02/18/16 RTIR E-zine: Flint Water, Millennial Mentors, Beauty Tricks

February 18, 2016

01. Apple Says No to Government
02. Trump’s Popularity and America’s Mental Health
03. Iraqi-American: One Thing Trump Gets Right
04. Why Hillary May Lose the Black Vote
05. Heartburn Drugs/Dementia Link
06. Flint Water Crisis Not Unique
07. Expert Says Climate Change Theory is Wrong
08. Stars’ Red Carpet Beauty Tricks
09. Give Listeners a Black History Quiz
10. Millennial Mentor – You Need More than a Degree
11. February 29th – Best Day for a Do Over
12. Do Musicians Make Better Presidents?
13. Sports Illustrated – Finally Celebrating Body Diversity
14. When You Hate Your Daughter’s Boyfriend
15. Sick of Winter? Go Somewhere Warm, Cheap!

1. ==> Apple Says No to Government

Apple is opposing a judge’s order to help the FBI break
into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino,
California, shooters, calling the directive “an
overreach by the U.S. government.” In an open letter
posted online, Apple president Tim Cook says the
company opposes the court order, which essentially
demands that Apple build a ‘backdoor to the iPhone.’
Such a move, Cook says, not only ‘threatens the
security of our customers’ but would have ‘implications
far beyond the legal case at hand.'” Mark Klein, an
AT&T technician who in 2006 blew the whistle on AT&T’s
cooperation with the NSA, says, “Good for him [Cook].
It’s nice occasionally to have a company that has the
balls to stand up to the government. The government —
especially people like [CIA Director John] Brennan —
is trying to brow beat everybody using the threat of
terrorism. This allows the government to continually
expand its powers.” Klein is the author of “Wiring Up
The Big Brother Machine…And Fighting It.” Contact him
at (510) 769-7825, markk2000@comcast.net

2. ==> Trump’s Popularity and America’s Mental Health

Real-estate magnate Donald Trump is the ‘undisputed
leader’ of the Republican presidential field, and his
lead has grown over the past month. Trump is the first
choice of 27% of Republican primary voters nationally,
according to a new survey from Quinnipiac University.
What does that say about Americans’ mental health?
Psychologist Frieda Birnbaum says, “The fact that Trump
appeals to such a wide audience and the fact that his
popularity actually increases when he attacks sacred
cows (John McCain’s war record, Bush on 9/11 etc.)
shows that America is ready for a massive, fundamental
change.” “But,” she adds, “The fact that there may be
too much hope invested in Trump is a reflection of
weakened mental health among Americans.” Birnbaum says
when we seek an external individual of force outside of
ourselves to make right or change what we are capable
of changing, it’s dis-empowering. Dr Frieda Birnbaum is
a research psychologist, Psychoanalyst and the author
of “What Price Power: An In-Depth Study of the
Professional Woman in a Relationship.” Contact Ryan
McCormick at (516) 901-1103; ryan@goldmanmccormick.com

3. ==> Iraqi-American: One Thing Trump Gets Right

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has said the Middle
East would be better off today if Iraq’s dictator, the
late Saddam Hussein, and Libya’s dictator, Muammar
Gaddafi, were still in power. Iraqi-born writer and
journalist Weam Namou, agrees with Trump’s assessment
but says he did not fully explain the reasons why the
region would have been better off. Namou was born in
Bagdad and has lived in the U.S. since she was 10. She
says, “We did not have a single suicide bomber until
2003. Saddam knew where the extremists were coming from
and Gaddafi knew where they were coming from. We
(Americans) should be able to detect when people come
from certain regions where terrorists are being
created. We deny this because they are coming from our
allies. We wasted over 20 years on wars with the wrong
country.”  A member of Iraq’s Christian minority, Namou
points out it is U.S. allies Qatar, Turkey and Saudi
Arabia that are financing, outfitting and sheltering
ISIS and will continue to do so until the U.S.
confronts them about it. Weam Namou is the author of
several books including “Witnessing a Genocide.”
Contact her at (586) 212-4490; weamn@hotmail.com

4. ==> Why Hillary May Lose the Black Vote

The Democratic nominating contest is turning out to be
one heck of a fight between Bernie Sanders and Hillary
Clinton. Michael McCray says Hillary shouldn’t take the
black vote for granted…again.  “If Hillary for America
does not invest the time, staffing, and financial
resources to actually get out the black vote, many
African-Americans will eventually turn to Bernie
Sanders or simply stay home.” McCray says, “Even though
data guru Nate Silver gives Hillary Clinton more than a
70% chance to win in Iowa, he’s wrong!” He’ll explain
why that is, and how Sanders may surprise many
political observers. Michael McCray, Esq. CPA
(inactive) is a veteran of many Democrat / Clinton
campaigns and the author of “Race, Power & Politics” a
primer on ACORN and grassroots community organizing,
which chronicles the historic 2008 Democratic Primary
Contest from an African-American perspective. Contact
him at (870) 543-0024; mccray.michael@gmail.com

5. ==> Heartburn Drugs/Dementia Link

News outlets have been reporting this week about
heartburn drugs – proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) such as
Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid — and an increase risk
of dementia in people over 75. Dr. Jim Roach says the
observational study’s findings make perfect sense. “You
need acid to absorb nutrients and these drugs result in
deficiencies including vitamin B12, folate, vitamin C,
magnesium, calcium, zinc, and iron. The dementia
connection is obvious as B12 and folate deficiencies
both cause dementia.” Dr. Roach says the drugs are very
dangerous and also carry an increased risk of sudden
death. So what’s a heartburn sufferer to do? Invite Dr.
Roach to share natural ways to address acid reflux. Jim
Roach, M.D., a leading integrative practitioner who has
appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, is a
speaker, consultant, educator, researcher, and widely
sought clinician with patients from across the country.
He is also author of “God’s House Calls” which
discusses spiritual near-death experiences of his
patients and seeks to de-stigmatize spiritual
experiences. Contact him at (859) 846-4453 (office);

6. ==> Flint Water Crisis Not Unique

In the U.S., we usually take for granted the
availability of safe, clean drinking water. At least we
used to until the recent news that lead was leaching
into the water supply in Flint, Mich., poisoning its
children. Crusading for safe water is nothing new for
Joseph Oloimooja, a naturalized American citizen whose
story of what one man could do to bring potable water
to his native Kenyan village will inspire your
listeners. Fifteen years after emigrating, Joseph
raised enough money to drill a 720-foot water well in
the village. The availability of clean water from the
well has dramatically reduced the number of deaths from
waterborne illnesses and has led to better crops and
quality of life. Learn what you can do to ensure a safe
water supply for everyone. Joseph is pastor of Christ
the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church and the manager of
spiritual care services at Kaiser Permanente South Bay
Medical Center. Reach him at (310) 710-7654;

7. ==> Expert Says Climate Change Theory is Wrong

The Supreme Court recently ruled to temporarily block
implementation of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan while
lawsuits from 29 states and many power companies
proceed. It also provides a chance to be sure the
science behind this plan is correct.
“New data and understanding now show that the science
underlying the global ‘consensus’ on climate change is
flawed,” says Dr. Peter Langdon Ward, a geophysicist
who worked 27 years with the US Geological Survey. Ward
spent the last ten years reexamining the many
assumptions underlying greenhouse warming theory. He
says, “Current climate models calculate energy
incorrectly, based on a fundamental misunderstanding in
physics going back 150 years.” Ward also says the
recent climate accord addresses the wrong problem and
that spending trillions of dollars to reduce
greenhouse-gas concentrations would have no significant
effect on reducing global warming. Peter Ward is the
author of “What Really Causes Global Warming?
Greenhouse Gases or Ozone Depletion?” Contact Lonni
Miller at (973) 686-3660; LonniMiller@aol.com

8. ==> Stars’ Red Carpet Beauty Tricks

When stars walk the red carpet at the Oscars later this
month, they’ll be talking about who designed their
gorgeous gowns, killer shoes and fabulous jewelry. But
you won’t hear them talking about what they’ve been
doing to get their faces ready for the big show. Dr.
Susan O’Malley says, “They would have you believe they
were born that way, but the truth is they have all been
in and out of the cosmetic doctor’s office preparing
for months for this one day!” Dr. O’Malley is medical
director and owner of Sonas Med Spa in Madison, CT.
which specializes in non-surgical anti-aging
treatments. Dr. O’Malley will share the secrets to the
stars’ gorgeous complexions as well as the tips and
tricks they use to get their ‘movie star’ looks. Even
better, she says anyone can look just as flawless,
without surgery. Contact her at (203) 520-3227;

9. ==> Give Listeners a Black History Quiz

How much do your listeners know about the
accomplishments of African Americans? Put them to the
test for Black History Month with the help of author
Tami Gilbert. Everyone is sure to learn something in
this inspiring show. For example, can you name
America’s first black billionaire (hint he was the
first black man to head an NYSE-listed company)? Who
was the first black playwright with a play on Broadway?
What was the name of America’s first black secretary of
state? What was Malcolm X’s real name? How old was
Martin Luther King Jr. when he entered college? Gilbert
is drawn to people who have persevered to achieve great
things as she has done. She was abandoned by her father
at age eight and lived for a time in a relative’s dank
basement. Despite her disadvantages, Gilbert worked
three jobs at the same time to put herself through
college, earning a master’s degree in nursing and an
MBA. Her book is “Courage to Persevere: A Compelling
Story of Struggle, Survival and Triumph.”  Contact her
at (312) 218-1744; info@tamigilbert.com

10. ==> Millennial Mentor – You Need More than a Degree

University students are facing unique challenges today
– rapid economic changes, an evolving job market, and
the need to become the employee employers want to hire
and keep. How can they create the needed adaptability
skills, along with the mobility and fluidity essential
for today’s hires while still in college? Invite Jason
Ma, America’s chief millennial mentor, to discuss the
challenges common to students and Millennials, and
share ways to help them be successful in their careers
– and life. From clarifying direction to becoming more
pragmatically skillful (and street-smart) to finding
quality internships to managing stress, failure and
conflicts and to rising up the ranks, Jason will
address the many issues facing students and young
professionals today. Jason Ma is founder, CEO & chief
mentor of ThreeEQ, Inc., a success coaching and
consulting service for high-end families and companies.
He’s an international speaker and the author of “Young
Leaders 3.0.” Contact him at (408) 823-7768;

11. ==> February 29th – Best Day for a Do Over

February 29th is a bonus day that comes around once
every four years. Not only is its presence on the
calendar rare, but it also represents an opportunity
for change, according to Dr. Kyra Bobinet, who recently
received a Harvard innovation award for her design work
in applied neuroscience. Bobinet is the force behind
this year’s Feb. 29 Iteration Day campaign. She says,
“Iteration is the mother of all do-overs; it means
tackling the same problem through a relentless series
of tweaks and tinkers … futzing your way to success.”
She’ll discuss examples of great iterators in public
life including Steve Jobs, Stephen Curry, Hillary
Clinton and Donald Trump. Bobinet is part of an
emerging class of behavioral design experts who combine
cutting-edge brain science and design thinking to teach
people how to iterate into success. Kyra Bobinet, M.D.,
M.P.H., has been featured on NPR and in the Wall Street
Journal, Huffington Post and Fast Company. She is the
author of “Well Designed Life: 10 Lessons in Brain
Science & Design Thinking for a Mindful, Healthy, and
Purposeful Life.” Contact Stephanie Shorter at (413)
854-3626; sshorter@engagedin.com; @DrKyraBobinet

12. ==> Do Musicians Make Better Presidents?

The topic of politics is hot right now, but Vincent
James says there’s one aspect of the candidates we
haven’t heard yet – their affiliation with music and
the arts. He’ll discuss which of the current
presidential candidates are musicians and take a look
at some of our musical presidents of the past. Vincent
will reveal interesting musical tidbits like which
current candidate claims to have given a 2nd grade
music teacher a black eye and which one is married to a
world-famous musician. James Vincent is the founder of
Keep Music Alive and author of the book “88+ Ways Music
Can Change Your Life” featuring over 150 inspirational
music stories from around the world including a number
of celebrities. Contact him at (610) 812-5231 (PA);

13. ==> Sports Illustrated – Finally Celebrating Body

For the first time ever, Sports Illustrated is
celebrating body diversity on the cover of its famous
Swimsuit Issue by featuring three different covers with
three very different sized women. How does this
influence women? Is individual health and wellness
served by this bold move? Invite Belldon Colme, a
wellness and nutritional weight loss expert to discuss
the issue. He says, “The important factor is achieving
nutritional balance for a healthy metabolism. When that
balance is achieved, body size takes care of itself and
can be quite different from person to person.” Belldon
says everyone has their own unique body shape which
should be celebrated and honored. He says women often
strive for an unattainable version of themselves that
leaves them frustrated and feeling badly.  Belldon
Colme is the founder and creator of Nutri-90 Weight
Loss. He’s a recognized speaker on nutritional weight
loss and works to get accurate nutrition education into
grade schools. He’s the author of the upcoming book,
“Nourishment for Body and Spirit—The Holistic Path to
Lasting Weight Management.” Contact him at (909)
363-6566; BelldonColme@Nutri-90.com

14. ==> When You Hate Your Daughter’s Boyfriend

Just because she’s a teen doesn’t mean she still isn’t
your little girl. And now she’s dating a kid you find
annoying. Maybe it’s because he’s over all the time
emptying your refrigerator as fast as you fill it. Or
maybe she fights with him constantly then takes it out
on you, stays up late talking to him and can’t study,
or you’re convinced he isn’t treating her right.
Marriage and family therapist Colleen O’Grady, an
expert on neuroscience, explains how to tell if your
daughter’s boyfriend is merely annoying or dangerous
and what to do about it to preserve her safety and your
relationship. She’s the author of “Dial Down the Drama:
Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage
Daughter—A Guide for Mothers Everywhere.” Reach her at
(713) 408-6112; colleen@dialdownthedrama.com.

15. ==> Sick of Winter? Go Somewhere Warm, Cheap!

This time of year everyone is sick of winter and
dreaming of a warm adventure. But Russell Hannon says
it doesn’t have to be a dream, even if you don’t have a
lot of money. Invite him to share ways to have your
dream vacation without skimping…or paying a ton of
money. Hannon will reveal the seven things that account
for your travel costs, as he shows you how to travel
for less whether you’re planning a couple’s getaway or
family spring vacation. Thinking of Paris? Venice? How
about a safari? Hannon will show you how to overcome
any financial barriers keeping you from traveling as
much as you want. He’ll also offer one listener a free
1-year membership with HomeExchange.com for correctly
answering a trivia question. ($150 value)   Russell
Hannon founded Break the Travel Barrier and teaches
ultra-economical travel. Contact him at

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