02/15/18 RTIR Newsletter: Florida School Shooting, Malcolm X, Chinese New Year

February 15, 2018

01. Florida School Shooting Experts
02. North Korea Playing War Games at Olympics
03. Olympics Provide Teachable Moments
04. This One Tax Mistake Could Cost You Thousands
05. What Happened to the Tea Party?
06. AZ Women to GOP Rep: Let it Flow
07. Black History: Malcolm X – The Lost Tapes
08. This Doctor Says ‘Prescription Drugs Killed My Wife!’
09. Don’t be Nice in Divorce Court
10. Get Ready to Live on Only $1369 a Month
11. What Bad Trade Numbers Mean for You
12. All Natural Remedies to Kick Flu’s Butt
13. Get Fit Without Joining a Gym
14. Anxiety is Not a Life Sentence
15. Tarot Expert – US is in Tower of Destruction Phase
16. Chinese New Year Begins Friday – Year of the Dog
1. ==> Florida School Shooting Experts

A former student unleashed a hail of gunfire in a
Florida high school yesterday, killing at least 17
adults and children. We offer 3 experts available for
interview on this story:

Katherine Schweit, a former senior F.B.I. official

Researchers say that since 2013, they have logged
school shootings at a rate of about one a week. “We
have absolutely become numb to these kinds of
shootings, and I think that will continue,” says
Katherine Schweit, a former senior F.B.I. official and
the co-author of a study of 160 active shooting
incidents in the United States. “Any time there’s a
school shooting, it’s more gut-wrenching, and I think
we have a tendency to react in a more visceral way,”
Schweit says. “But I really don’t think as a whole, in
society, we’re taking shootings more seriously than we
were before — and that’s wrong.” As an FBI special
agent, Schweit was responsible for the FBI’s active-
shooter training — the most extensive effort of its
kind, initiated following the Sandy Hook Elementary
tragedy in Newtown, Conn., in 2012. Contact her at
(703) 864-5349; katherine.schweit@gmail.com

John Matthews, mass shootings/security expert

These types of security and response plans and training
are exactly what he has been traveling the country,
doing for decades at churches, schools and event
venues. John is a highly-decorated law enforcement vet,
has worked with the Department of Homeland Security and
has (as part of the organization he founded in Dallas
— the Community Safety Institute) done extensive
research on every mass shooting event in America over
the last 30 years. He can provide not only basics on
building plans and training people, but statistics and
trends on these types of events. John Matthews has
appeared on network and cable programs and hosted his
own radio show in Dallas. Contact Jason Jones at

Former British Army Officer Chris Bird, author of
“Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage”

Former British Army Officer Chris Bird has some lessons
to share as well as questions to ask ourselves: What
should we do if we found ourselves caught in a mass
shooting? Can you ever be prepared for chaos or to
remain calm as one unfolds? How can we always be aware
of our surroundings without feeling paranoid? Bird can
talk about the two options you have: to run or hide and
if you choose the latter, what distinguishes cover from
fire from concealment. Bird is the author of “Surviving
a Mass Killer Rampage” and a former San Antonio
Express-News crime reporter. Contact him at (210)
308-8191; cjbird@satx.rr.com

2. ==> North Korea Playing War Games at Olympics

The Olympic spirit is one where the beauty of athletic
competition among nations temporarily transcends the
ugliness of day-to-day international politics. And the
Winter Olympic Games are providing a welcome pause to
the missile launches and war talk of North Korea. But
many say the respite will last only as long as the
games. Invite national security expert Peter Brooks to
discuss North Korea’s real game at the Olympics and
what the country hopes to gain. He says, “It’s unlikely
that the Olympic-sized honeymoon between North and
South will last, if history is any guide. Previous
joint sporting event appearances such as at the 2000
Sydney Summer Olympics ultimately failed to improve
relations. Once the Olympics are over in a few weeks,
it’s likely to resume its menacing missile launches —
or worse.” Peter Brooks is a Senior Fellow, National
Security Affairs at the Heritage Foundation, a
conservative think tank in Washington DC. Contact him
at (202) 675-1761; HeritagePress@heritage.org

3. ==> Olympics Provide Teachable Moments

As families watch the Winter Olympics, there’s plenty
of drama and spectacle. But Angee Nott says you can
also use the opportunity to inspire your child and help
them be a better person and teammate. “The Olympic
games give kids the opportunity to see athletes
overcome enormous adversity to reach the highest level
of competition,” says Nott, a teacher and coach at Boys
Town. “It inspires kids and motivates them to strive to
do their best at any level in everything they do.”
She’ll share four important things to highlight for
your kids and make the most of your family Olympic-
viewing experience. Boys Town is a non-profit
organization dedicated to caring for children and
families, with national headquarters in the village of
Boys Town, Nebraska. Contact Lauren Laferla at (402)
498-1273; lauren.laferla@boystown.org

4. ==> This One Tax Mistake Could Cost You Thousands

We’ve had a lot of change recently, when it comes to
taxes. Tax reform. A budget deal with retroactive tax
breaks. Deductions added. Deductions repealed. It’s
complicated, and nobody wants to pay more taxes than
they owe. So, invite Martha O’Gorman of Liberty Tax to
share ways your listeners can avoid overpaying. “One of
the biggest mistakes many tax filers make is
overlooking deductions,” says O’Gorman. “There’s a tax
credit worth up to $6,318, yet millions of eligible
taxpayers fail to claim it.” O’Gorman can discuss basic
tax tips, how the new tax law will affect taxpayers in
your area, and surprising tax deductions. Martha
O’Gorman worked for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service before
leaving to help start Liberty Tax, the brand with the
iconic waving Statues of Liberty. She is the chief
marketing officer of the company, with more than 4,000
locations in the U.S. and Canada. Contact Martha
O’Gorman at 888-848-5344 or martha@libtax.com.

5. ==> What Happened to the Tea Party?

Back in 2012, political scientists were trying to
assess three key aspects of the tea party movement: How
big and how powerful was it? What factors gave rise to
it? And how long would it last? Invite Angie Maxwell,
director of the Diane Blair Center of Southern Politics
and Society at the University of Arkansas, to discuss
how the tea party emerged, what happened to the party
during the Obama administration, and why fiscal
responsibility was always a red herring for many
supporterss. She says, “Undoubtedly, many of those who
were drawn to the tea party do not realize the long
history of using coded language to launder racial
animosity into fiscal conservatism, but that doesn’t
matter now. Obama left office, and without him as a
foil, the power of the tea party has waned.” Maxwell is
the author of “The Indicted South: Public Criticism,
Southern Inferiority, and the Politics of Whiteness.”
Contact her at (479) 575-3356; amax@uark.edu

6. ==> AZ Women to GOP Rep: Let it Flow

Women pressuring a Republican Arizona state
representative to push forward a bill that would
provide free and unlimited feminine hygiene products to
female inmates in Arizona’s state prison have been
sending him — what else? — tampons and pads. It’s now
being dubbed the #LetItFlow campaign and Anushay
Hossain says it’s ridiculous we’re even having this
conversation. “One would think that when it comes to
such basic health care for women, aka half of the
world’s population, people would be in agreement: Women
should have access to tampons and sanitary napkins when
they have their periods. But in 2018 America, too many
women are still being denied their dignity — often for
economic reasons — during a monthly, natural bodily
function, and it’s an issue that affects women in and
outside the nation’s prison system.” The AZ Department
of Corrections now says it is currently revising its
policy. Anushay Hossain is a writer and political
commentator based in Washington DC. She has appeared as
a policy analyst and women’s rights expert on BBC World
News, CNN, MSNBC, PBS and more. Contact her at

7. ==> Black History: Malcolm X – The Lost Tapes

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Tom Jennings’
latest film, ‘The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X,’ provides a
unique perspective on the legendary and controversial
civil rights activist. Airing on the Smithsonian
Channel during Black History Month, the film relives
Malcolm’s pivotal years with never-before-seen footage
and audio tapes, including recordings made on the day
of his assassination. Tom can discuss how the film
presents insight into Malcolm X using media reports
from the time, and the moments that ultimately shaped
his legacy as one of the most important figures of the
civil rights movement. Contact John Angelo at

8. ==> This Doctor Says ‘Prescription Drugs Killed My

There aren’t many physicians willing to say what
Richard Ruhling, M.D., will: Prescription drugs are a
leading cause of illness, disability, and death. Dr.
Ruhling, who was board-certified in internal medicine,
will discuss prescription drug dangers including
adverse reactions like the one that killed his wife
(prescribed by another M.D.) for an infection. He can
share stories of patients who were able to reverse
their medical conditions by eliminating their
prescriptions and changing their diets. He can offer
natural remedies for common health conditions such as
arthritis, flu and asthma and share with your listeners
the 7 Golden Rules of Health that Dr. Breslow of UCLA
discovered that make a 30-year difference compared to
people who broke all seven. Dr. Ruhling taught health
science at Loma Linda University and he’s been
interviewed on scores of radio programs. He’s the
author of “God Bless America?” Reach him at (928)
583-7543 or Ruhling7@juno.com

9. ==> Don’t be Nice in Divorce Court

Divorce is difficult even when both parties try to part
amicably but can being too nice end up leaving you
bankrupt? Often the person trying to be “nice” ends up
getting trampled on like a doormat. Patricia Stallworth
is a certified financial planner who not only has the
financial knowledge you need before facing a divorce,
but also the personal experience of what can happen
without proper planning. She can tell your audience why
this is no time to be passive and share the steps to
plan for a divorce that puts you in charge. Invite her
to reveal why choosing the house may not be the best
option, why getting a credit card immediately is a
smart idea, and important factors to consider about
your shared investments. Her latest book, “How to Get
Divorced Without Losing Your Blouse: What Every Woman
Needs to Know to Protect Her Future”, is an essential
guide for women facing divorce. Stallworth has been
featured by NPR and magazines and radio stations
nationwide. Contact her at (404) 454-9106 (GA);

10. ==> Get Ready to Live on Only $1369 a Month

Imagine the nightmare of reaching retirement age only
to discover that basically overnight you’ll have to
live on only $1,369 each month because you never
bothered to save for retirement. That amount is the
average monthly Social Security check received by 42
million retired workers in the U.S. as of June 2017.
That’s only $16,428 a year! Chartered retirement
planning counselor Rodger Alan Friedman, CRPC®, can
tell your audience the simple steps they can take now
to make sure this doesn’t happen to them. Learn how
just a few small adjustments to your current spending
habits can make the difference between living
comfortably in retirement and struggling to make ends
meet. He’s the author of The Mindset of Retirement
Success: 7 Winning Strategies to Change Your Life.
Friedman has been featured by magazines and radio
stations nationwide. Contact him at (844) 3MY-PLAN
(NY); Rodger@RodgeronRetirement.com

11. ==> What Bad Trade Numbers Mean for You

The trade numbers for 2017 issued last week show a bad
situation getting worse: Americans bought $810 billion
more goods from other countries than we sold to them, a
six percent increase over the previous year. Those
numbers translate into lost jobs, lower pay, family
breakup, and drug abuse, says James A. Stuber, author
of the new book, “What if Things Were Made in America
Again.” In a lively and provocative interview, Stuber
explains how consumers can solve the problem by buying
things made in American communities. James A. Stuber
is the founder of Made in America Again, a movement of
consumers dedicated to rebuilding the American middle
class by buying things made in American communities.
Stuber is an attorney and entrepreneur who formerly
served as legislative assistant to a member of the
United States House of Representatives. Contact him at
(610) 608-5074; james.stuber@themadeinamericabook.com.

12. ==> All Natural Remedies to Kick Flu’s Butt

This year’s flu season continues to spread across the
nation and the flu shot is proving to be only about 10%
effective against the H3N2 virus that’s making so many
people so sick for so long. Medical doctor and master
homeopath Dr. Kathleen Fry will share how to get
through flu season by using the correct remedy based on
your symptoms. “One remedy that’s indicated when people
have a fever, a headache and they are so sleepy they
cannot keep their eyes open is Baptisia tinctoria, and
it costs less than $15 online.” She’ll tell you where
to get ingredients for various remedies, as well as how
to use them. Frequently quoted in Self, Redbook, Ladies
Home Journal and other magazines, Dr. Kathleen Fry
practices as a homeopath in Boulder, Colorado, across
the US and globally. “What’s the Remedy for That? The
Definitive Homeopathy Guide to Mastering Everyday Self-
Care Without Drugs” is her second book. Contact her at
(480) 695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

13. ==> Get Fit Without Joining a Gym

Don’t have time to go to the gym? You can still get in
shape, boost your energy, rejuvenate yourself, and
enhance your immune system with a few simple exercises
you can do at home every day. Invite José de la Torre
to talk about our energy body, and the various energy
centers in the body. He’ll explain how with the right
exercises, the energy body can be stimulated and
increased, enhancing health and well-being. Jose de la
Torre is a Qi Gong teacher and practitioner and the
author of “Spiritual Living for Busy People.” Contact
him at (817) 304-6148; jose@peace-coach.com

14. ==> Anxiety is Not a Life Sentence

Psychotherapist Jodi Aman says having anxiety can seem
like a life sentence. “You are not just wired that way!
Anxiety is actually highly treatable. People are
suffering needlessly when they just need to know what
to do to get rid of it.” She adds, “There are ways of
thinking that lead to anxiety and ways of thinking that
eliminate it. It is how you think about what you feel
that makes the difference.” You’ll learn what to do
when you feel panicked, how control issues feed into
anxiety, and why anxiety is a dirty, rotten liar. Jodi
Aman has been a practicing psychotherapist for more
than 20 years and has a YouTube channel with online
courses to get rid of anxiety. Her latest book is
“Anxiety & Panic Workbook: Stop Stressing, Start
Living.” Contact her at (585) 233 8979;

15. ==> Tarot Expert – US is in Tower of Destruction

Julia Gordon-Bramer, a creative writing professor who
is one of St. Louis’ Top Ten Psychics and St. Louis’
Number One Fortune-Teller (according to CBS), has been
reading tarot cards professionally for 40 years. So
when she says current events point to the U.S. being in
a Tower of Destruction cycle that’s huge. (The Tower
card features lightning striking a gray stone tower,
bodies falling, and the whole building collapsing.)
Bring Julia on your program to learn what accounts for
the instability and where it is likely to lead us. Ask
her: What does the Tower card portend? In what way is
this phase similar to one experienced in the 1950s? How
does Donald Trump personify the Tower card? What
prompted your interest in tarot and all things
mystical? How does that go over in the academic world?
Julia teaches at Lindenwood University and is a Sylvia
Plath scholar. Reach her at (314) 517-0158;

16. ==> Chinese New Year Begins Friday – Year of the

The Chinese New Year begins on Friday and is
traditionally marked with elaborate parades, fireworks
and dragon dancers, but you need not be Chinese to
celebrate. 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog and people
who are born this year will be serious, good
communicators and excellent employees. Carlyn Montes De
Oca, an author, animal advocate and human health
expert, says even if you don’t believe in Chinese
astrology, you can still celebrate the Year of the Dog
with your furry friend. From helping us get fit to
unplugging and learning to be in the moment, Carlyn
will share the ways dogs are the best health and
wellness gurus we have! Carlyn Montes de Oca is the
author of “Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse: An Animal
Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy & Extraordinary
Life.” Contact her at (415) 306-1853;

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