02/09/17 RTIR E-zine: The Fourth Estate, Unconditional Love, Flu Outbreaks

February 9, 2017
01. The Fourth Estate in the Age of Trump
02. Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts for Dummies
03. Love Sick? It’s Real
04. What She Really Wants: Intimacy
05. Make it a Juicy Valentine’s Day
06. Unconditional Love = No Judging
07. Not Again! – Flu Cases Rising
09. Could You Pass a Black History Quiz?
10. After the March: Get Gutsy, Get Going
11. ‘Trumpertension’ – It’s a Yuge Thing
12. Friends (and Parents) Don’t Let Students Get Student Loans
13. Go Ahead, Get Away
14. The Greatest Escape of the Cold War
15. The Dreams Behind Hit Songs

1. ==> The Fourth Estate in the Age of Trump

For many the unthinkable has happened; Donald Trump was
inaugurated the 45th President of the United
States—with a unified government under GOP control. The
‘Free Press’ is now the only check on the unbridled
power of the Trump Administration. Invite Michael
McCray, a public interest advocate and expert on
whistleblowing, to discuss the importance of
journalism, whistleblowers and the role of the First
Amendment. McCray was personally bullied, intimidated
and retaliated against after he reported improprieties
at his federal job before being forced out. He says
America needs principled individuals now more than
ever. Contact him at (870) 543-0024;

2. ==> Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts for Dummies

The day of the heart is upon us. Our finest emotion,
love, gets a national celebration. Sounds great, but we
all know love is tricky. Invite Dr. Frank Farley to
discuss the dos and don’ts of observing the holiday.
“First of all, realize there is no all-purpose formula
for love, no matter what the day. We’re all different,
so go with what works for you and your partner. If
you’re extroverts, it’s party time; if you’re
introverts, a quiet, private dinner might be more
appropriate.” Farley says no matter what, put the cell
phone away and pay attention to your partner. He adds,
“And keep the criticism at bay and bite your tongue. As
the saying goes, if you can’t say anything nice….”
Frank Farley, Ph.D., is a former president of the
American Psychological Association. He is a professor
at Temple University. Contact him at (215) 668-7581
(cell); Frank.farley@comcast.net

3. ==> Love Sick? It’s Real

Valentine’s Day can be nerve-wracking for the best of
us, but some folks get so worked up they literally make
themselves sick. Dr. Don MacDonald says people-pleasers
in particular have a hard time. “People pleasers devote
most of their time to avoiding conflict, going along
with other people and placing their own needs last. And
when it comes to Valentine’s Day, those tendencies can
literally make them sick!” He’ll explain how
lovesickness leads to stress, headaches, insomnia,
resentment and even frequent colds and flus. Dr. Don
MacDonald The author of “The Underdog Curse: The Cause,
The Cure, Your Road to Success” will discuss how to
avoid being a Valentine’s Day underdog, how worry and
resentment can sabotage your immune system, and how to
figure out the best way for you and your lover to
celebrate Valentine’s Day. Dr. Don has spent 17 years
in the health and wellness industry as a chiropractor.
He’s also a life coach and motivational speaker and has
appeared on TV and radio across the country. Contact
him at (780) 983-5102; drdon@shaw.ca

4. ==> What She Really Wants: Intimacy

Yes, chocolates are great, and so is jewelry, but the
real thing women crave is intimacy. Unfortunately, many
men are so afraid of intimacy they sabotage their own
happiness by subconsciously pushing their partner away.
Invite Tom Gagliano to share ways to enhance intimacy
and enjoy the closeness it creates in a relationship.
He suggests, “Help your partner in those areas in their
life where they don’t expect help. The key is to do it
without expecting anything in return. Although, it will
very likely help you get lucky in the bedroom.” Tom
Gagliano returned to school to receive an MSW at age
51. He’s a life coach and the author of several books
including his latest, “Don’t Put Your Crap in Your
Kid’s Diaper.” Contact him at (732) 266-4952 (NJ);

5. ==> Make it a Juicy Valentine’s Day

Most couples want to argue less and love more. Yet most
people don’t know how to transform the common
challenges to keep their relationship fresh and the
romance warm to last a lifetime. Experience an
entertaining, inspiring conversation about love with
certified relationship coach Cary Valentine (yes,
that’s his real name). He’ll share the three essential
keys to living the relationship of your dreams, the
most important thing you must know to have a passionate
long term relationship and the secret to not wasting
precious time dating the wrong person. Valentine is the
co-author with his late wife Wendy, of “In Love
Forever: 7 Secrets to a Joyous, Juicy Relationship.”
Contact him at (808) 346-6652; Cary@InLoveForever.tv

6. ==> Unconditional Love = No Judging

Everyone wants to be loved for who they are but most of
us need help when it comes to loving and being loved
unconditionally. Relationship expert Kindi Gill
explains how the judgments we make (my wife spends too
much money, my husband never helps with the chores),
even those we don’t express out loud, hurt our ability
to love unconditionally, and what we can do to silence
our inner critics. She’ll share a quick No-Yes
technique to transform the harmful judgments we make,
and reinforce the one’s that serve our relationships,
take the pressure off the desire to experience a
perfect Valentine’s Day, outline the silver lining in
relationship struggles and offer tips for making every
day feel like Valentine’s Day. Gill is a family
transformation coach, professional speaker and author
of the upcoming book “How to Have a Loving, Peaceful
and Happy Family Life: The Five Secrets to Feeling
Whole.” Reach her at (778) 558-5110;
7. ==> Former Vogue Editor on Life and Make-Believe

Joan Juliet Buck was the first—and only—American woman
to fill the coveted position of Editor-in-Chief of
Paris Vogue, and she quickly became a force in the cult
of fashion and beauty. Buck, the only child of film
producer Jules Buck, was born into a world of make-
believe. Her childhood was a whirlwind of famous
faces: John Huston, Peter O’Toole, Lauren Bacall,
Federico Fellini, Angelica Huston, and many more; ever-
changing home addresses: London, Paris, Cannes, Los
Angeles. In her new memoir, “The Price of Illusion,”
she says the cues she gleaned early in life from her
family were about how things looked and where they came
from. When her fantasy life at Vogue came to an end,
she had to find out who she was after all those years
of make-believe. Invite Buck to discuss the journey of
discovering the difference between glitter and gold,
fantasy and reality, and what merely looks like
happiness from the thing itself. Contact Johanna Ramos-
Boyer at (703) 646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com

8. ==> Not Again! Flu Cases Rising

It’s that time of year again. Schools are back in
session, everyone’s stuck inside and flu outbreaks are
rampant. Flu activity is “high” to “extremely high” in
15 regions of the U.S. This year’s outbreak is
predominantly type A flu. Learn healthy strategies that
can prevent most colds and flu, and minimize symptoms.
What single intervention reduced type A flu 50% in
children? (it wasn’t the vaccine!) His office approach
has been so successful he no longer utilizes flu
vaccine. Jim Roach, MD, is a leading integrative
practitioner who has appeared on numerous radio and TV
programs, is a speaker, consultant, educator,
researcher, and widely sought clinician with patients
from across the country. He is also author of “God’s
House Calls” which discusses spiritual near-death
experiences of his patients and seeks to de-stigmatize
spiritual experiences. Contact Dr. Roach at (859)
846-4453 (office); jproach@aol.com

9. ==> Could You Pass a Black History Quiz?

How much do your listeners know about the
accomplishments of African Americans? Put them to the
test for Black History Month with the help of author
Tami Gilbert. Everyone is sure to learn something in
this inspiring show. For example, can you name
America’s first black billionaire (hint he was the
first black man to head an NYSE-listed company)? Who
was the first black playwright with a play on Broadway?
What was the name of America’s first black secretary of
state? What was Malcolm X’s real name? How old was
Martin Luther King Jr. when he entered college? Gilbert
is drawn to people who have persevered to achieve great
things as she has done. She was abandoned by her father
at age eight and lived for a time in a relative’s dank
basement. Despite her disadvantages, Gilbert worked
three jobs at the same time to put herself through
college, earning a master’s degree in nursing and an
MBA. Her book is “Courage to Persevere: A Compelling
Story of Struggle, Survival and Triumph.” Contact her
at (312) 218-1744; info@tamigilbert.com
10. ==> After the March: Get Gutsy, Get Going

Millions of women (and men) around the world took to
the streets last month in solidarity with the
Washington D.C. Women’s March, but what happens now?
Pat Obuchowski says women need to get gutsy and get
going! “The world needs more women stepping into their
power and using their voice to become leaders in their
own right.” Pat will discuss the barriers many women
face when it comes to empowerment and share ways to
work around “life” and find the guts to get going! Pat
Obuchowski, MBA, PCC, CPCC, is an executive coach who
combines her experience as an IT executive with
graduate degrees in business and neuroscience. Her new
book is “Gutsy Women Win: How to Get Gutsy and Get
Going.” Contact her at Pat@GutsyWomenWin.com

11. ==> ‘Trumpertension’ – It’s a Yuge Thing

It’s no secret that the majority of people who didn’t
vote for Donald Trump are having trouble accepting his
administration. In fact, many Americans are seeking
medical help for the anxiety they’re experiencing due
to the change of occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Palm Springs-based internal medicine physician Kiran
Dintyala (a.k.a. Dr. Calm) has seen patients with Post-
Election Stress Disorder, including some with
previously well-controlled blood pressure who are
coming in with alarmingly high numbers. He calls it
“Trumpertension” describing it as “a substantial
increase in blood pressure unrelated to diet, sodium
intake or exercise that is solely attributable to
worries over what a Trump presidency may mean for your
future and America’s.” In response, he’s written “Seven
Keys to Surviving the Trump Presidency,” sharing tips
to stay calm amidst the seemingly endless flow of
unsettling news and ways to remain positive and
hopeful, no matter who’s in the Oval Office. Kiran
Dintyala is a Board Certified Internal Medicine
Physician currently practicing at Eisenhower Medical
Center. He’s also the author of “Calm in the Midst of
Chaos.” Contact him at (860) 375 0446;

12. ==> Friends (and Parents) Don’t Let Students Get
Student Loans

Recently, a scandal involving the servicing of student
loans showed how often student loan companies fail to
forward student loan payments to the new company and
how other problems are caused to parents and students
by getting student loans. There are better, faster, and
cheaper ways to pay for college. Invite Steven Roberts,
a former scholarship judge and the author of “Winning
the Money Game in College,” to teach your audience how
to avoid student loans altogether. Best solution: Get a
plan to help you win. Steven will offer listeners a
free webinar to learn strategies to pay for college.
Contact him at (801) 830-9234;

13. ==> Go Ahead, Get Away

Overstressed by everything that’s going on in America?
Overworked? Submerged in the winter blues? It’s time
for a vacation! The summer is still 5-months away, but
there’s no need to wait that long. Now is the time to
take a vacation or at least plan for one. And not just
any vacation: because time is our most valuable asset,
we need to use it wisely. Marco Aguilar explains how to
overcome the most frequent and challenging excuses for
not taking a vacation, including financial, airport
hassles and “it’s my job, stupid,” excuses; and shares
awesome ideas on where to go and what to do with your
precious time off. Marco Aguilar, aka The Chief
Vacation Officer®, uses his 25-year experience in the
travel industry to inspire others to claim their right
to time off and live the life-transforming potential of
travel and experiential vacations. His upcoming book is
“The Power of Vacation.” Contact him at (310) 739-4044;

14. ==> The Greatest Escape of the Cold War

When 84-year-old Hungarian born American Frank Iszak
was 25, he and a group of others committed the first
hijacking of an airplane, flying it to West Germany and
freedom. On July 13, 1956, he gained international
attention for his bold escape from communist-controlled
Hungary. With six co-conspirators, Iszak seized an
airliner and set a course for the West. Invite him to
share his incredible story (including a life-or-death
brawl aboard an out-of-control airplane.) While a
Hungarian court condemned the hijackers to death, in
absentia, the entire team settled in the United States.
Iszak worked as a chemist New York and San Francisco.
He now runs a yoga studio in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca and is
negotiating film rights to his book, “Freedom Fighter.”
Contact him at (619) 920-6456;

15. ==> The Dreams Behind Hit Songs

Overnight ‘dream downloads’ have played a key role in
the rise to stardom of Sting, Beyoncé, the Beatles,
Billy Joel, Taylor Swift and many, many more successful
music artists. In fact, Craig Webb says over 20 Grammy
wins can be linked directly to dreams. Invite Craig on
your show and hear how Bono dreamt music that led to
collaborations with Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan
(including Roy Orbison spontaneously arriving at his
door the night after he dreamt music for him), to how
numerous artists received dream help from deceased
family and colleagues including Stevie Wonder whose
just-deceased mother came in a dream to urge him not to
take a year off to grieve her death, as he had informed
his business manager and agent. Webb will reveal the
surprising dreams that have shaped our culture from
iTunes’ most-downloaded song, to life-saving
nightmares, to beloved Christmas carols, as well as how
anyone can benefit from the same powerful process. Webb
has made more than 1,000 media appearances, and
consults for Fortune 500 corporations, A-list
celebrities and feature films. His latest book is “The
Dreams Behind the Music.” Contact him at (514)
990-2113; cw@craigwebb.ca

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