01/21/16 RTIR E-zine: Monster Storm, Groundhog Day, Retirement Reality

January 21, 2016

01. Flint Water – Man-Made Public Health Crisis
02. Bernie’s Right On Education
03. Get Ready for the Monster Storm
04. Hate Snow? Go Somewhere Warm, Cheap
05. Did Researchers Discover A New Planet?
06. An Iraqi-American’s View of ISIS
07. January – The Race to the Altar
08. Survive the Valentine’s Day Minefield
09. Time for a Bold Career Change?
10. What Nobody Tells You about Retirement
11. Prevent the Super Bowl Flu
12. Mammo Madness? What’s a Woman to Do?
13. It’s Epidemic, But Who’s Educating Docs?
14. Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
15. When You’ve Got a ‘Groundhog Day’ Life

1. ==> Flint Water – Man-Made Public Health Crisis

The Flint water crisis has led to accusations of
government negligence and political cover-ups. Focus
has honed in on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, who
opponents claim took too long to respond when tests
indicated high levels of lead in Flint’s drinking
water. Wenonah Hauter, founder and executive director
of Food & Water Watch, says, “Recent revelations that
Snyder’s administration knew about severe water quality
problems in Flint, Michigan and assured residents there
that the water was safe are an unconscionable violation
of the human right to water. She adds, “The city now
must replace thousands of lead water pipes, and its
residents face a lifetime of healthcare costs. This is
the very definition of a man-made, intentional, public
health crisis” Contact Kate Fried at (202) 257-0057;
kried@fwwatch.org, @foodandwater

2. ==> Bernie’s Right On Education

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders
recently criticized the nation’s dependency on local
property taxes to fund public schools, offering instead
that we need “to make sure the federal government plays
an active role to make sure that those schools that
need it the most get the funds that they deserve.”
Kevin Kumashiro, dean of the School of Education at the
University of San Francisco, says Sanders is right.
“Inequitable funding will continue to plague our
nation’s schools if we continue to rely on local
property taxes as the primary source of funding.” He’ll
discuss what role the Federal government can play in
education funding and why the current system doesn’t
work. Kumashiro is the author of numerous books,
including “Bad Teacher!: How Blaming Teachers Distorts
the Bigger Picture.” Contact him at (202) 468-9489
(cell); kkumashiro@usfca.edu, @kevinkumashiro

3. ==> Get Ready for the Monster Storm

If the forecast models are correct, chances are growing
that a monster snowstorm will hit the mid-Atlantic and
the Northeast starting Friday. It could be one of the
biggest storms on record in Washington D.C. where
blizzard conditions could deliver more than 2 feet of
snow with winds higher than 50 mph in some places. Dr.
James Hubbard, aka The Survival Doctor, will share tips
to stay safe in this brutal weather including how to
dress if you’re outside, what to have on hand in case
of an emergency, and 7 things you should do if you’re
stranded in your car with kids. Long-time family doctor
James Hubbard has shared his common-sense health advice
on dozens of radio shows, podcasts and blogs
nationwide. He teaches easy-to-follow, makeshift ways
to survive disasters and in the wild. He’s the author
of “The Survival Doctor’s Guide to Wounds” and “The
Survival Doctor’s Guide to Burns.” Contact him at (719)
576-2353; thesurvivaldoctor@gmail.com

4. ==> Hate Snow? Go Somewhere Warm, Cheap

There’s nothing like a blizzard to make you dream of
taking a trip to somewhere warm or exotic. But Russell
Hannon says it doesn’t have to be a dream, even if you
don’t have a lot of money. Invite him to share ways to
have your dream vacation without skimping…or paying a
ton of money. Hannon will reveal the seven things that
account for your travel costs, as he shows you how to
travel for less whether you’re planning a couple’s
getaway or family spring vacation. Thinking of Paris?
Venice? How about a safari? Hannon will show you how to
overcome any financial barriers keeping you from
traveling as much as you want. Russell Hannon founded
Break the Travel Barrier and teaches ultra-economical
travel. Contact him at russellhannon@yahoo.com

5. ==> Did Researchers Discover A New Planet?

Pluto may have a replacement already. Researchers at
the California Institute of Technology have found
evidence in the outer solar system of an object that
could be a real ninth planet. Invite NASA expert Rod
Pyle to talk about the finding. He’ll also discuss
other space news including the latest on what’s
happening on Mars. Rod Pyle has written several books
and produced numerous documentaries for the History
Channel and Discovery Communications, including the
acclaimed Modern Marvels: Apollo 11. He has lectured at
NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and written for the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, Caltech, LiveScience, and
Space.com. His most recent book is “Curiosity: An
Inside Look at the Mars Rover Mission.” Contact him at
(626) 399-4440; rodpyle@yahoo.com

6. ==> An Iraqi-American’s View of ISIS

Born in Baghdad, Iraq as a minority Christian, Weam
Namou says she had a magical childhood even before she
came to America at the age of ten. Invite her to talk
about what it’s like to be an Iraqi-American today, and
how she and other Iraqi immigrants view Iraq and the
Islamic State. She’ll discuss watching from afar the
destruction and devastation befalling her birth country
and how most of her relatives have fled the region
because of religious persecution. But, she says, it’s
not just Iraqi Christians being targeted. Since January
2014, more than three million Iraqis of different
ethnic and religious backgrounds have been displaced
because of the conflict. Weam Namou is the author of
several books including “Witnessing a Genocide,” a
collection of personal stories about the situation in
Iraq. Contact her at (586) 212-4490; weamn@hotmail.com

7. ==> January – The Race to the Altar

About a third of engagements take place from
Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. That means that no
sooner does the engagement ring get placed on a woman’s
hand then the search is on for everything wedding
related, including the perfect wedding gown. Rani St.
Pucchi, creator of the world-renowned St. Pucchi
Fashion Design House in West Hollywood will discuss the
growing trend toward risqué wedding gowns and why nude
is the new white for brides. She’ll share tips for
finding the best gown for your body type and discuss
veils, colored wedding gowns and tiaras. Despite having
no formal training in fashion, Rani St. Pucchi is
famous for designing the wedding dress worn by “Phoebe”
on the finale of the hit television show Friends. Rani
is the author of several upcoming books including
“Unveiling: A Celebrity Fashion Designer’s Story.”
Contact her at 310-990-3912; rani@ranistpucchi.com

8. ==> Survive the Valentine’s Day Minefield

There’s nothing like Valentine’s Day to make people
feel uncomfortable. Nobody’s against love mind you, but
this is one holiday that can definitely be downright
difficult to navigate – whether you’re part of a couple
or not. According to Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, “It doesn’t
matter that the main people who get the most out of
Valentine’s Day are the candy, card, jewelry, and
restaurant industries. Their advertisements seep into
our hearts. We compare ourselves, question our choices,
and feel bad if we’re not attached.” Invite Dr. Wish to
talk about Valentine’s Day dilemmas like: What’s the
appropriate gift?! Will he pop the question? Should I
pop the question? Why am I still single? Dr. Wish will
share surprising tips to chase away doubt and dread. A
psychologist and licensed clinical social worker, Dr.
Wish is the founder of Lovevictory.com. She’s a
frequent repeat guest on radio shows and the author of
“Smart Relationships: How Successful Women Can Find
True Love.” Contact her at (941) 363-0505 (FL);

9. ==> Time for a Bold Career Change?

Every single day, 86 percent of U.S. workers grudgingly
wake up, get dressed, grab some coffee, and shuffle off
to a job they can’t stand. Many do so because they feel
stuck. But they really aren’t, says Tom Scarda. He made
a big change in his own life 14 years ago when he quit
his decade-long job working for the New York Subway
system and Long Island Railroad to buy a smoothie
franchise. Scarda did very well, selling his franchise
five years later with enough money to retire, and now
he offers advice to others who are dissatisfied with
their lives but don’t know where to turn. Scarda says
fear holds most people back from making changes to
their lives but the same fears hold the key to finding
what you are meant to do. A former on-air reporter for
PBS, Tom is a franchise expert who has hosted his own
radio program in NYC. Contact him at (516) 322-1435;

10. ==> What Nobody Tells You about Retirement

Where do most people learn about retirement planning?
Most don’t learn it in school, or from our parents, so
in essence, we’re learning on the street! Invite
financial adviser Rodger Alan Friedman on your show to
discuss the reasons many people don’t get the right
kind of retirement advice, and how to build a
relationship with an adviser that will work for your
individual needs. Friedman will talk about the biggest
risk facing retirees today, why being your own
financial adviser is a big mistake, and how to make
sure your relationship with your adviser is a truly
beneficial one for you. Listeners will also get access
to a free 17 page special report on retirement
planning. Rodger Friedman is the author of “Forging
Bonds of Steel.” Contact him toll free at 1-844 -3- my-
plan or 1-844-369-7526 or

11. ==> Prevent the Super Bowl Flu

It has been estimated that one million Americans call
in sick the day after the Super Bowl with the so-called
‘Super Bowl Flu.’ Dr. Winifred Bragg says sure, some
fans may over-indulge during the game, but others will
wake up with back pain after the game, even though they
weren’t playing. Dr. Bragg says the game and the long
half-time show mean couch potatoes are sitting (and
probably eating and drinking) for hours on end, which
can lead to back pain the next day. Invite the medical
director of the Spine and Orthopedic Pain Center to
share easy tips to avoid the day-after pain like
standing during the commercials, watching the game on a
stability ball instead of the couch, and keeping snacks
in another room so you need to get up and move to
refill your plate! Winifred Bragg, M.D., is board
certified both in physical medicine and rehabilitation
and pain medicine. She has appeared on numerous TV
programs on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX and has been quoted
in many publications including Redbook, Women’s World
and Self Magazine. Contact her at (757) 961-7498;

12. ==> Mammo Madness? What’s a Woman to Do?

Earlier this month, the US Preventive Services Task
Force issued final recommendations reaffirming their
controversial position that mammogram screening should
start at age 50. BUT they also said some women may
benefit from screening starting at age 40. What’s a
woman to do? The guidelines are confusing, so when
should you get a mammogram and will your insurance
cover it? Radiologist Dr. George Flinn will discuss why
he believes all women should be screened at age 40. ”As
a medical doctor, husband, father and grandfather, I
don’t want to see patients lose their coverage and even
their lives until further research is conducted to
prove otherwise.” Flinn started an online “Screen at
40” petition. George Flinn, M.D., is a West Tennessee-
based physician with more than 40 years of experience
practicing ultrasound and mammography. He is a fellow
of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine and
the American College of Radiology, and a member of the
Society for Study of Breast Disease. He is also the
owner of Flinn Broadcasting, which operates 40 radio
and television stations throughout the country. Contact
him at (501) 941-9322; Jacob@caissaps.com.

13. ==> It’s Epidemic, But Who’s Educating Docs?

Gluten can affect any part of the body: your brain,
neurons, blood, bone, muscle, tissue, organs, glands
and even the fetus if you’re pregnant. But Anne
Sarkisian says many doctors aren’t even aware of the
many links. The author of “Toxic Staple: How Gluten May
be Wrecking Your Health and What You Can Do about It!”
says “Celiac disease affects about 1% of the US
population yet about 80% of them remain undiagnosed.
And gluten intolerance, according to some experts,
affects about 30% of the population. Typical testing
for celiac disease misses a huge number of ailing folks
and little is being offered to detect gluten
intolerance.” Sarkisian has poured a decade into
researching the devastating and degenerative affects of
this toxic protein. She says many serious illnesses can
be successfully healed with a totally gluten-free diet.
Contact her at (603) 763-2026; AnneSark3@gmail.com

14. ==> Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Just before Valentine’s Day 2008, Kristen and Jessica
Bardwil lost their mother, Pamela Bardwil, to
pancreatic cancer at age 54. The disease has also
claimed the lives of Luciano Pavarotti, Patrick Swayze
and Steve Jobs. In an effort to be proactive, each
Valentine’s Day weekend they organize a 10k/5k/1k race
to honor their mother and raise money for research to
fight the disease. What started as a small community
affair has turned into a hugely successful event, so
far funding $700,000 dollars for pancreatic cancer
research nationally. Invite Kristen and Jessica to
discuss their determination to help others avoid the
tragedy they experienced, the importance of early
detection and why pancreatic cancer is so difficult to
diagnose and treat. The sisters will also share how
keeping their mother’s legacy alive by giving back to
the community has helped them. Kristen and Jessica are
founders of the Lustgarten Westlake Village Pancreatic
Cancer Research Walk/Run. Contact Catherine Jayne at
(310) 738-5101; JCStrategies@gmail.com

15. ==> When You’ve Got a ‘Groundhog Day’ Life

February 2nd is Groundhog Day. Remember the classic
movie of the same name? Anne Jolles says many people
can relate to the film and Bill Murray’s character, a
guy who wakes up each morning and must relive the same
day over and over and over. Like Phil the weatherman,
they grapple with the question: “What would you do if
you were stuck in one place and everything was exactly
the same and nothing that you did mattered?” Jolles, an
award-winning life coach and author, knows just what to
do. She’ll explain how anyone can break the cycle that
makes every day feel like the one before it by asking
five simple questions. Jolles created the Grace Trail
in 2012 to help her cope with the worry of having a son
in combat in Afghanistan. Since then, the concept has
guided thousands to begin a conversation around joy,
hope and resiliency. Plymouth, MA is the site of the
original path, but Grace Trail can be walked anywhere,
from the comfort of your audience’s kitchen to the
office or any outdoor spot. Anne will blend her own
life lessons with the latest research, while sharing
practical, heart-warming advice to walk off worries,
one step at a time. She is the author of “Grace Trail:
Find Your Footing and Move toward the Life You Were
Meant to Live.” Contact her at (781) 878-8589;

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