01/17/17 RTIR E-zine: Trump’s Inauguration, Non-Thinking Kids, Inner-Selfies

January 17, 2017

FR: Lauren Healy and Chris Morabito, Editors, Radio-TV
Interview Report Newsletter

01. The Plot to Hack America
02. A Kids’-Eye View of Trump’s Inauguration
03. The Day After – Women’s Marches Across America
04. Saved by the Bell Producer Peter Engel
05. Already Missing Obama? Meet ‘Still My President’
06. Need Help Adjusting to a Trump Presidency?
07. Reduce Climate Change Despite Washington Policy
08. Amazing Space Stories You’ve Never Heard
09. Obamacare – What Happens Next?
10. Billionaires Took Our Democracy – How We Get It Back
11. Are Schools Teaching Kids to Stop Thinking?
12. Failed Resolution? So What!
13. Stop People-Pleasing for a Healthier 2017
14. What Really Caused Fisher and Reynolds’ Deaths?
15. How’s Your Inner-Selfie?

1. ==> The Plot to Hack America

Was the 2016 election rigged by the Russians? Invite
New York Times bestselling author and MSNBC contributor
Malcolm Nance to talk about the biggest political
scandal since Watergate. Nance says the entire Russian
hacking was done specifically to elect Donald Trump as
president and that Trump’s advisors, including Paul
Manafort, were most likely involved in the attack. He
also believes Vladimir Putin personally developed and
orchestrated the hacking. He’ll discuss how the
Russians have devastated individuals, political groups,
and entire nations with their cybercrimes; and how they
may have cultivated Donald Trump as an unwitting
“asset” to facilitate their ultimate foreign policy
goals—disband NATO, dominate Eastern Europe, and
replace America as the world’s superpower. Nance’s new
book is “The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s
Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016
Election.” Contact Leslie Davis at (212) 643-6816, ext.
290; ldavis@skyhorsepublishing.com

2. ==> A Kids’-Eye View of Trump’s Inauguration

Why do some middle school students think Donald Trump
is cool? What personal habit do they admire? How do
they view his lack of experience in politics and his
business interests? How about his desire to build the
wall? You’ve heard what adults are saying but what
about the kids? With the inauguration just days away,
interview middle school teacher Red (Chad) Rohl who
asked his at-risk students to spend time researching
the new president. Red then used what his students came
up with to produce a visual blog post on our next
president. Red loves to doodle and he encourages his
students to draw on their homework and notes, too. He’s
the author of “Heavy Sketchers,” a collection of 30
years’ worth of his own drawings and a proponent of a
style of learning called sketch noting as a means to
counteract kids’ short attention spans. Red appeared on
WLOS-TV to discuss his new book. Reach him at (828)
284-1973; chadrohl@gmail.com

3. ==> The Day After – Women’s Marches Across America

The Women’s March on Washington has inspired nearly 300
other ‘Sister Marches’ to take place this Saturday,
January 21st. All 50 states and Puerto Rico are
confirmed to have at least one grassroots-led march on
that day, as well as 55 global cities on six
continents, from Tokyo to Sydney, Nairobi to Paris to
Bogotá. “This is an unprecedented, organic and viral
grassroots global movement that is growing every day.
More than 500,000 people have already committed to
march all over the country and the world in just a
matter of weeks,” says Boston-based national sister
march spokeswoman Yordanos Eyoel, who became a U.S.
citizen last fall. Each march will have its own
program, from music and speeches to a rally at a
suffragist’s grave in upstate New York, to a verbal
“human mosaic” of people in Napa Valley sharing their
vision for the future. Discuss the marches, including
what’s happening in your listening area, and who is
taking part. Contact Tina Cassidy at (717) 478-3703;

4. ==> Saved by the Bell Producer Peter Engel

Peter Engel is one of the most prolific producers in
television. He created the teen sitcom Saved by The
Bell along with several other teen series and produced
the iconic Last Comic Standing. With more than 50 years
in the television industry, Engel can share stories of
his most memorable encounters, a behind-the-scenes
glimpse of Saved by the Bell, and his own story of
overcoming significant personal and professional
challenges. Now 80, Engel is still filled with energy,
candor, wisdom and positivity. His decades of
experience in the television industry will inspire
listeners chasing their own dreams, and the grace with
which he has overcome personal challenges will resonate
with everyone. “I Was Saved by the Bell” is Engel’s
newly-released memoir. Contact Jennifer Tucker at (856)
489-8654, ext. 303; jennifer@smithpublicity.com

5. ==> Already Missing Obama? Meet ‘Still My President’

Not ready to say goodbye to the Obamas? You might be
interested in Still My President, a Boston-based online
retailer that sells political T-shirts. The company
just launched the We Go High campaign named after
Michelle Obama’s memorable plea at the opening night of
the Democratic convention. Co-founder Kurt Faustin says
the movement is for anyone dissatisfied with the notion
of bigotry, sexism, racism and inequality in the U.S.
“What makes this country great is the diversity in
thought, color, religion and background, that all share
the same values of respect for one another and the
desire to come together and live in peace,” says
Faustin. The campaign is calling for Americans to take
a selfie and hashtag #WeGoHigh on the day of the
inauguration. A portion of the proceeds from the
campaign will be donated to Amnesty International.
Contact Kurt Faustin at (617) 365-9699;

6. ==> Need Help Adjusting to a Trump Presidency?

Many Americans are deeply depressed about the election
of President Donald Trump and worried about the
country’s future. Though understandable, Devadas
Chelvam says the depression and worry makes the
situation even worse. Chelvam says people need to
choose to be happy—right now! “Find a way to love Trump
and the members of his administration unconditionally,
to visualize Americans being reconciled and the country
as peaceful and prosperous.” He says, “Depression and
worry are energy spent to create exactly what is
feared. And that is a rather risky attitude to adopt at
this juncture.” Born in Sri Lanka, Devadas Chelvam
spent nine years as a priest before embarking on a 20-
year career in child protective services in New York
City. He has master’s degrees in theology and sociology
and conducts workshops on the healing power of love.
His latest book is “From Fear to Limitless Love: Your
Path to Finding Self-Worth, Harmony and Bliss.” Contact
him at (610) 882-1032; dc@limitlesslove.net

7. ==> Reduce Climate Change Despite Washington Policy

2016 was the second-hottest year in U.S. history yet
Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees for the EPA and energy
secretary say climate change isn’t real. No wonder
people who care about the environment may be worried
about the future. Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., a 30-year career
environmental consultant, wants Americans to take heart
and understand that the choices they make and how and
where they spend their money can have a tremendous
impact on the world around them. Invite Moyer on your
show to discuss how to reduce the impact your family
makes on climate change with the foods you buy and the
way you heat and cool your home. You’ll also learn what
you can do to keep forests and wildlife healthier,
starting in your backyard and mailbox. Dr. Ellen Moyer
is a registered professional engineer with 30 years of
environmental consulting experience. She’s a regular
contributor to The Huffington Post and has presented
more than 100 seminars in North America and Europe. Her
new book is “Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to
Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World.” Contact her
at (413) 862-3452; ellenmoyer@em-green.com

8. ==> Amazing Space Stories You’ve Never Heard

Rod Pyle is a wealth of NASA knowledge and a fun guest
to talk about everything space-related. Invite him on
your show to discuss current space topics like SpaceX’s
recently announced Big Mars Plans (huge 100 passenger
Mars ships for 2025) or old, little-known topics like
plans from the 1960s that involved atomic spaceships
(yes, powered by atomic bomb explosions!) Rod Pyle has
written several books and produced numerous
documentaries for the History Channel and Discovery
Communications, including the acclaimed Modern Marvels:
Apollo 11. He has lectured at NASA’s Johnson Space
Center, and written for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
Caltech, LiveScience, and Space.com. His new book,
“Amazing Stories of the Space Age,” shares zany never-
flown ideas for space missions from the 1940s through
the end of the 20th century. Contact him at (626)
399-4440; rodpyle@yahoo.com

9. ==> Obamacare – What Happens Next?

The Affordable Care Act—Obamacare— is in trouble. It’s
extended health insurance coverage to fewer people than
promised, in many parts of the country, insurers are
abandoning the market due to financial losses, and even
those covered face double digit premium increases and
deductibles that are hundreds of percent higher than
before. Supporters say the problems can be fixed but
critics insist that Obamacare is mortally wounded, and
should be euthanized. Invite Philip Romero and Randy
Miller to help your listeners make sense of the health
policy debate. You’ll hear how health costs have grown
more than twice as fast as incomes, why the health
sector now consumes almost one in five dollars in our
economy, and the blind spots that Democrats and
Republicans each have about health care. Romero is a
finance professor and former business dean at the
University of Oregon, as well as twice chief economist
to the governor of California. Randy Miller is an
insurance and public finance specialist. Their book
“Health Financing Without Deficits: Reform that
Sidesteps Political Gridlock” outlines a new way to
finance health care. Contact Romero at (503) 640-6206;
promero@uoregon.edu or Miller at (541) 510-2042;

10. ==> Billionaires Took Our Democracy – How We Get It

Invite author and political activist Jill Cody to
discuss ‘The Velvet Coup’ that has taken place in
American politics. Cody says, “The individuals who
executed the coup view America’s resources and people
as nothing more than new avenues of profit. Proposed
Cabinet members are all millionaires and billionaires
solidifying the coup. Their goal will be to destroy
government and privatize public programs and resources
by using code words such as ‘reform, efficiency, and
modernization.’ If America is run like a business, then
it is no longer a country.” Cody will identify key
individuals and actions, what Millennials confront, and
organizations fighting on democracy’s frontlines. Jill
Cody, M.P.A., has worked the last 31-years in public
service including politics, the environment, higher
education and organizational development. She’s the
author of “America Abandoned: The Secret Velvet Coup
That Cost Us Our Democracy.” Contact her at (831)
205-1303, americaabandoned@gmail.com

11. ==> Are Schools Teaching Kids to Stop Thinking?

School used to be a place where students learned how to
use reason and academic skills to solve problems. But
nationally recognized author Tom DeWeese says today’s
Department of Education instructs teachers not to teach
students how to think but what to think. DeWeese says
the classroom has become a place for non-stop
propaganda and behavior modification to impose a
“proper” thought process called “Globally Acceptable
Truth.” DeWeese says the result is today’s generation
of college students who live in constant fear of
microaggression and trigger warnings. Invite DeWeese to
discuss how we got here and what is required to restore
proper education in our schools. Tom DeWeese has been
featured on Fox News’ Follow the Money, Hannity and
Colmes, The Michael Reagan Talk Show and in The New
York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington
Post, and The Washington Times. He’s the author of
“Erase.” Contact him at (540) 341-8911 (VA);

12. ==> Failed Resolution? So What!

Andro Donovan has two words for people who didn’t
decide to join a gym, lose five pounds, eat less
chocolate or be nicer to their in-laws for the new
year: Well done! The author of the new book “Motivate
Yourself: Get the Life You Want, Find Purpose and
Achieve Fulfilment” says, “Resolutions are dramas
waiting to happen. They are expectations that you are
going to fail after your good intentions peter out.”
She says, “What works is a desire or intention to
slightly steer yourself in the direction you want to
go, a gentle steering away from what didn’t work and a
steering into where you want to take your life.” Andro
Donovan is a leadership development specialist. In 1990
she set up the Hemingways Group, a leadership
development and corporate transformation consultancy.
She is best known for her life-changing retreats which
take place around the world. Contact her at
+4407711238410; andro@trend.co.uk;
andro@androdonovan.com; Skype: andro.donovan1

13. ==> Stop People-Pleasing for a Healthier 2017

Want to have less stress, sleep better, get fewer colds
and flus and avoid headaches and heartburn? Doing so
may be as simple as saying no to obligations, chores
and social commitments you agree to just to make other
people happy. Find out why people-pleasers get sick
more often from Dr. Don (MacDonald). He’s a recovering
people-pleaser and chiropractor who realized that many
patients were coming into his office because of stress-
related conditions fueled by their own excess worries
and inability to say no for their own good. Dr. Don
will explain ways moving your body, deciding in advance
what you will and won’t do and defining your purpose
can lead to a healthier and happier New Year. Dr. Don
is the bestselling author of “The Underdog Curse.” He’s
an experienced radio and TV guest who can be reached at
780-983-5102; drdon@shaw.ca

14. ==> What Really Caused Fisher and Reynolds’ Deaths?

Millions of fans were devastated by the recent deaths
of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds.
Zeesham Raza says the mother/daughter passing was
caused by a lifetime of heartbreak and emotional
baggage that reached a tipping point. Moreover, he
says, we can learn from them how to prevent our own
past traumas from turning deadly. He says, “Reynolds’
childhood feelings of rejection, shame and
worthlessness from being unpopular at school and
impoverished, the betrayal she felt over Eddie Fisher’s
leaving her for Elizabeth Taylor and the humiliation
she experienced from her second husband’s financial
difficulties—all caused her emotional bucket to
overflow when Carrie died.” He’ll also discuss Carrie,
and the impact of her mother’s two divorces as well as
the self-abuse, shame and humiliation she experienced
from her own addiction and failed relationships.
Listeners will learn a technique anyone can use to
release trapped emotions so they won’t lead to disease
and ailments. He’s a healer and author who took charge
of his own emotional health after getting a serious
diagnosis. Reach him at (416) 858-4788;

15. ==> How’s Your Inner-Selfie?

Social media is full of selfies taken by everyone from
the president to the pope and ordinary people. We love
them because they are fun, quick and attention-getting.
They are also superficial. Married duo Roe and Don
Polcyzneski Jr. want to tell your listeners about a
deeper form of selfie they call an inner-selfie.
They’ll explain what it is (briefly, a way of looking
at your life that lets you grasp your true potential
and ultimately create your ideal future). The authors
of “Changing Your Equation” say most of us have never
taken a good look at our personalities, natural
tendencies, talents and interests and therefore don’t
know ourselves as well as we think. Reach Roe and Don
at (315) 368-8661

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