02/25/16 RTIR E-zine: Iraqi Lies, Presidential Music, Warmer Weather

February 25, 2016

01. Supreme Court – A Republican Nominee?
02. Rubio’s New Generation of Iraq Lies
03. Hillary or Bernie: Who Will Protect Us More?
04. Fun Political Show – Music and Presidents
05. Apollo 10 and Mysterious ‘Space Music’
06. Oscar Wrap-Up – Who Wore What?
07. Leap Day – Best Day for a Do Over
08. The Opiod Epidemic – It’s Pain Problem
09. Heartburn Drugs/Dementia Link
10. It’s Not Too Late to Lower 2015 Taxes
11. Winter Beauty Tips
12. Sick of Winter? Go Somewhere Warm, Cheap!
13. Looking for a Pet? Consider a Senior Dog
14. What Your Dreams are Trying to Tell You
15. Yoga Meets the Bible

1. ==> Supreme Court – A Republican Nominee?

The White House is reportedly vetting Brian Sandoval,
the Republican governor of Nevada, for the vacant
Supreme Court seat. Sandoval allegedly met with Senate
Minority Leader Harry Reid on Monday and reportedly
hasn’t reached a decision about potentially accepting a
nomination. Prior to being governor, Sandoval served as
a federal judge in Nevada. Given his deep background in
Republican politics, Sandoval’s selection to succeed
the late Antonin Scalia could complicate GOP plans to
avoid voting on an Obama nominee before the election.
Invite Christine Nemacheck to discuss Sandoval and
other possible nominees along with the process of
selecting a new Justice. Nemacheck is assistant
professor of Government at the College of William and
Mary. She specializes in judicial selection and is the
author of “Strategic Selection: Presidential Selection
of Supreme Court Justices from Herbert Hoover through
George W. Bush.” Contact Suzanne Seurattan at

2. ==> Rubio’s New Generation of Iraq Lies

In a speech following the South Carolina primary, Marco
Rubio said, “This country is now ready for a new
generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st
century.” But Stephen Zunes says, “The new generation
of Republican leaders appear to be as willing to
rewrite history as the older generation. Sen. Marco
Rubio’s claim that at the time of the March 2003 U.S.
invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein was ‘in open
violation’ of U.N. resolutions and that the
international community refused to act is completely
false.” Zunes is a professor of politics and
coordinator of Middle Eastern Studies at the University
of San Francisco. He is available for interviews
starting Saturday. Contact him at (831) 234-9468;
zunes@usfca.edu, @SZunes, Skype: szunes

3. ==> Hillary or Bernie: Who Will Protect Us More?

Which Democratic presidential candidate is more peace-
loving and protective? Which one is more closely tied
to the patriarchal political system? Which one is more
willing to speak the truth? Take a look at the
presidential race through the lens of traditional male-
female roles with Weam Namou as your guest. Weam will
explain why Hillary is closer to “one of the boys” than
Bernie and why Sanders has the more balanced
personality. Weam will also compare Sanders’ style to
Trump’s and talk about her take on Michael Moore’s new
film “Who Do We Invade Next?” A Christian and Iraqi-
American, Weam is an experienced talk show guest and
author of eight books including “Healing Wisdom for a
Wounded World.” Her essays and articles have appeared
in national and international publications. Contact her
at (586) 212-4490; weamn@hotmail.com

4. ==> Fun Political Show – Music and Presidents

The topic of politics is hot right now, but Vincent
James says there’s one aspect of the candidates we
haven’t heard yet – their affiliation with music and
the arts. He’ll discuss which of the current
presidential candidates are musicians and take a look
at some of our musical presidents of the past. Vincent
will reveal interesting musical tidbits like which
current candidate claims to have given a 2nd grade
music teacher a black eye and which one is married to a
world-famous musician. James Vincent is the founder of
Keep Music Alive and author of the book “88+ Ways Music
Can Change Your Life” featuring over 150 inspirational
music stories from around the world including a number
of celebrities. Contact him at (610) 812-5231 (PA);

5. ==> Apollo 10 and Mysterious ‘Space Music’

Newly declassified audiotapes have revealed that Apollo
10 astronauts heard “outer-space” music as their
spacecraft flew around the far side of the moon in
1969. During the mission, the astronauts were on the
part of the moon furthest from Earth, where no one from
NASA could see or hear them. The astronauts’
conversation was kept under wraps for more than four
decades. Invite NASA expert Rod Pyle to discuss the
‘weird music’ and why, 40 years later, we’re still
intrigued. Rod Pyle has written several books and
produced numerous documentaries for the History Channel
and Discovery Communications, including the acclaimed
Modern Marvels: Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center, and written for the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, LiveScience, and
Space.com. His most recent book is “Curiosity: An
Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission.” Contact him at
(626) 399-4440; rodpyle@yahoo.com

6. ==> Oscar Wrap-Up – Who Wore What?

You know what everyone wants to talk about on Monday
morning…who was wearing what at the Oscars! Book
celebrity stylist Felix Mercado to talk about how stars
choose their gowns, what a good stylist can do for a
star’s image, and what happens behind the scenes when
celebrities hit the red carpet. He’ll also recap the
best Oscar looks and rundown fashion highs and lows.
Mercado is a NY based celebrity style expert who
regularly appears on Fox News. His blog Shut Up and
Wear it offers style and fashion advice. Contact him at
(646) 918-6374; Felix@ShutUpAndWearIt.com

7. ==> Leap Day – Best Day for a Do Over

February 29th is a bonus day that comes around once
every four years. Not only is its presence on the
calendar rare, but it also represents an opportunity
for change, according to Dr. Kyra Bobinet, who recently
received a Harvard innovation award for her design work
in applied neuroscience. Bobinet is the force behind
this year’s Feb. 29 Iteration Day campaign. She says,
“Iteration is the mother of all do-overs; it means
tackling the same problem through a relentless series
of tweaks and tinkers … futzing your way to success.”
She’ll discuss examples of great iterators in public
life including Steve Jobs, Stephen Curry, Hillary
Clinton and Donald Trump. Bobinet is part of an
emerging class of behavioral design experts who combine
cutting-edge brain science and design thinking to teach
people how to iterate into success. Kyra Bobinet, M.D.,
M.P.H., has been featured on NPR and in the Wall Street
Journal, Huffington Post and Fast Company. She is the
author of “Well Designed Life: 10 Lessons in Brain
Science & Design Thinking for a Mindful, Healthy, and
Purposeful Life.” Contact Stephanie Shorter at (413)
854-3626; sshorter@engagedin.com; @DrKyraBobinet

8. ==> The Opiod Epidemic – It’s Pain Problem

President Barack Obama intends to add $1.1 billion to
the 2017 budget to counteract the insidious opioid
addiction and overdose epidemic in the United States.
While some might welcome the news, pain treatment
expert Cindy Perlin says, “The president’s initiative,
like most proposed by the mainstream medical community
and other politicians, is doomed to failure because it
is akin to closing the barn door after the horses have
already escaped.” Since many addicts started as pain
patients, Perlin says the crux of the problem is
finding better pain treatments. “The mainstream medical
community insists that the 100 million-plus pain
patients in the U.S. deserve treatment, which is true.
But then they act as if the only treatment for pain is
opioids and that reducing access to opioids would
result in under treatment of pain. This does not have
to be the case.” Cindy Perlin is a pain treatment
expert, chronic pain survivor and licensed social
worker who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs. She’s the author of “The Truth About Chronic
Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for
Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at (518) 439-6431;

9. ==> Heartburn Drugs/Dementia Link

You’ve likely heard recent news reports about heartburn
drugs – proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) such as Prilosec,
Nexium, and Prevacid — and an increase risk of
dementia in people over 75. Dr. Jim Roach says the
observational study’s findings make perfect sense. “You
need acid to absorb nutrients and these drugs result in
deficiencies including vitamin B12, folate, vitamin C,
magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron. The dementia
connection is obvious as B12 and folate deficiencies
both cause dementia.” Dr. Roach says the drugs are very
dangerous and also carry an increased risk of sudden
death. So what’s a heartburn sufferer to do? Invite Dr.
Roach to share natural ways to address acid reflux. Jim
Roach, M.D., a leading integrative practitioner who has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, is a
speaker, consultant, educator, researcher, and widely
sought clinician with patients from across the country.
He is also author of “God’s House Calls” which
discusses spiritual near-death experiences of his
patients and seeks to de-stigmatize spiritual
experiences. Contact him at (859) 846-4453 (office);

10. ==> It’s Not Too Late to Lower 2015 Taxes

Certified financial planner Roel Sarmago will share the
‘3 Ds’ of lowering your income tax bill in 2016, plus
what you can still do to lower your 2015 tax
obligation. He’ll teach your audience what they need to
do to deduct, defer and divide once they have decided
to downsize what they owe the taxman. Sarmago has
suggestions for both Canadian and U.S. taxpayers; he’ll
cover everything from starting a business to 401(k)s
and their Canadian equivalents and splitting your
income among family members who earn less than you do.
He is the author of “Undiscovered Riches: Busting 7
Money Myths to Find Your Hidden Wealth.” He is also a
speaker and financial life coach whose advice has
appeared in MoneySense magazine. Reach him at (647)
494-7880; roel@valorton.com

11. ==> Winter Beauty Tips

Winter weather can make affect skin in several ways.
Dr. Susan O’Malley says dry skin is the most common
complaint. “Your light summer moisturizer is not going
to keep you protected. You should consider switching to
a heavier moisturizer during the winter months. Also,
adding a humidifier to your home will help alleviate
dryness from heaters and fireplaces. And a night cream
is essential during these months.” Dr. O’Malley adds,
“Sunscreen is just as important in the winter as the
summer. Snow reflects the sun’s rays and there are no
trees or grass to absorb the UV rays. And don’t forget
your UV sunglasses that protect your eyes from
squinting and wrinkles!” Dr. O’Malley Dr. O’Malley is
medical director and owner of Sonas Med Spa in Madison,
CT. which specializes in non-surgical anti-aging
treatments. Contact her at (203) 520-3227;

12. ==> Sick of Winter? Go Somewhere Warm, Cheap!

This time of year everyone is sick of winter and
dreaming of a warm adventure. But Russell Hannon says
it doesn’t have to be a dream, even if you don’t have a
lot of money. Invite him to share ways to have your
dream vacation without skimping…or paying a ton of
money. Hannon will reveal the seven things that account
for your travel costs, as he shows you how to travel
for less whether you’re planning a couple’s getaway or
family spring vacation. Thinking of Paris? Venice? How
about a safari? Hannon will show you how to overcome
any financial barriers keeping you from traveling as
much as you want. He’ll also offer one listener a free
1-year membership with HomeExchange.com for correctly
answering a trivia question. ($150 value)   Russell
Hannon founded Break the Travel Barrier and teaches
ultra-economical travel. Contact him at

13. ==> Looking for a Pet? Consider a Senior Dog

When you think of adding a pet to your family, do you
picture a puppy? Sure, they’re wonderful, but they’re
also a lot of work. Invite veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan
to discuss why senior pets can be the best pets for
adoption or foster care. She’ll talk about special
medical issues facing older pets, where to find a
compatible senior pet, and how rewarding it can be to
adopt an older animal. Dr. Morgan is CEO of Monkey’s
House, a hospice and senior sanctuary for sick or
disabled senior dogs with no home. Dr. Morgan has been
a practicing veterinarian for more than 30 years. She
is the author of several books and is co-host of a
podcast on holistic pet care. Contact Dr. Morgan at
(609) 202-0999; (856)881-7470 or

14. ==> What Your Dreams are Trying to Tell You

We all dream, but many people either don’t remember
their dreams, or discard them because they seem silly
or don’t make sense. Justine Lasley says everyone
should pay attention to their dreams and use them as a
guide. “Dreams will never take you off course from
being uniquely the person you were born to be.
Sometimes we sleep through the messages of our dreams,
missing out on our inner guide which promotes us to be
authentically unique.  We’re born with an inner compass
to lead us to use our talents and abilities to become
all that we can be.  Often the world drowns out the
message.”  Justina Lasley is founder and director of
the Institute for Dream Studies. She’s the author of
several books on dreams, including “Wake Up to Your
Dreams: Transform Your Relationships, Career, and
Health While You Sleep.”  She’s appeared on numerous TV
and radio programs and in USA Today and other
publications. Contact her at (843) 991-4414;

15. ==> Yoga Meets the Bible

Yoga isn’t just great for your health according to
Sanjay Patel. The former monk of 20 years says ancient
yoga also resolves many biblical controversies! Invite
Sanjay to explain the connections of yoga’s beliefs
with instances in the Bible. “While some scholars argue
over the length of the 7 Days of Creation in the Bible,
ancient yoga provides passages that resolve it. As
commentators argue over the construction of Noah’s ark,
ancient yoga provides passages that clarify it!” Patel
aims to undo the one-sided discussion of science and
religion and expose the whole truth. Patel is the
author of 11 books including “Is God Real: The Stunning
New Convergence of Science and Spirituality.” Contact
him at (713) 517-8812; sanjay700@gmail.com

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