01/04/18 RTIR Newsletter: Polar Vortex, National Hugging Day, Proof of Bigfoot

January 4, 2018

01. What’s the Polar Vortex?
02. Trump Tweets Portend 2018 Crises
03. National Hugging Day, Jan. 21st
04. Sick to Death! Big Pharma & Thyroid Disease
05. Don’t Give Up Yet! Resolution Help
06. Don’t Make these 2018 Tax Mistakes
07. She Married a Sumo Wrestler
08. Jan 12th-100th Birthday of Beatles’ Guru
09. The Other Casualties of the Opioid Epidemic
10. Use Music to Beat Winter Blues
11. Christians’ Domestic Violence Problem
12. Is Ageism as Rampant as Sexual Harassment?
13. Wildfires Take Staggering Toll in 2017
14. Father/Son College Roommates?
15. Fun Show: Proof of Bigfoot?

1. ==> What’s the Polar Vortex?

It’s freezing across much of the nation and a ‘winter
hurricane’ is descending on the East Coast. You may
hear meteorologists blaming it all on a weather term
that’s received a lot of publicity in recent years –
the Polar Vortex. So what is that? “It’s a band of very
fast winds circling the Arctic in a westerly flow,”
explains Marlene Kretschmer, a scientist at the Potsdam
Institute for Climate Impact Research. “The vortex acts
as a barrier and isolates the cold Arctic air inside
from mixing with warmer lower-latitudinal air.” And
while that’s usually a good thing, sometimes the vortex
weakens and intensely cold winter air escapes and head
south towards the United States. Kretschmer’s research
focuses on what exactly causes these “cold air
outbreaks” and how climate change might play a role in
their creation. She says it’s not really unusual to
have “cold spells” like the one we’re going through
right now, especially in the northeastern corridor of
the United States and in the northern reaches of Asia.
And while this makes the argument of global warming
seem crazy to some people, it’s not reflective of the
general trend of the world heating up at what
Kretschmer describes as “alarming rates.” Contact her
at Kretschmer@pik-potsdam.de or Jonas Viering at +49
331 288 25 07 or press@pik-potsdam.de

2. ==> Trump Tweets Portend 2018 Crises

According to political analyst Brian Klaas, “2017 was
the year the Trump administration transformed the
American presidency into a reckless reality show,
created needless volatility and savaged America’s
international reputation — but many of the most-feared
cataclysms did not come to pass. We might not be so
lucky in 2018.” He says, “The President’s Twitter
meltdown on Tuesday was a terrifying glimpse of the
simmering political risks that menace the year ahead.
There are many of them, they are all serious and each
of them could create an unimaginable crisis at any
moment.” He believes the 2018 Trumpian risks fall into
three main categories: international security, American
democracy and his dangerously unfit temperament and he
says Trump’s tweets – from just a single crazy day –
give a disturbing vision of what may be in store this
year. Brian Klaas is a fellow in comparative politics
at the London School of Economics and author of the
book “The Despot’s Apprentice: Donald Trump’s Attack on
Democracy.” Contact him at b.klaas@lse.ac.uk

3. ==> National Hugging Day, Jan. 21st

Kevin Zaborney founded National Hugging Day on Jan 21,
1986. 32 years later, it’s still going strong and
getting bigger every year. It’s even gone international
with celebrations in Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, and
China. This year, the day will be celebrated in a big
way in Los Angeles as Kevin and The Hugging Alliance
try and set three new Guinness World Records: The most
nationalities (the goal is 100) in a group hug, the
first hugs from space, and the most 21-second hugs in a
given amount of time. Invite Zaborney to talk about the
Hug Alliance, how it got started, and why hugs are not
only healthy for our body, mind and well-being, but why
they’re actually essential! The Hug Alliance is a group
of like-minded individuals who truly believe we can
change the world by hugging heart-to-heart. By
spreading the message of embracing all types of people
regardless of social status, race, religion or any
other “label” designed to divide us, they create a
connection of intention called a “hug stream” that
spreads around the world through Hug Mobs and social
media. Contact Emily Maloney at (661) 255-8283;

4. ==> Sick to Death! Big Pharma & Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease is a very confusing health challenge.
Invite filmmaker Maggie Hadleigh-West to discuss her
new documentary Sick to Death! which exposes AbbVie
Pharmaceuticals and their drug Synthroid, one of the
most profitable and most commonly prescribed drugs for
thyroid disease. It also reveals how the most common
thyroid test is often ineffective and how that leaves
millions of people without proper diagnosis for their
chronic illness. Hear about Maggie’s thirty-year
struggle to regain her spiraling health after drinking
radioactive iodine to kill an overactive thyroid. After
seeing hundreds of doctors who either disregarded her
symptoms, misdiagnosed or under treated her, she
discovered that her life-long thyroid problem was a
fully understood medical issue as early as 1914. She
says it’s been obscured by systemic medical corruption,
pharmaceutical greed, and physician negligence, leaving
more than 750 million people sick and suffering world-
wide. The movie is part of The Sick to Death! Project,
created as a resource for people who suspect they may
have thyroid disease. Contact Johanna Ramos-Boyer at
(703) 646-5137 or Megan Bonomo at (703) 646-5188.

5. ==> Don’t Give Up Yet! Resolution Help

So, like almost 50 % of adults, you’ve made New Year’s
resolutions, but after several days now wonder you’re
going to keep this up? Psychologist Frank Farley has
come up with a simple model to help keep you on track
using the acronym RESOLVE. Invite him to explain the 7
steps to keeping your resolutions including ways to
stay focused on your goal, embrace change and actually
enjoy the process. Frank Farley, Ph.D., is a professor
at Temple University and a former president of the
American Psychological Association. Contacted him at
(215) 668-7581 (cell); frank.farley@comcast.net

6. ==> Don’t Make these 2018 Tax Mistakes

What does 2018 hold for us in terms of taxes? Find out
now when you bring tax pro and financial expert Abby
Eisenkraft on your show to share the top 10 mistakes
you need to avoid this tax season. Abby, the author of
“101 Ways to Stay Off the IRS Radar,” can also discuss
everything from why the new tax law for 2018 is even
confusing the experts, to IRS red flags for the year,
ways identity theft could affect your tax return and
more. Abby is one of the leading experts on IRS
problems and how to avoid them. Reach her at (347)
598-0111; abby@RealLifeTaxAdvice.com

7. ==> She Married a Sumo Wrestler

Lynn Matsuoka, a slender brunette from New York City,
is the only foreign woman to wed one of Japan’s top
sumo wrestlers. Although no longer married to him, she
is one of the top experts on sumo wrestling in the
world and can answer any question about Japan’s
national sport. Ask Lynn: What was it like to be
married to a sumo wrestler? What do sumo wrestlers eat?
How do they gain entry into the sport? What do they
wear in public? Why are many top wrestlers foreigners?
A high-energy storyteller, Lynn gained entry into this
cloistered world through her art: she’s a legendary
reportage artist whose drawings quickly capture details
of hidden worlds, not only in sumo but also in theater,
TV shows and concerts. Well-known worldwide as a sumo
color commentator, Lynn has done hundreds of
interviews. Contact her at (808) 479-5966;

8. ==> Jan 12th-100th Birthday of Beatles’ Guru

Before Maharishi Mahesh Yogi arrived in America in
1959, there was no “meditation,” “mantra,” or “yoga.”
Within ten years he single-handedly made these into
household words. His brush with celebrities, such as
the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Deepak Chopra,
Clint Eastwood, Mia Farrow, and countless others, put
him into the spotlight. January 12th is Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi’s 100th birthday. Invite Susan Shumsky to
share her story of following the Maharishi for 22
years, six of which she spent as part of his personal
staff. Susan will share fascinating unknown facts and
dismantle myths about Maharishi and the celebrities who
followed him. She’ll also reveal how the relationship
changed her, and how she broke away to find her own
spiritual pathway. Susan Shumsky is the author of
“Maharishi & Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the
Beatles’ Guru.” Contact her at (917) 992-5175;

9. ==> The Other Casualties of the Opioid Epidemic

Despite attempts to contain it, the number of opioid
overdose deaths continue to rise. While all eyes are on
the opioid epidemic, another, quieter epidemic
continues to escalate: the epidemic of poorly treated
chronic pain. In many ways the attempt to curtail the
use of opioids has made suffering, disability and death
more likely for individuals with chronic pain. Chronic
pain expert Cindy Perlin has suggestions for patients,
providers, insurers and government regulators on how to
use this crisis as an opportunity to improve pain care.
Cindy Perlin is a licensed clinical social worker,
certified biofeedback practitioner, chronic pain
survivor, the author of “The Truth About Chronic Pain
Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming
Pain Free” and the creator of the online Alternative
Pain Treatment Directory. She has been in private
practice for over 25 years and has been a guest on
numerous TV and radio shows. Contact her at (518)
439-6431; cindyperlin@gmail.com

10. ==> Use Music to Beat Winter Blues

It’s well-known fact that winter is high-tide for
depression. Between holiday-related stress, freezing
temperatures and snowstorms that keep us inside, and
hand shorter days, many people find this time of year
especially difficult. Invite Keep Music Alive’s Vincent
James on your show to learn how listeners suffering
from the winter doldrums can utilize music to help keep
their emotions balanced. Vincent is the co-founder of
Kids Music Day, Teach Music Week and co-author of the
book series “88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life.”
Contact him at (610) 812-5231;

11. ==> Christians’ Domestic Violence Problem

Christians don’t beat their wives or verbally abuse
them, right? Unfortunately, domestic violence is a
problem in many Christian homes. In fact, as Darla
Colinet will tell you, it has reached epidemic
proportions; she is making it her mission to help
churches address the problem so that both victim and
abusers can be healed. Darla can reveal the four core
aspects that fuel abusive Christian marriages and share
her own horrifying story of living with an abusive
husband for 13 years. She’ll also discuss how to offer
help and support to someone you suspect is being
abused. Darla completed domestic violence training and
served as domestic abuse response team member for
Crossroads Safehouse, in Fort Collins, Colo. A member
of the core team of the Women’s Ministry at Timberline
Church in Colorado for six years, she has helped and
inspired hundreds of women through Bible studies,
workshops, retreats, and her blog. Contact her at (970)
631-2529; darla@godstransforminggrace.com

12. ==> Is Ageism as Rampant as Sexual Harassment?

Hundreds of thousands of talented professionals have
been ousted from the workforce because of their age,
tossed aside and replaced by millennials who are paid
less money. If they’re lucky enough to find new jobs,
they usually end up working for one-third of their old
salaries. Diane Huth, a 67-year-old marketing expert,
has studied this issue from all sides interviewing
millennials, traumatized baby boomers and CEOs and what
she learned is not only fascinating but can help
countless struggling workers caught in the crosshairs.
Let Diane share 12 ways older workers can adapt to fit
into today’s younger workplace as well as how they can
reinvent themselves by using their talents in new ways
instead of trying to compete with younger workers for
the same jobs they had held decades ago. What she has
to say is nothing short of a new way of looking at
work. Diane’s latest book is “BRAND YOU! To Re-Invent
Your Career.” Contact her at (210) 601-7852;

13. ==> Wildfires Take Staggering Toll in 2017

2017 will go down as one of the worst in California
wildfire history. At least 41 civilians and two
firefighters were killed and more than 10,00 structures
were destroyed or damaged, a higher tally than the last
nine years combined. Dr. James Moseley says a material
used by NASA on the Space Shuttle could provide help to
both firefighters and homeowners desperate to keep
their houses safe. Moseley says, “The aerospace-grade
silicone ceramic coating provides insulation and
reflects heat up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.” He says
you could hold a penny in your hand and melt the coin
with a blow torch, with only a thin, treated cloth
separating your hand from the flame. Mosely has
developed a range of products using the material,
including flame retardant blankets for fire
firefighters. Invite him to discuss the breakthrough
technology and the many possible applications. Dr.
James Moseley is multi-talented. He was also executive
producer and performer with Roger Williams and the
London Symphony Orchestra for a Grammy nominated CD.
Contact him at (818) 486-4662; jim@sunfiredefense.com

14. ==> Father/Son College Roommates?

Many of your listeners wish they got along better with
their teens. The idea of having fewer arguments, better
communication and fewer worries can be more than
wishful thinking when you interview Dr. Kevin Fell and
his son Austin. Kevin is a father-turned-psychologist
who in his first semester of graduate school fielded a
call from Austin asking for help. For the next five
years, they lived as college roommates while Kevin got
his Ph.D. in psychology and Austin transformed from a
high school dropout, felon, and suicidal teen into a
college grad, loving dad, and thriving professional
with a clean record. Today, Kevin and Austin consult
with parents to help them reconnect, repair their
relationships, and solve problems with even the most
difficult teens. Contact Austin at (913) 208-7075 or

15. ==> Fun Show: Proof of Bigfoot?

Everyone has heard of Bigfoot, the extremely tall, ape-
like creature that walks like a man and has been
sighted numerous times over hundreds of years. Native
Americans have more than 60 ways to refer to this
creature, including Sasquatch. But most people don’t
know that one U.S. city actually believes that Bigfoot
exists, as does the state in which the city is located!
Interview Andy Curry, who lives in that city (Colorado
City), where enough Bigfoot sightings have taken place
that Colorado lawmakers ordered a sign be placed on the
road leading to Pikes Peak warning people to beware of
the creatures. “People think the sign is a joke,” Curry
says, “but it’s not. Pressure from local citizens and
visitors who have seen Bigfoot led to the sign’s
erection.” Curry can share Bigfoot lore and sightings
and whether he (and park rangers) believe Bigfoot is
real or a case of mistaken identity. Curry is a native
Coloradan who operates the website Pikes Peak for Sale.
He’s also an expert on the national park and its
fascinatingly quirky history. Contact him at (719)
375-3950; pikespeakforsale@gmail.com

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