); (732) 291-6090 (landline) or

4. ==> Bill Paxton, Heart Health & Surgery

Actor Bill Paxton opened up about a childhood bout with
rheumatic fever weeks before he died, saying the
illness left him with heart damage. The “Twister” star
died at 61 on Saturday after complications from heart
surgery. Crystal Moore, MD, PhD, FCAP, says, “Damage to
the heart can lead to heart failure, but the bottom
line is that death is a potential complication from any
medical procedure.” Dr. Moore, who specializes in
pathology, can discuss heart health and empower
listeners to make smart, informed surgery choices. Dr.
Moore serves as a staff pathologist at the Hampton
Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She also writes a blog
about health issues. Contact her at (757) 722-9961,
ext. 1689 (work); (757) 286-7116 (cell);
crystal.moore4@va.gov or crystal.moore0428@me.com

5. ==> Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Today is Read Across America Day, the 20th annual
celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday that marks the fun
and importance of reading. In schools across the
country, volunteers read to children while wearing Dr.
Seuss hats. Mark the day and its spirit by interviewing
middle school teacher and big Dr. Seuss fan, Red Rohl.
Red will share why even adults can appreciate the late
Dr. Seuss’s books and ways his drawings influenced
Red’s own lifelong love of drawing—a talent he uses to
keep his students focused on learning amid a world of
distractions. In addition to everything Seussian, Red
can talk about a powerful technique called sketchnoting
that engages children and adults, making what they
learn more memorable. He is the author of “Heavy
Sketches,” a collection of 30 years’ worth of his own
sketchnote-inspired art combined with creative
literacy. Red appeared on WLOS-TV to discuss his new
book. Reach him at (828) 284-1973 or redrohl9@gmail.com

6. ==> Voulez-vous Apprendre le Français?

¡Hola! Ciao! National Foreign Language Week begins
March 5 and Susanna Janssen, a retired college
professor and language expert, wants to give you lots
of reasons to celebrate and to take up a second
language. For example, did you know that being
bilingual not only provides an advantage to your brain
but also to your bank account? Oui! She’ll explain that
bilinguals—even infants exposed to a second
language—show enhanced abilities in focus and
concentration, memory, interpersonal skills and
problem-solving. Studies also show bilingualism is a
buffer against Alzheimer’s (awesome news in any
language). She’ll demonstrate ways learning a new
language is easier than you would think. Janssen is a
newspaper columnist and the author of “Wordstruck!: The
Fun and Fascination of Language”. Reach her at (707)
272-1351 or sjanssen106@gmail.com

7. ==> Could New Treatment Help David Cassidy?

Saying that he “always knew it was coming,” David
Cassidy recently announced that he has dementia. In
doing so, he joins 5 million Americans living with the
memory-robbing disease known as Alzheimer’s for which
there is no cure—a number expected to reach 14 million
by 2050. But what if there is help for Cassidy and
millions of people like him, help that is available
right now that no one is telling them about? What if
there is a way to easily increase the fluid exchange
that decreases in aging brains? There is such a
treatment, says Michael Morgan, one of its pioneers.
Invite him to share strong evidence that craniosacral
therapy is effective in treating at-risk people and
those in the early- to mid-stages of dementia. He’ll
explain what craniosacral therapy is and ways it can
increase longevity. Morgan is the author of “The
BodyEnergy Longevity Prescription: How CranioSacral
Therapy Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia While
Improving the Quality of Your Life.” Reach him at (312)
543-4719; media@bodyenergy.net

8. ==> How Texting Makes You Dumber

Nearly everyone spends their day texting, tweeting and
emailing people, even Donald Trump, our Commander in
Tweet. While we may anticipate that sometimes we could
be making better use of our time or be better off
communicating face to face, few of us know that we
could be risking our brain health. Bob Prichard will
tell your listeners about screen apnea—a stress-induced
holding of breath that many people don’t even realize
they are doing when they text, tweet and email. He’ll
explain how to reliably tell if you have this problem
in which your brain receives less oxygen, making it
harder over time for it to function well. Prichard runs
the Somax Performance Institute where for over 40 years
he has been helping athletes improve their efficiency
and flexibility. For example, 18 Olympic athletes he
worked with have won 44 gold medals and set 11 world
records. An NBC Sports Olympics on-air analyst, he’s
written for many periodicals and his sports analysis
videos have over 5M views on YouTube. His upcoming book
is “Are You Starving Your Brain of Oxygen?” Contact him
at (415) 435-9880 (CA); bprichard@somaxsports.com

9. ==> Fail Your Way to Fitness!

Just about everyone has messed up when it comes to
eating healthfully and exercising. In fact, according
to world-class athlete and chiropractor Tim Warren,
it’s perfectly normal. Warren says people inevitably
feel overwhelmed by what is going on in their lives and
screw up now. “The problem lies not in the failing but
in not restarting sooner. Cut down the reboot time, do
more healthy than unhealthy stuff, and guess what? You
win.” Warren, who climbed Mount Everest at age 48 and
has cared for more than 10,000 patients in his 30-year
medical career, doesn’t believe in dieting, having iron
willpower or living life in the gym. His approach is to
encourage daily mini-improvements. Warren has been
featured on dozens of radio and television shows and in
numerous print interviews. He’s the author of “Feet,
Fork and Fun,” written after years of experiencing
frustration trying to influence patients to improve
their level of fitness, nutrition and mindfulness. Tim
Warren’s first book was “Lessons from Everest.” Contact
him at (401) 374-5067; tim@drtimwarren.com

10. ==> Is Trump the Kick in the Butt We Need?

When it comes the environment, Donald Trump seems to be
doing everything he can to return the country to its
fossil fuel-burning polluting past. But could there be
an upside to his anti-environment, anti-science cabinet
picks? Dr. Ellen Moyer, author of “Our Earth, Our
Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a
Sustainable World,” says there is; people are getting
fired up. Moyer maintains that we can keep the economy
rolling even as we green the environment and find new
jobs for ex-coal miners. She’ll explain why this is a
lot simpler than you might think and share the two
actions that could have the most impact. She’ll also
say that while President Trump’s reckless environmental
policies have our species heading straight for the
rocks even faster than before we can change course,
more easily than we might think. Moyer is an
environmental consultant and registered professional
engineer with an MS in environmental engineering and a
Ph.D. in civil engineering. She’s a regular contributor
to The Huffington Post. Contact her at (413) 862-3452;

11. ==> Drug-Free Pain Treatments that Work

New pain treatment guidelines from the American College
of Physicians (ACP) recommend that low back pain be
treated with alternative therapies including massage,
acupuncture, spinal manipulation and exercise and only
if these treatments fail should drug treatment be
considered, preferably with nonsteroidal anti-
inflammatory drugs. Chronic pain expert Cindy Perlin
says the recommendations are long overdue but… “These
new guidelines won’t help most pain patients because
health insurers refuse to pay for the recommended
treatments and few patients can afford to pay for them
out of pocket. Perlin is the author of “The Truth
about Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst
Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.” She is a licensed
clinical social worker, certified biofeedback
practitioner and chronic pain survivor and has been a
guest on multiple TV and radio networks including PBS,
SiriusXM, and RadioMD. Contact Cindy Perlin at (518)
439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

12. ==> Seniors Turn to Pot for Pain

From retirement communities to nursing homes, older
Americans are increasingly turning to marijuana for
relief from aches and pains. Many have embraced it as
an alternative to powerful drugs like morphine, saying
that marijuana is less addictive, with fewer side
effects. Invite Frank Shamrock, co-host of The Bake
Out, a new, weekly online TV talk show about today’s
controversial world of cannabis, to talk about the
issue. He’ll discuss why older Americans are turning to
marijuana for pain relief, whether pot use can lead to
harder drugs as well as the future of marijuana
legalization in America. Popularly known worldwide as
the first UFC Middleweight Champion and the first
champion to retire with his belt, Shamrock provides
broadcast color-commentary on MMA. He also runs
Shamrock Way, a non-profit organization that serves at-
risk youth. Contact Erin Dean at (661) 255-8283;

13. ==> Boomers Suffer Chronic Unemployment

There may be low unemployment today, but you wouldn’t
know it by boomer standards. Many business
professionals over 50 still struggle with long-term
unemployment, under-employment, lower pay and
traditional job search techniques that produce nothing.
Good reasons why more boomers are turning to the gig
economy, notes Spunk Burke, author of “The GIG
Solution,” which drops next month. Spunk will explain
how boomers are learning to target prospects whose
problems they could solve as a contractor or on a
project basis. He’s a staffing veteran who provides
coaching to help boomers build rewarding gig practices.
He also helps companies link to contractors who can
address their immediate needs. Spunk can be reached at
(978) 801-9010 or spunk@thegigsolution.com

14. ==> Trump’s Age & Hair-Loss Drug = Dementia?

At age 70, Donald Trump is the oldest man to be elected
a US president. His longtime personal doc recently
revealed to the New York Times that Trump takes
Finasteride to treat male pattern baldness. Side
effects include mental confusion and impotence. Is
Trump on the fast track to dementia or Alzheimer’s?
Invite senior health adviser Janet Rich Pittman to
discuss the president’s age and mental capacity as well
as other risk factors for dementia. Should Trump be
urged to undergo a series of psychometric tests to
prove his mental capacity? A former political operative
and activist, Janet is now known as The Brain Nerd,
specifically a Dementia Prevention Specialist, based on
her years of experience as a Dementia Practitioner and
Dementia Administrator. Janet is author of the upcoming
book “It’s There: 5 Simple Ways to Find Your Memory and
Prevent It from Leaving.” Contact her (251) 648.0325;
Janet @TheBrainNerd.com

15. ==> Capt. Dave Marciano of Nat Geo’s ‘Wicked Tuna’

The new season of Wicked Tuna premieres Sunday, March
12th on the National Geographic Channel. The show is
set in Gloucester, Mass at the start of the North
Atlantic Bluefin tuna season. Invite Captain Dave
Marciano to take you behind-the-scenes of the show and
talk about a fisherman’s life on – and out of – the
water. A life-long fisherman, he’s been on the water
since he was 11 years old and worked in Key West and
Gloucester before buying his own boat, Hard
Merchandise. Marciano also holds the distinction of
having survived a 2003 shipwreck when his ship was18
miles offshore and struggling to get back with
thousands of pounds of fish and a plank in the hull
gave way. “We sank in 33 minutes,” Marciano recalls
matter-of-factly. Captain Dave Marciano will be in NYC
on March 10 and available for interviews. Contact
Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137;

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