02/01/18 RTIR Newsletter: Super Bowl Ads, When Opposites Attract, Year of the Dog

February 1, 2018

01. Let’s Talk Super Bowl Ads
02. SOTU: American Dream or Corporate Serfdom?
03. Government Can’t Solve Every Problem
04. She Was a Fly on the Wall at Watergate Hearings
05. Why You Should Celebrate Galentine’s Day
06. Can Bill Murray Bring Back Bell-Bottoms?
07. What Was It Like to Party with Bon Jovi?
08. Is a Deadlier Flu on the Way?
09. Opposites Attract but Do Their Relationships Work?
10. Love the One You’re Still With
11. Stop Searching: Get Love to Come to You
12. Don’t Forget this Person on Valentine’s Day
13. Surprising: How Much Sleep is Enough?
14. Year of the Dog Begins Feb 16th
15. Leftovers: Women Shaping China’s Future

1. ==> Let’s Talk Super Bowl Ads

$5 million for 30 seconds. That’s how much advertisers
will be spending to reach you during this week’s Super
Bowl game. That’s a lot of dough, of course, but there
are few spectacles left that bring so many eyeballs
together in one place granting advertisers the chance
to grab them with their brands. Marketing expert
Claudia Newcorn has been studying Super Bowl ads
including some of those released early and can talk
about trends to look for. One of the biggest she has
spotted is the way millennials are influencing what we
see on our screens. Book Claudia now and after the game
to discuss which commercials are likely to be the most
memorable and why. In addition, she can share the
ramifications this has for companies as they plan their
own marketing strategies and messaging. Claudia is a
frequent radio talk show guest whose book, “Zipline to
Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate
Your Sales & Profits,” won a gold medal at the San
Francisco Book Festival. Reach her at (209) 204-0502;

2. ==> SOTU: American Dream or Corporate Serfdom?

Donald Trump claimed in the State of the Union address:
“The stock market has smashed one record after another.
… Apple has just announced it plans to invest a total
of $350 billion in America, and hire another 20,000
workers. … This, in fact, is our new American moment.
There has never been a better time to start living the
American Dream.” But James Henry says, “Trump lied. The
$350 billion is not new U.S. investment; it is
(promised) supplier purchases. Thirty billion dollars
is the investment number and it was all in the pipeline
(as were 20,000 U.S. jobs); and it now all qualifies
for 100 percent depreciation the year it is made, if
made by 2023.” Henry suggests that Apple is almost
certain to be the tax overhaul’s biggest single
corporate beneficiary. “The latest Apple PR campaign
easily outdistances ordinary run-of-the-mill efforts at
corporate self-promotion. It represents a willful
effort to bury all the gory details about how this
massive transfer of public wealth will actually work.
Indeed, the very tone of the release implies that
Apple’s fellow American taxpayers should basically feel
grateful that it is willing to pay any corporate taxes
whatsoever.” James Henry recently wrote the piece “The
Apple Tax Giveaway” for The American Interest. His
books include “The Pirate Bankers.” Contact him at
jamesshelburnehenry@mac.com; @submergingmkt

3. ==> Government Can’t Solve Every Problem

British PM Theresa May has appointed a Minister of
Loneliness to be charged with leading a government-wide
effort to “develop a strategy” for ending “loneliness
and social isolation” among adults. Here in the US
Michael Tanner says we’re not far behind. “There is now
a general belief, one increasingly shared by
politicians and voters of both parties, that every
problem, large or small, can only be solved by the
government. Today, too many people see government as
the solution to whatever ails us.” Tanner will discuss
the cost of an omnipresent government and why citizens
hoping for solutions will be disappointed. “From our
bedrooms to our businesses, there seems no area of our
lives that lawmakers don’t believe it is their job to
oversee, restrict, subsidize, or otherwise intrude
upon. This leaves us poorer, of course, but it also
leaves us less free.” Michael Tanner is a senior fellow
at the Cato Institute and the author of “Going for
Broke: Deficits, Debt, and the Entitlement Crisis.”
Contact him at (202) 789-5200; mtanner@cato.org

4. ==> She Was a Fly on the Wall at Watergate Hearings

For those who saw Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated
movie The Post which (spoiler alert) ends with the
Watergate break-in, Lynn Matsuoka can take your
listeners back to what happened afterward in the
unraveling of the Nixon presidency. In her role as a
court artist, Lynn was present at many of the Watergate
hearings where her skill at quickly capturing what was
going on in the courtroom where no cameras were allowed
is legendary. Working for ABC and CBS network news,
whichever called her first, Lynn can talk about what
she witnessed in sometimes near-empty courtrooms as
well as what it was like to fly all over the country
for months to visually record the hearings. For the
45th anniversary of the Watergate hearings she can
answer such question as: At the time, did she
understand that she was witnessing history in the
making? What are the parallels between the Russian
investigation and Watergate? One of about a dozen
courtroom artists in the country today, she can talk
about her unusual profession as well as meeting Jimmy
Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Reach her at
(808) 479-5966; artist@aloha.net

5. ==> Why You Should Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, Shmalentines Day! February 13th has
been steadily gaining in popularity as Galentine’s Day.
Made popular on the TV show Parks and Recreation, the
fictional holiday is a day for women to celebrate their
female friendships. Leslie Snopes likes to celebrate
with brunch, but Marya Michael says there are lots of
ways to honor and celebrate women on Galentine’s Day.
Invite her to discuss why the holiday has caught on and
how many people lose sight of (or never realize) their
own innate love as a source of power, healing and
completion. You’ll learn why women need to cultivate
and preserve friendships and how to do that when career
and family can be demanding and exhausting. Marya has
worked as an educator in public schools and as a
spiritual teacher and coach in the private sector. Her
first book is “Fire Love: Igniting the Freedom of your
Heart and Soul.” Contact her at (714)749-3122;
marya@maryamichael.com, @MaryaMichael1

6. ==> Can Bill Murray Bring Back Bell-Bottoms?

While some companies spend millions on Super Bowl ads,
there are also some unique ways businesses are getting
publicity. Take Betabrand, a crowdfunding clothing
company. On February 8, amateur-golfer/entertainer Bill
Murray will debut his Bill-Bottoms at the Pebble Beach
Pro-Am. “Betabrand is an R&D lab for testing new
designs online,” says company founder Chris Lindland,
“and we’re thrilled to provide a forum for this
important fashion discussion. Can Bill bring Bell-
Bottoms back? We certainly hope so.” Betabrand is
working with William Murray Golf (Bill Murray’s golf
line) on the trousers and fans have spent the last
month voting online on the pattern Bill will wear at
next week’s tournament. Designers from around the world
and major brands use Betabrand as a test platform for
new concepts in apparel, accessories, and footwear.
William Murray Golf designs golf wear in the spirit of
the actor’s irreverent behavior and encourages golfers
to “unleash their inner Murray.” Contact Chris Lindland
at press@betabrand.com; (855) 694-8766

7. ==> What Was It Like to Party with Bon Jovi?

Most of us can only imagine what it would be like to
hang out with the arena rock band Bon Jovi. But Ted
Larkins actually got to do it! He met the band that
will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this
year when the group was doing sold-out concerts in
Japan. Larkins rode in a limo with the band, drank with
them and hung out with them until 2 a.m. Invite Larkins
to explain how he met the band, and why he initially
thought Jon Bon Jovi was a jerk but changed his mind.
He’ll also share what he has learned from meeting other
famous people like Tom Hanks and Celine Dion, and why
despite having some bad breaks he is convinced that
life itself is one big party so we may as well make the
most of it. Larkins is the author of “Get To Be Happy:
Stories and Secrets to Loving the Sh*t Out Of Life.” He
is the former senior VP of one of the world’s leading
entertainment, sport and brand licensing agencies and a
guest lecturer for the UCLAx Entertainment Studies and
Performing Arts program. Reach him at (818) 261-8262;

8. ==> Is a Deadlier Flu on the Way?

You’ve heard that this year’s flu is hitting people
hard and that the vaccine has not been effective. But
the real danger of a flu like we are experiencing goes
beyond the very real impact on everyone who’s catching
it, says Dr. Robin Burk. The greater danger is that a
small mutation might lead to a reprise of the deadly
Spanish Flu pandemic of 100 years ago that is believed
to have killed as many as 50 million people all over
the world, in some cases just a few hours after
symptoms developed. This year’s version of the virus is
particularly apt to morph, and also causes serious
symptoms in a lot of people. Even so, she says we can
interrupt the virus’s spread and lower the chances of
an even deadlier version of flu emerging next year. Dr.
Burk managed research at the Defense Threat Reduction
(counter WMD) Agency that addresses this issue. She’ll
talk about what research has to say about using even a
partially-effective vaccine and what other steps you
can take today. Dr. Burk is the author of “Check Your
Connections: How to Thrive in an Uncertain World” and
can be reached at (703) 346.4448;

9. ==> Opposites Attract but Do Their Relationships

We’ve all seen it: Type A perfectionist falls for an
impulsive adrenaline junkie. When this improbable
match-up gives it a go, sometimes it succeeds, and
sometimes it doesn’t. This Valentine’s Day, invite Dr.
Sarah Brown to help couples take the guesswork out of
making a relationship work. She’ll reveal a cutting-
edge, personalized tool that couples can use to help
decide how to move forward: which differences they need
to negotiate, which to avoid, and most of all, how to
bring out the best in each other. Sarah spent 30 years
working with Fortune 500 companies to recruit, screen,
and manage their talent. She says romance is a serious
business, and you’ve got to carefully screen anyone
vying to become your partner. You’ll learn how to use
the same criteria hiring managers use to build
successful teams at work to recognize your unique
interests, strengths, and needs in your career and
relationships. Contact Dr. Sarah Brown at (302)
521-9739 or at sarah@bookofyou.com.

10. ==> Love the One You’re Still With

At Sharkie Zartman’s wedding people were taking bets on
how long the marriage would last. Odds were on less
than two years, but 42 years later the couple is still
happily married. Invite her to share ‘6 Rules of
Engagement’ that are fun, easy and powerful. She says
if they worked for her, they’ll work for anyone. A
former member of the USA National Volleyball Team,
Sharkie has taught or coached more than 40,000 students
and athletes in the areas of health, fitness and
sports. She hosts the weekly radio program Sharkie’s
Pep Talk on Healthy Life.Net Radio and is the author of
six books including her latest, “Have Fun Getting Fit:
Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body.” Contact
her at (310) 379-1869 or (310) 415-0190;

11. ==> Stop Searching: Get Love to Come to You

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, it is nearly
impossible to ignore the steady drumbeat of couples’
photos, pictures of flowers and chocolates, and heart-
shaped knickknacks lining store shelves. All this talk
about love is great, unless you’re single, and don’t
want to be. Pro bodybuilder, model, and relationship
expert Jennie Lynn will share the simple principles she
used herself to finally find her soul mate. You’ll
learn critical mistakes that keep you single,
subconscious blocks to finding love and how to
recognize love and keep it safe, once you’re in a
relationship. Jennie Lynn is a magazine writer and
professional model, and a worldwide triple pro champion
in natural figure, physique, and bodybuilding. She’s
also the author of “Magnetic Love: Stop Chasing What
You Want…Start Attracting It.” Contact her at (508)
965-3053; JennieLynn@JennieLynn.com

12. ==> Don’t Forget this Person on Valentine’s Day

Is there someone you’re forgetting this Valentine’s
Day? Kathryn Orford says there probably is, and it’s
yourself! “How can you expect anyone else to love,
honor and appreciate you, if you don’t love honor and
appreciate yourself? Let’s face it… If you’re
constantly looking to someone else to tell you you’re
special, good enough, attractive enough, lovable etc…
you’re doomed.” Kathryn suggests, whether single or in
a relationship, you commit to becoming your own #1 fan.
Kathryn Orford, the Confidence Coach, has trained with
the world’s leading experts in self-esteem, self-
belief, human potential and peak performance. She is a
personal and professional development trainer who helps
equip clients with the skills, beliefs, behaviors and a
positive mindset to reach their goals and dreams. She
is also the author of “Become Your #1 Fan.” Contact her
at (808) 428-7078; kathryn@kathrynorford.com

13. ==> Surprising: How Much Sleep is Enough?

Americans are tired. And that fatigue robs us of
productivity, joy – even sleep. Even when we get the
prescribed six to eight hours of shut-eye we wake up
exhausted. What does it take to get a good night’s
sleep? Physician and author Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
argues that no matter how much sleep we get, our day-
to-day habits prevent us from getting the actual rest
we need. She’ll discuss the scientific reasons for
exhaustion and reveal how little changes in daily
habits and minor attitude adjustments can prepare your
body and mind for a good night’s sleep. You’ll learn
the difference between sleep and rest, and the seven
types of rest you need to achieve what she calls
“sacred” rest that fully benefits body and soul. Dr.
Saundra’s spirited approach to life will inform,
enlighten, and entertain, changing the way you and your
listeners view your waking and sleeping life. Contact
her at DrDaltonSmith@gmail.com or (256) 405-9765.

14. ==> Year of the Dog Begins Feb 16th

The Chinese New Year is celebrated with parades,
fireworks and dragon dancers but you need not be
Chinese to celebrate. 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog
and people who are born this year will be serious, good
communicators and excellent employees. Carlyn Montes De
Oca, an author, animal advocate and human health
expert, says even if you don’t believe in Chinese
astrology, you can still celebrate the Year of the Dog
with your furry friend. From helping us get fit to
unplugging and learning to be in the moment, Carlyn
will share the ways dogs are the best health and
wellness gurus we have! Carlyn Montes de Oca is the
author of “Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse: An Animal
Lover’s Guide to a Healthy, Happy & Extraordinary
Life.” Contact her at (415) 306-1853;

15. ==> Leftovers: Women Shaping China’s Future

What’s life like for young women in China today?
American journalist Roseann Lake will share what she
found about the lives of Chinese women. Combining her
historical and demographic research along with scores
of touching/often humorous real-life anecdotes from
colleagues and friends you’ll learn about the culture
in China and hear stories of desperate mothers hacking
their daughters’ dating profiles to secure a quick
proposal. Known as ‘leftovers’ if they fail to marry by
age twenty-five, these women represent a China in which
gender roles have not evolved as vigorously as society
itself, and where new professional opportunities have
made women less willing to compromise their careers or
concede to marriage for the sake of it. Roseann Lake is
The Economist’s Cuba correspondent. She was previously
based in Beijing, where she worked for five years as a
television reporter and journalist. Her new book is
“Leftover in China: The Women Shaping the World’s Next
Superpower.” Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703)
646-5137 or Megan Bonomo at (703) 646-5188.

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