01/23/18 RTIR Newsletter: Government Shutdown, Flu-Free Family, Beating Winter Blues

January 23, 2018

01. How to Prevent Another Shutdown
02. Shutdowns Weaken the Military
03. Roe v Wade: It’s about Privacy
04. Roe v Wade at 45
05. Keep Your Family Flu-Free
06. Is it Love or Fraud?
07. Care for Your Heart this Valentine’s Day
08. Be a Love Magnet: Valentine’s Day Show
09. Are You a Mismatched Couple?
10. What Is and Isn’t Sexual Harassment?
11. Forget Graceful: Gutsy Aging!
12. Make Losing Weight as Simple as Gaining
13. Doc Says 8 Hours of Zzzs Isn’t Enough!
14. The Missing Link in Alzheimer’s Treatment
15. Turn Up the Music to Beat Winter Blues

1. ==> How to Prevent Another Shutdown

According to Chris Edwards, “Government shutdowns are
embarrassing for policymakers, and suggest that
Washington is run by squabbling kids. But it’s hard to
make the trains run on time under current budget rules
given the supermajority barrier in the Senate and the
divergent policy views of the parties.” He says the
solution to future shutdowns is simple: An automatic
‘continuing resolution’ (CR) that fixes discretionary
spending at current levels. “If a fiscal year begins,
and the parties have not agreed on a spending plan,
then agencies may continue existing spending
activities. The auto CR would be in force until normal
appropriations bills were enacted.” He says, “An auto
CR would avert shutdown crises, decrease partisan
acrimony, modestly tilt the budget process toward
restraint, and reduce the chance of time-pressurized
spending deals that blow the bank.” Chris Edwards is
the director of tax policy studies at Cato and editor
of DownsizingGovernment.org. He is an expert on federal
and state tax and budget issues. Contact him at (202)
789-5200; cedwards@cato.org

2. ==> Shutdowns Weaken the Military

Defense policy analyst Frederico Bartels says a
government shutdown can be “…incredibly damaging to our
national security and to the men and women who work to
keep us safe.” He says, “During a government shutdown,
employees who are necessary for ensuring the safety of
American lives and the protection of property are
exempt, and have to continue working. This applies to
all of our active-duty military personnel and close to
half of the civilian employees at the Pentagon.
Everyone else is furloughed and stays home without pay,
unless Congress specifically makes provisions for them
to be paid. In 2013, Congress made such provisions. But
so far, this is not the case in 2018.” Frederico
Bartels is a policy analyst for defense budgeting at
The Heritage Foundation’s Davis Institute. Contact him
at (202) 675-1761; HeritagePress@heritage.org

3. ==> Roe v Wade: It’s about Privacy

As the nation again considers the legacy of the
country’s best-known Supreme Court decision, issued on
Jan. 22, 1973, Mary Ziegler says we have forgotten part
of the story of Roe v Wade — one almost entirely
disconnected from abortion: What does the right to
privacy mean, and who can claim that right? “On Roe’s
45th anniversary, we should stop to think about where
the right to privacy stands today. The picture does not
seem very rosy. Since the new year, there have been
fresh concerns about data breaches and the misuse of
digital information by giants like Facebook and Google.
Privacy and conscience have taken center stage as the
Supreme Court considers whether a Christian baker can
refuse to serve a same-sex couple.” Mary Ziegler is a
professor of law at Florida State University and the
author of “Beyond Abortion: Roe v. Wade and the Battle
for Privacy.” Contact her at (850) 645-0364;
mziegler@law.fsu.edu or Christi Morgan at

4. ==> Roe v Wade at 45

This week marks the 45th anniversary of the Supreme
Court decision legalizing abortion, a topic that
remains just as heated as it did back then. Last week
the milestone was marked by a March for Life by
Catholics in Washington, a march considered so
important that the pope granted those who participated
an indulgence—forgiveness of their sins. For some
perspective on this, interview Richard Ruhling, M.D., a
board certified internal medicine doctor who has been a
guest on dozens of talk radio shows discussing current
events. Among the topics Dr. Ruhling can address are:
the explosive role indulgences played in the Protestant
Reformation; why today’s largely Catholic Supreme Court
should be able to turn back the clock on Roe v Wade
(and why it should be easier to give a few indulgences
to the justices that voted to redefine marriage in
2015), and why God should not be expected to shrug off
60 million abortions when He punished Egypt for killing
babies during the Exodus. Dr. Ruhling is the author of
“God Bless America?” Contact him at (928) 583-7543;

5. ==> Keep Your Family Flu-Free

The deadly flu epidemic sweeping the nation has closed
schools from Alabama to Texas and killed at least 30
children since October. Dr. Kathleen Fry will discuss
whether you can (and should) still get a flu shot,
other ways to lessen the chance you’ll get sick, and
what to do if you have the flu. Fry says, “Fortunately,
there are over the counter homeopathic remedies you can
take at the first sign of symptoms to help lessen the
severity and shorten the duration of the illness.”
Frequently quoted in Self, Redbook, Ladies Home Journal
and other magazines, Dr. Kathleen Fry is a past
president of the American Holistic Medical Association
and a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of
Integrative Holistic Medicine. She practices as a
homeopath in Boulder, Colorado, across the US and
globally. “What’s the Remedy for That? The Definitive
Homeopathy Guide to Mastering Everyday Self-Care
Without Drugs” is her second book. Contact her at (480)
695-1383; drkathi@drkathifry.com

6. ==> Is it Love or Fraud?

The FBI tells us that on-line romance scams have
reached epidemic proportions. But even the relationship
that starts over the water cooler at work can begin
like a dream, and end up as your cruelest nightmare.
Protecting yourself from scammers is crucial and Joyce
Short knows how. She’ll reveal 10 ways to tell if
you’re being scammed and discuss how to approach
Valentine’s Day if you’re not feeling the love this
year. Joyce Short is the author of “Carnal Abuse by
Deceit” and “Combating Romance Scams, Why Lying to Get
Laid Is a Crime.” She blogs at
CombatingRomanceScams.com (a Federal Prosecutor
recently used her blog to lock up a serial rapist).
She’s been awarded a “Woman of Distinction” honor by
the NY State Assembly. Contact her at (917) 517-8572;

7. ==> Care for Your Heart this Valentine’s Day

February marks both American Heart Month and
Valentine’s Day. Gillian Padgett says it’s the perfect
time to talk about heart health and how stress affects
your health. Padgett, who has spent more than 25 years
specializing in stress relief and mastery, says,
“People need to recognize what happens to their bodies
when they experience stress: their blood thickens,
cholesterol is created and cortisol and adrenalin are
activated. Unfortunately, many people react to stress
by further injuring themselves by smoking, drinking and
overdoing it with comfort foods.” She’ll explain the
four areas we can tap to relieve stress, build
resilience and create a healthier heart. The body,
mind, emotions and spirit must all come into play, she
says. A UK-trained psychotherapist and hypnotherapist,
Padgett has worked with victims of crime and families
of murder victims. She’s the author of “Let Stress Heal
Your Life: Uncover Your Amazing Capacity to Thrive.”
Contact her at (1) 647-270-7602: email:

8. ==> Be a Love Magnet: Valentine’s Day Show

Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, it is nearly
impossible to ignore the steady drumbeat of couples’
photos, pictures of flowers and chocolates, and heart-
shaped knickknacks lining store shelves. All this talk
about love is great, unless you’re single, and don’t
want to be. Pro bodybuilder, model, and relationship
expert Jennie Lynn will share the simple principles she
used herself to finally find her soul mate. You’ll
learn critical mistakes that keep you single,
subconscious blocks to finding love and how to
recognize love and keep it safe, once you’re in a
relationship. Jennie Lynn is a magazine writer and
professional model, and a worldwide triple pro champion
in natural figure, physique, and bodybuilding. She’s
also the author of “Magnetic Love: Stop Chasing What
You Want…Start Attracting It.” Contact her at (508)
965-3053; JennieLynn@JennieLynn.com

9. ==> Are You a Mismatched Couple?

We’ve all seen it: Type A perfectionist falls for an
impulsive adrenaline junkie. When this improbable
match-up gives it a go, sometimes it succeeds, and
sometimes it doesn’t. This Valentine’s Day, invite Dr.
Sarah Brown to help couples take the guesswork out of
making a relationship work. She’ll reveal a cutting-
edge, personalized tool that couples can use to help
decide how to move their relationship forward: which
differences they need to negotiate, which to avoid, and
most of all, how to bring out the best in each other.
Sarah spent 30 years working with Fortune 500 companies
to recruit, screen, and manage their talent. She says
romance is a serious business, and you’ve got to
carefully screen anyone vying to become your partner.
You’ll learn how to use the same criteria hiring
managers use to build successful teams at work to
recognize your unique interests, strengths, and needs
in your career and relationships. Contact Dr. Sarah
Brown at (302) 521-9739 or at sarah@bookofyou.com.

10. ==> What Is and Isn’t Sexual Harassment?

The #MeToo movement has many people asking questions
about what is and isn’t sexual harassment. Can you give
a coworker a compliment? What about a pat on the back?
Is light-hearted teasing OK? Is it alright to date
someone you work with? Dr. ArLyne Diamond, a workplace
consultant, will run down office behaviors to be
avoided, discuss whether men and women are scrutinized
equally, and explain how to file a complaint if you
think you’ve been sexually harassed at work. Dr. ArLyne
Diamond is an internationally recognized leadership,
management, professional development, and
organizational development consultant and the president
of Diamond Associates. Contact Mark Goldman at (516)
639-0988; mark@goldmanmccormick.com

11. ==> Forget Graceful: Gutsy Aging!

If we are lucky, we have the opportunity to grow older.
But growing older with gusto is not a matter of luck.
Wellness expert Sharkie Zartman will share aging advice
from leading experts on brain health, nutrition,
retaining body muscle, and keeping joints in good
repair and our relationships on solid footing. She’ll
discuss the top ten perks of aging, whether there are
different relationship rules for the second half of
life, and the psychosocial secrets of empowered aging.
Sharkie Zartman is the editor of “Empowered Aging:
Expert Advice on Staying Healthy, Vital and Active”, a
guide for people 40 and up who want to keep their
bodies and spirits humming as long as possible. Zartman
holds degrees in kinesiology and instructional
technology and is a professor of health and fitness.
She was also a member of the U.S. Women’s National
Volleyball Team. Contact her at (310) 379-1869 or (310)
415-0190; Sharkiezartman@yahoo.com

12. ==> Make Losing Weight as Simple as Gaining

Crippled by excruciating weight-related pain for many
years, Rez Khan set out to find a solution. Today, the
devastating agony he suffered is a distant memory and
his health has been transformed. Invite Kahn to share
the simple plan that resolved his debilitating health
issues. Your listeners will learn why losing weight can
(and must) be made as easy as gaining it, the real
reason we overeat (it’s not because we have no
willpower), and how to stop doing it. Khan, a software
engineer, dropped over 50 lbs. in weight and has kept
it off for over five years. “The Zeus Process:
Mastering the Mindset of Weight Loss” is his new book.
Contact him at (972) 658-8981; khan3366@gmail.com

13. ==> Doc Says 8 Hours of Zzzs Isn’t Enough!

Americans are tired. And that fatigue robs us of
productivity, joy – even sleep. Even when we get the
prescribed six to eight hours of shut-eye we wake up
exhausted. What does it take to get a good night’s
sleep? Physician and author Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
argues that no matter how much sleep we get, our day-
to-day habits prevent us from getting the actual rest
we need. She’ll discuss the scientific reasons for
exhaustion and reveal how little changes in daily
habits and minor attitude adjustments can prepare your
body and mind for a good night’s sleep. You’ll learn
the difference between sleep and rest, and the seven
types of rest you need to achieve what she calls
“sacred” rest that fully benefits body and soul. Dr.
Saundra’s spirited approach to life will inform,
enlighten, and entertain, changing the way you and your
listeners view your waking and sleeping life. Contact
her at DrDaltonSmith@gmail.com or (256) 405-9765.

14. ==> The Missing Link in Alzheimer’s Treatment

There are many suggestions emerging on how various
diets and exercise regimens can help prevent and even
reverse Alzheimer’s but Michael Morgan, LMT, CST-D.
says thus far, they’ve all been missing a key element:
CranioSacral Therapy. He says, when consistently
applied, the gentle, easily learned, affordable
technique can significantly roll back Alzheimer’s and
dementia in a few weeks. Invite Morgan to discuss his
research, explain what craniosacral therapy is (it’s
also being used by NFL players, and children with
autism) and ways it can increase longevity. Morgan,
who’s been researching Alzheimer’s and dementia since
2008, was inspired to do so in part after watching his
stepmother and sister-in-law succumb to the disease.
He’s a well-known instructor of CranioSacral Therapy
and teaches the technique all over the world. His book
is “Preventing Alzheimer’s in Just 10 Minutes a Day
with the BodyEnergy Prescription and CranioSacral
Therapy.” Contact Kathy Regganie at (630) 567-8383;

15. ==> Turn Up the Music to Beat Winter Blues

It’s well-known fact that winter is high-tide for
depression. Between freezing temperatures, snowstorms
that keep us inside, and shorter days, many people find
this time of year especially difficult. Invite Keep
Music Alive’s Vincent James on your show to learn how
listeners suffering from the winter doldrums can
utilize music to help keep their emotions balanced.
Vincent is the co-founder of Kids Music Day, Teach
Music Week and co-author of the book series “88+ Ways
Music Can Change Your Life.” Contact him at (610)
812-5231; vincent@keepmusicalive.org

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