02/02/16 RTIR E-zine: Super Bowl ads, Space Exploration, Olympic Lessons

February 2, 2016

01. The Billionaire’s Election
02. Sanders- the Democratic Insurrection?
03. How Challenger Changed Space Exploration
04. Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever
05. Why Super Bowl Ads are Worth it
06. Sexologist: Top Valentine’s Day Mistakes
07. Survive the Valentine’s Day Minefield
08. Find Unconditional Love this Valentine’s Day
09. When You’ve Got a ‘Groundhog Day’ Life
10. Hate Your Daughter’s Boyfriend?
11. Doc Says ‘Thank You, David Bowie’
12. What’s Your Body’s Frequency?
13. Olympic Lessons from the Slopes
14. What You Should Never Tell Coworkers
15. Avoid a Super Bowl Sick Day

1. ==> The Billionaire’s Election

Billionaire George Soros contributed $6 million to a
super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton last month and the
Washington Post — now owned by Amazon founder
billionaire Jeff Bezos — has attacked Bernie Sanders
in repeated editorials in recent days. Nomi Prins just
wrote the piece “Democracy of the Billionaires: The
Most Expensive Election Ever Is A Billionaire’s
Playground (Except for Bernie Sanders),” that gives a
synopsis of each candidate. From Hillary’s dynasty to
Jeb’s disappointed donors, Prins will run down who is
behind each of the presidential contenders. She says,
“Bernie Sanders has stuck to his word, running a
campaign sans billionaires. As of October 2015, he had
raised an impressive $41.5 million and spent about
$14.5 million of it. None of his top corporate donors
are Wall Street banks. What’s more, a record 77 percent
of his contributions came from small individual donors,
a number that seems only destined to grow as his
legions of enthusiasts vote with their personal
checkbooks.” Nomi Prins is the author of six books,
including “All the Presidents’ Bankers:The Hidden
Alliances That Drive American Power.” Contact Jaime
Leifer at (212) 340-8183;
jaime.leifer@publicaffairsbooks.com, @nomiprins

2. ==> Sanders- the Democratic Insurrection?

Norman Solomon says Bernie Sanders’ campaign has become
the Democratic Party’s biggest insurrection in decades.
Still, he says, we shouldn’t confuse electoral
campaigns with long-term political organizing.
“Genuinely progressive candidates can inspire and
galvanize — and sometimes they can even win. But
election campaigns, especially national ones, are
almost always boom/bust. Sometimes they can help to
fuel movement momentum, but they aren’t the engine.”
He adds, “The Bernie campaign could be a watershed for
progressive organizing through the rest of this decade
and beyond. That will largely depend on what activists
do — in the next weeks, months and years.” Solomon is
co-founder of RootsAction.org and founding director of
the Institute for Public Accuracy. Contact him at (415)
488-3606; solomonprogressive@gmail.com, @normansolomon

3. ==> How Challenger Changed Space Exploration

Last week marked the 30th anniversary of the Challenger
disaster. Invite NASA expert Rod Pyle to talk about
what we learned from the Challenger event, and how it’s
affected thinking about safety with both NASA and
private companies like SpaceX. Pyle will discuss what
happened, how it changed the shuttle program, why that
program was hopelessly flawed, and what it all means
today as we prepare to embark on a new chapter of space
exploration. Rod Pyle has written several books and
produced numerous documentaries for the History Channel
and Discovery Communications, including the acclaimed
Modern Marvels: Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s
Johnson Space Center, and written for the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, LiveScience, and
Space.com. His most recent book is “Curiosity: An
Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission.” Contact him at
(626) 399-4440; rodpyle@yahoo.com

4. ==> Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever

Everyone will be talking about the Super Bowl ads next
Monday. Bring pop culture expert Lisa Durden to run
down some of the best and funniest Super Bowl
commercials ever. Who can forget the 1979 Mean Joe
Greene Coca Cola ad? Or the office monkeys from the
2006 Career Builder commercial? Have your listeners
call in with their favorites and vote on which ads
deserve a spot on the list of best-ever ads.  Lisa
Durden is a pop culture/political commentator who
shares her frank views on hot topics on many TV and
radio programs. Contact Mark Goldman at (516) 639-0988;

5. ==> Why Super Bowl Ads are Worth it

Despite the continuing fragmentation of the TV
audience, the Super Bowl remains one of the few events
that can attract a vast audience. Dom Carisit, a
telecommunication professor at Ball State University,
says because of that, it remains one of the few ‘water
cooler events’ that advertisers seek. He says, “Even an
ad price of $5 million for 30 seconds seems reasonable
because people actually want to see the commercials.
Unlike normal sports viewing, the room actually gets
quiet during the commercials at Super Bowl parties so
people can hear the spots, What’s more, the commercials
get added bang for the buck by being tweeted, posted
and shared through multiple social media platforms —
for which the advertiser pays nothing.” He adds,
“Though some commercials may not be as successful as
companies hoped, others have the potential to be seen
for years to come. People still talk about Apple’s
‘1984’ ad.” Contact him at (765) 285-1493l

6. ==> Sexologist: Top Valentine’s Day Mistakes

Give your audience a hand and invite clinical
sexologist and relationship coach Dr., Claudia Six on
your show to help them  navigate the tricky holiday of
Valentine’s Day.  She’ll help your male listeners come
out as heroes and make sure the women in your audience
won’t be disappointed this year.  Whether it’s making
sure he ‘reads your mind,’ or remembering what’s really
important, Dr. Claudia will share ways to keep the
Cupid mentality and enjoy the holiday, no matter what
Listeners can also call in with questions and share
stories. Dr. Claudia Six has an M.A. in counseling
psychology and a PhD in clinical sexology.  Her
upcoming book is “Erotic Integrity: How to be True to
Yourself Sexually.” Contact her at (415) 453-6218;

7. ==> Survive the Valentine’s Day Minefield

There’s nothing like Valentine’s Day to make people
feel uncomfortable. Nobody’s against love mind you, but
this is one holiday that can definitely be downright
difficult to navigate – whether you’re part of a couple
or not. According to Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, “It doesn’t
matter that the main people who get the most out of
Valentine’s Day are the candy, card, jewelry, and
restaurant industries. Their advertisements seep into
our hearts. We compare ourselves, question our choices,
and feel bad if we’re not attached.” Invite Dr. Wish to
talk about Valentine’s Day dilemmas like: What’s the
appropriate gift?! Will he pop the question? Should I
pop the question? Why am I still single? Dr. Wish will
share surprising tips to chase away doubt and dread. A
psychologist and licensed clinical social worker, Dr.
Wish is the founder of Lovevictory.com. She’s a
frequent repeat guest on radio shows and the author of
“Smart Relationships: How Successful Women Can Find
True Love.” Contact her at (941) 363-0505 (FL);

8. ==> Find Unconditional Love this Valentine’s Day

Everyone wants to be loved for who they are but most of
us need help when it comes to loving and being loved
unconditionally. Relationship expert Kindi Gill
explains how the judgments we make (my wife spends too
much money, my husband never helps with the chores),
even those we don’t express out loud, hurt our ability
to love unconditionally, and what we can do to silence
our inner critics. She’ll share a quick No-Yes
technique to transform the harmful judgments we make,
and reinforce the one’s that serve our relationships,
take the pressure off the desire to experience a
perfect Valentine’s Day, outline the silver lining in
relationship struggles and offer tips for making every
day feel like Valentine’s Day. Gill is a family
transformation coach, professional speaker and author
of the upcoming book “How to Have a Loving, Peaceful
and Happy Family Life: The Five Secrets to Feeling
Whole.” Reach her at (778) 558-5110;

9. ==> When You’ve Got a ‘Groundhog Day’ Life

Today is Groundhog Day. Remember the classic movie of
the same name? Anne Jolles says many people can relate
to the film and Bill Murray’s character, a guy who
wakes up each morning and must relive the same day over
and over and over. Like Phil the weatherman, they
grapple with the question: “What would you do if you
were stuck in one place and everything was exactly the
same and nothing that you did mattered?” Jolles, an
award-winning life coach and author, knows just what to
do. She’ll explain how anyone can break the cycle that
makes every day feel like the one before it by asking
five simple questions. Jolles created the Grace Trail
in 2012 to help her cope with the worry of having a son
in combat in Afghanistan. Since then, the concept has
guided thousands to begin a conversation around joy,
hope and resiliency. Plymouth, MA is the site of the
original path, but Grace Trail can be walked anywhere,
from the comfort of your audience’s kitchen to the
office or any outdoor spot. Anne will blend her own
life lessons with the latest research, while sharing
practical, heart-warming advice to walk off worries,
one step at a time. She is the author of “Grace Trail:
Find Your Footing and Move toward the Life You Were
Meant to Live.”  Contact her at (781) 878-8589;

10. ==> Hate Your Daughter’s Boyfriend?

Just because she’s a teen doesn’t mean she still isn’t
your little girl. And now she’s dating a kid you find
annoying. Maybe it’s because he’s over all the time
emptying your refrigerator as fast as you fill it. Or
maybe she fights with him constantly then takes it out
on you, stays up late talking to him and can’t study,
or you’re convinced he isn’t treating her right.
Marriage and family therapist Colleen O’Grady, an
expert on neuroscience, explains how to tell if your
daughter’s boyfriend is merely annoying or dangerous
and what to do about it to preserve her safety and your
relationship. She’s the author of “Dial Down the Drama:
Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage
Daughter—A Guide for Mothers Everywhere.” Reach her at
(713) 408-6112; colleen@dialdownthedrama.com.

11. ==> Doc Says ‘Thank You, David Bowie’

While fans worldwide mourn the death of David Bowie,
some say his last gift is in his approach to his own
death. His final album, released days before he died,
has references, hints and allusions that suggest the
singer was writing a good-bye letter. Dr. Kevin
Haselhorst, an ER doc and the author of “Wishes to Die
For,” says Bowie likely planned his final days in great
detail. Invite him to discuss the difference between
palliative care and medical treatments, how patients
facing incurable illness can create their own
transition plan, and whether there really is such a
thing as a good death. “I never realized the true
meaning of palliative care amidst the harried practice
of emergency medicine. The pressure being placed on me
to do more often becomes the same expectation I place
on patients to receive more treatment.” Haselhorst says
his views began to change after conversations with
patients pinpointed the need to create smoother
transitions, offering peace of mind for families coping
with incurable illness. Dr. Haselhorst is an emergency
medicine physician in Phoenix. Contact him at (480)
907-6027; khaselhorstmd@gmail.com

12. ==> What’s Your Body’s Frequency?

Many people want to live healthier lives, have more
fulfilling relationships and be successful in their
careers. But for some, the goals remain elusive, no
matter what they try. Cathleen Miller says it may be
time to try a different path to achieve your goals.
Cathleen is an intuitive energy counselor who began an
alternative life path from a very young age due to
early health issues and gifted intuitive abilities.
Today she combines her innate intuitive gifts with 16+
years of professional alternative therapy training with
top leaders in energy medicine. She’ll explain how
intuitive and holistic energy healing can improve
relationships, aid in cancer recovery and bring soul
career success, alongside joy in everyday life. From
distance alternative energy therapies and life
energy/career coaching, Cathleen can read and shift
magnetic and electrical frequencies in and around the
body to assist in illness or addiction recovery and
activate energies to create more of the life you were
meant to live. Cathleen also has extensive media
experience. Contact her at (913) 499-8514;

13. ==> Olympic Lessons from the Slopes

With hundreds of snow-sports areas open across the
county, how can families make the most out of their
time on the snow?  Wellness expert Kathryn Kemp will
share wisdom from Olympians that is simple yet
profound. She’ll tell you how to turn your time on the
snow into teaching moments for success in life and in
wellness and have the happiest and healthiest New Year
ever! Kathryn Kemp Guylay is the author of “Mountain
Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes.”
She’s a certified nutritional counselor and management
consultant and the founder of Nurture, a national
nonprofit that provides nutrition and wellness
education to tens of thousands of children and parents.
She also hosts her own Healthy Kids Corner radio show.
Contact her at (847) 687-3838; kathryn@guylay.com

14. ==> What You Should Never Tell Coworkers

Everyone knows you should never share your salary with
your coworkers. But what else is best kept to yourself?
Tami Gilbert, an author, nurse and MBA holder who
experienced bullying and betrayal at work, devotes an
entire chapter to the topic in her new book, “Courage
to Persevere: A Compelling Story of Struggle, Survival
and Triumph.” Gilbert will explain why you should think
twice before talking about your recent breakup or
divorce, how bad your girlfriend is treating you, the
son who can’t hold a job who moved back home or the new
BMW you just bought. She’ll offer guidelines about
what’s acceptable water cooler discussion and what
should only be shared with trusted friends outside of
work. Gilbert shares why work is like being on stage,
not everyone who is nice to you is your friend and it’s
a good idea to be kind to people no matter how they
behave on the job. Reach her at (312) 218-1744;

15. ==> Avoid a Super Bowl Sick Day

It has been estimated that one million Americans call
in sick the day after the Super Bowl. Dr. Winifred
Bragg says sure, some fans may over-indulge during the
game, but others will wake up with back pain, even
though they weren’t playing. Dr. Bragg says the game
and the long half-time show mean couch potatoes are
sitting (and probably eating and drinking) for hours on
end, which can lead to back pain the next day. Invite
the medical director of the Spine and Orthopedic Pain
Center to share easy tips to avoid the day-after pain
like standing during the commercials, watching the game
on a stability ball instead of the couch, and keeping
snacks in another room so you need to get up and move
to refill your plate! Winifred Bragg, M.D., is board
certified both in physical medicine and rehabilitation
and pain medicine. She has appeared on numerous TV
programs on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX and has been quoted
in many publications including Redbook, Women’s World
and Self Magazine. Contact her at (757) 961-7498;

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