01/31/17 RTIR E-zine: ObamaCare, Tax Talk, IRS Red Flags

January 31, 2017

01. Imam on Trump’s Refugee Ban
02. Iraqi-American on Trump Immigration Ban
03. How to Tell Fake News from Real News
04. Will Trump Erase LGBT Progress?
05. Are Billionaires Bunkering Down for Doomsday?
06. Nat Geo ‘Lawless Oceans’ Investigator
07. Amazing Space Stories You’ve Never Heard
08. ObamaCare: What Can Seniors Expect?
09. Tax Talk: What’s Considered Income?
10. Top IRS Red Flags for 2017
11. Rescue Those Resolutions!
12. The Cure for the Chronic Disease Epidemic
13. Attract the Love of Your Life for V-Day
14. How to Date Your Mate
15. Meat-Buying Made Easy: MyMeatUp App

1. ==> Imam on Trump’s Refugee Ban

Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid is the president of Sound
Vision Foundation, a non-profit Islamic broadcast
ministry serving Muslims. He says, “President Donald
Trump’s order banning most refugees unfairly singles
out Muslims. I wonder how many Anne Franks will be
denied entry into the U.S. because of the exclusion of
Muslims. It reminds me of 1939, when the United States
turned away hundreds of Jews who came here seeking
shelter on the ship the MM St. Louis. That refusal led
to the deaths of 254 people by the Nazis, (with) nearly
a third of the passengers sent back to Europe.” He
adds, “Everyone entering the U.S. must be equally
scrutinized by law enforcement.” Sound Vision
Foundation is a non-profit Islamic broadcast ministry
that addresses topics involving Islamic living in a
contemporary world. Contact Gregg Cockrell at

2. ==> Iraqi-American on Trump Immigration Ban

Weam Namou was born in Baghdad as a minority Christian
in a Muslim country. Her family endured Saddam’s
totalitarian regime until they fled to the United
States when she was a child. Once in America, Weam was
again a minority who had difficulty fitting in and
finding her voice. Invite her to discuss her take on
the Trump immigration ban. She says the ban doesn’t
even target the correct threats to U.S. citizens. “If
the government banned the right terrorist countries,
that would be very beneficial for us and the world at
large. But between 1975 and 2015, foreign nationals
from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria & Yemen
killed zero Americans on U.S. soil. Yet Saudis killed
2,369 Americans on U.S. soil. The countries who have
bred and financed terrorism are not on this list!” Weam
also believes the ban is fueling extremists, making it
easier for them to recruit people. Weam Namou has been
a guest on dozens of radio talk shows. She’s the author
of “The Great American Family: A Story of Political
Disenchantment.” Contact her at (586) 212-4490;

3. ==> How to Tell Fake News from Real News

Social media and blogging has given the masses the
ability to create and write the news, and fake news is
fast becoming a very real and alarming trend. Nearly
half of all Americans (47%) get their news from
Facebook and often see fictional political stories,
it’s vital that we learn to distinguish fact from
fiction. Communication expert Leslie Shore will offer 4
tips for determining whether what you are reading is
true or false. Among other things, she says you should
look for a reputable source of a story and make sure
there’s an actual author of the piece. Shore says there
are also key words to watch for that indicate a story
is opinion rather than fact. Leslie Shore is a national
speaker, communication expert, professor, and author.
She’s also the owner of Listen to Succeed, a
consultancy that focuses on listening analytics.
Contact Erin Dean at (661) 255-8283;

4. ==> Will Trump Erase LGBT Progress?

Will progress made over the past eight years in the
LGBT community in marriage equality and protection
against discrimination be rolled back during the Trump
administration? Talk about the issues with Seth
Rainess, who can discuss such breaking developments as
the erasure of LGBT content from Federal websites,
Trump’s opposition to marriage equality, his cabinet
choices’ anti-gay beliefs, the effect of potential
Supreme Court appointments and the fate of laws
allowing transgender people to use bathrooms of the
gender with which they identify. Rainess is a
transgender male and the author of the first book for
transgender teens, “Real Talk for Teens: Jump Start
Guide to Gender Transition and Beyond.” His mission is
to alleviate the fears and misconceptions people have
about transgender people. He’s been featured in Time
and numerous media outlets. Contact him at (732)
620-4300 (cell); (732) 291-6090 (landline) or

5. ==> Are Billionaires Bunkering Down for Doomsday?

When the apocalypse hits, tech billionaires plan to
stay put. Alarming enough, a rather strange hobby that
has grown increasingly popular amongst Silicon Valley
elites is Doomsday preparation. Reddit CEO and co-
founder Steve Huffman is one of many wealthy folks
who’ve begun to invest in private bunkers. Invite
disaster preparedness expert Joe Alton, M.D., to
discuss what skills will be needed should the decline
of civilization come to pass and who among us would
survive. Dr. Alton says, “A lot of us can troubleshoot
our computer, but how many can construct a stretcher
from scratch? Our reliance on technology has stripped
us of even the most basic skills that came as second
nature to our ancestors.” Dr. Alton will tell your
audience what medical knowledge and supplies are most
helpful in a disaster situation and why everyone should
have an emergency plan in place for any number of
reasons. Dr. Joe Alton is the author of “The Survival
Medicine Handbook.” Dr. Alton is a well-known speaker
and host of The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Hour
syndicated podcast. Contact Ryan McCormick at (516)
901-1103; (919) 377-1200 or ryan@goldmanmccormick.com

6. ==> National Geographic ‘Lawless Oceans’

In 2014, cell-phone footage was posted on YouTube from
a mysterious address in Fiji, showing an unthinkable
crime – four gruesome murders at sea. In National
Geographic’s new TV show “Lawless Oceans,”
internationally-renowned special investigator Karsten
von Hoesslin goes on a worldwide trail to piece
together the truth behind the mysterious murders.
Invite him to talk about the new show and how the
world’s waters have become a Wild West, where criminals
can operate with impunity largely beyond the reach of
law enforcement. Hoesslin has investigated a range of
crimes on the high seas, including piracy, illegal
fishing, drug smuggling, arms trafficking and
terrorism. His casework involves infiltrating criminal
networks engaged in maritime crimes in South America,
East and West Africa and Southeast Asia. Contact
Johanna Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137;

7. ==> Amazing Space Stories You’ve Never Heard

Rod Pyle is a wealth of NASA knowledge and a fun guest
to talk about everything space-related. Invite him on
your show to discuss current space topics like SpaceX’s
recently announced Big Mars Plans (huge 100 passenger
Mars ships for 2025) or old, little-known topics like
plans from the 1960s that involved atomic spaceships
(yes, powered by atomic bomb explosions!) Rod Pyle has
written several books and produced numerous
documentaries for the History Channel and Discovery
Communications, including the acclaimed Modern Marvels:
Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s Johnson Space
Center, and written for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
Caltech, LiveScience, and Space.com. His new book,
“Amazing Stories of the Space Age,” shares zany never-
flown ideas for space missions from the 1940s through
the end of the 20th century. Contact him at (626)
399-4440; rodpyle@yahoo.com

8. ==> ObamaCare: What Can Seniors Expect?

How will the Medicare benefits given to seniors under
the Affordable Care Act (ACA) be changed under the
Trump Administration? Trump has told the American
public ObamaCare is a disaster and that it doesn’t work
and vows to ‘repeal and replace’. How could Obama Care
changes affect healthcare for seniors? How can seniors
be ready and prepared? Senior health adviser Janet Rich
Pittman will explain the benefits seniors gained
through the ACA, discuss some of the Trump
Administration proposed plans for change and what that
could mean for seniors. She’ll also discuss how
everyone can ensure good health tiptoeing into and
through their senior years. As a past political
marketer, activist and former chairman of her county
Republican Executive Committee, Janet is a dementia
prevention specialist known as ‘The Brain Nerd.’ She is
also the author of the upcoming book “It’s There: 5
Simple Ways to Find Your Memory and Prevent It From
Leaving.” Contact her (251) 648.0325; Janet

9. ==> Tax Talk: What’s Considered Income?

Tax season is fast approaching! Lisa London CPA, can
help your listeners streamline their current files and
understand everything from deductions to what is
considered income. She says, “With the influx of people
in the sharing economy, like Uber drivers, Airbnb
hosts, and EBay and Amazon sellers, more and more
people need to understand what is considered income and
what are allowable expenses.” Invite her to tell your
audience how to use their cell phones to simplify
bookkeeping and share record-keeping tips and tricks to
help small and at-home businesses. Lisa London has been
featured on numerous TV and radio shows. She is the
author of the “Accountant Beside You” series of books
for small businesses, nonprofits, and churches. Her
newest book, “Banish Your Bookkeeping Nightmares-The
Go-To Guide for the Self-Employed to Save Money, Reduce
Frustration, & Satisfy the IRS” will be released next
month. Contact her at (919) 770-3746;

10. ==> Top IRS Red Flags for 2017

With a year comes a new tax filing. And the IRS is back
in full force, looking for scams and tax cheats. Of
course, that’s not you, (or your listeners), but what
will the IRS be looking for this year? Join tax pro
Abby Eisenkraft in a fun discussion about the latest
targets for the IRS. The author of “101 Ways to Stay
Off the IRS Radar,” Abby will help your audience steer
clear of IRS problems. She can also enlighten your
audience on IRS scams so new you’ve never heard of them
and how to stay safe. Frequently quoted by the press,
Abby is one of the leading experts on IRS problems and
how to avoid them. Contact her at (347) 598-0111;

11. ==> Rescue Those Resolutions!

You vowed that 2017 was going to be different. The New
Year held such promise! You’d tweak your diet, hit the
gym, and finally make time for yourself, family and
friends. But then you realize it’s February and nothing
has changed. Do you give up or tell yourself you’ve
just been too busy and you’ll get to it later? “Neither
is a helpful choice if you are serious about wanting
those new results,” says Joan Posivy, Instead, Joan
will inspire your listeners to recharge, refocus and be
excited about their goal achievement in 2017. She’ll
share 3 simple but powerful tips to go from just
dreaming to really doing. “Anyone can live the life of
their dreams,” says Joan “they just need to be shown
how.” Joan Posivy is a speaker and the author of “The
Way Success Works: How to Decide, Believe, and Begin to
Live Your Best Life.” She owned her first house at the
age of 19 and became a bank manager by 22. Today she
shares her secrets of success with today’s young
adults. Contact Joan at (250) 551-5626;

12. ==> The Cure for the Chronic Disease Epidemic

In the United States, we have arguably the best, most
technologically advanced health-care system in the
world. Yet the incidence of chronic disease continues
to rise in epidemic proportions—obesity, heart disease,
diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer, and dementia.
Stacey Robinson, M.D., a leading expert in Functional
Medicine, says we can reverse the disease process by
addressing the root cause of disease instead of masking
symptoms. She’ll share the most impactful, proven
change you should make to your diet and discuss why
American health care is headed in the wrong direction
and how we can turn it around. A seasoned media guest,
Stacey is Board certified in Family Medicine and
Integrative Medicine, and served as an officer in the
United States Air Force. She is the author of “Road Map
to Health: 7 Steps to Alter Your Destination.” Contact
her at (727) 329-8859; health@robinsonmed.com

13. ==> Attract the Love of Your Life for V-Day

Many people facing the prospect of another Valentine’s
Day alone could use the advice of Sue Pighini, author
of “Expect the Extraordinary,” who has led a remarkable
romantic life and life in general. Sue, who found her
soul mate when she was over 60 and widowed, can talk
about using deep intuition to guide you to the right
person, and even how to get angelic help from the
internet and friends. Sue will share the signs angels
send when you ask them to help you find a partner.
She’s living proof that love is out there no matter how
old you are as long as you refuse to give up. Sue can
also share her own story of a life transformed after
she was struck by lightning, held up by gunpoint and
survived cancer. She’ll convince listeners that their
best lives are yet to come, no matter how old they are
or what challenges they currently face. Reach this
experienced talk show guest at (941) 685-7159;

14. ==> How to Date Your Mate

Love should be in the air 365 days a year but let’s
face it, there are bills to pay, children to raise and
work to be done. So how do you keep the spark alive
after a dozen or more years and several kids? Tina
Albrecht says the key to staying in love with your
spouse or falling in love with them again has less to
do with sex appeal or creativity than time management!
She’ll share inexpensive suggestions for ‘dating’ your
mate including simple tips like watching a TV show
together without interruption and scheduling an hour
alone each week to talk about schedules, school updates
and other family business. She adds, “Write every day
about what you’re grateful for about your spouse and
positive experiences you’ve had together. Gratitude is
magic for any marriage.” Tina Albrecht is the author of
FHEasy: A Year of Weekly Teachings and Devotionals,
published by Cedar Fort Publishing. FHEasy refers to
family home evening, a religious home teaching/bonding
concept practiced by LDS families like Albrecht’s.
Contact her at (970) 588-3702; Tina@FHEasy.com

15. ==> Meat-Buying Made Easy: MyMeatUp App

Don’t know the difference between brisket and a
sirloin? What size chicken do you need to feed a family
of four? Shopping for meat can be confusing. The cuts,
how to cook them, and how to tell when it’s done;
there’s a lot to figure out and you’re in the middle of
the grocery store! Well, there’s now an app that can
help. The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) has
launched MyMeatUp, an app with a full guide to beef,
pork, lamb and veal cuts. NAMI President and CEO Barry
Carpenter says, “It is a great resource, particularly
for younger shoppers just starting to navigate the
grocery store on their own for themselves and their
families, to answer any questions they have about the
meat in the case.” From shopping to cooking and safety,
the app is full of pictures and information that will
help anyone standing in front of the meat counter
without a clue about what’s behind the glass. Contact:
Janet Riley at (202) 587-4245; jriley@meatinstitute.org
or Eric Mittenthal at (202) 587-4238;

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