02/06/18 RTIR Newsletter: Lasting Love, Medical Marijuana, Flu Remedies

February 6, 2018

01. High Court to PA GOP – Redraw Districts Now
02. It’s Hard to Lose: Grief Counseling for Pats Fans
03. ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Star on New Starz Season
04. Lasting Love: Secrets to a Happy Marriage
05. Sexpert Says Selfishness = Sizzling Sex
06. Why Give Your Valentine a Personality Test?
07. What’s Galentine’s Day? Only the Best Day of the Year!
08. Spend Valentine’s Day … with Your Dog
09. Got the Flu? Must-Have Natural Remedies
10. She Was a Fly on the Wall at the Watergate Hearings
11. Why are Docs Still Ignorant About Medical Marijuana?
12. ‘The Sky is Falling!’ No, Seriously This Time!
13. How to Avoid (and Survive) the Worst of the Worst
14. Are You Feeding Your Dog Wrong?
15. Doomsday Clock and Bible Prophecy: Do They Agree?

1. ==> High Court to PA GOP – Redraw Districts Now

Top Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania suffered
another defeat on Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court
denied their request to delay drawing a new
congressional map ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.
The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law,
which filed an amicus brief in the case, issued a
recent report, Extreme Maps, that identified
Pennsylvania’s congressional map as easily one of the
most egregious partisan gerrymanders of the decade.
Invite Michael Li, senior counsel in the Brennan
Center’s Democracy Program, to discuss the case, other
states with gerrymandering issues, and what’s at stake
in the upcoming mid-term elections. The Brennan Center
for Justice at NYU School of Law is a nonpartisan law
and policy institute. Contact Naren Daniel at (646)
292-8381; naren.daniel@nyu.edu.

2. ==> It’s Hard to Lose: Grief Counseling for Pats Fans

Philadelphia fans may need some help directing their
Super Bowl enthusiasm, but Patriots’ fans aren’t used
to losing. They may not have been counting on Sunday’s
win, but they didn’t really think about how they’d feel
if they lost. 30-year grief counselor, comedian and
professor Sheila Collins will help fans deal with their
disappointment and loss and help them avoid thinking
and behaving like a Loser. According to Dr. Collins,
“Losing doesn’t make you a Loser. How you respond sets
you up for either post-traumatic stress or post-
traumatic growth.” She’ll reveal what to do and NOT do
when your hopes are dashed by your favorite team.
Sheila Collins PhD, is the author of “Warrior Mother:
Fierce Love, Unbearable Loss and Rituals that Heal” and
the upcoming book, “The Art of Grieving.” Contact her
at (817) 706-4967

3. ==> ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Star on New Starz Season

Dana DeLorenzo plays “moody wild child” Kelly Maxwell
on the Starz hit series Ash vs Evil Dead. Based on the
classic cult film of the same name, the show is about
to enter its third season. Invite DeLorenzo to talk
about the new season, why fans love the show, or maybe
about her life as producer on a nationally syndicated
morning radio show for a number of years. A native of
Ohio, DeLorenzo has had roles in films such as A Very
Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas and The Mad Ones. Her TV
credits include Barely Famous, Sullivan & Son,
Workaholics, 2 Broke Girls, Californication and The
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Contact John
Angelo at john@premieretv.com.

4. ==> Lasting Love: Secrets to a Happy Marriage

As Valentine’s Day approaches, invite Chris Galluccio,
author of “My Happy Marriage,” to share the two most
important things most couples don’t do to strengthen
their relationship. He’ll discuss why couples need to
set goals for their relationship, including ways they’d
like to improve and who they’d like to be. He says,
“We’re quick to set goals in terms of our health,
career, finances and travel. But we rarely take the
time to write down and think about how we’d like our
relationships to evolve and grow.” Galluccio will talk
about ways to grow in your relationship and reveal the
one single thing you can do to make your marriage a
happier one. Chris Galluccio is the author of “My Happy
Marriage, 10 Ideas to Grow and Strengthen Your
Relationships” and the founder of
ThoughtsWordsActions.com, where he shares his life
experiences, helping people help themselves. Contact
him at (732) 567-5411; livnocean2@yahoo.com

5. ==> Sexpert Says Selfishness = Sizzling Sex

What’s the secret to great sex? The answer might
surprise you. According to New York City sex therapist
Stephen Snyder M.D., it’s a certain kind of
selfishness. Deep down inside, most of us want
desperately to be enjoyed by someone who knows how.
Most sex advice these days boils down to giving your
partner pleasure. But according to Dr. Snyder, it’s
much more important to make sure your partner enjoys
you. He points out, no hero in a romance novel ever
rips off the heroine’s bodice, then says, “Now tell me
how you like to be touched.” Great lovemaking, says Dr.
Snyder, is about much more than just pleasure. It’s
about sex making you feel special — so special that you
don’t care whether or not you get an orgasm! Dr.
Stephen Snyder has been featured on NBC’s Today show
and in Newsweek and many other publications. He
contributes to the Huffington Post and Psychology Today
and is the author of “Love Worth Making: How to Have
Ridiculously Great Sex in a Long-Lasting Relationship.”
Contact him at (917) 270-0384;

6. ==> Why Give Your Valentine a Personality Test?

Meeting eligible singles is a cinch – use dating apps
or websites. But meeting someone with that special
spark is just the beginning. Dr. Sarah E. Brown says
finding a life mate is akin to hiring the right
employee and you should screen dates like businesses
screen job applicants. Sarah says, “Adding a
personality test can minimize guesswork and unpleasant
surprises that arise in a fledgling relationship. It
helps couples decide whether their relationship is
going somewhere – or if they’re just spinning their
wheels. After all, romance is a serious business, and
you’ve got to carefully screen anyone vying to become
your partner. Do you share common interests? Will your
personality complement theirs? What strengths and
traits will he or she bring to your life?” Sarah says
anyone can find the right match for their own
interests, strengths, and personality using the same
tools businesses use to build successful teams in their
workforce. (Ask her how she met her own husband!)
Contact Dr. Sarah E. Brown at (302) 521-9739;

7. ==> What’s Galentine’s Day? Only the Best Day of the Year!

Or so says Leslie Snopes on TV’s ‘Parks and
Recreation.’ Ask around. February 13th, the day before
Valentine’s Day, has become known as Galentine’s Day.
What began as an episode on the show celebrating female
friendship has been steadily growing in popularity, but
this year, in light of the #MeToo and #TimesUp
movements, it seems even more appropriate to take time
to celebrate the power and love of women. Leslie likes
to celebrate with brunch, but Marya Michael says there
are lots of ways to honor and celebrate women on
Galentine’s Day. Invite her to discuss why the holiday
has caught on and why women need to cultivate and
preserve friendships (as well as how to do that when
career and family can be demanding and exhausting.)
Marya has worked as an educator in public schools and
as a spiritual teacher and coach in the private sector.
Her first book is “Fire Love: Igniting the Freedom of
your Heart and Soul.” Contact her at (714)749-3122;
marya@maryamichael.com, @MaryaMichael1

8. ==> Spend Valentine’s Day … with Your Dog

Who loves you more than your dog? Maybe your mom does,
but dogs are known for their unconditional love. And
these days, dogs are also being celebrated for the
amazing health benefits they can impart to their loving
guardians. So why not share the day of love with the
dog you love? Carlyn Montes De Oca, an expert on the
human-animal bond, offers five great ways to do that.
Among her ideas: watch a pet flick on Netflix with your
best friend like “Marley and Me” or “Hachi: A Dog’s
Tale” while enjoying air-popped popcorn together. Plan
a date night getaway for the two of you at a local dog-
friendly hotel during which you curl up with a good
book and each other. Carlyn is the author of the award-
winning “Dog As My Doctor, Cat As My Nurse: An Animal
Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy and Extraordinary
Life.” She is also the founder of The Animal-Human
Health Connection, which focuses on bringing awareness
to the many powerful ways that animals enhance human
health, happiness, and longevity. Reach her at (415)
306-1853 or cmdo@AnimalHumanHealth.com

9. ==> Got the Flu? Must-Have Natural Remedies

This year’s flu season is proving to be particularly
tough and the flu shot is proving to be only about 10%
effective against the H3N2 virus that’s making so many
people so sick for so long. Medical doctor and master
homeopath Dr. Kathleen Fry will share how to get
through flu season by using the correct remedy based on
your symptoms. “One remedy that’s indicated when people
have a fever, a headache and they are so sleepy they
cannot keep their eyes open is Baptisia tinctoria, and
it costs less than $15 online.” She’ll tell you where
to get ingredients for various remedies, as well as how
to use them. Frequently quoted in Self, Redbook, Ladies
Home Journal and other magazines, Dr. Kathleen Fry
practices as a homeopath in Boulder, Colorado, across
the US and globally. “What’s the Remedy for That? The
Definitive Homeopathy Guide to Mastering Everyday Self-
Care Without Drugs” is her second book. Contact her at
(480) 695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

10. ==> She Was a Fly on the Wall at the Watergate Hearings

For those who saw Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated
movie The Post which (spoiler alert) ends with the
Watergate break-in, Lynn Matsuoka can take your
listeners back to what happened afterward in the
unraveling of the Nixon presidency. In her role as a
court artist, Lynn was present at many of the Watergate
hearings where her skill at quickly capturing what was
going on in the courtroom where no cameras were allowed
is legendary. Working for ABC and CBS network news,
whichever called her first, Lynn can talk about what
she witnessed in sometimes near-empty courtrooms as
well as what it was like to fly all over the country
for months to visually record the hearings. For the
45th anniversary of the Watergate hearings she can
answer such question as: At the time, did she
understand that she was witnessing history in the
making? What are the parallels between the Russian
investigation and Watergate? One of about a dozen
courtroom artists in the country today, she can talk
about her unusual profession as well as meeting Jimmy
Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Reach her at
(808) 479-5966; artist@aloha.net

11. ==> Why are Docs Still Ignorant About Medical Marijuana?

Patients all across America have many questions about
medical marijuana, but do today’s doctors have the
answers? Over 40 states have programs allowing the once
illegal drug, but many doctors aren’t recommending it –
or even discussing it with patients – because they
simply don’t have the information they need. According
to a CNN report, over 80% of physicians need training
before discussing medical cannabis and many patients
are far more educated than their doctors about the
endocannabinoid system. If “health experts” don’t have
the training or answers, where can your listeners find
resources and answers about cannabis therapy? Dr.
Regina Nelson and Michael Browning, coauthors of “Time
for the Talk: Talking to Your Doctor or Patient About
Medical Cannabis,” can discuss why many people are
afraid to bring this topic up with their physician, how
to approach your doctor and what to ask. They’ll also
share resources for listeners navigating the new and
challenging maze that millions of Americans face today.
Contact Integral Education Press at (303) 505-0591;

12. ==> ‘The Sky is Falling!’ No, Seriously This Time!

In past human experience, when people have shouted “The
sky is falling,” they weren’t always wrong. Tim Maloney
and Mike Conley examine America’s renewable energy
prospects, in confidence that a properly informed
populace will steer clear from a wrong national energy
policy. In the eBook, “Roadmap to Nowhere” the authors
contrast nuclear energy with wind and solar
technologies on the bases of cost, reliability,
material requirement, and land use. Working from the
truism that “Mother Nature doesn’t care if some people
think that nuclear power is awesome, or if others think
it’s the work of the devil. She doesn’t care what
anyone thinks, hopes, or believes. All she cares about
is objective reality, quantified by math and explored
by science,” Maloney shows that nuclear reactors are
necessary to preserve earth’s ecosphere as we know it.
Contact Tim Maloney at (734) 735-7856;

13. ==> How to Avoid (and Survive) the Worst of the Worst

Few life events are as awful to contemplate as being a
victim of a robbery, sexual assault, burglary or
perhaps the murder of a loved one. Having worked with
victims of crime and families of murder victims for
more than 25 years, Gillian Padgett has a wealth of
information to share on how to avoid falling victim to
crime and how those who’ve already faced that calamity
can recover more fully. She says it’s entirely possible
to recover and be stronger and wiser as a result of the
challenges that come your way. You’ll learn how to
avoid being a target, how to regain control and focus
immediately after a crime, and how to reset your
neurological pathways to create a new version of the
event. Gillian Padgett trained in the UK as a
psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Her book is “Let
Stress Heal Your Life: Uncover Your Amazing Capacity to
Thrive.” Contact her at (1) 647-270-7602 (BC);

14. ==> Are You Feeding Your Dog Wrong?

If your dog is eating a prescription diet you’re
probably paying a lot for a product that isn’t even
optimal for your pet. Judy Morgan, DVM, who operates
two veterinary hospitals in New Jersey, will explain
what dog owners need to know about prescription and
non-prescription dog food and why dog food marketed as
holistic, natural and human grade often contain waste
products from the human food industry (even rendered
meal from diseased animal carcasses!) Morgan will
explain how to make your own whole food-based dog food,
which, she says, takes less time than you might expect
and requires no specialized cooking skills or
equipment. Judy Morgan is a holistic veterinarian who
treats dogs, cats, and horses. She is chief veterinary
medical officer for Monkey’s House Senior Dog Hospice
and Sanctuary and works with rescue groups for homeless
dogs. Her latest book is “Yin & Yang Nutrition for
Dogs: Maximizing Health with Whole Foods, Not Drugs,”
coauthored with her husband, Hue Grant. Contact her at
(609) 202-0999; judy@drjudymorgan.com

15. ==> Doomsday Clock and Bible Prophecy: Do They Agree?

The Doomsday Clock measures how close mankind is to
world destruction. Recently, the scientists who created
the clock advanced its hands to two minutes before
midnight. That’s the closest the clock has been to
signaling world destruction since the 1950s. Scientists
advanced the clock to call attention to mankind’s
unwillingness to handle climate change and threats of
nuclear war. But they are not the only ones warning
about the world’s end. Some Bible scholars such as
Richard Ruhling are too. Interview Dr. Ruhling for a
look at how the Doomsday Clock and Bible prophecy
differ. He’ll explain seven signs that End Times are
impending, how moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
sets the stage, and why he believes a major earthquake
will impact the U.S. this spring. Unlike scientists who
can’t turn back the clock, Dr. Ruhling says there is
good news in this, but it’s not a “rapture” that some
thought was the focus of “the Great Sign” last fall. He
says the nine-month warning points to this spring. Dr.
Ruhling is the author of “God Bless America?” Reach him
at (928) 583-7543; Ruhling7@juno.com

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