01/24/17 RTIR E-zine: Trumpertension, Failed NY resolutions, Inner-Selfies

January 24, 2017

01. Alternative Facts, Fake News and Journalism
02. Another Reason Lying Matters – Kids
03. After the March: Get Gutsy, Get Going
04. Expect Protests to Be the New Norm
05. Emmy-Winning Filmmaker on Nat Geo’s ‘Atlantis Rising’
06. Don’t Get Valentine’s Day Love Sickness
07. What Your Dating Deal Breakers Reveal
08. Attract the Love of Your Life for V-Day
09. What You Buy – Your Best Political Weapon
10. Surprising Risk Celebrity Apprentice’s Athletes Face
11. Is ‘Trumpertension’ the New National Health Problem?
12. Resolution Failed? It’s Not Your Fault
13. How’s Your Inner-Selfie?
14. ‘The Bake-Out’ – New Educational Cannabis Show
15. A Sea of Pink Hats – Brilliant Political Statement

1. ==> Alternative Facts, Fake News and Journalism

Since Donald Trump upended everything we thought we
knew about politics, hands have been wrung and ink has
been spilled about the “post-factual age.” How could
the candidate with the worst Politifact rating in the
2016 campaign come out on top? How could the Trump
administration claim its new press secretary was using
“alternative facts”? Do facts still matter — and if
they don’t, will real journalism stay relevant? Neil
Urwitz of the Center for a New American Security says
we shouldn’t overreact. “Now that President Trump has
taken the oath of office and the business of governance
has begun, the impact of fake news and ‘alternative
outlets’ will be revealed as vastly overblown.
Traditional media will still control the national
conversation. Policymakers will still have to build
their days around what the mainstream media reports.”
Neil Urwitz is director of external relations for the
Center for a New American Security (CNAS), an
independent, bipartisan, nonprofit organization that
develops national security and defense policies.
Contact him at (202) 457-9409; nurwitz@cnas.org

2. ==> Another Reason Lying Matters – Kids

Alternative facts? Untruths? A lie is a lie, but even
adults who’ve heard their fair share of political
rhetoric and spin are finding it hard distinguish
between the lies and truths in Washington today. So how
do you talk to kids about the importance of truth when
the new president doesn’t seem all that interested?
Leeza Steindorf, an expert in parenting and
communication, says “Society as a whole permits—even
encourages—lies, white lies, bending the truth, calling
things alternative facts. But children—and quite
frankly quite a few adults—need to understand the value
in telling the truth: Being truthful is key to being
authentic and genuine, which is congruence inside and
out.” She’ll discuss how to talk about today’s issues
with kids from young ones to teens, and help them make
sense of what’s going on in the world around us. Leeza
Steindorf is a communications and conflict resolution
expert, international consultant and speaker. She’s
the author of “Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five
Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids” and
“CORE Success for Schools: The Practical Guide Book for
a Positive School Climate.” Contact her at (541) 550-
0451; Leeza@CoreSuccess.com

3. ==> After the March: Get Gutsy, Get Going

Millions of men and women around the world took to the
streets this weekend in solidarity with the Washington
D.C. Women’s March, but what happens now? Pat
Obuchowski says women should get gutsy and get going!
“The world needs more women stepping into their power
and using their voice to become leaders in their own
right.” Pat will discuss the barriers many women face
when it comes to empowerment and share ways to work
around “life” and find the guts to get going! Pat
Obuchowski, MBA, PCC, CPCC, is an executive coach who
combines her experience as an IT executive with
graduate degrees in business and neuroscience. Her new
book is “Gutsy Women Win: How to Get Gutsy and Get
Going.” Contact her at Pat@GutsyWomenWin.com

4. ==> Expect Protests to Be the New Norm

One of the interesting characteristics about this
weekend’s women’s marches was the number of first-time
protestors. What has changed that is drawing people off
the couch and into the streets? Carol Richardson says,
“When the majority popular vote does not elect a
president, and the president has expressed hate towards
large portions of the US population, protesters are
speaking up and will continue to speak up to express
what is needed in a healthy democracy. America has
become an oligarchy which has exercised a too-often
unrecognized tyranny over American politics.”
Richardson, an Interfaith Minister, says no matter what
side of the aisle Americans choose, most of us have
experienced tyranny financially or politically, and
after this divisive election, protests against
perceived tyranny may become the norm. She adds,
“American democracy was founded on spiritual ideals,
and we will only return to a cooperative, peaceful
democracy when we restore these healthy ideals in
American life.” Rev. Carol Richardson, M.Div., MPH is
an Interfaith Intuitive Healer and Coach in the
Washington, DC area, and an expert in healthy
spirituality. She’s the author of “Mornings with the
Masters: Mystical Journeys in a Postmodern World.”
Contact her at 269-365- 8939;

5. ==> Emmy-Winning Filmmaker on Nat Geo’s ‘Atlantis

National Geographic’s new documentary Atlantis Rising
follows executive producer and Oscar-winning legend
James Cameron; three-time Emmy-winning filmmaker Simcha
Jacobovici; and a group of archeologists, scientists
and historians as they set out to search for the true
“Atlantean” civilization and for a possible location
for the mother city, the lost city of Atlantis. Invite
director/producer and television host Jacobovici to
share details of the expedition including the discovery
of six ancient anchors that could date back to the
Bronze Age and that together may be the greatest
ancient anchor hoard ever found on the Atlantic side of
the Strait of Gibraltar. Atlantis Rising premieres this
Sunday on National Geographic. Simcha Jacobovici and
team leader, professor/archaeologist Dr. Richard Freund
are available for interviews. Contact Johanna Ramos-
Boyer at (703) 646-5137; johanna@jrbcomm.com

6. ==> Don’t Get Valentine’s Day Love Sickness

People-pleasers devote most of their time to avoiding
conflict, going along with other people and placing
their own needs last. And when it comes to Valentine’s
Day, people-pleasing tendencies can literally make us
lovesick, leading to stress, headaches, insomnia,
resentment and frequent colds and flus. Dr. Don
MacDonald says Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays
that can bring people-pleasers to their knees. The
author of “The Underdog Curse: The Cause, The Cure,
Your Road to Success” will discuss how to avoid being a
Valentine’s Day underdog, how worry and resentment can
sabotage your immune system, and how to figure out the
best way for you and your lover to celebrate
Valentine’s Day. Dr. Don has spent 17 years in the
health and wellness industry as a chiropractor. He’s
also a life coach and motivational speaker and has
appeared on TV and radio across the country. Contact
him at (780) 983-5102; drdon@shaw.ca

7. ==> What Your Dating Deal Breakers Reveal

It could be the color of her nail polish. The way she
wears her hair. Her tattoos or the sound of her voice.
Maybe it’s the limp way he shakes your hand. His bald
spot. Or his awful taste in clothing. Most of us screen
potential dates using preconceived standards (i.e. deal
breakers). Psychiatrist Christine Adams will have your
listeners thinking about how they would answer the
question, “I would never date someone who …” before
calling them out on the snap judgments they use to
foolishly eliminate potential dates. Dr. Adams will
also share why “you should run away fast” when you
experience instant sexual attraction to someone. She
can discuss the best questions to ask on first and
second dates (and how to pay attention to what your
date isn’t asking you). And will argue that in most
cases a single date is never enough to rule someone
out. Dr. Christine Adams is coauthor of “Living On
Automatic: How Emotional Conditioning Shapes Our Lives
and Relationships.” Contact her at (502) 473-0093;

8. ==> Attract the Love of Your Life for V-Day

Many people facing the prospect of another Valentine’s
Day alone could use the advice of Sue Pighini, author
of “Expect the Extraordinary,” who has led a remarkable
romantic life and life in general. Sue, who found her
soul mate when she was over 60 and widowed, can talk
about using deep intuition to guide you to the right
person, and even how to get angelic help from the
internet and friends. Sue will share the signs angels
send when you ask them to help you find a partner.
She’s living proof that love is out there no matter how
old you are as long as you refuse to give up. Sue can
also share her own story of a life transformed after
she was struck by lightning, held up by gunpoint and
survived cancer. She’ll convince listeners that their
best lives are yet to come, no matter how old they are
or what challenges they currently face. Reach this
experienced talk show guest at (941) 685-7159;

9. ==> What You Buy – Your Best Political Weapon

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you think about some
of the environmental and health challenges facing the
world today. But environmental consultant Ellen Moyer,
Ph.D., says, “Whether we like it or not, or know it or
not, our small actions repeated day after day add up to
huge impacts! Consumers inescapably weigh in on a vast
array of issues every day. We make a difference with
each bite we take.” She’ll discuss how healthy eating
is nearly impossible for many people who simply can’t
afford it because of the unfair advantage. industrial
food production enjoys over organic food production.
She’ll share easy but powerful ways to significantly
improve your health and the health of our environment,
and the best way to use your resources (money and
otherwise) wisely. Dr. Ellen Moyer is a registered
professional engineer with 30 years of environmental
consulting experience. She’s a regular contributor to
The Huffington Post and has presented more than 100
seminars in North America and Europe. Her soon-to-be-
released book is “Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves:
How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World.”
Contact her at (413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com

10. ==> Surprising Risk Celebrity Apprentice’s Athletes

Celebrity Apprentice under Arnold Schwarzenegger has a
whole new set of celebrities trying to dodge Arnold’s
“You’re terminated, hasta la vista” catchphrase. But it
has something else too: four celebrity athletes (one
already terminated) who face a lifetime health risk
that is far scarier than getting kicked off a reality
TV show. Former NFL player Ricky Williams and Eric
Dickerson, former WNBA star Lisa Leslie and former
boxer Laila Ali all run the risk of memory loss as they
age due to exposure to concussions, says Michael
Morgan, who has a worked with Ricky Williams. Morgan
can talk about sports medicine and concussions and ways
something called craniosacral therapy—his area of
expertise—can help people at risk for dementia and
memory problems. He’ll explain what the therapy is and
how it works, why NFL players are using it as well as
children with autism. Morgan is the author of “The
BodyEnergy Longevity Prescription: How CranioSacral
Therapy Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia While
Improving the Quality of Your Life.” Reach him at (312)
543-4719; michaelm@bodyenergy.net

11. ==> Is ‘Trumpertension’ the New National Health

It’s no secret that the majority of people who didn’t
vote for Donald Trump are having trouble accepting his
administration. In fact, many Americans are seeking
medical help for the anxiety they are experiencing due
to the change of occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Palm Springs-based internal medicine physician Kiran
Dintyala (a.k.a. Dr. Calm) has seen patients with Post-
Election Stress Disorder, including some with
previously well-controlled blood pressure who are
coming in with alarmingly high numbers. He calls it
“Trumpertension” describing it as “a substantial
increase in blood pressure unrelated to diet, sodium
intake or exercise that is solely attributable to
worries over what a Trump presidency may mean for your
future and America’s.” In response, he’s written “Seven
Keys to Surviving the Trump Presidency,” sharing tips
to stay calm amidst the seemingly endless flow of
unsettling news and ways to remain positive and
hopeful, no matter who’s in the Oval Office. Kiran
Dintyala is a Board Certified Internal Medicine
Physician currently practicing at Eisenhower Medical
Center. He’s also the author of “Calm in the Midst of
Chaos.” Contact him at (860) 375 0446;

12. ==> Resolution Failed? It’s Not Your Fault

Have your New Year’s Resolutions disappeared but you
still want to be healthier? It happens even with our
best intentions. Renee Jones says, “It’s easy to
devolve into berating our ability to stick to our plan,
but that never helps. Shame tends to reinforce the
cycle because we then need more soothing. The key to
getting to your goal is returning to the track leading
where we want to go. Reset. Make a U-turn if needed.
Adjust the plan if necessary. But most important, love
yourself.” She adds, “When you find yourself staring
longingly into the refrigerator for comfort, start a
diet with good intentions but lose focus, reach your
goal and then yo-yo back up or gain even more weight,
it’s not hunger driving you. It’s time to look at
what’s really eating you.” Renee Jones is a counselor
with an international private practice serving clients
in the U. S., United Kingdom, Canada, Germany,
Switzerland, Romania, Australia, and New Zealand. Her
new book is “What’s Really Eating You? Overcome the
Triggers of Comfort Eating.” Contact her at (817)
938-6250 (TX); renee@packyourownbag.com

13. ==> How’s Your Inner-Selfie?

Social media is full of selfies taken by everyone from
the president to the pope and ordinary people. We love
them because they are fun, quick and attention-getting.
They are also superficial. Married duo Roe and Don
Polcyznski Jr. want to tell your listeners about a
deeper form of selfie they call an inner-selfie.
They’ll explain what it is (briefly, a way of looking
at your life that lets you grasp your true potential
and ultimately create your ideal future). The authors
of “Changing Your Equation” say most of us have never
taken a good look at our personalities, natural
tendencies, talents and interests and therefore don’t
know ourselves as well as we think. Reach Roe and Don
at (315) 368-8661; RoeandDon@ChangingYourEquation.com

14. ==> ‘The Bake-Out’ – New Educational Cannabis Show

The Bake-Out is a new, weekly online TV talk show about
today’s controversial world of cannabis. The show
premieres later this month and features former UFC
World Champion Frank Shamrock along with celebrity
nutritionist Robert Ferguson. The pair will answer
questions, dispel stereotypes, and reveal the truth
about cannabis. Invite Frank and Robert to talk about
the show which boasts a guest lineup of professional
athletes, celebrities, law enforcement officials,
physicians, government officials, cannabis activists
and patients. Shamrock is a pioneer in the sport of
mixed martial arts (MMA). Popularly known worldwide as
the first UFC Middleweight Champion and the first
champion to retire with his belt, Shamrock went on to
apply his larger-than-life personality to broadcasting
and international color commentary for the sport of
MMA. He also runs Shamrock Way, a non-profit
organization that serves at-risk youth. Ferguson serves
on the Presidential Task Force on Obesity for the
National Medical Association and is the official
nutritionist for the Soba Recovery Center in Malibu.
Contact Erin Dean at (661) 255-8283;

15. ==> A Sea of Pink Hats – Brilliant Political

Look around at pictures of the crowd in Washington (and
around the globe) on Saturday and you will likely
notice something. The signature fashion statement of
marchers wasn’t a pantsuit, but a handmade knit pink
hat. What started as a statement about Donald Trump’s
infamously crass comments about a female reporter,
caught on like wildfire and #thepussyhatproject
chapeaus became a very visual part of nearly every one
of the hundreds of marches worldwide. Organizers said
the hats were a way to ‘grab’ the word back and while
offensive to some, others think the hats were smart,
funny and made a point without saying a word. “They’re
pink and they’re cute and they’re on people’s heads and
they’re hand-knit. They take that traditional domestic
women’s role and turn it around on their heads,” said
Lauren Duncan, a Smith College psychology professor who
teaches a course on the psychology of political
activism. “I think it was brilliant.” Contact her at
(413) 585-3763; lduncan@smith.edu

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