01/12/16 RTIR E-zine: Guatemalan Showdown, Powerball Money, Gun Violence

January 12, 2016

01. Implications of Guatemalan Showdown
02. 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm
03. Powerball: What Would You Do with the Money?
04. You Don’t Want to Win Powerball Because…
05. Better than a Lottery Ticket
06. Gun Violence is Personal
07. The Problem that’s Bigger than the NFL
08. Treason VS. Patriotism – Whistleblowers
09. Climate Accord: Are We Solving the Right Problem?
10. Play it Forward: The Benefits of Fun at Work
11. When Your Life is ‘Groundhog Day’
12. Parenting Topic – What is Co-Creation?
13. Pain Treatments Your Doc Won’t Tell You About
14. The Silent Killer – Pancreatic Cancer
15. Inspiring New Year Health Show

1. ==> Implications of Guatemalan Showdown

Guatemalan authorities last week arrested 18 former
military officers on charges related to massacres and
disappearances during the 1980s, the bloodiest period
of the country’s 36-year civil war. In 2013, a former
military dictator, Gen. Efrain Ríos Montt, was
convicted of genocide, but the verdict was overturned.
A retrial is scheduled to begin next week. Jimmy
Morales, a former television comedian and producer will
be inaugurated next Thursday. Allan Nairn is a noted
investigative reporter who has done extensive work on
Central American death squads. He says, “The uprising,
where hundreds of thousands of people came into the
streets, brought down General Pérez Molina, and it
created a climate where the prosecutors dared to try to
go forward with these charges. The men arrested also
form part of the core of the group that’s the incoming
government of Jimmy Morales, just elected. …the pits
are just stacked with skeletons. So, this has big
implications.” Contact him at 1cabang@gmail.com,
2. ==> 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm

January 17 is the 25th anniversary of the beginning of
Desert Storm. Invite Ivan Eland to discuss George H. W.
Bush’s first Gulf War against Saddam Hussein. “The
victory appeared to be smashing, as American military
propaganda dazzled the world with footage of the
accurate strikes against Iraqi targets. Saddam’s third-
rate army was blasted in half and had to retreat from
Kuwait, and his air force either was impaired or had to
fly to Iran to escape the reach of the American
superpower. Saddam’s power was broken and he was no
longer an offensive threat to his neighbors.” Eland
says historians are finally beginning to question
whether this short-term victory was really a long-term
triumph.”Perhaps the purveyors of history should also
begin to closely examine whether other hallowed
American wars–such as the Civil War and World War I–
don’t fit the same abysmal narrative. If they did,
maybe public opinion would change about jumping into
wars of choice that have calamitous long-term
implications.” Ivan Eland a senior fellow and director
of the Center on Peace and Liberty at the Independent
Institute. He’s the author of several books including
“Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace,
Prosperity, and Liberty.” Contact him at (703) 282-3484
(cell); ieland@independent.org

3. ==> Powerball: What Would You Do with the Money?

Lottery fever is everywhere with this week’s Powerball
jackpot expected to top $1 Billion. What would you do
with even a small part of that fortune? Financial life
coach Roel Sarmago says, “The first 5 things you should
do if you win the lottery: Number one, hire 24/7
personal security. Number two, change your contact
info. Then pay off your consumer debts, lock up your
money for a year, and educate yourself.” According to a
study conducted by Vanderbilt University, lottery
winners are twice more likely to claim bankruptcy than
non-lottery winners. Sarmago says “Lack of money isn’t
the problem—lack of financial knowledge is the
problem.” Roel Sarmago, a certified financial planner,
is the author of “Undiscovered Riches: Busting 7 Money
Myths to Find Your Hidden Wealth.” His advice has
appeared in MoneySense magazine and other publications.
Contact him at (647) 494-7880; roel@valorton.com

4. ==> You Don’t Want to Win Powerball Because…

Some folks are dreaming big this week, complete with
pictures of an oversized check, but most of us know the
lottery is a losing proposition. And besides, hitting
the jackpot isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, is it?
Psychologist Dr. Frieda Birnbaum says you should
actually be thankful if you don’t win. “A common tale
heard from many lottery winners is that their
relationships with family & friends can change – not
always for the better. Pressure from family & friends
to give them part of your winnings may sour your
relationships.” In fact, Dr. Frieda’s got an entire
list of things that will make you feel better about not
winning. Frieda Birnbaum is a research psychologist,
psychoanalyst and author of “What Price Power: An In-
Depth Study of the Professional Woman in a
Relationship.” She’s an expert on depression, women’s
issues, and attaining happiness. Birnbaum has been
featured on Oprah and 20/20. Contact Ryan McCormick at
(919) 377-1200; (516) 901-1103.

5. ==> Better than a Lottery Ticket

You could play the lottery and hope you win big, but
Anelia Sutton says, you shouldn’t rely on luck when it
comes to your financial future. Anelia says there are
better ways to financial freedom, especially in the
ever-evolving web-world. “The next generation of
millionaires can be found on the Internet, turning
websites into global businesses!” Invite this serial
entrepreneur to explain better – and safer –
alternatives to investing in the stock market and share
how anyone can generate passive income. Anelia Sutton
is the owner of Tiny Little Empires, an online business
development company. A native of Panama City, Panama,
the Maryland-based innovator founded her company in
2011 with a mission to invest in small business start
ups in order to help other aspiring entrepreneurs to,
like her, become “Ex-Cubicle” workers. Contact her at
(240) 839-1120; anelia@tinylittlehelpers.com

6. ==> Gun Violence is Personal

Earlier this month, a tearful Barack Obama said he
would use his executive authority to tighten background
checks and who is licensed to sell guns. While David
Brady applauds the president for taking action, he
doesn’t see it as a game changer. Brady knows what it’s
like to be on the wrong side of gun barrel wielded by
an unstable person. When he was 12, his alcoholic
father tried to shoot him three times with a Remington
Pump Shotgun. The gun jammed. Brady says, “What my
father’s attempted murder did was destroy our family,
and create incredible post-traumatic stress that
propelled me into alcohol and drug abuse as a
teenager.” Brady was able to put self-sabotage behind
him to become a writer and producer of TV and films.
The author of “Transforming Childhood Trauma,” says, “I
am not against guns per se. But I am against anyone,
regardless of their mental or emotional state being
able to purchase one randomly.” Contact him at (613)
484-9675; david@davidbradycommunications.com

7. ==> The Problem that’s Bigger than the NFL

The case of college football player Michael Keck has
added more fuel to the fire about whether young
children should play football.
Despite the fact that Keck, 25, never played
professional football, he was diagnosed with chronic
traumatic encephalopathy, the Alzheimer’s-like disease
that also claimed the likes of former Chicago Bears
safety Dave Duerson and former San Diego Chargers
linebacker Junior Seau, and with equal severity. Invite
Carol Shifflett to talk about the issue of traumatic
brain injury (TBI) and explain why the problem is
bigger than just pro football. She says it’s not only
athletes who suffer from the disease, but children,
military members and even some abuse victims can suffer
from concussions and brain injuries. She’ll share the
subtle and sometimes surprising symptoms of TBI, how it
affects sufferers and proven ways to treat it and help
the brain heal. Carol Shifflett and Dr. Mary Lee Esty
are the authors of “Conquering Concussion: Healing TBI
Symptoms with Neurofeedback and Without Drugs.” Contact
Shifflett at (412) 741-7286 (PA);

8. ==> Treason VS. Patriotism – Whistleblowers

Steeped in controversy, 2015 was a banner year for
whistle-blowing in the United States. Whistleblowers
and their advocates scored the first U.S. Supreme Court
victory under the newly enacted Whistleblower
Protection and Enhancement Act (WPEA) and Senators
Charles “Chuck” Grassley and Ron Wyden organized the
first Senate Whistleblower Protection Caucus on Capitol
Hill. Invite Michael McCray to discuss the issue and
why, despite the victories, the Obama Administration
has still prosecuted more whistleblowers and
journalists than all other Administrations combined. He
says, “Whistleblowers have become America’s newest
political prisoners (and exiles).” He’ll discuss Laura
Poitras’ Academy Award win for “Citizen Four,” the
Edward Snowden story, and investigative journalist
Glenn Greenwald’s launch of The Intercept online
magazine and how whistle-blowing has intersected
American pop culture and politics. Federal
whistleblower and leading public interest advocate,
Michael McCray, Esq., CPA, hosts the Whistleblower
Summit for Civil and Human Rights, the largest and most
prestigious whistleblower conference on Capitol Hill.
He is the author of “Race, Power and Politics—the
Inside Story of ACORN.” Contact him at (703) 743-0565;

9. ==> Climate Accord: Are We Solving the Right

While the participants of the recent, historic Paris
climate change agreement deserve praise for their
foresight and hard work, Dr. Peter Ward says they may
have been blinded to the real cause of global warming.
“Throughout Earth history, sudden warming has occurred
as frequently as every few thousand years. Warming
typically starts suddenly and cools slowly. Sudden
warming usually occurs when basaltic lava flows form
over large areas.” Invite Ward to discuss the largest
basalt flow in 231 years, which formed around
Bárðarbunga volcano in Iceland from August 2014 through
February 2015, covering an area of 33 square miles—the
size of Manhattan—and causing 2015 to be the hottest
year on record. Ward says spending trillions of dollars
reducing greenhouse-gas concentrations could have no
significant effect on reducing global warming. Ward
worked 27 years with the US Geological Survey studying
volcanoes and other natural hazards around the world.
He’s the author of “What Really Causes Global Warming?
Greenhouse Gases or Ozone Depletion?” Contact Lonni
Miller at (973) 686-3660; LonniMiller@aol.com

10. ==> Play it Forward: The Benefits of Fun at Work

Ever wonder how companies like Google, Zappos and
Southwest develop winning workplace cultures with high
productivity and profitability? Regardless of the
industry, there is a common thread running through the
highest performing companies: the inherent or stated
culture of fun. Among companies denoted as “great” in
Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For,” a whopping
81% of employees say they work in a fun environment.
Invite Nick Gianoulis to share how he created “The Fun
Dept” and why he’s now “Playing it Forward” and sharing
his playbook, model and science on how to create a
winning workplace culture. You’ll learn how to attract
the best employees and keep them, and why happy
employees work harder and increase your bottom line
profits. The Fun Dept. specializes in employee
engagement, team building and corporate events.
Gianoulis and Nat Measley are the authors of “Playing
it Forward: The Definitive “How To” Model for Creating
a Winning Workplace Culture.” Contact Nick at (302)
463-3819; nick@thefundept.com

11. ==> When Your Life is ‘Groundhog Day’

February 2nd is Groundhog Day. Remember the classic
movie of the same name? Anne Jolles says many people
can relate to the film and Bill Murray’s character, a
guy who wakes up each morning and must relive the same
day over and over and over. Like Phil the weatherman,
they grapple with the question: “What would you do if
you were stuck in one place and everything was exactly
the same and nothing that you did mattered?” Jolles, an
award-winning life coach and author, knows just what to
do. She’ll explain how anyone can break the cycle that
makes every day feel like the one before it by asking
five simple questions. Jolles created the Grace Trail
in 2012 to help her cope with the worry of having a son
in combat in Afghanistan. Since then, the concept has
guided thousands to begin a conversation around joy,
hope and resiliency. Plymouth, MA is the site of the
original path, but Grace Trail can be walked anywhere,
from the comfort of your audience’s kitchen to the
office or any outdoor spot. Anne will blend her own
life lessons with the latest research, while sharing
practical, heart-warming advice to walk off worries,
one step at a time. She is the author of “Grace Trail:
Find Your Footing and Move toward the Life You Were
Meant to Live.” Contact her at (781) 878-8589;

12. ==> Parenting Topic – What is Co-Creation?

Nobody ever said parenting was easy, but sometimes it
feels overwhelming. Help the parents in your audience
find a better way to raise thoughtful, respectful kids.
Family sociologist and parenting expert Laura Reagan-
Porras will explain co-creation, a joint effort between
parent and child to create an interactive experience
instead of parents just identifying problems and
providing solutions. “Listening to our children can
teach us how to parent them better and build more
satisfying relationships. The success in relating and
in life lessons occurs precisely when both parent and
child fully, consciously participate.” Laura Reagan-
Porras, MS is an experienced media guest and the author
of “How to Raise Respectful Parents.” Contact her at
(956) 250-3689; laura@heart2heartparents.com

13. ==> Pain Treatments Your Doc Won’t Tell You About

According to a recent study, surgery for chronic pain
conditions performed no better than a placebo. Other
studies show patients who take opioids like OxyContin
and Vicodin for chronic pain have more disability and a
lower quality of life than patients who don’t. Pain
treatment expert and chronic pain survivor Cindy
Perlin, LCSW, says, “That means that most of the $300
billion spent annually for pain treatment in the U.S.
is doing more harm than good!” According to Perlin, the
biggest shame of all is that there are more effective
treatments for pain that doctors aren’t telling
patients about and insurance companies won’t pay for.
She’ll discuss safer alternatives for treating pain and
explain why even Tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen can be
deadly — even when taken as directed! Cindy Perlin is
a licensed clinical social worker, certified
biofeedback practitioner and chronic pain survivor.
She’s appeared on numerous radio programs and is the
author of “The Truth about Chronic Pain Treatment: The
Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.”
Contact her at (518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

14. ==> The Silent Killer – Pancreatic Cancer

Just before Valentine’s Day 2008, Kristen and Jessica
Bardwil lost their mother, Pamela Bardwil, to
pancreatic cancer at age 54. The disease has also
claimed the lives of Luciano Pavarotti, Patrick Swayze
and Steve Jobs. In an effort to be proactive, each
Valentine’s Day weekend they organize a 10k/5k/1k race
to honor their mother and raise money for research to
fight the disease. What started as a small community
affair has turned into a hugely successful event, so
far funding $700,000 dollars for pancreatic cancer
research nationally. Invite Kristen and Jessica to
discuss their determination to help others avoid the
tragedy they experienced, the importance of early
detection and why pancreatic cancer is so difficult to
diagnose and treat. The sisters will also share how
keeping their mother’s legacy alive by giving back to
the community has helped them. Kristen and Jessica are
founders of the Lustgarten Westlake Village Pancreatic
Cancer Research Walk/Run. Contact Catherine Jayne at
(310) 738-5101; JCStrategies@gmail.com

15. ==> Inspiring New Year Health Show

69-year-old Joe Pinella is in excellent shape. He can
do things he couldn’t even do in his 20s, despite being
told he would be a quadriplegic when he was in his 40s.
Pinella worked his way back from a 1991 car accident
that left him paralyzed from the neck down following a
broken neck and back. He now specializes in using tai
chi and qi gong, Chinese martial arts, to help people
with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, sore
joints and balance problems live more flexible and less
painful lives. Even better, he can help anybody live a
healthier life in 2016 by blasting commonly held
harmful fitness myths. Joe Pinella is the developer of
the Healing Movements System. Contact him at (520)
343-3523; Joepinella@gmail.com

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