01/18/18 RTIR Newsletter: Fake News Awards, Valentine’s Intimacy, Roe v Wade

January 18, 2018

01. How to Solve North Korea: Women
02. Hijacking Religious Freedom
03. Trump’s Fake News Awards
04. The Real Laura Ingalls Wilder
05. At Work – What Is and Isn’t Sexual Harassment
06. If Opposites Attract, Do Their Relationships Work?
07. Keep the Fire Burning: Love the One You’re With
08. Happy Valentine’s Day to You
09. What She Really Wants – Intimacy
10. The Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s Us
11. Will You Be Working Until You Die?
12. Time for Yearly Business Check-Up
13. Train You Brain for Less Pain
14. Roe v Wade at 45
15. Sunday is National Hugging Day

1. ==> How to Solve North Korea: Women

Christine Ahn was part of the Vancouver Women’s Forum
on Peace and Security as the Vancouver Summit on Korea
was meeting this week. She says, “Secretary Tillerson’s
depiction of commercial airline flights as potential
targets of North Korea’s missile tests is reminiscent
of Colin Powell’s UN presentation about Iraq’s ‘so-
called’ weapons of mass destruction. This provocative
effort to demonize North Korea sets up justification
for even more extreme measures against DPRK, such as a
naval blockade, which will be viewed by North Koreans
as a war-like action. We urged foreign ministers to
prepare the table for dialogue with North Korea.
Instead, they chose to obstruct the path for peace
being laid by North and South Korea.” Ahl says the
U.S.-led ‘maximum pressure’ approach has utterly failed
to halt North Korea’s nuclear and missile program and
that seventy years of sanctions and isolation of North
Korea have only furthered the DPRK’s resolve to develop
its nuclear arsenal. Ahn is founder of Women Cross DMZ.
Based in Hawaii, she recently wrote the piece “In North
Korea talks, Tillerson needs women at the negotiating
table” for The Hill. Contact her at
christineahn@mac.com, @christineahn

2. ==> Hijacking Religious Freedom

President Trump proclaimed Tuesday as Religious Freedom
Day but Frederick Clarkson says, “Religious Freedom Day
reinforces the Christian Right’s claim that religious
freedom affords people the right to discriminate
against LGBTQ people and gives consent to federal
agencies, departments, contractors, and grantees to
discriminate in their employment practices. It also
blurs the federal non-profit tax code that proscribes
electioneering by tax-exempt groups, including
churches.” He adds, “Religious freedom is not a lovely
antique, a family heirloom, or a relic of a bygone era.
It is a dynamic, progressive value that underlies every
other constitutional freedom we have — and it is under
siege.” Clarkson is senior research analyst at
Political Research Associates, a think tank in
Somerville, Mass. He is the author of “Eternal
Hostility: The Struggle between Theocracy and
Democracy” and editor of “Dispatches from the Religious
Left: The Future of Faith and Politics in America.”
Contact him at

3. ==> Trump’s Fake News Awards

President Donald Trump promised his Fake Media Awards
would be unveiled yesterday, calling them the first of
an annual ‘Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards of the
Year’. But Andrew Conte, director of the Center for
Media Innovation at Point Park University, says they
‘dishonor’ might just be embraced by some outlets.
“These prizes might be more coveted than the Pulitzer,”
Conte says. “Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah have gone
so far as to run Oscar-like ‘for your consideration’
campaigns in hopes of being recognized.” In return,
Conte says, journalism outlets might consider an award
to the president for the ways in which he’s set new
standards for media content. “The Trump political era
has introduced Americans to grabbing women between
their legs and using the presidential primary to
comment on the size of his manhood. Media outlets most
recently have had to wrestle over whether to repeat the
president’s reported description of African nations as
‘s*&#hole countries.’” Contact Lou Corsaro at (412)
392-6190; lcorsaro@pointpark.edu

4. ==> The Real Laura Ingalls Wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books have sold over sixty
million copies in forty-five languages and were
reincarnated in the 1970s and 1980s as one of the
longest-running, most popular shows in television
history, Little House on the Prairie. Born February 7,
1867, her life was set against nearly a century of
dramatic change. But what do we know of the real Laura
Ingalls Wilder? Caroline Fraser’s new biography
“Prairie Fires” tells Wilder’s story as never before.
Listeners will learn how it wasn’t until the age of
sixty, after losing nearly everything in the
Depression, Wilder began writing children’s books,
partially on the urging of her daughter, who had found
success in the literary trade herself. Fraser will
share other surprising facts, both stranger and darker
than her books, and discuss how Wilder’s life provides
a unique perspective on American history and our
national mythology of self-reliance. Contact Johanna
Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137 or Megan Bonomo at (703)

5. ==> At Work – What Is and Isn’t Sexual Harassment

The #MeToo movement has many people asking questions
about what is and isn’t sexual harassment. Can you give
a coworker a compliment? What about a pat on the back?
Is light-hearted teasing OK? Is it alright to date
someone you work with? Dr. ArLyne Diamond, a workplace
consultant, will run down office behaviors to be
avoided, discuss whether men and women are scrutinized
equally, and explain how to file a complaint if you
think you’ve been sexually harassed at work. Dr. ArLyne
Diamond is an internationally recognized leadership,
management, professional development, and
organizational development consultant and the president
of Diamond Associates. Contact Mark Goldman at (516)
639-0988; mark@goldmanmccormick.com

6. ==> If Opposites Attract, Do Their Relationships

We’ve all seen it: Type A perfectionist falls for an
impulsive adrenaline junkie. When this improbable
match-up gives it a go, sometimes it succeeds, and
sometimes it doesn’t. This Valentine’s Day, invite Dr.
Sarah Brown to help couples take the guesswork out of
making a relationship work. She’ll reveal a cutting-
edge, personalized tool that couples can use to help
decide how to move forward: which differences they need
to negotiate, which to avoid, and most of all, how to
bring out the best in each other. Sarah spent 30 years
working with Fortune 500 companies to recruit, screen,
and manage their talent. She says romance is a serious
business, and you’ve got to carefully screen anyone
vying to become your partner. You’ll learn how to use
the same criteria hiring managers use to build
successful teams at work to recognize your unique
interests, strengths, and needs in your career and
relationships. Contact Dr. Sarah Brown at (302)
521-9739 or at sarah@bookofyou.com.

7. ==> Keep the Fire Burning: Love the One You’re With

At Sharkie Zartman’s wedding people were taking bets on
how long the marriage would last. Odds were on less
than two years, but 42 years later the couple is still
happily married. Invite her to share ‘6 Rules of
Engagement’ that are fun, easy and powerful. She says
if they worked for her, they’ll work for anyone. A
former member of the USA National Volleyball Team,
Sharkie has taught or coached more than 40,000 students
and athletes in the areas of health, fitness and
sports. She hosts the weekly radio program Sharkie’s
Pep Talk on Healthy Life.Net Radio and is the author of
six books including her latest, “Have Fun Getting Fit:
Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body.” Contact
her at (310) 379-1869 or (310) 415-0190;

8. ==> Happy Valentine’s Day to You

Is there someone you’re forgetting this Valentine’s
Day? Kathryn Orford says there probably is, and it’s
yourself! “How can you expect anyone else to love,
honor and appreciate you, if you don’t love honor and
appreciate yourself? Let’s face it… If you’re
constantly looking to someone else to tell you you’re
special, good enough, attractive enough, lovable etc…
you’re doomed.” Kathryn suggests, whether single or in
a relationship, you commit to becoming your own #1 fan.
Kathryn Orford, the Confidence Coach, has trained with
the world’s leading experts in self-esteem, self-
belief, human potential and peak performance. She is a
personal and professional development trainer who helps
equip clients with the skills, beliefs, behaviors and a
positive mindset to reach their goals and dreams. She
is also the author of “Become Your #1 Fan.” Contact her
at (808) 428-7078; kathryn@kathrynorford.com

9. ==> What She Really Wants – Intimacy

Yes, chocolates are great, and so is jewelry, but the
real thing women crave is intimacy. Unfortunately, many
men are so afraid of intimacy they sabotage their own
happiness by subconsciously pushing their partner away.
Invite Tom Gagliano to share ways to enhance intimacy
and enjoy the closeness it creates in a relationship.
He suggests, “Help your partner in those areas in their
life where they don’t expect help. The key is to do it
without expecting anything in return. Although, it will
very likely help you get lucky in the bedroom.” Tom
Gagliano returned to school to receive an MSW at age
51. He’s a life coach and the author of several books
including his latest, “Don’t Put Your Crap in Your
Kid’s Diaper.” Contact him at (732) 266-4952 (NJ);

10. ==> The Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s Us

Journalist James Traub believes Americans have become
decadent and depraved, comparing current culture to the
decadent days of the Roman Empire and Louis XVI’s
France. He says, “Decadence describes a cultural,
moral, and spiritual disorder — the Donald Trump in us.
We currently lack not only a sense of shared citizenry
or collective good, but even a shared body of fact or a
collective mode of reasoning toward the truth.” Traub
cites the new tax cuts that favor the wealthy,
particularly Trump himself. “When Teddy Roosevelt
called the monopolists of his day ‘malefactors of great
wealth,’ the epithet stung — and stuck. Now the bankers
and brokers and private equity barons who helped drive
the nation’s economy into a ditch in 2008 react with
outrage when they’re singled out for blame. Being a
‘wealth creator’ means never having to say you’re
sorry. Enough voters accept this proposition that
Donald Trump pays no political price for unapologetic
greed.” James Traub is a contributing editor at Foreign
Policy, a fellow at the Center on International
Cooperation, and author of the book “John Quincy Adams:
Militant Spirit.” Contact him at @jamestraub1 or Hanna
Berman at hanna.berman@foreignpolicy.com

11. ==> Will You Be Working Until You Die?

Millions of Americans aren’t prepared for retirement
and will run out of money before they die. Others have
made risky retirement investments that could wipe out
their savings before they even retire. In this current
political environment, what’s a safe, practical way to
plan for retirement? Chartered retirement planning
counselor Rodger Alan Friedman can discuss what to
consider when planning your retirement in these
uncertain times, starting today, no matter how old you
are. Rodger knows how to make retirement planning
approachable for the average person and uses humor to
make it fun. He’ll also offer listeners a free
retirement readiness assessment and a special
retirement report. Rodger Alan Friedman’s new book “The
Mindset of Retirement Success” will be available next
week. He’s also the author of “Fire Your Retirement
Planner: You.” Reach him at (844) 369-7526;

12. ==> Time for Yearly Business Check-Up

It’s January and many of your listeners are thinking
about their health and fitness. But those who are in
business for themselves should also be focusing on
wellness checks to keep their company’s competitive
edge. So says marketing pro Claudia Newcorn, who notes
that too many companies fail to check their business’s
pulse opting to react to the market instead of leading
it. Claudia can discuss smart marketing tactics to use
to propel business to new heights and five business
health checks to make. Listeners who don’t have their
own business may get ideas to share with their bosses
to make themselves look good (and to ensure that their
jobs don’t go away). Claudia Newcorn, MBA, is a
strategic marketing consultant and the author of
“Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to
Accelerate Your Sales & Profits.” A favorite of media,
she once hosted her own TV show. Reach her at (209)
204-0502; Claudia@ZiplineToSuccess.com

13. ==> Train You Brain for Less Pain

The opioid crisis has ravaged the nation.
Overprescribed by doctors, millions have become
addicted to the potent painkillers and people are
hungry for alternatives to those powerful drugs. That’s
why Carmelita Kinjo, a former ICU nurse who suffered
her own serious on-the-job injury that left her in
chronic pain, makes such a timely and informative
guest. Before she was forced to retire, Carmelita saw
many opioid overdose patients come to the ICU, some who
did not survive and some who became violent. She can
discuss what steps people need to take to cope with
opioid withdrawal as well as offer tips for people who
may be coping with mental pain such as sadness,
rejection, and embarrassment or physical pain. She’ll
cover everything from finding the right doctor to help
you on your journey to the importance of building up
your “peace of mind muscles” and using your passion to
motivate yourself to move and get out when you would
just as soon cocoon to avoid more pain. Her book is
“Stop the Pain.” Reach her at (909) 253-1394 or

14. ==> Roe v Wade at 45

Jan. 22 marks the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court
decision legalizing abortion, a topic that remains just
as heated as it did back then. This Friday, Jan. 19,
the milestone will be marked by a March for Life by
Catholics in Washington, a march considered so
important that the pope is granting those who
participate an indulgence—forgiveness of their sins.
For some perspective on this, interview Richard
Ruhling, M.D., a board certified internal medicine
doctor who has been a guest on dozens of talk radio
shows discussing current events. Among the topics Dr.
Ruhling can address are: the explosive role indulgences
played in the Protestant Reformation; why today’s
largely Catholic Supreme Court should be able to turn
back the clock on Roe v Wade (and why it should be
easier to give a few indulgences to the justices that
voted to redefine marriage in 2015), and why God should
not be expected to shrug off 60 million abortions when
He punished Egypt for killing babies during the Exodus.
Dr. Ruhling is the author of “God Bless America?”
Contact him at (928) 583-7543; Ruhling7@juno.com

15. ==> Sunday is National Hugging Day

Kevin Zaborney founded National Hugging Day on Jan 21,
1986. 32 years later, it’s still going strong and
getting bigger every year. It’s even gone international
with celebrations in Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, and
China. This year, the day will be celebrated in a big
way in Los Angeles as Kevin and The Hugging Alliance
try and set three new Guinness World Records: The most
nationalities (the goal is 100) in a group hug, the
first hugs from space, and the most 21-second hugs in a
given amount of time. Invite Zaborney to talk about the
Hug Alliance, how it got started, and why hugs are not
only healthy for our body, mind and well-being, but why
they’re actually essential! The Hug Alliance is a group
of like-minded individuals who truly believe we can
change the world by hugging heart-to-heart. By
spreading the message of embracing all types of people
regardless of social status, race, religion or any
other “label” designed to divide us, they create a
connection of intention called a “hug stream” that
spreads around the world through Hug Mobs and social
media. Contact Emily Maloney at (661) 255-8283;

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