01/09/18 RTIR E-zine: Black Gowns, Sumo Wrestling, Hands-On Parenting

January 9, 2018

01. Black Gowns Won’t Eradicate Misogyny
02. The Legal Solution to #MeToo
03. The Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s Us
04. Civility in Politics: Former WH Social Secretaries
05. Why the Free Press Matters
06. Does Your Dog or Cat Own You? Yes!
07. Buckle Up for a Wild 2018
08. Inside the World of Sumo Wrestling
09. Forget Resolutions: Small Steps to Health
10. 2018 – Review Your Retirement Strategy
11. January is Time to Check Business Health
12. Could Your Car Seat Kill Your Child?
13. Train You Brain for Less Pain in 2018
14. Hands-On Parenting (Really!) – Kid Massage
15. Go Ahead, Give a Hug

1. ==> Black Gowns Won’t Eradicate Misogyny

Everyone was talking about Oprah Winfrey’s rousing
speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night. Roxanne Jones
said it was a beautiful moment and just what the Globes
needed. But she adds, “If only eradicating misogyny
were as simple as a wardrobe change.” Jones, a founding
editor of ESPN Magazine and former vice president at
ESPN, says, “It will take more than a fashion statement
to change the culture of abuse and harassment that
working women face — from Hollywood to the White
House. But the Golden Globes protest should get praise
for pushing this #MeToo conversation forward.” She
adds, “While it’s critical that we keep finding our
voices, we also need to move past victimhood and
mobilize to develop mechanisms to ensure our abusers
are held accountable. It’s time to address the
imbalance of power in the workplace and help develop
more women leaders.” Jones is CEO of PUSH Marketing
Group and a CNN contributor. She’s co-author of “Say it
Loud: An Illustrated History of the Black Athlete” and
talks politics, sports and culture weekly on
Philadelphia’s WURD radio. Contact her at

2. ==> The Legal Solution to #MeToo

The global #MeToo & #TimesUp movements cast a long
shadow over the Golden Globes, the first major awards
show since the Harvey Weinstein scandal rocked the
entertainment industry. Several presenters and winners
proclaimed it was time for change and Joyce Short, the
author of two books on sexual assault, agrees. She
suggests a critical next step include changing and
standardizing our laws. “The word ‘consent’ is the most
misunderstood in the English language. Our penal codes
must standardize the true meaning of consent across the
US, and hopefully, beyond.” Short, a sexual abuse
survivor, will explain the meaning of consent and share
what #FGKIA is (Freely Given Knowledgeable and Informed
Agreement) and why it’s vital for combating sex crimes.
She’ll also discuss the importance of the ItsOnUs
Pledge endorsed by President Obama and VP Biden. Joyce
Short is the author of “Carnal Abuse by Deceit” and
“Combating Romance Scams, Why Lying to Get Laid Is a
Crime!” Contact her at (917) 517-8572; short.jm@aol.com

3. ==> The Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s Us

Journalist James Traub believes Americans have become
decadent and depraved, comparing current culture to the
decadent days of the Roman Empire and Louis XVI’s
France. He says, “Decadence describes a cultural,
moral, and spiritual disorder — the Donald Trump in us.
We currently lack not only a sense of shared citizenry
or collective good, but even a shared body of fact or a
collective mode of reasoning toward the truth.” Traub
cites the new tax cuts that favor the wealthy,
particularly Trump himself. “When Teddy Roosevelt
called the monopolists of his day ‘malefactors of great
wealth,’ the epithet stung — and stuck. Now the bankers
and brokers and private equity barons who helped drive
the nation’s economy into a ditch in 2008 react with
outrage when they’re singled out for blame. Being a
‘wealth creator’ means never having to say you’re
sorry. Enough voters accept this proposition that
Donald Trump pays no political price for unapologetic
greed.” James Traub is a contributing editor at Foreign
Policy, a fellow at the Center on International
Cooperation, and author of the book “John Quincy Adams:
Militant Spirit.” Contact him at @jamestraub1 or Hanna
Berman at hanna.berman@foreignpolicy.com

4. ==> Civility in Politics: Former WH Social

Former White House social secretaries Lea Berman, who
worked for George and Laura Bush, and Jeremy Bernard,
who worked for Michelle and Barack Obama, are teaming
up to show how people from opposite ends of the
political spectrum and different walks of life can work
productively together by treating one another with
civility and respect. These Washington insiders will
share what they’ve learned through their glamorous (and
sometimes harrowing) moments with celebrities, foreign
leaders and the most unpredictable of animals—the
American politician. From both the Republican and
Democratic perspectives, they tackle issues such as
confidence, humor, loyalty, owning your mistakes,
virtual manners and dealing with difficult people.
Their concrete tips on navigating a politically divided
world are especially timely. Berman and Bernard are the
authors of “Treating People Well: The Extraordinary
Power of Civility at Work and in Life.” Contact Johanna
Ramos-Boyer at (703) 646-5137 or Megan Bonomo at (703)

5. ==> Why the Free Press Matters

How much do most of us truly understand about why
journalists do what they do and why the Constitution
affords protection for free expression? The ‘Free
Press’ has been under assault lately with the president
trying to discredit journalists and limit their access
to information. Invite Michael McCray, a public
interest advocate and expert on whistleblowing, to
discuss the importance of journalism, whistleblowers
and the role of the First Amendment. McCray was
personally bullied, intimidated and retaliated against
after he reported improprieties at his federal job
before being forced out. He says America needs
principled individuals now more than ever. McCray is a
sought-after speaker and the author of the forthcoming
“Truth, Transparency & Accountability: Wade Rathke and
The Fall of ACORN” and “Race, Power & Politics: Memoirs
of an ACORN Whistleblower.” Contact him at (870)
543-0024; mccray.michael@gmail.com.

6. ==> Does Your Dog or Cat Own You? Yes!

Why do we devote so much of our time and income to
grooming, feeding, coddling, photographing, praising,
providing laps for, and “entertaining” our pets? Jeff
Lazarus, the author of the humorous “Catakism” and
“Dogtology” books, will explore the fanatical obsession
we have with our furry, four-legged friends. Jeff, a
life-long dog and cat lover, believes we can learn a
lot from our pets, including how to learn to be a
better listener by taking cues from our canine
companions. Invite him for a fun, interesting show that
your listeners will relate to, whether they have a pet
or know someone who takes pet parenting to a whole new
level. A health science consultant with an MBA from
Pepperdine University, Lazarus taught public speaking
at the university level and conducted numerous
workshops on listening, presentation skills, and
customer engagement. His book “Listen Like a Dog”
combines his love of dogs with his ideas on listening.
Reach him at (949) 379-9624;

7. ==> Buckle Up for a Wild 2018

Will 2018 be a record year or a disastrous one? How far
will North Korea and Donald Trump push the nuclear
option? Will Iran’s protestors fail or prevail? Will
Brexit happen? And domestically; Will overheated
markets crash? What will come of ongoing—and
threatened—investigations in Washington, D.C.? No
matter where you are on the political spectrum, Dr.
Robin Burk says to expect a roller coaster ride. She’ll
explain what to do to take advantage of this year’s
opportunities and prepare for potential disasters and
disruptions. Robin Burk, MBA Ph.D., says there are real
risks ahead and real potential for unexpected progress
and both are likely to come in ways we’re not
expecting. Dr. Burk managed research in complex systems
at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the U.S.
counter-WMD center, and elsewhere. She’s the author of
“Check Your Connections: How to Thrive in an Uncertain
World.” Reach her at (703) 346-4448;

8. ==> Inside the World of Sumo Wrestling

Lynn Matsuoka, a slender brunette from New York City,
is the only foreign woman to wed one of Japan’s top
sumo wrestlers. Although no longer married to him, she
is one of the top experts on sumo wrestling in the
world and can answer any question about Japan’s
national sport. Ask Lynn: What was it like to be
married to a sumo wrestler? What do sumo wrestlers eat?
How do they gain entry into the sport? What do they
wear in public? Why are many top wrestlers foreigners?
A high-energy storyteller, Lynn gained entry into this
cloistered world through her art: she’s a legendary
reportage artist whose drawings quickly capture details
of hidden worlds, not only in sumo but also in theater,
TV shows and concerts. Well-known worldwide as a sumo
color commentator, Lynn has done hundreds of
interviews. Contact her at (808) 479-5966;

9. ==> Forget Resolutions: Small Steps to Health

The #1 New Year’s resolution concerns health: how to
avoid getting sick or feel better. Invite Reena Jadhav
to share seven small resolutions that will have a big
impact on your health. Reena suffered colon cancer at
35 and a more serious illness at 45 but found no relief
until she took control of her own health. This Harvard-
educated MBA and Wharton undergrad was told by doctors
that she couldn’t have colon cancer. They attributed
her symptoms to aging and prescribed steroids for the
rest of her life. Refusing to accept that, she started
her own journey to healing which includes taking a 20-
minute vacation every day to going barefoot and
repairing DNA while you sleep (she’ll tell you the
trick). Reena is the author of “My Heal Journal,” and
the upcoming “New You,” which reveals small steps for
going from tired, achy and sick to vibrant, energetic
and strong. Reach her at (650) 346-2500;

10. ==> 2018 – Review Your Retirement Strategy

Millions of Americans aren’t prepared for retirement
and will run out of money before they die. Others have
made risky retirement investments that could wipe out
their savings before they even retire. In this current
political environment, what’s a safe, practical way to
plan for retirement? Chartered retirement planning
counselor Rodger Alan Friedman can discuss what to
consider when planning your retirement in these
uncertain times, starting today, no matter how old you
are. Rodger knows how to make retirement planning
approachable for the average person and uses humor to
make it fun. He’ll also offer listeners a free
retirement readiness assessment and a special
retirement report. Rodger Alan Friedman’s new book “The
Mindset of Retirement Success” will be available next
week. He’s also the author of “Fire Your Retirement
Planner: You.” Reach him at (844) 369-7526;

11. ==> January is Time to Check Business Health

It’s January and many of your listeners are thinking
about their health and fitness. But those who are in
business for themselves should also be focusing on
wellness checks to keep their company’s competitive
edge. So says marketing pro Claudia Newcorn, who notes
that too many companies fail to check their business’s
pulse opting to react to the market instead of leading
it. Claudia can discuss smart marketing tactics to use
in the New Year to propel business to new heights and
five business health checks to make. Listeners who
don’t have their own business may get ideas to share
with their bosses to make themselves look good (and to
ensure that their jobs don’t go away). Claudia Newcorn,
MBA, is a strategic marketing consultant and the author
of “Zipline to Success: Fast-Track Marketing Strategies
to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits.” A favorite of
media, she once hosted her own TV show. Reach her at
(209) 204-0502; Claudia@ZiplineToSuccess.com

12. ==> Could Your Car Seat Kill Your Child?

Car seats are known to save children’s lives but
research shows that up to 73 percent of them are
incorrectly installed, putting children at risk. Ten
years ago, Kristiane Cates was driving with her two
young children when she was distracted by a stray
eyelash. During the brief time she took her eyes off
the highway her minivan struck a slow-moving dump
truck. She and her daughter survived the crash but her
eight-year-old son suffered fatal internal injuries
caused by his tight-fitting seatbelt. Cates is
convinced he would have survived had he been in a
properly installed booster seat. She’ll discuss the 3
most common car seat installation errors as well as why
we need to forgive ourselves for being less-than-
perfect parents. The author of “The Golden Thread: A
Memoir on Daring to Thrive in Crisis,” Kristiane Cates
is a speaker and a crisis coach. She hosts the “30
Seconds” podcast on iTunes and Google Play. Contact her
at (310) 601-0670; info@kristianecates.com

13. ==> Train You Brain for Less Pain in 2018

With the dawn of a new year in an era when life spans
are being cut short by opioid addiction, people are
hungry for alternatives to those powerful drugs. That’s
why Carmelita Kinjo, a former ICU nurse who suffered
her own serious on-the-job injury that left her in
chronic pain, makes such a timely and informative
guest. Before she was forced to retire, Carmelita saw
many opioid overdose patients come to the ICU, some who
did not survive and some who became violent. She can
discuss what steps people need to take to cope with
opioid withdrawal as well as offer tips for people who
may be coping with mental pain such as sadness,
rejection, and embarrassment or physical pain. She’ll
cover everything from finding the right doctor to help
you on your journey to the importance of building up
your “peace of mind muscles” and using your passion to
motivate yourself to move and get out when you would
just as soon cocoon to avoid more pain. Her book is
“Stop the Pain.” Reach her at (909) 253-1394 or

14. ==> Hands-On Parenting (Really!) – Kid Massage

Neuroscience now verifies that from conception through
about age 6 human brain growth is at its peak. Science
also shows that human touch is an essential part of our
cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.
Robert Toporek says, “The power and importance of touch
in human growth development cannot be overstated.” The
author of “Hands-On Parenting” will explain the many
benefits of baby massage, from increased motor skill
development to social development and even better
digestion and gas relief. But Toporek says massage is
also your child’s best defense against the damages
caused by tension, stress, and life’s traumas. Toporek
has been working with babies, children, and their
families since 1966 when he began working in a refugee
village in Vietnam. He is a Rolf practitioner, taught
by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the creator of Rolfing, and her
son. Contact him at (484) 744-1868;

15. ==> Go Ahead, Give a Hug

Kevin Zaborney founded National Hugging Day on Jan 21,
1986. 32 years later, it’s still going strong and
getting bigger every year. It’s even gone international
with celebrations in Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, and
China. This year, the day will be celebrated in a big
way in Los Angeles as Kevin and The Hugging Alliance
try and set three new Guinness World Records: The most
nationalities (the goal is 100) in a group hug, the
first hugs from space, and the most 21-second hugs in a
given amount of time. Invite Zaborney to talk about the
Hug Alliance, how it got started, and why hugs are not
only healthy for our body, mind and well-being, but why
they’re actually essential! The Hug Alliance is a group
of like-minded individuals who truly believe we can
change the world by hugging heart-to-heart. By
spreading the message of embracing all types of people
regardless of social status, race, religion or any
other “label” designed to divide us, they create a
connection of intention called a “hug stream” that
spreads around the world through Hug Mobs and social
media. Contact Emily Maloney at (661) 255-8283;

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