01/07/16 RTIR E-zine: North Korea, Chronic Pain, Parents of Teens

January 7, 2016

01. On North Korea
02. Oregon Standoff Over?
03. Clinton’s Coffers
04. Terrorism Expert- Make a Personal Escape Plan
05. Concussions – It’s Not Just the Pros
06. Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016
07. The Secret to New Year Goals – Keep it Fun
08. A Resolution-Free Path to a Great 2016
09. Fun Show – Relationship Deal Breakers
10. Everyone Got Engaged Over the Holidays
11. Chronic Pain – Treatment Makes it Worse
12. Oh My Aching Back!
13. Did Tech Kill the Peace & Love Movement?
14. Parents: Don’t Make the Teen Years Harder
15. Signs You’re About to Be Fired

1. ==> On North Korea

North Korea bragged Wednesday about the “spectacular
success” of its first ever hydrogen bomb test, a
defiant act that leader Kim Jong Un — in a statement
read on state television — said would “make the world
… look up to our strong nuclear country.” Alice
Slater says, “This latest terrifying and dreadful
underground nuclear test by North Korea should be a
warning to the United States and the other nuclear
weapons states, that the longer we continue to
modernize and cling to our nuclear arsenals and promote
a nuclear deterrence policy which promises catastrophic
threats of nuclear retaliation if attacked, the more
additional countries will be seeking to get their own
‘deterrent,’ just as North Korea has done creating ever
greater threats of accidental or deliberate nuclear
catastrophe.” Alice Slater is with the Nuclear Age
Peace Foundation and the Abolition 2000 coordinating
committee. Contact her at (212) 744-2005; (646)
238-9000 or aslater@rcn.com

2. ==> Oregon Standoff Over?

The leader of an Oregon Indian tribe said Wednesday
that the armed protesters occupying an Oregon wildlife
refuge should go home. “The protesters have no right to
this land,” Charlotte Rodrique told the Associated
Press. “It belongs to the native people who live here.”
Invite conservationist Andy Kerr to discuss the issue.
He just wrote the piece, The Folly of Giving Federal
Land ‘Back’ to Harney County, for The Oregonian. He
says, “It isn’t necessarily tyranny if the federal
government doesn’t behave as you would like. Those who
don’t like the federal government shouldn’t take out
their anger on federal public lands, which provide
priceless ecosystem and watershed goods and services
and belong to all Americans of this and future
generations.” Kerr is the author of “Oregon Desert
Guide: 70 Hikes and Oregon Wild: Endangered Forest
Wilderness.” He consults for several public lands and
wildlife conservation organizations throughout the
American West. Contact him at (503) 701-6298;
andykerr@andykerr.net, @AndyKerrOregon

3. ==> Clinton’s Coffers

Some might says that one of Hillary Clinton’s remaining
hurdles is convincing Democratic voters that she is not
beholden to Wall Street and other wealthy interests
that have fattened her family’s bank account with tens
of millions of dollars for paid speeches. Chelsea
Gilmour is assistant editor at ConsortiumNews.com and
just wrote the piece The Clintons’ Paid-Speech Bonanza.
She says, “For speeches usually lasting between 30
minutes and one hour, Clinton was paid from $100,000 to
$335,000, an average around $230,000. Many of her paid
speeches were delivered to Wall Street, Big Pharma,
Tech and other industries with interests in influencing
government policies. She adds, “That nearly 38 percent
of Hillary Clinton’s current personal wealth of
approximately $31.3 million was accumulated during the
brief period between her departure from the State
Department and her run for the presidency underscores
the extent to which she is a beneficiary of big-
business’ financial largesse.” Contact her at (703)
819-9195; cgilmour03@gmail.com, @Consortiumnews

4. ==> Terrorism Expert – Make a Personal Escape Plan

Terrorist attacks in offices, concert venues and
stadiums in the U.S. and abroad have made it clear that
no one’s personal safety is guaranteed. While we cannot
live in fear, it is wise to live with caution and
prudence, says Robert Sholly, a retired army colonel
who is experienced in both counter-terrorism and
performing international security assessments. He’ll
discuss the most dangerous public places and how to
keep your family safer in movie theaters, malls,
restaurants and other areas. He’ll explain why you need
a security plan before you enter a mall, what to do if
shots are fired in a crowded movie theater and the
physical signs to watch for that could identify a
potential shooter on public transportation. As a
counter-terrorism specialist, Sholly evaluated and
designed security for dams, tunnels, ports, airports
and international boundaries. Sholly has designed
security plans for family homes, corporate buildings,
compounds and large infrastructures. He speaks Arabic,
Farsi, Dari and is a Middle East security specialist.
He was also a member of the United Nations
international peace keeping forces that won the Nobel
Peace Prize in 1988. Contact him at (281) 482-8887;

5. == Concussions – It’s Not Just the Pros

Hollywood’s got a feature film about it and there have
been several recent news stories about football and
concussions. Should you let your kid play football?
What about wearing a helmet while riding a bike? Invite
Carol Shifflett to talk about this issue and explain
why the subject is bigger than just pro football. She
says it’s not only athletes who suffer from the
disease, but children, military members and even some
abuse victims can suffer from concussions and brain
injuries. Invite her to share the subtle and sometimes
surprising symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI),
how it affects sufferers and proven ways to treat it
and help the brain heal. Carol Shifflett and Dr. Mary
Lee Esty are the authors of “Conquering Concussion:
Healing TBI Symptoms with Neurofeedback and Without
Drugs.” Contact Shifflett at (412) 741-7286 (PA);

6. ==> Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2016

With a relatively high trading U.S dollar, 2016 is
shaping up to be the best time in years to take a trip
abroad – without spending a fortune! Ultra-economical
travel expert Russell Hannon will share little-known
destinations that have never been easier to access,
surprising spots with the most stunning natural sites,
and the hottest city for travelling right now. Russell
Hannon is a travel expert who has been featured by
Johnny Jet, CNBC, FOX, America Tonight, CTV, ShopSmart,
Yahoo Finance, and Around the World Travel TV. He is
the author of “Stop Dreaming Start Traveling: The
Ultimate Guide to Traveling More and Spending Less.”
Contact him at (403) 354-0349;

7. ==> The Secret to New Year Goals – Keep it Fun

“We need a balance between lazy and crazy,” says
certified nutritional counselor Kathryn Kemp Guylay
when describing an approach to keep New Year’s
resolutions about health and wellness. “Most of us set
up eating plans that are too difficult to follow. We
then break the rules and end up beating ourselves up.
When we fail, we feel defeated, give up, and go back to
bad habits.”  Kathryn proposes a missing ingredient in
our process of setting goals for the New Year: fun.
Kathryn researched the eating habits of high-performing
Olympic athletes and discovered they follow simple
rules like eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and
vegetables and balancing nutrients using a plate. They
have fun at mealtime! Kathryn Kemp Guylay is the
founder of Nurture, a national nonprofit that provides
wellness education to tens of thousands of children and
parents. She hosts her own wellness radio show in Idaho
and is the author of “Mountain Mantras: Wellness and
Life Lessons from the Slopes.” Contact her at (847)
687-3838; kathryn@guylay.com

8. ==> A Resolution-Free Path to a Great 2016

Would you like to make a fresh start this year but
didn’t make a single resolution? Award winning coach
and author Anne Jolles will share how your audience can
live their best 2016 just by asking themselves five
simple questions. Created in 2012 to help Anne cope
with the worry of having a son in combat in
Afghanistan, her Grace Trail concept has guided
thousands to begin a conversation around joy, hope and
resiliency. Plymouth, MA is the site of the original
path, but Grace Trail can be walked anywhere, from the
comfort of your audience’s kitchen to the office or any
outdoor spot. Anne will blend her own life lessons with
the latest research, while sharing practical, heart-
warming advice to walk off worries, one step at a time.
She is the author of “Grace Trail: Find Your Footing
and Move toward the Life You Were Meant to Live.”
Contact her at (781) 878-8589; abjcoach@icloud.com

9. ==> Fun Show – Relationship Deal Breakers

You have a friend who won’t date a guy who shushes her.
Your brother broke up with a woman who used his
toothbrush. Invite relationship expert Dr. LeslieBeth
Wish on your show and watch the phones light up when
you start a discussion about relationship deal
breakers. Dr. Wish will discuss several recent studies
on what men and women really want–and not want –in a
relationship, and the findings may surprise you. She
says, “The top 3 issues of both men and women were a
disheveled appearance, laziness and being too needy.
Women also found that lacking a sense of humor and bad
sex are more of a deal-breaker than men. Men say low
sex drive and a woman who talks too much bothers them.”
Dr. Wish will also discuss two recent studies that
found men don’t like to date a woman who’s smarter than
they are! A licensed clinical psychotherapist, Dr.
LeslieBeth Wish is a frequent repeat guest on radio
shows and an expert on relationship and family issues.
Contact her at (941) 363-0505 (FL); (941) 928-1547
(cell) or drlesliebethwish48@gmail.com

10. ==> Everyone Got Engaged Over the Holidays

About a third of engagements take place from
Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day. That means that no
sooner does the engagement ring get placed on a woman’s
hand then the search is on for everything wedding
related, including the perfect wedding gown. Rani St.
Pucchi, creator of the world-renowned St. Pucchi
Fashion Design House in West Hollywood will discuss the
growing trend toward risqué wedding gowns and why nude
is the new white for brides. She’ll share tips for
finding the best gown for your body type and discuss
veils, colored wedding gowns and tiaras. Despite having
no formal training in fashion, Rani St. Pucchi is
famous for designing the wedding dress worn by “Phoebe”
on the finale of the hit television show Friends. Rani
is the author of several upcoming books including
“Unveiling: A Celebrity Fashion Designer’s Story.”
Contact her at 310-990-3912; rani@ranistpucchi.com

11. ==> Chronic Pain – Treatment Makes it Worse

According to a recent study, surgery for chronic pain
conditions performed no better than a placebo. Other
studies show patients who take opioids like OxyContin
and Vicodin for chronic pain have more disability and a
lower quality of life than patients who don’t. Pain
treatment expert and chronic pain survivor Cindy
Perlin, LCSW, says, “That means that most of the $300
billion spent annually for pain treatment in the U.S.
is doing more harm than good!” According to Perlin, the
biggest shame of all is that there are more effective
treatments for pain that doctors aren’t telling
patients about and insurance companies won’t pay for.
She’ll discuss safer alternatives for treating pain and
explain why even Tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofen can be
deadly if not taken as directed. Cindy Perlin is a
licensed clinical social worker, certified biofeedback
practitioner and chronic pain survivor. She’s appeared
on numerous radio programs and is the author of “The
Truth about Chronic Pain Treatment: The Best and Worst
Strategies for Becoming Pain Free.” Contact her at
(518) 439-6431; cperlin@nycap.rr.com

12. ==> Oh My Aching Back!

Back hurting? Join the club. Dr. Winifred Bragg’s
waiting room is full of patients who’ve hurt themselves
over the holidays. She’s an expert in nonsurgical
treatment for injuries and pain resulting from spinal
and orthopedic conditions. Invite the author of “Knock
Out Pain: Secrets to Maintain a Healthy Back,” to
explain why you should put your foot on a stool while
washing dishes, what to do while watching TV or sitting
too long, the proper way to carry groceries, children
and more. She’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX
and quoted in Redbook and Women’s World. Contact her at
(757) 961-7498; WBragg@knockoutpain.com

13. ==> Did Tech Kill the Peace & Love Movement?

Of the 7 billion people in the world, 6 billion have
access to a cell phone. Text messages in the US
exploded from 14 billion messages in 2000 to 188
billion messages in 2010. Smart phone owners, 18-24
years of age, send and receive four thousand messages
per month, per individual. What is this telling us?
“Interpersonal communication is on a severe decline,”
says Carol Blackman. “Human relationships are
suffering. And, statistically speaking, this problem is
only going to get worse!” Invite Blackman on your show
to discuss how we can create an atmosphere where the
lost art of real personal connections can flourish. A
journalist, Carol studied at San Francisco State
University at the height of the Peace and Love era.
She’ll discuss what lessons we can learn from the 1960s
and how the mantra ‘Do your own thing’ is needed more
than ever in personal relationships and business today.
Carol Blackman is a newspaper reporter, author and
speaker. She is the author of several nonfiction books
including the upcoming “Truth and Love: Finding the
Soul of the Sixties.” Contact her at

14. ==> Parents: Don’t Make the Teen Years Harder

The teenage years are often difficult for parents. But
according to author, parenting coach and family
sociologist Laura Reagan-Porras, we make it a lot
harder than it has to be. In an interview that can be
conducted in Spanish or English, Reagan-Porras will
explain why parents need to stop trying to limit their
teen’s friends, ways to prevent them from getting bad
grades, and why they should adopt a more robot-like
attitude. She’ll also cover where to draw the line-in-
the-sand and how to get a grip on teen culture without
your teen thinking you’re a dork. Reagan-Porras is a
parenting expert, speaker, experienced media guest and
author of the upcoming book “How to Raise Respectful
Parents.” Contact her at (956) 250-3689;

15. ==> Signs You’re About to Be Fired

Everyone can have a bad day at work, but are you really
about to get the boot? Maybe you’re just being
paranoid, right?  Dr Lillian Glass, a body language
expert, says there are definite, sometimes subtle,
things that could give you an indication you should be
looking for a new job. “You should be nervous if your
boss doesn’t maintain eye contact when he or she talks
to you. Throat clearing is another warning sign and if
you’re suddenly getting messages via an underling,
consider yourself in danger.” Invite Dr. Glass to share
other body language signs that could indicate an
upcoming pink slip and what your own body language is
saying to your employer (and everyone else.) Dr.
Lillian Glass is a communication expert, media
personality and the author of “Toxic People: 10 Ways of
Dealing with People Who Make Your Life Miserable.”
Contact Ryan McCormick at (516) 901-1103.

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