01/19/16 RTIR-ezine: Healthcare Debate, Desert Storm, 2016 Taxes

January 19, 2016

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Magazine

01. Sanders/Clinton Healthcare Debate
02. Trump is Right about Corporate Inversions
03. Doc Says ‘Thank You, David Bowie’
04. #OscarsSoWhite Déjà Vu
05. Fun Show: TV Humorist Jan Marshall
06. 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm
07. Pay Less Tax in 2016
08. Politics and Your Mental Health
09. What You Should Never Tell Coworkers
10. 2016 Dating Advice – Get Offline
11. When Your Life is ‘Groundhog Day’
12. Help! My Kid’s a Teen!
13. Best and Worst Pain Treatments
14. January 23rd is National Handwriting Day
15. Better than a Lottery Ticket

1. ==> Sanders/Clinton Healthcare Debate

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sparred on Sunday in
their last televised debate before the first votes are
cast in Iowa and New Hampshire. The Democratic
presidential hopefuls talked gun control, foreign
policy and healthcare with Sanders advocating a single-
payer system over Obamacare. Economist Gerald Friedman
says that would end employer based healthcare — and
that’s good. “Obamacare allowed coverage for 15 to 20
million people, and that was a good step. But it’s by
no means what is really needed. We have 30 million
people who are still uninsured and tens of millions who
are under insured. The insurance companies still
dominate how healthcare is done and that adds tons of
overhead costs. Even Medicare now leaves people having
to cover 20 percent of hospitalization. Sanders’
proposal solves all those problems — and it also adds
pharmaceutical coverage.” Gerald Friedman is a
professor of economics at the University of
Massachusetts at Amherst. His work was cited by the
Wall Street Journal about Bernie Sanders’ proposals for
government spending. Contact him at (413) 218-2701;
gfriedma@econs.umass.edu, @gfriedma

2. ==> Trump is Right about Corporate Inversions

In a recent presidential debate, Republican
Presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized the
practice of corporations moving their headquarters
overseas in name only to avoid U.S. taxes. He called
these corporate ‘inversions’ ‘one of the biggest
problems’ facing the United States. Democratic
presidential candidates have also criticized the
practice. According to the Congressional Joint
Committee on Taxation, inversions could cost the U.S.
government nearly $20 billion over the next ten years.
Executive director of Jubilee USA Network Eric LeCompte
says, “It’s clear the issue of inversions crosses party
lines. This is an issue where Congress can work
together and solve a problem that affects all of us.”
Jubilee USA Network is an alliance of more than 75 U.S.
organizations, 400 faith communities and 50 Jubilee
global partners dedicated to building an economy that
serves, protects and promotes participation of the most
vulnerable. Contact Greg Williams at (202) 783-3566,
ext. 101, (443) 854-1405 (cell) or greg@jubileeusa.org,

3. ==> Doc Says ‘Thank You, David Bowie’

David Bowie’s son is sharing an open letter from a
British palliative-care physician. In it, the doc
praises Bowie’s final album, Blackstar, for its
‘references, hints and allusions’ and ‘good-bye
message’ that coincided with the singer’s death at
home. Dr. Kevin Haselhorst, an ER doc and the author of
“Wishes to Die For,” an introspective guide to advance
care planning, echoes the letter’s sentiments. He says
Bowie likely planned his final days in great detail.
Invite him to discuss the difference between palliative
care and medical treatments, how patients facing
incurable illness can create their own transition plan,
and whether there really is such a thing as a good
death. “I never realized the true meaning of palliative
care amidst the harried practice of emergency medicine.
The pressure being placed on me to do more often
becomes the same expectation I place on patients to
receive more treatment.” Haselhorst says his views
began to change after conversations with patients
pinpointed the need to create smoother transitions,
offering peace of mind for families coping with
incurable illness. Dr. Haselhorst is an emergency
medicine physician in Phoenix. Contact him at (480)
907-6027; khaselhorstmd@gmail.com

4. ==> #OscarsSoWhite Déjà Vu

Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith injected some new
drama into next month’s Academy Awards, announcing that
they both would be boycotting the ceremony over the
lack of diversity among the nominees. For the second
consecutive year, no minorities were nominated in any
of the four acting categories and last year’s
#OscarsSoWhite began trending on social media again
after the nominations were announced on Thursday.
Invite African American pop culture expert Lisa Durden
to discuss the issue. Durden shares her frank views on
hot topics on many TV and radio programs. Contact Mark
Goldman at (516) 639-0988; markgoldman73@gmail.com

5. ==> Fun Show: TV Humorist Jan Marshall

Want to help listeners forget about holiday bills? The
weather outside that’s frightful? Bungled New Year’s
resolutions? TV humorist Jan Marshall will share her
wacky advice about: Our sometimes rocky love affair
with technology. Should you be in couple’s therapy with
your OWN Smartphone? Handling unwanted birthdays.
What’s the alternative, people? As well as dating
hazards unknown in the dark ages (“pre-Internet”). Your
listeners will laugh out loud as she explains why
everyone needs to keep humor in their life, even when
facing cosmic jokes like wrinkles, cancer or that
uncooperative bathroom scale. Ask Jan about being part
of the Dead Comics Society (other members are her
friends Phyllis Diller, Steve Allen and Jonathan
Winters) although Jan’s still kickin’. Jan Marshall is
founder of the International Humor and Healing
Institute. She’s appeared on numerous radio and TV
shows, is an international columnist, a certified
clinical hypnotherapist, and a cancer and brain tumor
survivor. Her newest satirical survival book is
“Dancin’ Schmancin’ with the Scars: Finding the Humor
No Matter What! “ Proceeds benefit the American Cancer
Society, American Brain Tumor Association and Wounded
Warriors. Contact her at (949) 701-5310 (CA);

6. ==> 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning
of Desert Storm. Invite Ivan Eland to discuss George H.
W. Bush’s first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein. “The
victory appeared to be smashing, as American military
propaganda dazzled the world with footage of the
accurate strikes against Iraqi targets. Saddam’s third-
rate army was blasted in half and had to retreat from
Kuwait, and his air force either was impaired or had to
fly to Iran to escape the reach of the American
superpower. Saddam’s power was broken and he was no
longer an offensive threat to his neighbors.” Eland
says historians are finally beginning to question
whether this short-term victory was really a long-term
triumph.”Perhaps the purveyors of history should also
begin to closely examine whether other hallowed
American wars–such as the Civil War and World War I–
don’t fit the same abysmal narrative. If they did,
maybe public opinion would change about jumping into
wars of choice that have calamitous long-term
implications.” Ivan Eland a senior fellow and director
of the Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent
Institute. He’s the author of several books including
“Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace,
Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at (703) 282-3484
(cell); ieland@independent.org

7. ==> Pay Less Tax in 2016

Certified financial planner Roel Sarmago will share the
‘3 Ds’ of lowering your income tax bill in 2016, plus
what you can still do to lower your 2015 tax
obligation. He’ll teach your audience what they need to
do to deduct, defer and divide once they have decided
to downsize what they owe the taxman. Sarmago has
suggestions for both Canadian and U.S. taxpayers; he’ll
cover everything from starting a business to 401(k)s
and their Canadian equivalents and splitting your
income among family members who earn less than you do.
He is the author of “Undiscovered Riches: Busting 7
Money Myths to Find Your Hidden Wealth.” He is also a
speaker and financial life coach whose advice has
appeared in MoneySense magazine. Reach him at (647)
494-7880; roel@valorton.com

8. ==> Politics and Your Mental Health

No doubt about it–one’s values and outlook on life can
lead to greater emotional well-being–or cynicism and
unhappiness. There are key differences in philosophy
between Republicans and Democrats on the right way to
conduct one’s life and create optimal conditions for
the majority of people. Which ways of thinking improves
psychological health? Which impede personal growth?
According to psychologist Dr. Paul Coleman,
“Emotionally healthy people meet life’s challenges
head-on with determination and creativity, bounce back
from defeats, extend themselves for others, and view
life as positive and meaningful despite adversity.” In
30 years of practice he’s noticed that the people who
are the most stressed, most unhappy, and whose
relationships get most complicated, must change their
outlook and approach to life in key ways. Which changes
are more aligned with a Democrat or Republican
philosophy? Have your listeners take the quiz and
decide! Paul Coleman, Ph.D., is the author of 12 books
including “Finding Peace When Your Heart Is in Pieces”
Contact him at (845) 546-1206

9. ==> What You Should Never Tell Coworkers

Everyone knows you should never share your salary with
your coworkers. But what else is best kept to yourself?
Tami Gilbert, an author, nurse and MBA holder who
experienced bullying and betrayal at work, devotes an
entire chapter to the topic in her new book, “Courage
to Persevere: A Compelling Story of Struggle, Survival
and Triumph.” Gilbert will explain why you should think
twice before talking about your recent breakup or
divorce, how bad your girlfriend is treating you, the
son who can’t hold a job who moved back home or the new
BMW you just bought. She’ll offer guidelines about
what’s acceptable water cooler discussion and what
should only be shared with trusted friends outside of
work. Gilbert shares why work is like being on stage,
not everyone who is nice to you is your friend and it’s
a good idea to be kind to people no matter how they
behave on the job. Reach her at (312) 218-1744;

10. ==> 2016 Dating Advice – Get Offline

Tired of turning up duds from online dating? Maybe your
grandparents are right about meeting in real life! A
recent article in the Wall Street Journal’s Personal
section offered tips for a better love life in 2016.
Among them, go out alone, and not in groups. Invite
clinical psychotherapist Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, Ed.D, on
your show to give even more powerful, research-based
tips. You’ll learn why a smile is not enough to make
someone say hello, how to make sure no one will walk
away from asking you for a date, and the dos and don’ts
about getting your friends to help you meet new people.
Dr. Wish is a seasoned media guest and the author of
“Smart Relationships.” Contact her at (941) 363-0505
(FL); (941) 928-1547 (cell) or

11. ==> When Your Life is ‘Groundhog Day’

February 2nd is Groundhog Day. Remember the classic
movie of the same name? Anne Jolles says many people
can relate to the film and Bill Murray’s character, a
guy who wakes up each morning and must relive the same
day over and over and over. Like Phil the weatherman,
they grapple with the question: “What would you do if
you were stuck in one place and everything was exactly
the same and nothing that you did mattered?” Jolles, an
award-winning life coach and author, knows just what to
do. She’ll explain how anyone can break the cycle that
makes every day feel like the one before it by asking
five simple questions. Jolles created the Grace Trail
in 2012 to help her cope with the worry of having a son
in combat in Afghanistan. Since then, the concept has
guided thousands to begin a conversation around joy,
hope and resiliency. Plymouth, MA is the site of the
original path, but Grace Trail can be walked anywhere,
from the comfort of your audience’s kitchen to the
office or any outdoor spot. Anne will blend her own
life lessons with the latest research, while sharing
practical, heart-warming advice to walk off worries,
one step at a time. She is the author of “Grace Trail:
Find Your Footing and Move toward the Life You Were
Meant to Live.” Contact her at (781) 878-8589;

12. ==> Help! My Kid’s a Teen!

Many parents say they’re shocked to see their sweet,
loving children morph into moody, self-involved
brooding teens. Sure, you knew it was coming, but who
thought it would be so difficult? According to author,
parenting coach and family sociologist Laura Reagan-
Porras, parents make it a lot harder than it has to be.
In an interview that can be conducted in Spanish or
English, Reagan-Porras will explain why parents need to
stop trying to limit their teen’s friends, ways to
prevent them from getting bad grades and why they
should adopt a more robot-like attitude. She’ll cover
where to draw the line-in-the-sand, and how to get a
grip on teen culture without your teen thinking you’re
a dork. Reagan-Porras is a parenting expert, speaker,
experienced media guest and author of the upcoming book
“How to Raise Respectful Parents.” Contact her at (956)
250-3689; laura@heart2heartparents.com

13. ==> Best and Worst Pain Treatments

According to a recent study, surgery for chronic pain
conditions performed no better than a placebo. Other
studies show patients who take opioids like OxyContin
and Vicodin for chronic pain have more disability and a
lower quality of life than patients who don’t. Pain
treatment expert and chronic pain survivor Cindy
Perlin, LCSW, says, “That means that most of the $300
billion spent annually for pain treatment in the U.S.
is doing more harm than good!” According to Perlin, the
biggest shame of all is that there are more effective
treatments for pain that doctors aren’t telling
patients about and insurance companies won’t pay for.
She’ll discuss safer alternatives for treating pain and
explain how Tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen can be
deadly — even when taken as directed! Cindy Perlin is
a licensed clinical social worker, certified
biofeedback practitioner and chronic pain survivor.
She’s appeared on numerous radio programs and is the
author of “The Truth about Chronic Pain Treatment: The
Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.”
Contact her at (518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

14. ==> January 23rd is National Handwriting Day

Do a fun show on handwriting analysis when you bring
David “Doc” Grayson on your show. He’s been studying
the hidden meanings behind people’s scribbles for
nearly four decades and will reveal secret personality
traits you can uncover just by getting someone’s
autograph. Grayson will explain the science of
handwriting and what it can tell you about others – and
yourself. Learn some of the 144 traits handwriting can
reveal, how to use handwriting analysis to your
advantage on the job and in your personal life, and
what you can learn from looking at your kids’
handwriting. David Grayson, Ed.D., is considered the
world’s leading handwriting authority. He’s appeared on
ABC, CNN and NBC and has worked with companies, police
departments and lawyers. A teacher for more than 40
years, Grayson is the author of “Handwriting Secrets
Revealed: The Book on Handwriting Analysis.” Contact
him at (708) 524-1091 (IL); docgrayson@aol.com

15. ==> Better than a Lottery Ticket

Disappointed you didn’t win the big lottery last week?
Anelia Sutton says you shouldn’t rely on luck when it
comes to your financial future. Anelia says there are
better ways to financial freedom, especially in the
ever-evolving web-world. “The next generation of
millionaires can be found on the Internet, turning
websites into global businesses!” Invite this serial
entrepreneur to explain better – and safer –
alternatives to investing in the stock market and share
how anyone can generate passive income. Anelia Sutton
is the owner of Tiny Little Empires, an online business
development company. A native of Panama City, Panama,
the Maryland-based innovator founded her company in
2011 with a mission to invest in small business start
ups in order to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to,
like her, become “Ex-Cubicle” workers. Contact her at
(240) 839-1120; anelia@tinylittleempires.com

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