02/23/16 RTIR E-zine: Retirement Risks, Oscar Fashion, Peaceful Chaos

February 23, 2016
01. Trump & Sanders – America ‘Firsters’
02. Hillary Clinton – Part of the War Machine?
03. Whistleblower’s Wife Asks for Presidential Pardon
04. Hollywood is a Straight, White Boys’ Club
05. Oscar Fashion – What Are they Wearing?
06. Stars’ Red Carpet Beauty Tricks Revealed
07. February 29th – Best Day for a Do Over
08. Supreme Court – What Happens Next?
09. Why Obama’s Drug Effort is Doomed
10. Meet the Millennial Mentor
11. Retirement Risks You Don’t Know About
12. Turn Negatives into Positives
13. Find Hope in End of Life
14. Alzheimer’s Toll on Families
15. How to Be Happy and Peaceful in Chaotic Times

1. ==> Trump & Sanders– America ‘Firsters’

Invite international relations expert Andrew Bacevich
to discuss Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders’ view of the
world and how that could affect US foreign policy.
Bacevich says, “In utterly different ways, Donald Trump
and Bernie Sanders have struck fear into the hearts of
a smug, ossified and intellectually lazy establishment.
Yet, whether either man can make the leap from protest
candidate to having a shot at actually winning the
White House, remains to be seen. Making that leap will
require, among other things, that each spell out a
plausible foreign policy vision.” He adds, “When it
comes to foreign policy, [Trump’s] instincts are those
of a nationalist. He is an America Firster, inclined to
see the outside world as filled with scheming
foreigners intent on taking advantage of the United
States and sticking Americans with the tab. By
privileging domestic issues related to economic
fairness and social justice, [Sanders] too is an
America Firster, albeit a closeted one.” Bacevich is
professor emeritus of history and international
relations at Boston University. His upcoming book is
“America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military
History.” Contact him at bacevich@bu.edu

2. ==> Hillary Clinton – Part of the War Machine?

Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute
Jeffrey Sachs says, contrary to her claims, Hillary
Clinton’s role in Syria has been to help instigate and
prolong the Syrian bloodbath, not to bring it to a
close. “Hillary has been much attacked for the deaths
of U.S. diplomats in Benghazi, but her tireless
promotion of the overthrow Muammar Qaddafi by NATO
bombing is the far graver disaster. Hillary strongly
promoted NATO-led regime change in Libya, not only in
violation of international law but counter to the most
basic good judgment. After the NATO bombing, Libya
descended into civil war while the paramilitaries and
unsecured arms stashes in Libya quickly spread west
across the African Sahel and east to Syria.” Contact
Kyu Lee at (212) 851-0798, klee@ei.columbia.edu,

3. ==> Whistleblower’s Wife Asks for Presidential

The wife of jailed CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling
is calling on President Barack Obama to pardon her
husband, delivering a petition for his freedom to the
White House. Sterling, a former Central Intelligence
Agency officer, has served eight months of a 42-month
sentence after being convicted of nine felony counts —
including espionage — for leaking classified
information to New York Times reporter James Risen.
Sterling’s wife, Holly, says, “’He’s in prison, and he
doesn’t belong there!” Invite her to discuss the
former CIA officer’s case, which came to signify the
Obama administration’s crackdown on leakers. Holly says
Sterling now spends his days reading, tutoring fellow
inmates and finishing a memoir, which he writes by hand
and mails home so she can type it. Contact Sam Husseini
at (202) 421-6858; (202) 347-0020 or sam@accuracy.org

4. ==> Hollywood is a Straight, White Boys’ Club

Ahead of entertainment’s most exclusive and glamorous
night of the year, a new study demonstrates just how
exclusive film and television can be when it comes to
women, people of color and the LGBT community. The
results reveal that the prequel to #OscarsSoWhite is
#HollywoodSoWhite. The Comprehensive Annenberg Report
on Diversity (CARD) is the first of its kind — an
exhaustive analysis and ranking of film, television and
digital streaming services that catalogues speaking
characters, people behind the camera, CEOs and
executives. Author Stacy Smith says, “This is no mere
diversity problem. This is an inclusion crisis. Over
half of the content we examined features no Asian or
Asian-American characters, and over 20% featured no
African-American characters. It is clear that the
ecosystem of entertainment is exclusionary.” Contact
Gretchen Parker McCartney at (213) 740-6302; (410)
215-1931 or gretchen.parker@asc.usc.edu

5. ==> Oscar Fashion – What Are they Wearing?

You know what everyone wants to talk about on Monday
morning…who was wearing what at the Oscars! Book
celebrity stylist Felix Mercado to talk about how stars
choose their gowns, what a good stylist can do for a
star’s image, and what happens behind the scenes when
celebrities hit the red carpet. He’ll also recap the
best Oscar looks and rundown fashion highs and lows.
Mercado is a NY based celebrity style expert who
regularly appears on Fox News. His blog Shut Up and
Wear it offers style and fashion advice. Contact him at
(646) 918-6374; Felix@ShutUpAndWearIt.com

6. ==> Stars’ Red Carpet Beauty Tricks Revealed

When stars walk the red carpet at the Oscars this
Sunday, they’ll be talking about who designed their
gorgeous gowns, killer shoes and fabulous jewelry. But
you won’t hear them talking about what they’ve been
doing to get their faces ready for the big show. Dr.
Susan O’Malley says, “They would have you believe they
were born that way, but the truth is they have all been
in and out of the cosmetic doctor’s office preparing
for months for this one day!” Dr. O’Malley is medical
director and owner of Sonas Med Spa in Madison, CT.
which specializes in non-surgical anti-aging
treatments. Dr. O’Malley will share the secrets to the
stars’ gorgeous complexions as well as the tips and
tricks they use to get their ‘movie star’ looks. Even
better, she says anyone can look just as flawless,
without surgery. Contact her at (203) 520-3227;

7. ==> February 29th – Best Day for a Do Over

February 29th is a bonus day that comes around once
every four years. Not only is its presence on the
calendar rare, but it also represents an opportunity
for change, according to Dr. Kyra Bobinet, who recently
received a Harvard innovation award for her design work
in applied neuroscience. Bobinet is the force behind
this year’s Feb. 29 Iteration Day campaign. She says,
“Iteration is the mother of all do-overs; it means
tackling the same problem through a relentless series
of tweaks and tinkers … futzing your way to success.”
She’ll discuss examples of great iterators in public
life including Steve Jobs, Stephen Curry, Hillary
Clinton and Donald Trump. Bobinet is part of an
emerging class of behavioral design experts who combine
cutting-edge brain science and design thinking to teach
people how to iterate into success. Kyra Bobinet, M.D.,
M.P.H., has been featured on NPR and in the Wall Street
Journal, Huffington Post and Fast Company. She is the
author of “Well Designed Life: 10 Lessons in Brain
Science & Design Thinking for a Mindful, Healthy, and
Purposeful Life.” Contact Stephanie Shorter at (413)
854-3626; sshorter@engagedin.com; @DrKyraBobinet

8. ==> Supreme Court – What Happens Next?

Partisan bickering and maneuvering aside, one of the
finer details surrounding the conundrum is what,
exactly, happens on the Supreme Court when there are
just eight justices and a ruling ends in a 4-4
stalemate? Adam Winkler, a law professor at the
University of California Los Angeles, says there’s
nothing all that rare about only having eight justices
on the bench. “Over American history the size of the
court has varied from six members to 10 members to
seven members to nine members,” he said. “There’s
nothing magic about nine.” Winkler also predicted that
“there’s almost no chance” that President Barack Obama
will be able to replace Scalia with a left-of-center
justice, saying that he believes that the Supreme Court
will only have eight justices over the next year. Adam
Winkler is a specialist in American constitutional law.
His scholarship has been cited and quoted in landmark
Supreme Court cases, including opinions on the Second
Amendment and on corporate political speech rights.
He’s appeared on CNN, NBC Nightly News, the Newshour,
ABC News, All Things Considered, Marketplace, and
public radio stations across the country. Contact him
at (310) 463-2447; winkler@law.ucla.edu

9. ==> Why Obama’s Drug Effort is Doomed

President Barack Obama intends to add $1.1 billion to
the 2017 budget to counteract the insidious opioid
addiction and overdose epidemic in the United States.
While some might welcome the news, pain treatment
expert Cindy Perlin says, “The president’s initiative,
like most proposed by the mainstream medical community
and other politicians, is doomed to failure because it
is akin to closing the barn door after the horses have
already escaped.” Since many addicts started as pain
patients, Perlin says the crux of the problem is
finding better pain treatments. “The mainstream medical
community insists that the 100 million-plus pain
patients in the U.S. deserve treatment, which is true.
But then they act as if the only treatment for pain is
opioids and that reducing access to opioids would
result in under treatment of pain. This does not have
to be the case.” Cindy Perlin is a pain treatment
expert, chronic pain survivor and licensed social
worker who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs. She’s the author of “The Truth About Chronic
Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for
Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at (518) 439-6431;

10. ==> Meet the Millennial Mentor

University students are facing unique challenges today
– rapid economic changes, an evolving job market, and
the need to become the employee employers want to hire
and keep. How can they create the needed adaptability
skills, along with the mobility and fluidity essential
for today’s hires while still in college? Invite Jason
Ma, America’s chief millennial mentor, to discuss the
challenges common to students and Millennials, and
share ways to help them be successful in their careers
– and life. From clarifying direction to becoming more
pragmatically skillful (and street-smart) to finding
quality internships to managing stress, failure and
conflicts and to rising up the ranks, Jason will
address the many issues facing students and young
professionals today. Jason Ma is founder, CEO & chief
mentor of ThreeEQ, Inc., a success coaching and
consulting service for high-end families and companies.
He’s an international speaker and the author of “Young
Leaders 3.0.” Contact him at (408) 823-7768;

11. ==> Retirement Risks You Don’t Know About

Planning your own retirement is not taught in schools
and odds are, your parents didn’t teach it to you
either. Retired athletes and movie stars are not your
best choice for clear, concise advice. Invite Chartered
Retirement Planning Counselor and financial advisor
Rodger Alan Friedman to discuss the biggest risks
people need to plan for in retirement. Friedman has
over 3 decades of experience and will talk about the
biggest challenges facing retirees today and why being
your own financial advisor is a big mistake. Listeners
will also get access to a free report on retirement
planning. Rodger Alan Friedman is the author of
“Forging Bonds of Steel” and the upcoming “Fire Your
Retirement Planner: You.” Contact him at (844) 3MY-
PLAN; Rodger@ForgingBondsofSteel.com

12. ==> Turn Negatives into Positives

Grumbling coworkers, negative family members,
mudslinging presidential candidates. The world can be
one big fat downer. How can you keep other people’s bad
attitude from wrecking yours? Especially when you add
in your own inner critic’s snarky comments on your
competency and attractiveness. Hannah Lilly knows. She
is an expert on turning negatives into positives,
finding gratitude in the everyday and exercising your
happiness muscle. Lilly can talk about her six-month
experiment that led her to truly love the person she
is, for the first time. She is coauthor of “20
Beautiful Women: 20 More Stories That Will Heal Your
Soul, Ignite Your Passion and Inspire Your Divine
Purpose.” Lilly is a life coach, running coach, speaker
and Huffington Post contributor. Based in Ireland, she
will be in the U.S. from Feb. 25th to March 3rd.
Contact her at hannahlillyfitness@hotmail.com or

13. ==> Find Hope in End of Life

As a health-care chaplain, Joseph Oloimooja sees many
families during the most trying circumstances: as they
attempt to cope with the impending death of a loved
one. Far too often, he observes, people don’t end up
with the peaceful death they envisioned while their
family members may face guilt for actions they took
(turning off the respirator), or didn’t take (not being
present at the deathbed). Still others won’t know how
to go on with their lives after their beloved has died.
Joseph will talk about the importance of end-of-life
planning– before people find themselves in these
gripping circumstances. He teaches people how to take
care of their friends and relatives when it counts
most. Joseph is pastor of Christ the Good Shepherd
Episcopal Church and the manager of spiritual care
services at Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center.
Contact him at (310) 710-7654; oloimooja@yahoo.com

14. ==> Alzheimer’s Toll on Families

When her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Lovie
Reed went through a crash course on the disease and its
devastating effects on the individual and family. Reed
will give an overview about modern Alzheimer’s
treatment and prevention. Her focus, however, is on
family dynamics and how families can provide the best
care, support, and love for an ill parent. With
practical language and clear examples, Reed will
emphasize the importance of unity and shared
responsibility. She says honesty and compassion can
overcome confusion and division. “Though ill, the
parent should still be respected and provide opinions
on treatment and care. Basic caregiving chores, with
the right attitude, can become positive and loving
experiences for both caregiver and parent.” There are
three million diagnoses of Alzheimer’s each year and
daily updates on new treatments and preventative
measures. Reed has an effective and powerful message:
you are not alone; you are not powerless; and, as long
as there is faith and family, there will be joy. In her
book “Forget Me Not: A Loving Mother Who Had
Alzheimer’s,” Reed distills her experiences to help
other families facing life with the disease. Contact
Lovie Reed at (662) 671-2454; reed.lovie@yahoo.com.

15. ==> How to Be Happy and Peaceful in Chaotic Times

What would it be like to reach the end of your life
feeling satisfied that you had lived fully and
joyously? How would your life change if you moved
through each day with a sense of meaning and purpose?
What would it be like to feel deeply connected to the
world around you? Author and life coach Eiman Al Zaabi
invites listeners to look at their lives differently,
in the midst of their troubles, to find the answers.
Eiman’s own search for answers to life’s most profound
questions came after she found herself struggling with
anxiety, panic and depression. The author of “The Art
of Surrender: A Practical Guide to Enlightened
Happiness and Well-Being,” Eiman is manager of career
development at New York University Abu Dhabi. Hers is
the first self-help book written by an Arab Muslim
woman in the self-help field. Based in the United
Emirates of Abu Dhabi, she can be reached at
iaszaabi@gmail.com or by Skype: iaszaabi

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