02/13/18 RTIR Newsletter: Black History Month, Partying with Bon Jovi, Graceful Aging

February 13, 2018

01. Mike Pence’s Olympic Fumble
02. Why these Presidential Portraits Matter
03. Aetna’s Not-So-Shocking Admission
04. Sex Advice for Long-Term Valentines
05. Black History Month: Will the World Ever Be Color Blind?
06. What Bad Trade Numbers Mean for You
07. Celebrate the 75th Birthday of George Harrison
08. What Was It Like to Party with Bon Jovi?
09. Searching Your Roots? DNA Testing’s Shortcomings
10. How Your Friends Can Help You Lose Weight
11. Are You and Your Kids Suffering from ‘Cell Phone Neck?’
12. Forget Graceful Aging, Get Gutsy!
13. Tarot Expert: U.S. is in Its Tower of Destruction Phase
14. Overcoming Dysfunction to Take Control of Life
15. Are You Feeding Your Dog Wrong?

1. ==> Mike Pence’s Olympic Fumble

Vice President Mike Pence is taking heat for his
behavior at the Olympics in South Korea. According to
Gordon Chang, the VP engaged in some of the most
counterproductive acts of American public diplomacy in
years. “Pence embarrassed Moon Jae-in and stayed at the
South Korean president’s reception for a grand total of
five minutes. Second, and most significantly, Pence and
wife Karen managed to disrespect every South Korean by
not standing when the unified Korean team entered the
Olympic stadium.” Chang says, “Washington needs the
South Korean electorate to help hem in their anti-
American president, and not rejoicing in South Korea’s
team—what Pence did by not standing as the team entered
the stadium—has in fact not played well in the South.”
Gordon G. Chang is the author of “The Coming Collapse
of China” and “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On
the World.” His writings have appeared in The New York
Times and The Wall Street Journal, among other
publications. Contact him at (908) 719-2135;
info@gordonchang.com or @GordonGChang

2. ==> Why these Presidential Portraits Matter

The official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama
were unveiled Monday at the Smithsonian’s National
Portrait Gallery and Deana Haggag says they mark a
momentous shift in our cultural landscape. “To start,
the paintings are the first presidential portraits by
African-American artists to enter the gallery. The
presence of these artists in an institutional space is
not to be understated.” The artists, Kehinde Wiley and
Amy Sherald, are contemporary American painters and
were specifically chosen by the former president and
first lady. Haggag says, “Much like the Obamas, they
show a propensity for balancing the expected with the
edgy, offering a refreshing — and much needed — shift
in the traditions of presidential portraiture.” Deana
Haggag is CEO and founder of United States Artists. The
organization was founded in 2006 to illuminate the
value of artists to American society and address their
economic challenges. To date, it has awarded more than
500 artists with over $22 million of direct support in
all disciplines. Contact Dan Duray or Ed Winstead at

3. ==> Aetna’s Not-So-Shocking Admission

California’s insurance commissioner has launched an
investigation into insurance giant Aetna after one of
its former medical directors admitted under oath that
he never looked at the medical records of patients
before granting or denying coverage for health care.
Steven Trobiani, M.D., chairman of the Politics and
Healthcare Forum says, “The shocking surprise in the
Aetna director’s admission is that anyone is surprised.
Health insurance companies are not, and have never
been, healthcare institutions. They are financial
institutions and as such their product is profit.” He
adds, “The health insurers have fostered the illusion
that their management of healthcare is designed to
improve the quality and affordability of our
healthcare. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Denial of healthcare is made in the interest of profit
on a routine basis.” Dr. Trobiani says the cost of
healthcare before the introduction of managed care in
1980 was $1,100 per person per year. He says the cost
is now over $11,000 per person per year. Dr. Steven
Trobiani is the author of “Sustainable Healthcare
Reform: Harnessing the Power of Capitalism to Fund Our
Social Needs.” He hosts the weekly radio show
“Sustainable Healthcare” in Minneapolis/St. Paul, has
been featured in numerous radio interviews, and has
written article for several magazines across the
country. Contact him at (763) 416-1400; (763) 229-9711
or steven.trobiani@sustainablehealthcarereform.org

4. ==> Sex Advice for Long-Term Valentines

When you’ve been in a relationship for years, what
started as a steamy love life can easily become stale
and boring. New York City sex therapist Stephen Snyder
M.D, offers an unconventional antidote. “Most sex
advice these days boils down to giving your partner
pleasure. But it’s much more important to make sure
your partner enjoys you.” Dr. Snyder says great
lovemaking is much more than just pleasure. “It’s also
about narcissistic validation —feeling good about
yourself. It’s not about turning your partner on or
having an orgasm. It’s about sex making you feel
special.” Dr. Stephen Snyder has been featured on NBC’s
Today show and in Newsweek and many other publications.
He contributes to the Huffington Post and Psychology
Today and is the author of “Love Worth Making: How to
Have Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Lasting
Relationship.” Contact him at (917) 270-0384;

5. ==> Black History Month: Will the World Ever Be
Color Blind?

The issue of skin color has plagued society for
centuries. Nowadays, it is undeniable that the same
issue persists. Invite Lupita Samuels to break the
barriers between skin colors and explain how to move
forward from this negative mind-set. Samuels will put
into perspective the misconceptions about skin color.
Using metaphors and comparison, Samuels will explain
how skin color does not dictate a person’s worth.
She’ll include several reflective exercises to help
guide listeners toward a peaceful resolution of their
issues and struggles on the matter. Lupita Samuels was
born in Costa Rica. She worked as an educator in the
New York City public school system for over twenty
years. She’s the author of the Color Blind book series
which includes her latest release, “Think Folks Are
‘Too Dark?’ Think Again!” Contact her at (718)
654-7010; lusamuels@hotmail.com

6. ==> What Bad Trade Numbers Mean for You

The trade numbers for 2017 issued last week show a bad
situation getting worse: Americans bought $810 billion
more goods from other countries than we sold to them, a
six percent increase over the previous year. Those
numbers translate into lost jobs, lower pay, family
breakup, and drug abuse, says James A. Stuber, author
of the new book, “What if Things Were Made in America
Again.” In a lively and provocative interview, Stuber
explains how consumers can solve the problem by buying
things made in American communities. James A. Stuber
is the founder of Made in America Again, a movement of
consumers dedicated to rebuilding the American middle
class by buying things made in American communities.
Stuber is an attorney and entrepreneur who formerly
served as legislative assistant to a member of the
United States House of Representatives. Contact him at
(610) 608-5074; james.stuber@themadeinamericabook.com.

7. ==> Celebrate the 75th Birthday of George Harrison

It’s hard to believe that the former Beatle has been
gone for 17 years and that his 75th birthday is Feb.
25. Pay tribute to his memory, spirit and music by
interviewing author Susan Shumsky. She can share
little-known stories about the quiet Beatle. Shumsky
can answer such questions as: How did his first wife
Pattie Boyd influence his spiritual life? What did he
turn to in order to cope with the suicide of manager
Brian Epstein? Who was his guru? Was George really the
most spiritual Beatle? What was so special about
George’s 25th birthday? What prompted George to leave
India 50 years ago? What was the meaning of spiritual
songs George wrote? Shumsky is the author of “Maharishi
& Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles’ Guru.”
She has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, GQ, Fox
News, and more. Contact her at (917) 992-5175;

8. ==> What Was It Like to Party with Bon Jovi?

Most of us can only imagine what it would be like to
hang out with the arena rock band Bon Jovi. But Ted
Larkins actually got to do it! He met the band that
will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this
year when the group was doing sold-out concerts in
Japan. Larkins rode in a limo with the band, drank with
them and hung out with them until 2 a.m. Invite Larkins
to explain how he met the band, and why he initially
thought Jon Bon Jovi was a jerk but changed his mind.
He’ll also share what he has learned from meeting other
famous people like Tom Hanks and Celine Dion, and why
despite having some bad breaks he is convinced that
life itself is one big party so we may as well make the
most of it. Larkins is the author of “Get To Be Happy:
Stories and Secrets to Loving the Sh*t Out Of Life.” He
is the former senior VP of one of the world’s leading
entertainment, sport and brand licensing agencies and a
guest lecturer for the UCLAx Entertainment Studies and
Performing Arts program. Reach him at (818) 261-8262;

9. ==> Searching Your Roots? DNA Testing’s Shortcomings

Millions of people have already had their DNA tested to
find out about their ancestry, an indication of how
strong the urge is to link ourselves to our forebears.
Robb Lucy is one of them, learning that he is mostly
Irish but also 20 percent south Asian with dashes of
African, Italian, Grecian and Scandinavian thrown in.
And while it is cool to know that, he asserts that DNA
testing only takes us so far; it does not reveal the
stories of our ancestors, who they were or the kind of
lives they led. Robb is on a mission to leave his own
descendants, and yours, with a more complete picture of
who we were. He’ll explain how to leave a digital life
story that will educate your progeny hundreds of years
from now. He calls this legacy building “DNA
digitality.” A journalist, writer and producer, Robb
Lucy is the author of the “How Will You Be Remembered:
A Guide to Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now.”
Contact him at (604) 874-7700; rlucy@createmylegacy.com

10. ==> How Your Friends Can Help You Lose Weight

Everything’s always more fun with a friend, but studies
prove that people making major lifestyle changes are
actually more successful when supported by others in
small groups. Invite Dr. Ed Dodge to tell your audience
how friends can boost your motivation, share helpful
resources such as recipes and positive experiences, and
bring synergy to your common goal. He says that small
groups of people supporting each other have been proven
be highly effective and consistently show better
results than people with no support. His book “Be
Healthy: Simple Guidelines for Lifelong Well-Being”
offers a practical approach toward healthier living.
Dr. Dodge hosted Healthy Living Radio and has
interviewed groundbreaking leaders in medicine. He has
been honored by the Johns Hopkins University Center for
a Livable Future. Contact him at (352) 228-9641 (TX);

11. ==> Are You and Your Kids Suffering from ‘Cell
Phone Neck?’

Talk about a literal pain in the neck! Our reliance
(even obsession) with little hand-held computers called
cell phones has led to an alarming increase in health
problems among kids and adults. But neck/back/shoulder
problems and migraines are just the beginning, says Dr.
Lynn Migdal. She’ll reveal why posture mistakes and
“techno abuse” so common since the advent of smart
phones and tablets, also endanger the body’s vagus
nerve – ultimately leading to problems with your
digestion, heart and lung function, overall bone
health, immune system, and even your reproductive
system and sports performance. On-air this sought-after
speaker and natural health and wellness
expert/Chiropractor will reveal simple changes to make
in cell phone use, so your entire family can heal even
before the worst symptoms arise. Dr. Migdal is also an
expert on breath work and resiliency, for everything
from pain-free and peaceful living to weight control,
enhanced memory and increased longevity. Contact Lynn
Migdal, D.C., at (561) 322-6735;

12. ==> Forget Graceful Aging, Get Gutsy!

If we are lucky, we have the opportunity to grow older.
But growing older with gusto is not a matter of luck.
Wellness expert Sharkie Zartman will share aging advice
from leading experts on brain health, nutrition,
retaining body muscle, and keeping joints in good
repair and our relationships on solid footing. She’ll
discuss the top ten perks of aging, whether there are
different relationship rules for the second half of
life, and the psychosocial secrets of empowered aging.
Sharkie Zartman is the editor of “Empowered Aging:
Expert Advice on Staying Healthy, Vital and Active”, a
guide for people 40 and up who want to keep their
bodies and spirits humming as long as possible. Zartman
holds degrees in kinesiology and instructional
technology and is a professor of health and fitness.
She was also a member of the U.S. Women’s National
Volleyball Team. Contact her at (310) 379-1869 or (310)
415-0190; Sharkiezartman@yahoo.com

13. ==> Tarot Expert: U.S. is in Its Tower of
Destruction Phase

Julia Gordon-Bramer, a creative writing professor who
is one of St. Louis’ Top Ten Psychics and St. Louis’
Number One Fortune-Teller (according to CBS), has been
reading tarot cards professionally for 40 years. So
when she says current events point to the U.S. being in
a Tower of Destruction cycle that’s huge. (The Tower
card features lightning striking a gray stone tower,
bodies falling, and the whole building collapsing.)
Bring Julia on your program to learn what accounts for
the instability and where it is likely to lead us. Ask
her: What does the Tower card portend? In what way is
this phase similar to one experienced in the 1950s?
How does Donald Trump personify the Tower card? What
prompted your interest in tarot and all things
mystical? How does that go over in the academic world?
Julia teaches at Lindenwood University and is a Sylvia
Plath scholar. Reach her at (314) 517-0158;

14. ==> Overcoming Dysfunction to Take Control of Life

Peggy Bland has traveled the world and was a successful
interior designer in a top-notch firm. She was bright
and beautiful – and disastrous in love with six
marriages to abusive and adulterous men before she
found her real husband. How could such a smart and
capable woman make so many bad decisions? Coming from a
dysfunctional family of alcoholics, Peggy never had
self-confidence. Only when Peggy took steps to be
positive and love herself was she able to make lasting
changes. In her memoir “Beauty IS a Beast”, Peggy
shares how she – and you – can take control of your
life and protect yourself from those who will tear you
down. This is your one and only life. Don’t compromise.
A counselor with experience and guts, Peggy can help
you turn your life around. Peggy can be reached at
(210) 698-0533 or peggyprays@yahoo.com.

15. ==> Are You Feeding Your Dog Wrong?

If your dog is eating a prescription diet you’re
probably paying a lot for a product that isn’t even
optimal for your pet. Judy Morgan, DVM, who operates
two veterinary hospitals in New Jersey, will explain
what dog owners need to know about prescription and
non-prescription dog food and why dog food marketed as
holistic, natural and human grade often contain waste
products from the human food industry (even rendered
meal from diseased animal carcasses!) Morgan will
explain how to make your own whole food-based dog food,
which, she says, takes less time than you might expect
and requires no specialized cooking skills or
equipment. Judy Morgan is a holistic veterinarian who
treats dogs, cats, and horses. She is chief veterinary
medical officer for Monkey’s House Senior Dog Hospice
and Sanctuary and works with rescue groups for homeless
dogs. Her latest book is “Yin & Yang Nutrition for
Dogs: Maximizing Health with Whole Foods, Not Drugs,”
coauthored with her husband, Hue Grant. Contact her at
(609) 202-0999; judy@drjudymorgan.com

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