02/04/16 RTIR E-zine: Cosby Case, Celebrating Love, Aging Parents

February 4, 2016

01. Criminal Defense Attorney on Cosby Case
02. Obama’s Mosque Visit – 7 Years too Late
03. The Shocking Reality of the Trans-Pacific Partnership
04. Super Bowl Party Hacks
05. Could You Pass a Black History Quiz?
06. How Challenger Changed Space Exploration
07. Have a Juicy Valentine’s Day All Year Long
08. 5 Things NOT to Do On Valentine’s Day
09. Cheap Love: Valentine’s Day w/out Breaking the Bank
10. Valentine’s Day and ‘the One That Got Away’
11. Hate Winter? Go Somewhere Warm, Cheap
12. Concussions – It’s Not Just Football Players
13. Rescue Your Resolution
14. Mom’s Got Dementia and You’re Losing Your Mind
15. Cheeky (Saucy) Seasoned TV Humorist

1. ==> Criminal Defense Attorney on Cosby Case

The criminal sexual-assault charges against Bill Cosby
will stand and proceed to the next step before a trial,
a Pennsylvania judge ruled Wednesday, after a two-day
hearing. The judge rejected Cosby’s motion to dismiss
the charges of aggravated indecent assault stemming
from a 2004 encounter with an ex-Temple University
employee. A preliminary hearing in the case is
scheduled for March 8, when the focus will be
determining whether prosecutors have enough evidence to
put Cosby on trial. Invite NYC-based criminal attorney
Deborah Jill Blum to discuss the case and why she
thinks jail is likely in Cosby’s future. Deborah Jill
Blum is an experienced litigator and a regular on TV
and radio. Contact Mark Goldman at (516) 639-0988;

2. ==> Obama’s Mosque Visit – 7 Years too Late

President Barack Obama, in his first visit to a mosque
in the United States, said Wednesday he was seeking to
rebut “inexcusable political rhetoric against Muslim-
Americans” from Republican presidential candidates. But
Arun Kundnani says Obama has spent years distancing
himself from Muslims and he’s critical of what-he-calls
a brand of Islamophobia when political figures — like
Obama and Hillary Clinton — call for Muslims to accept
their special responsibility to denounce terrorism. He
also cites specific actions regarding foreign policy
such as drone strikes, support for Israel’s military
occupation and Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen as examples
that contradict Obama’s public pronouncement.  Kundnani
is the author of “The Muslims are Coming! Islamophobia,
Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror.” He’s also a
lecturer at New York University. Contact him at (646)
575-4442; arun@kundnani.org, @ArunKundnani

3. ==> The Shocking Reality of the Trans-Pacific

Trade representatives of the 12 countries party to the
Trans-Pacific Partnership are meeting in Auckland, New
Zealand, to officially sign the controversial free
trade deal. Now, each of the nations will have to sell
it back home. The group Popular Resistance, which is
part of the Stop Fast Track coalition, is against the
TPP. Invite Margaret Flowers, M.D., or Kevin Zeese to
explain why they oppose the partnership. The group
issued a statement which reads, in part, “The TPP
threatens the future of Internet freedom and privacy,
food safety by giving corporations the power to stop
inspections if they take too long, and healthcare by
pushing toward privatization and giving pharmaceutical
corporations greater power in negotiating privacy as
well as long patents blocking generic drugs. The TPP
also threatens U.S. sovereignty and democracy by adding
9,000 corporations who can sue the United States if
laws are passed in the public interest that undermine
their profits.”  Contact Dr. Flowers at (410) 591-0892;
mdpnhp@gmail.com, @MFlowers8 or Zeese at (301)
996-6582; kbzeese@gmail.com, @kbzeese

4. ==> Super Bowl Party Hacks

Whether you like football or not, who doesn’t love a
good Super Bowl party? But somebody has to host, and
that can be a huge headache and a lot of work. Chef
Craig Schauffel says the key to a low-stress event is
all in the prep—and leveraging simple shortcuts that
pack big flavor and punch. “With simple, everyday
ingredients found in the refrigerated aisle, hosting on
game day doesn’t mean you have to spend all day in the
kitchen and miss all the action. Using ready-made
ingredients in unusual ways will make your event both
effortless and crowd-pleasing, while also allowing you
to have more fun.” Invite Chef Craig to share his party
hacks from setting up a Bloody Mary bar to elevating
your appetizers. You’ll get great tips on putting on a
fantastic party—and you’ll be able to enjoy it
yourself!  Chef Craig is vice president of research and
culinary innovation at Three Bridges, a company
comprised of chefs, food scientists and food lovers
that makes chef-inspired foods that are available in
specialty and grocery stores nationwide. Contact
Charlotte Coseo at (619) 234-0345;

5. ==> Could You Pass a Black History Quiz?

How much do your listeners know about the
accomplishments of African Americans? Put them to the
test for Black History Month with the help of author
Tami Gilbert. Everyone is sure to learn something in
this inspiring show. For example, can you name
America’s first black billionaire (hint he was the
first black man to head an NYSE-listed company)? Who
was the first black playwright with a play on Broadway?
What was the name of America’s first black secretary of
state? What was Malcolm X’s real name? How old was
Martin Luther King Jr. when he entered college? Gilbert
is drawn to people who have persevered to achieve great
things as she has done. She was abandoned by her father
at age eight and lived for a time in a relative’s dank
basement. Despite her disadvantages, Gilbert worked
three jobs at the same time to put herself through
college, earning a master’s degree in nursing and an
MBA. Her book is “Courage to Persevere: A Compelling
Story of Struggle, Survival and Triumph.”  Contact her
at (312) 218-1744; info@tamigilbert.com

6. ==> How Challenger Changed Space Exploration

Last week marked the 30th anniversary of the Challenger
disaster. Invite NASA expert Rod Pyle to talk about
what we learned from the Challenger event, and how it
has affected thinking about safety with both NASA and
private companies like SpaceX. Pyle will discuss what
happened, how it changed the shuttle program, why that
program was hopelessly flawed, and what it all means
today as we prepare to embark on a new chapter of space
exploration. Rod Pyle has written several books and
produced numerous documentaries for the History Channel
and Discovery Communications, including the acclaimed
Modern Marvels: Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center, and written for the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, LiveScience, and
Space.com. His most recent book is “Curiosity: An
Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission.” Contact him at
(626) 399-4440; rodpyle@yahoo.com

7. ==> Have a Juicy Valentine’s Day All Year Long

Most couples want to argue less and love more. Yet most
people don’t know how to transform the common
challenges to keep their relationship fresh and the
romance warm to last a lifetime. Experience an
entertaining, inspiring conversation about love with
certified relationship coach Cary Valentine (yes,
that’s his real name). He’ll share the three essential
keys to living the relationship of your dreams, the
most important thing you must know to have a passionate
long term relationship and the secret to not wasting
precious time dating the wrong person. Valentine is the
co-author with his late wife Wendy, of “In Love
Forever: 7 Secrets to a Joyous, Juicy Relationship.”
Contact him at (808) 346-6652; Cary@InLoveForever.tv

8. ==> 5 Things NOT to Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most emotional days of
the year. Yes, it’s a day about love, but it can also
bring up all the ‘poor me,’ negative emotions as well.
Leslie Strong says, “On this one day, every year,
millions lose their power and all their senses in the
hopes that someone will make all their dreams of love
and knights on white horses come true. As someone who
got proposed to on a white horse, even that is not all
what it’s cracked up to be!” Leslie will run down the
top 5 things no one should do on Valentine’s Day,
including drinking and texting! From managing
expectations to being narcissistic, Leslie says no one
should be a Valentine’s Day victim. Leslie’s career has
including corporate work in diversity, attraction and
retention of women, and gender communications.  She is
now a leadership coach and the author of “The YOU
Factor: A Handbook for Powerful Living.” Contact her at
(416) 458-4292; (917) 746-0103 or

9. ==> Cheap Love: Valentine’s Day w/out Breaking the

It’s tough to approach Valentine’s Day with a full
heart when you have an empty bank account. How do you
show the one you love they mean everything when you
have nothing to spend? Lorie Nicholas says a nice gift
doesn’t have to break the bank. She’s got an
interesting perspective on the subject as a clinical
psychologist AND certified financial education
instructor. Invite her on your show for some great,
low-cost high-value ways to show your love and make the
holiday fun and memorable. Lorie Nicholas, Ph.D.,
provides financial education and coaching to help
families reduce their financial stress, get out of
debt, increase savings and rebuild their dreams.
Contact her at (877) 494-477;

10. ==> Valentine’s Day and ‘the One That Got Away’

What would happen if you reconnected with your high
school or college sweetheart, the one that got away?
Many of us wonder but Prissy Elrod found out, 31 years
later. Her story is the perfect romantic tale for
Valentine’s Day. When Prissy’s husband died at 50, her
college sweetheart sent a sympathy card and they began
writing and emailing each other. When they met again in
person, at a crowded hotel, they instantly recognized
each other and are now husband and wife. A charming
Southerner and humorist, Prissy can talk about finding
your happily ever after this Valentine’s Day, her rule
of three for dating and more. Her memoir is “Far
Outside the Ordinary,” and that describes her too.
Reach her at (850) 528-2972; prissy@elrod.com.

11. ==> Hate Winter? Go Somewhere Warm, Cheap

It’s cold, it’s snowy and it’s dark outside. There’s
nothing like winter to make you dream of somewhere warm
and exotic. But Russell Hannon says it doesn’t have to
be a dream, even if you don’t have a lot of money.
Invite him to share ways to have your dream vacation
without skimping…or paying a ton of money. Hannon will
reveal the seven things that account for your travel
costs, as he shows you how to travel for less whether
you’re planning a couple’s getaway or family spring
vacation. Thinking of Paris? Venice? How about a
safari? Hannon will show you how to overcome any
financial barriers keeping you from traveling as much
as you want. He’ll also offer one listener a free 1-
year membership with HomeExchange.com for correctly
answering a trivia question. ($150 value)   Russell
Hannon founded Break the Travel Barrier and teaches
ultra-economical travel. Contact him at

12. ==> Concussions – It’s Not Just Football Players

It seems every day there’s a new story about brain
injury and football and the recent film Concussion shed
even more light on the issue of traumatic brain injury
and the NFL. But Carol Shifflett says the subject is
much bigger than just pro football. “It’s not only
athletes who suffer from the disease, but children,
military members and even some abuse victims can suffer
from concussions and brain injuries.” Invite her to
share the subtle and sometimes surprising symptoms of
traumatic brain injury (TBI), how it affects sufferers
and proven ways to treat it and help the brain heal.
Carol Shifflett and Dr. Mary Lee Esty are the authors
of “Conquering Concussion: Healing TBI Symptoms with
Neurofeedback and Without Drugs.” Contact Shifflett at
(412) 741-7286 (PA); NewFiddler@hotmail.com

13. ==> Rescue Your Resolution

You vowed that 2016 was going to be different. The New
Year held such promise! You’d tweak your diet, hit the
gym, and finally make time for yourself, family and
friends. But then you realize it’s already February and
nothing has changed. Do you give up or tell yourself
you’ve just been too busy and you’ll get to it later?
“Neither is a helpful choice if you are serious about
wanting those new results,” says Joan Posivy, Instead,
Joan will inspire your listeners to recharge, refocus
and be excited about their goal achievement in 2016.
She’ll share 3 simple but powerful tips on how to go
from just dreaming to really doing. “Anyone can live
the life of their dreams,” says Joan “they just need to
be shown how.” Joan Posivy is a speaker and the author
of “The Way Success Works: How to Decide, Believe, and
Begin to Live Your Best Life.” She owned her first
house at the age of 19 and became a bank manager by 22.
Today she shares her secrets of success others. Contact
Joan at (250)551-5626; joan@globalyouthproject.org

14. ==> Mom’s Got Dementia and You’re Losing Your Mind

65 million people currently find themselves in the role
of non-paid family caregiver of their elderly loved
ones. Many in your audience can relate and so can Carol
Core! For 12 years she was the non-paid family
caregiver for elderly Mom, Dad and dear Uncle Earl. She
worked fulltime and fulfilled her roles as a wife,
mother and grandmother, all while managing the care,
health, finances and safety of three elderly people.
Over the years, Carol was forced to learn every aspect
of caring for our elders. Invite her to share
information, time-saving tips and personal stories that
will help listeners survive the perils of eldercare—and
have a life after caregiving. Carol Core is an
eldercare expert, speaker, humorist and the author of
“50 Sanity Saving Tips for Caregivers.” Contact her at
(303) 902-4378; cacore@msn.com

15. ==> Cheeky (Saucy) Seasoned TV Humorist

You’ll have audiences laughing, calling-in, and quoting
humorist Jan Marshall when she’s on your show. Her
quick-witted, satirical “endure anything” tips (choice
of G-rated or X) include: How new technology baffles us
and why she’s in “couple’s therapy” with Smartphone
b#*ch Siri, navigating online dating hazards like
“splinters in your thighs,” and overcoming cosmic jokes
from wrinkles to cancer, from graying in the age of
Googling to bathroom scales (Jan shot hers in “self
defense”). Jan Marshall, International Humor and
Healing Institute founder (1986) is an on-air humorist,
international columnist, certified clinical
hypnotherapist, and a cancer and brain tumor survivor.
Her latest book is “Dancin’ Schmancin’ with the Scars.”
Proceeds support the American Cancer Society, Wounded
Warriors and the American Brain Tumor Association.
Contact her at (949) 701-5310 (CA); janmarsh@aol.com

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